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Fates Be Changed - The Homing Pigeon
An orphan and an outcast, living two lives that should never have intercepted. However what could happen if a nudge forces these worlds to collide? With a new name and a new father will the Boy-Who-Lived accept what Fate marked him for?

A Bruce Banner/Harry Potter father/son relationship,
alternatecanon  adopt!/takecareof!  hogwarts!  genfic  pre-canon  trauma:emotional  away!  worldtraveler!  fusion!  alternatereality  harry+bruce  kidfic!  c:200-400k  trauma:abuse  family!  char:harry  job:doctor!  f:hp  team:avengers  f:avengers  languages:polyglot! 
may 2019 by floatondown
I have been where you are before (and I have felt the pain of losing who you are) - tigriswolf
He finds the guy in an abandoned shack in Cambodia, toting enough weapons it makes the Other Guy sit up and take notice, but they can both tell the guy’s barely alive.
friendships  away!  pre-canon  alternatecanon  gettingbetter!  asia/africa/mideast!  bucky+bruce  c:oneshot/-7k  ontherun!  buckybarnesbrainwashingproblems!  f:avengers 
april 2019 by floatondown
The Triumph of These Tired Eyes - AnarchicMuse
In his several millennia of existence Loki Odinson, God of Mischief and Lies, had been many things; he had been a liar, a warrior, and a trickster, just to name a few, but never before had he been a loving father, he'd never been given the chance. However, the moment the tiny creature was in his arms, he knew he would do anything necessary to keep hold of what was his.
hogwartshousechange!  war!  c:200-400k  magic!  pre-canon  secrets!  alternatereality  char:loki  villain:voldemort  harry+draco  hogwarts!  char:harry  family!  longtimespan  violence  harry+loki  away!  f:hp  space!  f:avengers 
april 2019 by floatondown
My Nephew Harry - Lucillia
During the two months she had watched her eight year-old nephews, Marge Dursley discovered that Petunia was a pathological liar, Vernon had somehow been brainwashed by that no good b***h, Dudley was the spawn of Satan, and Harry was actually a good kid.
char:dursleys  char:harry  trauma:abuse  canondivergence  pre-canon  c:15-50k  char:dudley  genfic  gettingbetter!  trauma:childabuse  f:hp 
january 2019 by floatondown
The Coven of Albion - MindForgedMan
Upon realizing his strange abilities, a young Harry develops them to free himself from his hateful family & runs away. Given his importance to a world he doesn't know exists, how will life on the streets change the Boy-Who-Lived & the destiny he is fated? Will faith & family will provide what he never had? AU, Black Coven & political themes. Formerly titled "Break the Limits"
pre-canon  harry/hermione  ontherun!  trauma:abuse  c:50-100k  alternatereality  homeless!  kidfic!  magic:rituals!  magic:old!  char:blackfamily  f:hp  status:abandoned 
november 2018 by floatondown
The year is 1943. The Chamber lies unopened and Grindlewald roams unchecked. Neither Tom Riddle nor Albus Dumbledore is satisfied with the situation. Luckily when Hogwarts is attacked they'll both have other things to worry about.
timewarp!  char:harry  alternatereality  char:tomriddle  pre-canon  c:50-100k  hogwarts!  f:hp  time:1900wars!  status:unread 
october 2018 by floatondown
The Accidental Animagus - White Squirrel
Harry escapes the Dursleys with a unique bout of accidental magic and eventually winds up at the Grangers' house. Now, he has what he always wanted: a loving family, and he'll need their help to take on the magical world and vanquish the dark lord who has pursued him from birth. Years 1-4.
alternatereality  char:hermione  char:harry  pre-canon  harry+hermione  worldbuild  animagus!  lordpotter!  villain:voldemort  trauma:abuse  c:400k+  char:grangerfamily  hogwarts!  adopt!/takecareof!  f:hp  noncanonsibling!  !loves 
september 2018 by floatondown
A Different Halloween - robst
Could a chance meeting change history? What would a different Halloween in 1981 mean for wizarding Britain?
rich!  sweet  family!  pre-canon  char:marauders  harry/hermione  hogwartshousechange!  fluff  hogwarts!  familyfound! 
june 2018 by floatondown
Let This Remain 'Verse - VioletHaze
Dean Winchester dropped his little brother Sam off for his freshman year of college, then dropped out of his life completely. Now, nearly a year later, Dean's gotten himself together and is back in Lawrence to make things right with his brother. As he works to build his life in Kansas, Dean finds himself repeatedly crossing paths with Castiel Milton. Maybe the universe is trying to tell him something at a time when he's actually ready to listen.
dean/castiel  alternatereality  pre-canon  college!  trauma:abuse  drug/alcoholabuse!  slowbuild  c:100-200k  f:spn  status:unread 
may 2017 by floatondown
The Closer You Look - Tony Samuels
Tony Samuels
Not a lot of things could affect Harry's mundane life in the house of his abusive relatives. But then, you don't need extraordinary things to obtain extraordinary results. A seemingly simple step pitched his life into a direction no one had ever expected. Harry Potter, the Jack of all trades and Master of Misdirection.
char:harry  alternatereality  pre-canon  char:dursleys  c:50-100k  f:hp  status:unread 
december 2016 by floatondown
Ridealong - ialwayslikedthetie
Forced to go on a ride-along, seventeen-year-old Steve McGarrett is intrigued when his dad arrests a boy named Danny, and they develop a connection he can't deny. Cue a night of multiple misdemeanors and discoveries - beginning with the wanton theft of a police cruiser - and the boys discover a way that maybe, just maybe, they can help one another through their problems...
steve/danny  alternatereality  metbefore!  highschool!  pettycrime!  emotionalhurt/comfort  sexy  firstsexexperience  angst+happyending  pre-canon  c:-15k  lgbtq:homophobia!  f:h50  !loves  badboy!  substance:drinking! 
july 2016 by floatondown
Failure is Not an Option (It Comes Bundled with Your Microsoft Product) - kho
“Ooh,” Toast says, grabbing the paper bag and hugging it to his chest, shuffling his koala slippered feet along the floor on his way back to the den. “Jersey brought munchies.” He grins at Danny and gives him a slow wink just to see Danny’s consternation rise.
danny/toast  pre-canon  funny  sweet  hookup!  f:h50  substance:recdruguse! 
june 2016 by floatondown
Home - cyfarwydd
Danny's life had been turned upside down ever since Steve ambled into it, carving a place for himself that Danny couldn't ignore - not that he minded. (Alternate reality if Danny had chanced upon meeting Steve when they were 25.)
steve/danny  alternatereality  pre-canon  romance  angst+happyending  DADT!  longdistance!  longtimespan  sweet  away!  jersey!  f:h50  job:soldier!/seal!  r:developingrelationship 
april 2016 by floatondown
As You Wish - Brumeier
When Steve comes back to Hawaii to find the man who killed his father he finds much more when he stumbles across a mysterious bottle on the beach.
steve/danny  steve/omc  pre-canon  non-human:genie!  magic!  c:oneshot/-7k  f:h50 
february 2016 by floatondown
Remedy - Leslie_Knope
An AU beginning in which Steve and Danny meet while both on vacation and quickly realize their connection—Danny’s boss on the governor’s new task force just so happens to be Steve’s dad. Maybe while pursuing a relationship with Danny, Steve can also fix the one with his dad along the way. In strictest summary: a lot of sex, a little angst, and a healthy serving of fluff.
steve/danny  pre-canon  alternatereality  romance  fluff  sexy  cominghome!  steve+grace/charlie  job:cop!/deputy!  f:h50  job:soldier!/seal!  r:firsttime 
january 2016 by floatondown
Work In Progress - ariadne83
Danny has spent a good long time in a glass closet, but after his marriage ends he starts to want something different.
char:danny  pre-canon  lgbtq:biphobia!  danny/rachel  char:williamsfamily  angsty  family!  lgbtq:comingout!  f:h50  lgbtq:bisexuality!  lgbtq:queerthemes  !loves  !lovely 
november 2015 by floatondown
Tumblin’ Down (Into the Sea) - Electric_Apple
Sarah Adrienne McGarrett bursts into the world at 11:17 am on the twenty-first of May. Her father’s daughter through-and-through, she sees no real benefit in giving anyone advance notice of her movements and barely forty minutes pass between Catherine’s first twinge of labour and the moment the doctor deposits the squirming, irate baby on her stomach. She – the baby – has a scattering of dark curly hair on her head, her mother’s nose and her father’s long fingers. She also has, as every person in the delivery room can attest to, a set of fully matured, functioning lungs.

[Ungrouped series]
steve/catherine  steve/danny  canondivergence  pre-canon  characterdeath:major  grief/mourning  kidfic!  parents!  family!  recallactiveduty!  sweet  c:-15k  *EPUB*  f:h50  !loves  !lovely  widow(er)!  r:establishedrelationship 
october 2015 by floatondown
barely holding on - mamaesme
Kono fell in love at age eight. He was tall and he taught her how to tackle. His name was Chin Ho Kelly. (And just because they are something-related cousins doesn't mean it's wrong.)
chin/kono  pre-canon  canondivergence  slowbuild  angsty  romance  f:h50  familyfound! 
august 2015 by floatondown
Leeward - dotfic
The first person to look at Chin like he's a hero is Kono.
chin/kono  pre-canon  sweet  c:oneshot/-7k  f:h50  kink:inthefamily 
august 2015 by floatondown
All Not Quite Legitimate - polysyndeta
Sometimes you take a step back and hear your life like it's being narrated by some stand-up comic doing their best Serious Voice for Children In Need, only Children In Need starts before the watershed and tends not to run stories like: This is Gary. Gary's being pimped out by his stepdad.
char:eggsy  pre-canon  trauma:sexual  c:oneshot/-7k  trauma:childabuse  f:kingsman  !loves  !lovely  sexworker! 
july 2015 by floatondown
no questions, just answers - schweinsty
The pre-movie fic about Eggsy fucking up and being fucked up, told in second person with all the angst in the world (and then some).
char:eggsy  pre-canon  characterstudy  meta:2ndpov  angsty  f:kingsman  !lovely 
july 2015 by floatondown
Feverishly Pitched - theoldgods
It's just informal mission maintenance—run over and check on a mark for an hour without soliciting him for prostitution. (Un?)fortunately for Harry, Merlin, top of his recruit class in seduction, is along for the ride and has some good conflict management skills.
pre-canon  fakedating!  kink:public  c:oneshot/-7k  merlin/harryh  f:kingsman 
june 2015 by floatondown
Defiant - Merlin+Harry - toriceratops
By the time Merlin joined Kingsman Harry Hart had already been terrorizing the agency’s home departments for half a decade.  Tech, legal, supply, all of them. As individuals, everyone loved him.  As departments, he was the bane of their existence.
eggsy/harryh  merlin+harryh  pre-canon  bestfriends!  f:kingsman 
may 2015 by floatondown
garden hearts - andnowforyaya
"You are an unusually eloquent twelve-year-old, Mr. Stilinski," Dr. Hayes informed him. It was their second meeting; the first had been with Stiles' dad, after a round-robin of meetings while they searched for the right psychiatrist. All the other ones had been men. Stiles hadn't wanted his psychiatrist to be a man. Stiles thought about it and reasoned that this was probably on account of his Mom recently dying of cancer. Stiles shrugged. He looked at the picture of some idyllic beach that was hung in a frame on the wall behind Dr. Hayes' head. "I read a lot in the hospital. No electronics allowed." Or, Stiles meets Laura and Derek Hale in a psychiatrist's office, striking up an unusual friendship.
alternatecanon  pre-canon  char:stiles  char:derek  mamastilinskifeels!  grief/mourning  depression!  comingofage  therapy!  trauma:emotional  they'rekids!  tearjerker  characterdeath:canon  mentalhealthissues!  char:laurahale  f:teenwolf  char:halesiblings  !lovely 
march 2015 by floatondown
Climbing As We Fall - girl7
A year or two before the cameras arrived, Michael takes the staff to the Poconos for a camaraderie event.
jim/pam  pre-canon  alternatecanon  romance  drama  infidelity!  *EPUB*  f:theoffice 
january 2015 by floatondown
Thin - Winchesterforlife
Dean had never been the type to obsess about his weight, but now he's trapped in a downward spiral revolving around food and exercise. Can John and Sam save him before it's too late?
char:dean  char:sam  pre-canon  eatingdisorder!  f:spn  status:unread 
december 2014 by floatondown
Before & After - sarcasticfishes
[Thru 13] Before there was McCall and Stilinski, there was Podolzky and Hale. There was Claudia and the handsome older Deputy John Stilinski. There was vandalism and delinquency and "stay out of trouble, CJ!" and "I'm not going to get caught!" There was an old dog called Roscoe and a new Polish family on the block and a pair of handcuffs constantly going missing and underage drinking out in the preserve. And eventually, there was a wedding. A baby boy. Several deaths. And Stiles Stilinski's strong appreciation for older men. Like mother like son.
derek/stiles  sheriff/claudia  pre-canon  future  canondivergence  romance  f:teenwolf  friendstolovers!  status:abandoned  r:agedifference! 
november 2014 by floatondown
Crash - Mirrordance
Set in the Stanford years. After a rough solo hunt, a hurting Dean camps out on Sam's couch. Sam's roommate notices a few things about Dean that Sam finds hard to hear.
char:dean  char:sam  college!  pre-canon  canon  trauma:sexual  f:spn  trauma:aftermath 
february 2014 by floatondown
Equinox - Luchia
In which Castiel is the weird time-traveling freak who just might be the love of Dean Winchester's life.
dean/castiel  pre-canon  timewarp!  pining  alternatereality  f:spn 
january 2014 by floatondown
hear his alibis - 1001cranes
creepy never looked so cute - or, how Sheriff Stiles accidentally adopted a juvenile offender. (another) pyromaniac au.
derek/stiles  pre-canon  family!  badboy!  parentfigure!  au:human  f:teenwolf 
november 2013 by floatondown
The Road Not Taken - WorkerBee
A story where the glass doesn't break and it changes everything in the best possible way.
sweet  lee/kara  drama  romance  pre-canon  canondivergence  *deleted  c:oneshot/-7k  f:bsg 
june 2013 by floatondown
Paternal Evolution - FaithDaria
Dean gets a phone call that changes his whole life. Preseries AU.
parents!  family!  char:dean  pre-canon  alternatereality  kidfic!  singleparent!  c:15-50k  f:spn  !loves 
april 2013 by floatondown
Inseparable - astolat
It was just plain sense, so Dean didn't understand why something about the way Dad said quietly, "It's time you had your own bed," made him feel guilty and confused.
angsty  family!  dean/sam  drama  pre-canon  alternatereality  kink:inthefamily  f:spn 
march 2013 by floatondown
Getting By - el spirito
Dean is trying to take care of Sammy, but Dad is overdue and the food is running low and the Winchester luck is about to make an appearance.
angsty  char:dean  tearjerker  hurt/comfort  trauma:neglect  pre-canon  alternatereality  they'rekids!  *EPUB*  f:spn 
march 2013 by floatondown
Ages - phantisma
It begins when Dean is 12 and Sam is 8. John is away on a hunt and Sam is sick. Really sick. Dean ends up taking him to the emergency room, and in the aftermath of that fateful decision, both boys end up in foster care, where they try to make a life for themselves. But, they're still Winchesters and find themselves caught between two demons fighting a war that will only end in massive destruction.
highschool!  angsty  char:dean  family!  comingofage  alternatereality  pre-canon  they'rekids!  fostercare!  status:nowcomplete  f:spn 
march 2013 by floatondown
Splintered - phantisma
The harder they try, the deeper the pieces cut on the way down.
Dean isn't okay. John isn't okay. Sam is so far beyond not okay.
Dean's splintered pieces are shattered and scattered and he can't seem to hold it all together.
highschool!  trauma:abuse  angsty  violence  tearjerker  family!  dub/non-con  dean/sam/john  trauma:sexual  alternatereality  pre-canon  kink:inthefamily  f:spn 
march 2013 by floatondown
my missing puzzle piece - Muir_Wolf
“I’ve spoken with your mother, and the two of us are concerned about your lack of interaction with children your age. We’ve made accommodations for you to attend a local public school for the sixth period theatre class."
romance  sweet  pre-canon  sheldon/penny  f:tbbt  friendstolovers! 
november 2012 by floatondown
No Use Resisting
When Kurt’s neighbor Sebastian suggests they do more than hang out, he thinks it’s a bad idea until it’s not.
firstsexexperience  romance  sexy  pre-canon  kurt/sebastian  au:human  f:glee 
july 2012 by floatondown
The Tiny Peeta Diaries; Or, Five Times Peeta Made People Say 'Dammit'! - aimmyarrowshigh
A series of events around District Twelve as seen through the eyes of five-year-old Peeta Mellark, the earnest and inquisitive son of the baker.
char:peeta  funny  sweet  pre-canon  alternatereality  they'rekids!  hungergames:yes!  f:hungergames 
april 2012 by floatondown
Five Places Cinna Came From - aimmyarrowshigh
Cinna did not come from the Capitol. Five paths he took out of the Districts, and why he set a nation on fire. A series of five character exploration pieces about Cinna the Conspirator.
cinna/finnick  char:cinna  pre-canon  alternatereality  hungergames:yes!  f:hungergames  !lovely 
april 2012 by floatondown
My First Date with Katniss Everdeen - holymfwickee
Take a deep breath. Wipe the sweat off your hands. Don't let her scowl make you nervous. You're only talking to the girl you've been in love with your entire life.
pre-canon  sweet  katniss/peeta  alternatereality  hungergames:yes!  f:hungergames 
april 2012 by floatondown
Neither Beauty Nor Grace - katydid
Johanna Mason won the Hunger Games by playing weak until she turned out to be the most vicious killer of them all. Or at least that’s what the Capitol wants you to believe.
angsty  char:johanna  pre-canon  canon  f:hungergames 
april 2012 by floatondown
Dark-Eyed Wanderer - Beth H.
After the first war, Severus is reprieved by law, but not by himself. It takes a special person to make him embrace life once more. Death, however, always waits.
pre-canon  angsty  severus/flitwick  alternatereality  hogwarts!  f:hp 
february 2012 by floatondown
A Dictionary of Misunderstood Words
Companion. The Alliance. The Black. Scars. The words mean completely different things to each of them.
mal/inara  pre-canon  canon  canondivergence  f:firefly 
december 2011 by floatondown
Vanity - wartcap
Hermione travels back to 1977 and the consequences of her time travel may not be as you suspect. Returning to her own era, she is thrown into the events of the 'Half-Blood Prince'and the sixth book is re-written from her point of view. Will her visit to the past change the fortunes of Professor Snape?
hermione/severus  canondivergence  timewarp!  pre-canon  drama  romance  hogwarts!  f:hp 
july 2011 by floatondown
Marked Men - firefly124
Twenty-one year-old Ripper dropped out of Oxford a few months ago and has been seeking out magical hot-spots around London to fuel the spells he and his friends play with. Eighteen-year-old Severus Snape has just finished at Hogwarts and is starting his life as a Death Eater. This tends to put him in some of those magical hot-spots, and their paths cross more than once making their lives "interesting."
drama  severus/giles  pre-canon  alternatereality  fusion!  angsty  f:btvs  f:hp 
september 2010 by floatondown

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