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Comfortably Numb - vampireisthenewblack
You can't live so close together without occasionally getting a peek at each other's equipment, and Sam's big all over, but Dean's sure he doesn't have the kind of length he'd need to—

"We are talking about the same thing, right? You're telling me you can..."

Sam grins. "Fuck myself. Yeah."
dean/sam  canondivergence  sexy  kink:self-fuck  c:oneshot/-7k  kink:inthefamily  f:spn  substance:drinking! 
september 2015 by floatondown
Unexpected - poppymoon3
When Dean came for Sam at Stanford, Sam realised just how bad his brother’s eating disorder had become, and left with him to seek their missing father. Now, Dean’s putting on weight, but it’s something neither of them expected...
dean/sam  alternatecanon  eatingdisorder!  drama  mpreg!  pregnancy!  f:spn 
june 2015 by floatondown
No Stranger - vampireisthenewblack
Dean gets cursed by a witch, and Sam is the only one who can help.
dean/sam  canondivergence  sexpollen!  dub/non-con  sexy  c:oneshot/-7k  kink:inthefamily  f:spn 
june 2015 by floatondown
Inseparable - astolat
It was just plain sense, so Dean didn't understand why something about the way Dad said quietly, "It's time you had your own bed," made him feel guilty and confused.
angsty  family!  dean/sam  drama  pre-canon  alternatereality  kink:inthefamily  f:spn 
march 2013 by floatondown

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