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Expect the Unexpected - JasperMoar
Steve is alpha in battle. Tony is alpha in home. It had chafed at first, all his nasty self-confidence issues and self-doubt and self-loathing rearing their ugly heads. He could barely take care of himself. How the fuck was he supposed to take care of a pack?

But things had come naturally, surprisingly enough. If Steve was the pack’s strength, then Tony was its heart, however odd that struck him at times.


Bucky Barnes needs a place to stay. Tony Stark has that place.
alpha/beta/omega!  alternatereality  kink:scent(marking)!  romance  buckybarnesrecovery!  mpreg!  natasha/clint  steve+bucky  sweet  tony+peter  trauma:emotional  tony/bucky  tony+harley  trauma:abuse  steve+tony  emotionalhurt/comfort  team:avengers  trauma:sexual  slowbuild  family!  pregnancy!  c:50-100k  familyfound!  status:abandoned  f:avengers 
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Like a Goddamn Katy Perry Song - tisfan
Tony is chased into the woods during his first heat, where the status-poor alpha, Bucky, lives. Running off the pack of heat-taggers, Bucky takes the young Tony home for recovery, to discover there’s not much time before the omega goes into full heat. Well… now what?
pregnancy!  villain:rumlow  tony/bucky  a+parenting!  au:human  alternatereality  c:15-50k  funny  tony+peggy  insecurity!  scent(marking)!  firsttime!  heat!  trauma:sexual  trauma:emotional  discrimination!  angst+happyending  mpreg!  mates!  alpha/beta/omega!  f:avengers  r:developingrelationship  r:agedifference! 
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One, Two, Three - Shi_Toyu
The doctor sent him an encouraging smile before slipping out of the room, but it didn’t make Tony feel any better. Pregnant. At nearly fifty years old, Tony Stark was pregnant. It was hard to believe that through all his years of partying and fucking his way through life his luck had held only to run out now. His face dropped into his palms, the devastation threatening to overwhelm him. Well, there certainly wouldn’t be any chance of him and Pepper getting back together now. As usual, he’d fucked it all up…and for some guy he couldn’t even remember the face of.
slowbuild  canon:civilwar  angst+happyending  c:oneshot/-7k  hookup!  mpreg!  canondivergence  alternatereality  kidfic!  alpha/beta/omega!  tony/bucky  f:avengers  r:firsttime 
november 2019 by floatondown
Like Rocks Under Tide - Potrix
Taking a shuddering breath, Tony shuts off the alarm, puts the phone away to stall for another moment or two, and then finally gets up, and reaches for what he has—very aptly, in his humble opinion—named The Stick of Destiny lying on the edge of the sink. He fumbles with it, almost drops it twice before he manages to turn it right side up, and sees the two bright pink lines that mean he’s royally screwed. And not in the fun way.

“Shit,” Tony croaks.
angst+happyending  tony/bucky  insecurity!  pregnancy!  c:-15k  steve/tony  polyamory!  mpreg!  emotionalhurt/comfort  fluff  alpha/beta/omega!  au:human  steve/tony/bucky  f:avengers  r:establishedrelationship 
november 2019 by floatondown
Milk and Honey - yarost
Steve pulls back just enough to tease the nipple in his mouth with his teeth, pressing to the edge of cruel, and then laps at the liquid brought forth, melting Tony’s brain in the process. The Omega is a helpless mess now, his thighs wrapped around the Captain’s waist, grinding against him.

“You’re so wet,” Steve purrs darkly, just before kissing the nipple he’s been abusing “so needy even when you’re already pregnant, you just can’t help yourself, can you Tony?”
sexy  kink:lactation  alternatereality  c:oneshot/-7k  alpha/beta/omega!  pwp  steve/tony  kink:public  mpreg!  f:avengers  r:establishedrelationship 
november 2019 by floatondown
Cosmic Love - emquin
Tony and Steve have been broken and torn apart by the Accords and the choices they've made. But those that are meant to be have a way of making their way back to each other specially since it won't just be the two of them any longer.
brokenup!/divorced!  canondivergence  forgiveness!  steve/tony  kidfic!  w:low  canon:civilwar  angst+happyending  mpreg!  ending:ambiguous/open  c:50-100k  parents!  f:avengers 
november 2019 by floatondown
Proof That Tony Stark Has a Heart - orphan_account
With Voldemort defeated and Harry turning seventeen, the elder Weasley boys decide to give him a chance to be a normal teenager for a while; namely, by buying him a ticket to Malibu, California. But of course, Harry Potter can never do anything normally. Especially not once he meets Tony Stark in a club, and begins a holiday romance that leaves him with more than just memories.
reunion!  drama  away!  c:100-200k  tony+pepper  fluff  california!  parents!  romance  vacation!  harry/tony  canondivergence  nyc!  underage!  longdistance!  commitment/intimacyissues!  longtimespan  pregnancy!  angst+happyending  rich!  kidfic!  lackofcommunication!  mpreg!  job:businessman!  f:hp  !loves  f:avengers  r:developingrelationship  r:firsttime  r:agedifference! 
september 2019 by floatondown
little bit of me, little bit of you - Potrix
Bucky looks up, and for one terrifying moment, before Stark acknowledges the kid, too, he thinks his programming is acting up again, making him hallucinate.

Because right there, gym bag slung over his shoulder, and a bicycle helmet tucked under his arm, stands a boy who looks so much like Bucky remembers himself looking almost a century ago, that Bucky has the sudden, hysterical urge to pinch himself to make sure he isn’t dreaming.
alternatereality  kidfic!  secrets!  c:oneshot/-7k  pining  parents!  sweet  family!  tony/bucky  mpreg!  f:avengers  r:developingrelationship  r:firsttime 
august 2019 by floatondown
Eight Arms to Hold You - tisfan
Bucky has a missing arm and a bad attitude.

Tony wasn't picked for the mating season.

They're both in heat. They... may not have thought this through.
hookup!  non-human:seacreature!  sweet  tentacles!  tony/bucky  mpreg!  pregnancy!  au:human  au:scifi  f:avengers  r:firsttime 
july 2019 by floatondown
mirror my melody - wearing_tearing
Running is freeing.

That’s what Bucky holds on to when he gets in place, surrounded by thirty or so Omegas, all ready to start the Run. The wind on his face, the earth beneath his feet, the speed that takes him through the trees and deep into the woods.

Running is freeing, even when you’re running with the promise of being caught.
sweet  romance  mates!  livingtogether!  c:-15k  steve/bucky  mpreg!  pregnancy!  alpha/beta/omega!  au:human  f:avengers  r:firsttime 
may 2019 by floatondown
Damaged Bodies, Growing Lives, Building Families - StarLight Massacre
Harry's painstakingly rebuilt world is destroyed again; then he meets Clint Barton, the sharp eyed archer from the renowned Avengers team. Left broken and pregnant, can he be put back together again? Does he even want to be fixed after everything he's been subjected to or will his love for his baby and the support of the Avengers pull him through the very lowest point of his life?
angst+happyending  c:100-200k  w:low  nyc!  drama  canondivergence  torture!  abducted!  harry/clint  away!  dub/non-con  violence  crossover!  misunderstandings!  mpreg!  pregnancy!  alpha/beta/omega!  job:fbi!/cia!  f:hp  f:avengers  r:developingrelationship 
april 2019 by floatondown
Bloodsquib - Vaysh11
Eleven years after the war, Harry shows up at Draco's home, asking him for help for his son James who suffers from a rare magical disease. He needs a blood donor to survive, and only Draco is a match.
pining  breakup!  c:-15k  angst+happyending  harry/draco  parents!  canondivergence  married!  illness!  post-war  mpreg!  job:auror!  f:hp  r:establishedrelationship 
april 2019 by floatondown
To Court a Monster: Fast and the Furious Edition - Rhiw
After having mated with the first Dominant of his race he met, young Submissive Brian O'Conner is trying his damnest to escape his mistakes. But his past won't let him; the cub growing in his stomach ensures as much. Even hidden amongst the millions of LA, his kind still somehow manages to find him. And it seems nothing he says or do will convince Dominic Toretto to ignore him - and the interest of a Dominant is the last thing he wants.
brian/dom  alternatereality  non-human:werewolf!  cannibals!  courting!  romance  angst+happyending  c:15-50k  mpreg!  pregnancy!  au:supernatural  f:fast&furious  job:mechanic! 
december 2017 by floatondown
A Halloween Horror Story - IzzyWritesStuff
"Never accept candy from strangers." Is the first thing you teach your children. Steve must have missed the memo.
steve/danny  canondivergence  c:-15k  horror  poisoned!  mpreg!  bodyhorror!  f:h50  r:establishedrelationship 
november 2017 by floatondown
Late to Bloom - Miss_Psychotic
Mia and Dom struggle after their fathers passing to make enough money to pay the mortgage as well as run the market and the garage. They find fostering Omega's is a profitable venture.
Then Brian O'Conner who is supposed to be a Beta comes along.
brian/dom  alternatereality  fostercare!  pining  underage!  kink:heat  kink:finger  sexy  w:low  mpreg!  alpha/beta/omega!  f:fast&furious 
july 2017 by floatondown
There in nine flat - khaleesian
Sometimes he tried to remember. He tried to remember back to the beginning, where the whole long story began. It was hard though, pinpointing just where it all started, trying to define the moment exactly. Plus, nowadays he wasn’t really overwhelmed with free time. But some evenings when he could grab a minute, he sat on the porch and watched the sunset over their little curve of bay and wondered to himself, just when, just when did this whole thing begin?
brian/dom  canondivergence  away!  mexico!  angst+happyending  c:15-50k  *EPUB*  mpreg!  pregnancy!  f:fast&furious  r:establishedrelationship 
june 2017 by floatondown
Off The Map - XScribe
An AU spin on The Fast And The Furious series // Non-binary gender world, Dom and undercover!Brian in a developing relationship - this will not go smoothly.
brian/dom  alternatereality  alternatecanon  lgbtq!  breakup!  undercover!  angsty  sexy  romance  w:low  ontherun!  abducted!  dub/non-con  consentissues  w:ooc  c:200-400k  *EPUB*  mpreg!  pregnancy!  job:cop!/deputy!  f:fast&furious  kink:bp  r:developingrelationship  r:firsttime 
june 2017 by floatondown
Do You Know - betp
In which Derek is a hundred percent sure his parents never mentioned this, but then again, he never did pay much attention to stupid shit. An ongoing series.
derek/stiles  canondivergence  fluff  parents!  sweet  c:50-100k  *EPUB*  mpreg!  f:teenwolf  familyfound!  status:abandoned  r:establishedrelationship 
may 2017 by floatondown
some damn time stamps - kimimela
Time stamps revolving around Steve and Danny's evolving relationship: marriage, children, getting together, and moments in between.
steve/danny  canondivergence  married!  parents!  fluff  c:100-200k  *EPUB*  mpreg!  pregnancy!  f:h50  r:developingrelationship  r:firsttime 
may 2017 by floatondown
Timing - IzzyWritesStuff
When Melissa breaks up with Danny, he seeks comfort in Steve's arms. A night of drinking quickly turns into more than just comfort and Steve is left with the consequences of their one-night-stand. From there on, things only get more complicated.
steve/danny  canondivergence  hookup!  drama  angst+happyending  emotionalhurt/comfort  w:low  mpreg!  pregnancy!  f:h50 
april 2017 by floatondown
The Family Way - swtalmnd
Harry figures out the only way to be sure to get out of the Triwizard Tournament alive is... pregnant.
harry/severus  canondivergence  firstsexexperience  sweet  sexy  c:oneshot/-7k  hogwarts!  mpreg!  f:hp  r:firsttime 
december 2016 by floatondown
Que Sera, Sera - heffermonkey
Danny Williams has decided to be a surrogate within the governments new Paternal Programme. Steve McGarrett has decided he wants his life to consist of more than work and his career. Unexpectedly the two are thrown together via a mix up at the insemination clinic. Let the fun commence.
steve/danny  alternatereality  surrogacy!  sexy  pining  w:low  mpreg!  pregnancy!  f:h50 
october 2016 by floatondown
The Best Secret - Casey_K
Danny has a secret and now it's got him into trouble and he has no idea how Steve will react. The only thing he can think to do is run home to mom.
kidfic!  canondivergence  parents!  steve/danny  fluff  family!  c:15-50k  mpreg!  pregnancy!  f:h50  r:establishedrelationship 
september 2016 by floatondown
A Man is What He Hides - DorisNancyGrey
[When Office Plants Die/A Burning Orchard]

After Alpha Steve loses control of his instincts and bond bites his "beta" partner, he and Danny are expecting unplanned pups during a horrifically dangerous hunt for a serial killer.

Between the stress of the murder investigation and the difficulty of hiding Danny's subgender and their unborn pups, the alpha half of Steve just wants Danny to stay at home in a nest. However, the rational half of him knows that he'd get hit with a mean right hook for even suggesting it.
steve/danny  alternatereality  secrets!  casefic!  serialkillers!  possessive!  feral!  kink:knotting  kink:heat  kink:rimming  kink:breeding  w:low  mpreg!  alpha/beta/omega!  dark!  f:h50  kink:lactation 
june 2016 by floatondown
Old Friends - BookEmCarrie
When an old friend of Steve appears on his doorsteps after 10 years of not seeing each other, McGarrett is not sure about the man's intentions.
steve/danny  canondivergence  steve/omc  breakup!  w:low  mpreg!  trauma:domesticviolence  f:h50 
june 2016 by floatondown
That's Where I'm Calling From - Atlantis_Jackson
“You being pregnant,” Danny told him. “I imagine you with a round belly, sitting on the couch with an iced tea and a bag of Funions.”
steve/danny  canondivergence  family!  fluff  sweet  mpreg!  f:h50  r:establishedrelationship 
may 2016 by floatondown
The Incubator Verse - heffermonkey
In a 'verse' where society consists of Masters and slaves, Danny Williams is a Master who owns Steve, an 'Incubator' or male slave capable of having children. This is the story of their lives, the past, present and future as they try to balance their positions in society as well as being in love.
steve/danny  slavery!  dub/non-con  grief/mourning  romance  tearjerker  dystopia  characterflaws  mpreg!  pregnancy!  au:human  f:h50  pregnancycomplications!  r:unhealthyrelationship! 
march 2016 by floatondown
Freak - heffermonkey
Danny Williams was born different, and a local gang don't make his life easier because of his differences, dubbing him a 'Freak'. Not that Danny takes any of the bullying lying down, but one against several isn't a fair fight. To protect their son, the Williams' send Danny to live with his Uncle Marvin in Hawaii. There, he meets Meka Hanamoa and develops a crush on Steve McGarrett. But it isn't easy being fifteen, different and falling in love. When Danny returns to New Jersey, they don't think they'll ever meet again, but fate has a way of bringing people back together.
steve/danny  alternatereality  alternatecanon  highschool!  romance  sweet  married!  kidfic!  fluff  brokenup!/divorced!  *EPUB*  bullying!  mpreg!  f:h50  kink:bp  r:firsttime 
march 2016 by floatondown
The Pain of Misunderstanding - Betsanne
Harry Potter is in love with Severus and Remus, who are together. Before he graduates, Harry Potter spends the night with them. Hurt and in pain because he thinks his feelings aren't returned, Harry leaves Hogwarts. Harry finds out that he is pregnant. Will he tell Severus and Remus? Is there any hope for the three men?
harry/severus  severus/remus  harry/severus/remus  mpreg!  f:hp  status:unread 
february 2016 by floatondown
Lullaby Bay - Indehed
Danny may not have been entirely truthful about what happened in Colombia. Or about himself. After disappearing back East for a year, he comes home to Honolulu to explain why he left, and he brought something extra with him.
steve/danny  canondivergence  family!  sweet  angst+happyending  mpreg!  pregnancy!  f:h50  pregnancycomplications! 
february 2016 by floatondown
Well, shit. - leupagus, waldorph
Madonna is informing her Papa that he shouldn't preach, because she's keeping her baby. Danny raises his spoon. "Sing it, sister."
steve/danny  canondivergence  family!  sexpollen!  angst+happyending  funny  commitment/intimacyissues!  char:williamsfamily  gettingmarried!  brokenup!/divorced!  mpreg!  team:50  f:h50  familyfound! 
november 2015 by floatondown
Service - azziria
Danny's just glad that his HPD medical package covers this, because he's heard stories about the quality of treatment provided by some Government-funded impregnation establishments, and they're not pretty.
steve/danny  alternatereality  worldbuild  angsty  disability:blind!  mpreg!  f:h50 
september 2015 by floatondown
Coming Home - pterawaters
Steve's suppressants fail while he's stationed abroad, so he heads to New York, where he can contract out an Alpha to get him through his heat.
steve/danny  alternatereality  kink:knotting  kink:heat  parents!  family!  drama  mpreg!  alpha/beta/omega!  f:h50  r:relationshipnegotiation! 
august 2015 by floatondown
hold the balance - Merrov, somehowunbroken
Danny vaguely supposes it was really only a matter of time before Steve ousted Rachel in the ‘crazy stuff my significant other has done’ category, but this – this is a doozy.
steve/danny  canondivergence  domestic!  sweet  mpreg!  f:h50  r:establishedrelationship 
august 2015 by floatondown
Unexpected - poppymoon3
When Dean came for Sam at Stanford, Sam realised just how bad his brother’s eating disorder had become, and left with him to seek their missing father. Now, Dean’s putting on weight, but it’s something neither of them expected...
dean/sam  alternatecanon  eatingdisorder!  drama  mpreg!  pregnancy!  f:spn 
june 2015 by floatondown
in this safe place here - Della19
“I am entirely capable,” Harry proclaims cuttingly to Merlin, puffed up like a prissy cat. And Merlin throws his arms skyward like he’s just begging for lightning to strike ‘im where he stands and asks, with scathing exasperation, "Of what, waddling up to someone and ruthlessly bumping into them?” And Eggsy one hundred percent doesn’t snicker, and he’s got the bloody inner cheek to prove it, ‘cause Eggsy’s a fuckin’ gentleman. Or, the pregnant omega!Harry A/B/O that tumblr wanted, because they are enablers. Eggsy/Harry, A/B/O AU, Fix-It.
alternatereality  fluff  sweet  family!  c:oneshot/-7k  eggsy/harryh  mpreg!  alpha/beta/omega!  f:kingsman 
june 2015 by floatondown
Suitable - Cimila
The Lord Hart's mate isn't suitable, so Eggsy's forced to step in. Except, Lord Hart isn't exactly going to leave his mate for Eggsy, is he? And Eggsy's fine with that. He is. Completely fine. He ain't in love or anything. It's fine.
time:medieval!  arrangedmarriage/law!  mates!  pining  insecurity!  hurt/comfort  eggsy/harryh  merlin/harryh  eggsy/merlin/harryh  misunderstandings!  mpreg!  alpha/beta/omega!  au:fantasy  f:kingsman  status:abandoned 
june 2015 by floatondown
A Legend of a Lonely Boy - bunnymaccool
There is a werewolf legend. About unmated alpha who desperately desired to have heirs, so he studied the moon and the stars in such great depth that he discovered a secret. On the night of the full moon, when the stars aligned just so … he could plant his pups into whatever body he desired.

The danger is this ... werewolves are not meant to carry pups alone. They need someone to guide them, love them, protect them during this time of vulnerability. A partner. A mate. But Derek Hale has none of these things. He has no one. If he and his pup are going to survive, he may just have to follow the ridiculous suggestion Deaton puts forth. The completely annoying, loud-mouthed, pain in his ass suggestion that makes Derek want to rip someone's throat out.
derek/stiles  canondivergence  dub/non-con  characterdeath:minor  sweet  mpreg!  pregnancy!  f:teenwolf  kink:inthefamily  familyfound!  pregnancycomplications!  r:developingrelationship 
may 2015 by floatondown
Second Heat Always Sweet - halfhardtorock
He's the most popular Were in Beacon County, which means everyone's been waiting to see who he'll pick to go through his heat with.
derek/stiles  alternatereality  highschool!  college!  kink:heat  mates!  angsty  hurt/comfort  sexy  kink:sleep  onlynotreally  firstsexexperience  misunderstandings!  mpreg!  alpha/beta/omega!  f:teenwolf  *deleted  r:relationshipnegotiation! 
april 2015 by floatondown
ΛΚΣ Wolves of Northern California State University - dancinbutterfly
Fraternity Brother Derek may be an Omega but he's no one's bitch. Still he heats up whenever he has the chance to get at a knot - he just doesn't usually care about the knothead attached. Problem is this Alpha Stiles seems special. He's not quite sure how to deal with that.
derek/stiles  college!  frat!  promiscuous!  hookup!  drama  romance  mpreg!  alpha/beta/omega!  au:supernatural  f:teenwolf  status:abandoned 
april 2015 by floatondown
red - hoars
“See? I need my daisy crown or I won’t get Chased.” Stiles frowned. “And then I’ll have to do it again next year. I really don’t want to do it twice.” The good and the bad of getting Caught this year included not having to do it again and the bad was he’d have a werewolf mate for the rest of his life. Stiles is seventeen. He has a lot of life to live. Unless his wolfy mate has no sense of humor or a temper. Those with no sense of humor and tempers tended to hate Stiles the most and wouldn’t that suck? Being tied to someone for the rest of his life who hates him. That actually sounds like his type of luck. “You’ll be fine.” Allison beams because she’s a sweet person and can obviously read Stiles like a picture book aimed at toddlers.
derek/stiles  alternatereality  alivehalefamily!  happypack!  mates!  matinggames!  char:allison  married!  parents!  mpreg!  pregnancy!  halefire:no!  f:teenwolf 
march 2015 by floatondown
and the wild things roared their terrible roar - hoars
Derek as Khal Drogo (but set in snow beyond the wall) and Stiles as Daenerys Stormborn (although he's a greenseer of the Children rather than a dragon).
derek/stiles  fusion!  actualwolf!  violence  arrangedmarriage/law!  time:medieval!  gameofthrones!  mpreg!  au:fantasy  f:teenwolf 
january 2015 by floatondown
colors and promises - badwolfbadwolf
"You don’t understand," Stiles says woodenly, months later. And Derek doesn’t.
derek/stiles  alternatereality  angsty  tearjerker  c:oneshot/-7k  mpreg!  f:teenwolf  pregnancycomplications! 
january 2015 by floatondown
Your Baby and Me - tearsandholdme
“Him, you recommended, and he seems fit for the job,” Derek said, handing the application to her flashing a charming smile. “Stiles Stilinski, he's going to carry my pup.”
derek/stiles  alternatereality  w:low  w:ooc  away!  nyc!  mpreg!  f:teenwolf 
december 2014 by floatondown
Settle Down - wearing_tearing, whatthehale
Stiles is a struggling author barely making ends meet. Derek is a successful architect whose biological clock is ticking. Enter a surrogacy agency, two packs, and a particularly sticky and toe curling heat week and you get a match made in heaven.
derek/stiles  surrogacy!  sexy  kink:heat  friendswithbenefits  romance  angsty  happypack!  c:100-200k  *EPUB*  mpreg!  alpha/beta/omega!  au:supernatural  f:teenwolf  !loves 
december 2014 by floatondown
have a mind to just let my whole body go - verity
Derek's a pregnant omega werewolf; Stiles and Erica do steady business as the only supernaturally qualified omega midwives in five counties. Clearly, it's meant to be.
derek/stiles  alternatereality  sweet  funny  sexy  mpreg!  pregnancy!  alpha/beta/omega!  job:doctor!  f:teenwolf 
october 2014 by floatondown
Tiny Houses - ohmyjetsabel
So this is what Stiles does. He lies in Scott’s bed and waits for Melissa to say she’s found someone to get it out of him, to cure him of the wrongness and the bad, and he dreams. God, he dreams. He dreams of fire and swollen bellies and that scene in Alien, of giving birth to jackals through his urethra, the whole horrific nine yards. His head is a terrible place to be, he can’t imagine his stomach is much better, why anyone would want to put a thing inside of it.
derek/stiles  angsty  drama  firstsexexperience  dub/non-con  magic!  trauma:sexual  parents!  cursed!  slowbuild  depression!  kidfic!  c:50-100k  *EPUB*  gettingbetter!  mpreg!  bodyhorror!  f:teenwolf  packdynamics!  familyfound!  !loves  !lovely 
september 2014 by floatondown
Nowhere Man - 1lostone
When Stiles leaves Beacon Hills, he does it without a backwards glance. For two years he is happy on the other side of the country- until someone targets not only him, but his daughter. Unfortunately, the asshole bodyguard his dad hired to make sure he gets back home is none other than Derek Hale. And that's really not very good for either of them.
derek/stiles  canondivergence  parents!  angsty  drama  kidfic!  rivalpack!  pushedaway!  w:low  away!  eastcoast!  *EPUB*  mpreg!  f:teenwolf 
september 2014 by floatondown
Life Is Like A Song - GotTheSilver
“I’m not pregnant, Stiles.” “But—” Stiles hesitates before carrying on. “You know you could be. If we wanted.”
derek/stiles  future  romance  family!  actualwolf!  c:oneshot/-7k  mpreg!  f:teenwolf  r:establishedrelationship 
september 2014 by floatondown
Jurisdiction - elisera
John is a pretty level-headed guy. He wasn’t always, back during his own Sturm und Drang period, but he married a firecracker of a woman and got a kid with an affinity for trouble like he got payed for ending up in it, so someone had to level out or they would’ve ended up living in a treehouse or Lapland doing god knows what. Anyway, getting a hold of his temper is one of John’s better life achievements. It makes him a good sheriff and it kept him from blowing his lid too badly those last two years when Stiles started acting out in a way that John had never seen before. But the temper is still there. He’s reminded of it when he comes home on a random Saturday in March after spilling his milkshake all over his uniform shirt only to notice he didn’t have a spare in the station and finds Stiles bend over the kitchen sink with hunched shoulders.
derek/stiles  canondivergence  char:sheriff  5+1  drama  romance  family!  trauma:sexual  mpreg!  pov:outside  f:teenwolf 
june 2014 by floatondown
The Second Coming (of Werewolf Jesus) - lupinus, uraneia
Stiles was enjoying his senior year until his crazy English teacher decided he made the best candidate to gestate Derek's kid. Now Stiles is a seventeen-year-old pregnant dude and he and Derek have to figure their shit out, because in nine months they are going to be tied together for the rest of their lives.
derek/stiles  canondivergence  romance  sweet  rivalpack!  *EPUB*  mpreg!  f:teenwolf 
june 2014 by floatondown
forget our future plans - verity
The second time Derek and Stiles meet is in a gay bar. A wizarding gay bar. It's very sparkly.
derek/stiles  knownsupernaturalcreatures!  tattoos!  magic!  angsty  drama  mates!  fusion!  mpreg!  au:supernatural  f:hp  f:teenwolf 
june 2014 by floatondown
Rites of passage - maliwanhellfire
Stiles is seventeen and a few months into his final year of school. It's the perfect time to complete his fertility rite, problem is the only alphas interested are all creepy, and related to people he goes to school with. Enter Derek Hale, grumpy bastard and lead alpha of the Hale pack. He's the solution to all of Stiles' problems. Sorta.
derek/stiles  alternatereality  worldbuild  knownsupernaturalcreatures!  kink:knotting  mates!  firstsexexperience  romance  werewolfworld!  matinggames!  mpreg!  alpha/beta/omega!  f:teenwolf 
june 2014 by floatondown
The Honey and the Sting - the_ragnarok
Derek didn't remember what happened when he went into heat. He could only assume the worst. The truth may be stranger than that.
derek/stiles  canondivergence  parents!  kink:heat  angsty  family!  sweet  actualwolf!  kidfic!  mpreg!  f:teenwolf  kink:lactation 
may 2014 by floatondown
the answer is always threesomes - drunktuesdays, Febricant, scoutshonor
Anyone can feel free to write me a story where everyone has to go to the Pacific Northwest Werewolf Symposium and Derek explains it would be BAD FORM for an Alpha to turn up without a mate, especially the ONLY TRUE ALPHA IN A HUNDRED YEARS, and its not like Scott can bring KIRA because duhhhh foxes and wolves don’t get along. Stiles sucks in a breath because he loves this shit, he’s gonna get his FAKE BOYFRIEND on when Derek says, quiet, “I can—you know, stand in.”
canondivergence  derek/stiles/scott  not!fic  romance  sweet  menage!  mpreg!  f:teenwolf 
may 2014 by floatondown
This Story Was Brought to You by Our Sponsors - Annie D (scaramouche)
Dean's post-apocalyptic life is a friggin' soap opera. Romance! Angst! Separations! Reunions! Pizza Dinners! A Child Dean Never Knew He Had! It's all very dramatic.
dean/castiel  angsty  canondivergence  parents!  future  tearjerker  apocalypse!  kidfic!  c:15-50k  brokenup!/divorced!  mpreg!  magic:mundane!  f:spn  !loves  !lovely 
january 2014 by floatondown
Knocked Up & Alpha - llassah
Derek comes back to Beacon Hills for a number of reasons. The most important one, though, is the result of a one night stand in Vegas. He's knocked up and Alpha, and Cora won't stop playing Papa Don't Preach whenever she gets to pick the music in the car. This shit just keeps happening to him. Or, in which Derek gets the D, Stiles gets the D, then Derek gets Stiles's D.
derek/stiles  funny  sexy  romance  kink:comeplay  kink:dicks  canondivergence  mpreg!  f:teenwolf  familyfound!  sexcapades! 
january 2014 by floatondown
Tried & Tested - dancinbutterfly
Derek is thrown into a violent heat in the wake of Lydia and Peter's actions at the end of Party Guessed. Debilitated by his own needs, Derek reaches out to Stiles, the only person he wants and can hope to trust.
derek/stiles  angsty  romance  char:sheriff  canondivergence  *EPUB*  mpreg!  f:teenwolf  status:abandoned 
january 2014 by floatondown
(Once in a) Blue Moon - clarkoholic, skywardsmiles
Stiles and Derek are getting along, but they’re not a family, and they’re sure as hell not mates. Christ, they’re basically just two stupid guys who happened to get pregnant because of a full moon and sheer dumb luck.
derek/stiles  angsty  drama  magic!  illness!  hurt/comfort  canondivergence  otherpack!  *EPUB*  mpreg!  f:teenwolf  familyfound! 
january 2014 by floatondown
Accidental Mating - endversed
Dean finds a sixteen year old omega living on the streets during his first heat, so he takes the kid home to keep him safe. But, as it turns out, he's finding the kid difficult to resist, himself.
underage!  kink:heat  sexy  dean/castiel  *deleted  mpreg!  alpha/beta/omega!  au:supernatural  f:spn  sexcapades! 
april 2013 by floatondown
A Change of Constellation - Ashes
When Dean wakes up with all the wrong parts in all the right places, his primary concern is figuring out who stole his dick and how to get it back. In the meantime, he may as well try out the new equipment. If only he had ever paid attention in a seventh-grade health class, he could have avoided the complications that came next.
drug/alcoholabuse!  angsty  future  fallen!  dean/castiel  canondivergence  *EPUB*  mpreg!  cisswap!magical  f:spn  sexualityconflict! 
april 2013 by floatondown
Jubilees - ghostyouknow
The world's ending. Thanks to Zachariah, Castiel's pregnant with Dean's baby. For some reason, no one's breaking out cigars.
angsty  tearjerker  dean/castiel  drama  canondivergence  c:15-50k  *EPUB*  mpreg!  f:spn  !loves 
march 2013 by floatondown
Ignite - the_gabih
Castiel helps Dean through his heat, and in doing so creates a whole new set of problems.
sexy  dean/castiel  drama  alternatereality  kink:heat  c:oneshot/-7k  mpreg!  alpha/beta/omega!  f:spn  !loves 
march 2013 by floatondown
Like You're Slippin' Through The Cracks (Like No One Would Even Notice) - freeiheitpisarz
Kurt knew it was a bit unbelievable that he was pregnant, but he never expected it to be like this.
angsty  char:kurt  hurt/comfort  mpreg!  f:glee  status:unread 
february 2013 by floatondown
Best of a Bad Thing - JooseBoxx
Puck gets knocked up and won't tell anyone who the other father is. The gleeks play 'guess the baby daddy.' Kurt suggests that they figure out when the baby was conceived and realise it was when Puck was in juvie. Suddenly, it's not funny.
romance  sweet  kurt/puck  dub/non-con  c:-15k  mpreg!  f:glee 
september 2012 by floatondown
The Heart of the Sea
After the war, Snape must leave the Wizarding World. He's not the only one. (Merpeople.)
angsty  romance  post-hogwarts  severus/remus  non-human:mermaid!  mpreg! 
february 2012 by floatondown
In A Delicate Way - JayKay
After a jinx goes awry, Snape gets some interesting news.
severus/remus  canondivergence  hogwarts!  mpreg!  f:hp 
april 2010 by floatondown

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!lovely  !loves  *deleted  *EPUB*  5+1  7thyear-redo!  a+parenting!  abducted!  actualwolf!  alivehalefamily!  alpha/beta/omega!  alternatecanon  alternatereality  angst+happyending  angsty  apocalypse!  arrangedmarriage/law!  au:fantasy  au:human  au:scifi  au:supernatural  away!  blaine/sam  bodyhorror!  breakup!  brian/dom  brokenup!/divorced!  buckybarnesbrainwashingproblems!  buckybarnesrecovery!  bullying!  c:-15k  c:15-50k  c:50-100k  c:100-200k  c:200-400k  c:oneshot/-7k  california!  cannibals!  canon:civilwar  canondivergence  casefic!  char:allison  char:kurt  char:sheriff  char:williamsfamily  characterdeath:minor  characterflaws  cisswap!magical  college!  commitment/intimacyissues!  consentissues  courting!  crossover!  cursed!  dark!  dean/castiel  dean/sam  depression!  derek/stiles  derek/stiles/scott  disability:blind!  discrimination!  domestic!  drama  drug/alcoholabuse!  dub/non-con  dystopia  eastcoast!  eatingdisorder!  eggsy/harryh  eggsy/merlin/harryh  emotionalhurt/comfort  ending:ambiguous/open  ewe!  f:avengers  f:fast&furious  f:glee  f:h50  f:hp  f:kingsman  f:spn  f:teenwolf  fallen!  family!  familyfound!  feral!  firstsexexperience  firsttime!  fluff  forgiveness!  fostercare!  frat!  friendswithbenefits  funny  fusion!  future  gameofthrones!  genderthemes  gettingbetter!  gettingmarried!  grief/mourning  halefire:no!  happypack!  harry/clint  harry/draco  harry/severus  harry/severus/remus  harry/tony  heat!  highschool!  hogwarts!  hookup!  horror  hurt/comfort  illness!  insecurity!  job:auror!  job:businessman!  job:cop!/deputy!  job:doctor!  job:fbi!/cia!  job:mechanic!  kidfic!  kink:babymaking  kink:bare  kink:bp  kink:breeding  kink:comeplay  kink:dicks  kink:finger  kink:heat  kink:inthefamily  kink:knotting  kink:lactation  kink:public  kink:rimming  kink:scent(marking)!  kink:sleep  knownsupernaturalcreatures!  kurt/puck  lackofcommunication!  lgbtq!  lgbtq:homophobia!  livingtogether!  longdistance!  longtimespan  magic!  magic:mundane!  married!  mates!  matinggames!  menage!  mentalhealthissues!  merlin/harryh  mexico!  misunderstandings!  mpreg!  natasha/clint  non-human:mermaid!  non-human:seacreature!  non-human:werewolf!  not!fic  nyc!  onlynotreally  ontherun!  otherpack!  packdynamics!  parents!  pining  poisoned!  polyamory!  possessive!  post-canon  post-hogwarts  post-war  pov:outside  pregnancy!  pregnancycomplications!  promiscuous!  pushedaway!  pwp  pwp*  r:agedifference!  r:developingrelationship  r:establishedrelationship  r:firsttime  r:relationshipnegotiation!  r:unhealthyrelationship!  recs  reunion!  rich!  rivalpack!  romance  royalty!  scent(marking)!  secrets!  serialkillers!  severus/remus  sexcapades!  sexpollen!  sexualityconflict!  sexy  slavery!  slowbuild  status:abandoned  status:unread  steve+bucky  steve+tony  steve/bucky  steve/danny  steve/omc  steve/tony  steve/tony/bucky  suicidalthoughts!  surrogacy!  suspense  sweet  tattoos!  team:50  team:avengers  tearjerker  tentacles!  time:medieval!  tony+harley  tony+peggy  tony+pepper  tony+peter  tony/bucky  torture!  trauma:abuse  trauma:domesticviolence  trauma:emotional  trauma:mental  trauma:physical  trauma:sexual  underage!  undercover!  vacation!  villain:rumlow  violence  w:low  w:ooc  werewolfworld!  worldbuild 

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