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Measure of a Man - JasperMoar
Tony is so. damn. tired of losing control. He gave it away freely before, and that got him stuck with some sharp metal and a magnet in his chest. He tried taking it back, and that got his heart ripped out of his goddamn chest. He pours his heart and soul into a system to protect the people he can’t save, tries to take control of his own flaws, and nearly destroys the world via genocidal robot. He realizes that hey, he’s one man. One terribly-human, incredibly-fallible man, and tries to make himself more accountable. Tries to give the control to people who might actually know what the fuck they’re doing. He tries to stop being the one to condemn young kids with bright futures.

He ends up half-dead in Siberia, as one of his best friends walks away. Leaves him there. Tony had never possessed an ounce of control over that situation to begin with.

The only one who’s going to get hurt in this little game is Tony, and that’s fine. At least he’ll be in control.


In which Tony Stark develops an eating disorder. This does not glorify eating disorders, and in fact will focus mainly on the consequences and recovery.
canondivergence  self-esteemissues!  tony/bucky  canon:civilwar  away!  suicidalthoughts!  angsty  ending:hopeful  california!  mentalhealthissues!  depression!  tony+bucky  trauma:emotional  eatingdisorder!  c:15-50k  char:tonystark  emotionalhurt/comfort  self-harm!  f:avengers  r:pre-slash/relationship 
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ox hunger - refusals
Steve asks, “What’s going on, Buck?”

As in What’s Eating Bucky Barnes.

Except of course it’s more like What’s Bucky Barnes Eating.

(The answer to both questions would be sometimes nothing, sometimes everything.)
secrets!  c:15-50k  depression!  eatingdisorder!  tearjerker  angsty  canondivergence  char:buckybarnes  mentalhealthissues!  steve/bucky  buckybarnesrecovery!  f:avengers 
april 2019 by floatondown
Comfort Food - dannyphantom
Reaction fic to 5x16. Blaine deals with the realities of having grown apart from Kurt. He turns to comfort foods, but his relationship with his body becomes more hazardous than helpful. Luckily, Sam is there to help him through.
gettingbetter!  breakup!  eatingdisorder!  blaine/sam  c:oneshot/-7k  canondivergence  away!  depression!  nyc!  kurt/blaine  sweet  f:glee  r:firsttime 
january 2019 by floatondown
One for the Comfort - msmichellewinchester
Sam has a confession to make. He’s never actually had sex with someone before. He lied about having a girlfriend in Kentucky, and though he wanted to sleep with Brittany, he was too insecure about his appearance to go through with it. Don’t worry, Blaine will be there to make Sam’s first time special, and to make sure Sam realizes just how incredibly attractive he is.
feelings!  blaine/sam  sexy  canondivergence  firstsexexperience  sweet  c:oneshot/-7k  eatingdisorder!  mentalhealthissues!  f:glee  r:firsttime 
january 2019 by floatondown
Unexpected - poppymoon3
When Dean came for Sam at Stanford, Sam realised just how bad his brother’s eating disorder had become, and left with him to seek their missing father. Now, Dean’s putting on weight, but it’s something neither of them expected...
dean/sam  alternatecanon  eatingdisorder!  drama  mpreg!  pregnancy!  f:spn 
june 2015 by floatondown
Thin - Winchesterforlife
Dean had never been the type to obsess about his weight, but now he's trapped in a downward spiral revolving around food and exercise. Can John and Sam save him before it's too late?
char:dean  char:sam  pre-canon  eatingdisorder!  f:spn  status:unread 
december 2014 by floatondown
Inside Out and Backwards - Cheshyr
Weight has always been an important theme in the background of Stiles’ life, but lately, it's become his life.
derek/stiles  char:stiles  angsty  char:sheriff  mamastilinskifeels!  canondivergence  eatingdisorder!  insecurity!  mentalhealthissues!  f:teenwolf  familyfound! 
april 2014 by floatondown

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