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Like Running Water Slipping Through My Fingers [I Know That I Miss You] - IndigoNight
In the end, they don't find the Winter Soldier. They find Bucky Barnes, knocking on a door in Brooklyn and wondering why his Ma won't let him inside.

Bucky wakes up wet, bloody, and in pain. He doesn’t know where he is, or why he’s there. All he knows is that there’s a picture of a stranger in Steve’s sketchbook and a cryptic message to save the man. Bucky doesn’t know what’s happening, but he knows that he’ll do whatever it takes to find that beautiful goateed man and kiss his stupid face.
c:50-100k  canondivergence  romance  angst+happyending  steve/tony  amnesia!  polyamory!  steve/tony/bucky  canon:wintersoldier  steve/bucky  memoryissues!  team:avengers  sweet  abducted!  bucky+bots  rescue!  tony/bucky  suspense  !lovely  f:avengers  r:establishedrelationship  r:firsttime  r:relationshipnegotiation! 
october 2019 by floatondown
Running Hot - Marchling
The team has been on the run since Leon and Mia offered Brian the chance to go with them and he took it gladly. With the latest bounty hunter on their tails, it's the worst time for Brian to get sick, so of course, that's exactly what happens.
brian/dom  canondivergence  ontherun!  away!  mexico!  illness!  hurt/comfort  c:15-50k  suspense  f:fast&furious  r:establishedrelationship 
june 2017 by floatondown
Never Letting Go - annieke
When Danny first met his neighbor, Eddie, he thought he was a pretty nice guy. Easy going, neighborly.
Lately, though, Eddie seems to be around--a lot. A whole lot.
Danny's getting a little tired of it, and Steve? Steve's a lot tired of it. Of him. 'Eddie the Stalker' just needs to go away.
steve/danny  canondivergence  stalker!  suspense  abducted!  horror  trauma:physical  trauma:mental  f:h50  status:abandoned  r:developingrelationship 
march 2016 by floatondown
Hide Of A Life War - Etharei
“We have received confirmation that there is a hostage situation in progress at a warehouse compound two hours out of Los Angeles, following a multiple-vehicle pileup on Highway 101 this morning...” The one in which Stiles has lived to (legal) adulthood and, along the way, become a bit of a badass himself.
canondivergence  derek/stiles  char:stiles  char:sheriff  abducted!  bamf!  suspense  *EPUB*  misunderstandings!  f:teenwolf  style:nonlinear 
april 2014 by floatondown
Find It in Our Hearts - Regann
Kate Argent had a lot of secrets, some of which she took to the grave. When one of them shows up on Chris Argent's doorstep in the form of Kate's five-year-old daughter, it's not long before more to come to light -- namely, that Kate's crimes against Derek Hale didn't begin and end with the murder of his family. It's no surprise that as soon as Derek learns about his daughter's existence, he decides that nothing will keep him from claiming the only family he still has in the world. Stiles finds himself firmly in the middle of the Hale-Argent family drama, slowly growing more certain of his feelings for Derek and ever more sure of the inevitable heartbreak they'll bring.
derek/stiles  parents!  suspense  family!  trauma:sexual  canondivergence  kidfic!  *EPUB*  f:teenwolf  kateargentpain!  r:pre-slash/relationship 
december 2013 by floatondown
Pretty Much Normal - eldee
"I can't believe you've only been back four days and already need my help," Stiles says as he sweeps into the loft. "No, wait, scratch that. I totally believe it." (Or, five times Derek and Stiles shared a room because of a supernatural threat, and one time there was no threat at all.)
canondivergence  derek/stiles  future  romance  suspense  sweet  magic!  ghost!  5+1  c:15-50k  gettingbetter!  f:teenwolf  familyfound!  !loves 
december 2013 by floatondown
What You Know, And What You Don't - fluffernutter8
Years and miles away from Neptune, the people he grew up with wouldn't recognize Logan. But that wasn't an issue until a national news case brought one of those people back into his life. Logan/Veronica. Post-series, non movie canon compliant.
veronica/logan  future  drama  suspense  canondivergence  post-canon  *EPUB*  job:teacher!/professor!  job:fbi!/cia!  f:vmars 
november 2013 by floatondown
The Secret - ckofshadows
In retrospect, there were signs that Kurt had missed.
canondivergence  kurt/blaine  suspense  angsty  f:glee  !loves 
june 2012 by floatondown
Sugar - wartcap
Hermione wants to do it. Snape wants to help her. Griselda Marchbanks probably wouldn't approve, but she's not in this story so we'll not ask her. This is the tale of a dentist's daughter whose life is a cavity. Could Snape be the one to fill it?
suspense  funny  hermione/severus  canondivergence  c:oneshot/-7k  f:hp 
july 2011 by floatondown

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