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Spin - Incognito
Something happened in Roswell a long time ago and now it's all screwy and everyone's in a bad mood.
max/liz  alternatereality  max/tess  meta:1stpov  w:low  angsty  therapy!  mentalhealthissues!  f:roswell 
june 2016 by floatondown
Pilgrim Souls - EmilyluvsRoswell
Six years past high school graduation and things are very different in Roswell.
max/liz  canondivergence  cominghome!  angst+happyending  brokenup!/divorced!  f:roswell  status:unread 
may 2016 by floatondown
Revelations - EmilyluvsRoswell
[Post-End of the World.] When Liz makes Max turn away from her, it breaks both their hearts. She and Future Max share comfort together before his life is unwritten.
max/liz  canondivergence  romance  angsty  secrets!  pining  angst+happyending  parents!  c:100-200k  *EPUB*  pregnancy!  f:roswell  r:developingrelationship 
may 2016 by floatondown

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