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From a Different Angle - cjmarlowe
Peter invites Lincoln to coffee three times, and on none of those three times is Lincoln prepared for what he reveals.
char:lincolnlee  sexuality  char:peterparker  f:fringe  paralleluniverse!  lgbtq:queerthemes 
november 2015 by floatondown
Cause & Effect - alamo_girl80
It was all a series of If-Then equations
drama  f:fringe 
september 2012 by floatondown
Choke Chain 'Verse - Chichuri
Olivia's childhood goes a bit differently, which leads to a universe where Peter and Olivia are soldiers for the ZFT.
family!  angsty  alternatereality  trauma:emotional  findingahome!  f:fringe  status:abandoned  job:soldier!/seal!  job:specialops!/shield! 
september 2012 by floatondown
you belong with him - menzjj815
Your name is Olivia Dunham. You work for the Fringe Division with Charlie Francis and Lincoln Lee. Your boyfriend’s name is Frank. And yet in the back of your mind, this all feels wrong. But like a dream upon waking up, the reasons for why that is are slowly drifting beyond your reach.
canondivergence  angsty  au:canon  f:fringe  !loves 
november 2010 by floatondown

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