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The Air That I Breathe - journey2002
After Bella's catastrophic 18th birthday, Jasper leaves, returning to the one thing he knows he is good at...war. Can he one day find the redemption he doesn't know he is looking for?
status:abandoned  away!  texas!  char:volturi  future  bella/jasper  canondivergence  w:low  angsty  c:50-100k  mission!  bamf!  trauma:emotional  pushedaway!  f:twilight  villain:vampiremaria 
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One Winter Wonder - ali_aliska
A not-so abandoned Hydra base explodes, they fight their way through an ambush, and now Tony is following Bucky through the frozen woods to a safehouse. Following the Winter Soldier, to be more precise, because Bucky went AWOL and his alter ego took charge as soon a Hydra goon pointed a gun at Tony.

The Soldier, he calls himself, with his brutal efficiency and that patented stoic demeanor, and maybe Tony should be afraid for his life, but he's not. No, mostly, he's just trying to ignore his busted ankle, the freezing cold seeping into him, and the fact that he's secretly head-over-heels in love with both sides of Bucky Barnes.

Getting to the safehouse before the blizzard hits will keep them alive, but Tony doesn't think it'll help with the rest of this mess.
c:-15k  mission!  pining  injured!  tony/bucky  loveconfession!  wintersoldier!  sweet  misunderstandings!  tony+winter  canondivergence  stuck!/trapped!  snow!  f:avengers  splitpersonality!  r:firsttime 
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Nothing Changes (Except You) - ezazahaz
Between teammates bickering over breakfast cereal, a boring Stark Industries meeting Pepper wants him to attend, and rampaging trees in Central Park, Tony isn't having the best day.

The fact that it keeps repeating only makes it worse.

But then it turns out he isn't alone--Bucky Barnes remembers the repeating day as well. They'll need to work together to find a way to escape the mysterious loop... and maybe become a little closer in the process.
funny  canondivergence  timewarp!  mission!  c:-15k  romance  tony/bucky  friendstolovers!  f:avengers  r:firsttime 
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magical milk - wearing_tearing
“What the fuck?” Steve curls into himself, hands coming up to clutch at his chest, feeling wet and hot and sticky.

“Woah,” Bucky gasps, eyes round as he stares down at his fingers. “Is this… Is this milk?”
canondivergence  magicalaccidents!  mission!  sexy  magic!  pwp  c:-15k  steve/bucky  kink:lactation  f:avengers  r:establishedrelationship 
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