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Measure of a Man - JasperMoar
Tony is so. damn. tired of losing control. He gave it away freely before, and that got him stuck with some sharp metal and a magnet in his chest. He tried taking it back, and that got his heart ripped out of his goddamn chest. He pours his heart and soul into a system to protect the people he can’t save, tries to take control of his own flaws, and nearly destroys the world via genocidal robot. He realizes that hey, he’s one man. One terribly-human, incredibly-fallible man, and tries to make himself more accountable. Tries to give the control to people who might actually know what the fuck they’re doing. He tries to stop being the one to condemn young kids with bright futures.

He ends up half-dead in Siberia, as one of his best friends walks away. Leaves him there. Tony had never possessed an ounce of control over that situation to begin with.

The only one who’s going to get hurt in this little game is Tony, and that’s fine. At least he’ll be in control.


In which Tony Stark develops an eating disorder. This does not glorify eating disorders, and in fact will focus mainly on the consequences and recovery.
canondivergence  self-esteemissues!  tony/bucky  canon:civilwar  away!  suicidalthoughts!  angsty  ending:hopeful  california!  mentalhealthissues!  depression!  tony+bucky  trauma:emotional  eatingdisorder!  c:15-50k  char:tonystark  emotionalhurt/comfort  self-harm!  f:avengers  r:pre-slash/relationship 
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Red Rover, Red Rover - Enmuse (Scifiroots)
What if Tony and Bucky met after CATWS? What if the CACW bad guys were really the bad guys?
"But Buck's… He's all that's left."

And isn't that a punch in the gut. Of course Steve would run off half-cocked, chasing down the last person connecting to his old life. Peggy's gone. Freshly buried.

He couldn't make it there, what with the damned conflicting timing of political events requiring his presence; he doesn't have enough power or standing to force a reschedule. Was it even worth it? he wonders. The bombing derailed the opening ceremony regarding the Accords and now it's on hold as the investigation begins and the United Nations regains its feet and sorts out its priorities. Ross is breathing down Tony's neck. James is on the run, Friday's sorting through more data than she's ever handled, and Tony's stuck here.
tony/bucky  accords!  buckybarnesbrainwashingproblems!  canon:civilwar  c:15-50k  secrets!  canon:wintersoldier  alternatecanon  secretdating!  wintersoldier!  canondivergence  status:abandoned  f:avengers  r:establishedrelationship 
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Just Let Me Breathe - ali_aliska
James didn’t notice the first itch in his throat, too enamored by the sight of Tony, too distracted by his selfish wishes to have this man’s love.

He didn’t realize this would be the end until the first red petal fell from his lips.
canondivergence  ending:hopeful  emotionalhurt/comfort  tearjerker  sweet  illness:hanahaki!  hurt/comfort  secrets!  illness!  pining  tony/bucky  canon:civilwar  c:-15k  angst+happyending  dying!  unrequitedlove!  friendstolovers!  !lovely  f:avengers  r:developingrelationship  r:firsttime 
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The Gift of Care - ali_aliska
Freshly back to the States, James Barnes has a lot to learn about his new world, so he watches and learns and finds himself slowly falling for one Tony Stark, who always appears miserable when he has to spend time at the Compound with his former teammates, but who still takes the time to treat James with kindness.

James sets out on a mission to take care of Tony, make Tony’s life easier in whatever small ways he can. An unfortunate misunderstanding nearly ruins that, but in the end, James still reaps the rewards of his secret good deeds.
insecurity!  villain:teamcap  tony/bucky  giftgiving!  style:quiet  emotionalhurt/comfort  buckybarnesrecovery!  canondivergence  c:-15k  canon:civilwar  char:buckybarnes  misunderstandings!  pining  caretaking!  f:avengers  r:firsttime  r:pre-slash/relationship 
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Better Off Lost - InTheShadows
After the Infinity War has been won and the team is back together again, Tony has about had it. He is so tired of everything - the rest of the Avengers still treat him like shit and the most positive interaction he has is with his bots. But when he is kidnapped by shape shifting aliens, they just might be his only hope to escape - if he can't do it himself that is. Still, no matter how mad they are at him, they'll still noticed he's been replaced. Right? They can't possibly be fooled be an impostor can they? He's still part of the team, isn't he?
mentalhealthissues!  canon:infinitywar  char:tonystark  pushedaway!  villain:aliens  canon:civilwar  doppelganger!  c:-15k  canondivergence  trauma:emotional  villain:teamcap  abducted!  trauma:mental  torture!  angsty  rescue!  ending:hopeful  trauma:emotionalabuse  f:avengers 
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Sole: winterfrostiron verse - SailorChibi
Following the death of his best friend and the events of the "civil war', Tony's adrift. The world is using him as a scapegoat, everyone hates him, and he's out of ideas and energy. He's exhausted.

Then he starts having dreams. Dreams where's he petted and coddled and told that he's good. Dreams where he's safe. Dreams that can be reality.
tony/bucky/loki  char:tonystark  kink:spank  characterdeath:major  canon:civilwar  canondivergence  bucky/loki  kink:dominant  intimacy!  kink:praise  tony/bucky  tony/loki  slowbuild  c:15-50k  protective!  supervillain!  tony+jarvis  grief/mourning  angsty  fantasies!/dreams!  kink:d/s  evil!  dark!  status:wip  f:avengers 
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Endearments - katling
Tony usually doesn't attend 'team breakfasts' but today he's kind of glad he did, even if it did mean he had to tolerate the returned Rogues.
canon:civilwar  c:oneshot/-7k  tony/bucky  newavengers!  cute  funny  kissing!  petnames!  canondivergence  sleepy!  f:avengers  r:firsttime 
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Changed Locks - katling
In his letter to Tony, Steve Rogers said, "Locks can be replaced, but – maybe they shouldn’t."

When the Rogue Avengers return to the US after being pardoned by the US government, they find that the locks have been replaced... and they no longer have the key.
mindcontrol!  forgiveness!  protective!  mentalhealthissues!  canon:civilwar  bamf!  char:tonystark  c:-15k  genfic  newavengers!  tony+clint  canondivergence  cominghome!  teamtony!  f:avengers 
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Things That Are Never Meant - katling
When Tony Stark disappears from Siberia, the aftershocks shatter some people and rebuild others. And when Tony returns, nothing will ever be the same again.
c:15-50k  tony/loki  char:tonystark  villain:wanda  canon:civilwar  canondivergence  rescue!  missing!  newavengers!  wakanda!  asgard!  powers:technopathy!  f:avengers 
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What Goes Around - Wix
When the Avengers are reinstated by the Accords Council, they return to find that certain things have changed in their absence and that there are some new changes to the roster that they may not be able to handle.
tony/loki  canon:civilwar  canondivergence  newavengers!  char:tonystark  c:-15k  villain:teamcap  magic!  accords!  teamtony!  f:avengers 
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Bitter Sunday - petroltogo
Unrelated fics and drabbles that deal with the Post CW fallout in a decidedly pro-Tony manner. Very Team Cap critical. Very bitter author.
teamtony!  villain:teamcap  char:tonystark  c:oneshot/-7k  canon:civilwar  canondivergence  bamf!  tonystarkneedsahug!  f:avengers 
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You Watched Me Grow - ironfamjam
Tony looked at him, bold and true and utterly sincere, “Kid, I’m on your side, no matter what.”

Like most good things, it started with an accident.

Well, kinda.

This is a story about how a snarky, emotionally stunted genius became more than a mentor and how a just-trying-to-figure-it-out, doing his best superkid became the son he never had. No matter how empty our hearts are, love can always fill the gaps.
insecurity!  canondivergence  w:sappy  canon:civilwar  parentfigure!  mentor!  sweet  canon:spidermanhomecoming  injured!  angsty  family!  tony+may  char:peterparker  tony+peter  c:50-100k  fluff  sciencethemes!  f:avengers  r:developingrelationship 
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Was that a Star Wars reference, Dr. Stark? - Jen27ny
Happy Hogan never forgets a face.
And suddenly he remembered where he knew that face from. The blood in his veins turned cold and for a second his lungs forgot they need oxygen to function. He counted back the years, hoping it would calm his racing heart. Hoping it wouldn’t match.
But it did.
tony+peter  sweet  c:100-200k  parents!  lackofcommunication!  canon:spidermanhomecoming  char:peterparker  canon:civilwar  angsty  powerslost!  char:tonystark  family!  canondivergence  secretbiologicalparent!  f:avengers  r:developingrelationship 
november 2019 by floatondown
When You Assume Wrong - TentativeTreason
Tony is hiding something.

The Avengers notice the little discrepancies in Tony’s behaviour, and they eventually come to the only conclusion they can think of: Tony is having an affair.


(i.e. Tony Stark and May Parker co-parent Peter and somehow the Avengers translate this into him cheating on Pepper)
c:oneshot/-7k  secrets!  onlynotreally  tony+peter  canon:civilwar  parentfigure!  infidelity!  misunderstandings!  canondivergence  f:avengers 
november 2019 by floatondown
Carter Cousin Chronicles - Riverlander974
Before Afghanistan, before New York, and long before Siberia, Tony was given the gift of Peggy Carter as his godmother.

It was maybe one of the best gifts he ever received, one that kept on giving even forty years later. Because even when the Avengers are scattered, the team and his trust torn apart, there's still one thing Tony has that no one, not Steve, not Ross, not Stane, had ever managed to take from him.

A family.

In the aftermath of the Civil War, Tony will need them more than ever if he's to pick up the broken pieces of himself again. And save the world. Of course.
bamf!  incarcerated!  rescue!  secrets!  wakanda!  abducted!  alternatereality  villain:hydra  tony+peter  hurt/comfort  char:tonystark  OCs  longtimespan  tony+peggy  canondivergence  family!  c:100-200k  tony+sharon  angsty  protective!  feelings!  canon:civilwar  f:avengers 
november 2019 by floatondown
One, Two, Three - Shi_Toyu
The doctor sent him an encouraging smile before slipping out of the room, but it didn’t make Tony feel any better. Pregnant. At nearly fifty years old, Tony Stark was pregnant. It was hard to believe that through all his years of partying and fucking his way through life his luck had held only to run out now. His face dropped into his palms, the devastation threatening to overwhelm him. Well, there certainly wouldn’t be any chance of him and Pepper getting back together now. As usual, he’d fucked it all up…and for some guy he couldn’t even remember the face of.
slowbuild  canon:civilwar  angst+happyending  c:oneshot/-7k  hookup!  mpreg!  canondivergence  alternatereality  kidfic!  alpha/beta/omega!  tony/bucky  f:avengers  r:firsttime 
november 2019 by floatondown
Of Spiders and Super-Soldiers - AuddieAussie
After the hell that was Ultron and the Sokovia Accords, Tony doesn't blame the team for wanting nothing to do with him. To make up for past mistakes, Tony disappears into his lab and focuses on using his money and brains to provide the Avengers with more fancy tech than they'll ever need. By doing this, he also doesn't have to worry about Steve's grim frown, Bucky's hateful gaze, or everyone else's cold annoyance.

For six long months, this formula worked, but then fate decided to be a Loki-like dick and Tony wasn't sure how it happened, but in the span of one week, he'd somehow acquired a kid.
slowbuild  char:tonystark  angsty  char:peterparker  w:low  abducted!  steve/tony/bucky  emotionalhurt/comfort  tony/bucky  steve/tony  tony+peter  villain:hydra  hospital!  illness!  insecurity!  canon:civilwar  villain:tystone  canondivergence  adopt!/takecareof!  c:100-200k  hurt/comfort  status:abandoned  f:avengers  r:developingrelationship  r:firsttime 
november 2019 by floatondown
Cosmic Love - emquin
Tony and Steve have been broken and torn apart by the Accords and the choices they've made. But those that are meant to be have a way of making their way back to each other specially since it won't just be the two of them any longer.
brokenup!/divorced!  canondivergence  forgiveness!  steve/tony  kidfic!  w:low  canon:civilwar  angst+happyending  mpreg!  ending:ambiguous/open  c:50-100k  parents!  f:avengers 
november 2019 by floatondown
The Path Beneath Your Feet - StrivingArtist
A Star fell, and in its wake, Soulmarks appeared.
Smaller than a person’s palm, centered over their sternum, and a greater risk than when the Stars gave mankind Guilt, the Marks were to be Humanity’s eternal guides. The gift gave the Stars a way to direct their children. The Stars would watch, and wait to see what a person needed in their life. They waited to see what would bring them the greatest joy, then they could give them a token to find that path and keep them true.
All three share a Mark.

But Steve and Bucky have each other.

And Tony has Iron Man.
trauma:emotional  canon:civilwar  trauma:physical  steve/tony  tearjerker  canondivergence  soulmarks!  pining  commitment/intimacyissues!  polyamory!  steve/tony/bucky  ending:ambiguous/open  alternatereality  soulmates!  tony/bucky  wintersoldier!  angsty  secrets!  lackofcommunication!  steve/bucky  c:15-50k  !lovely  f:avengers 
october 2019 by floatondown
The Killer and The Kid - tisfan
Imagine Tony getting deaged into a 5 or 6 year old, but instead of the team finding him, Bucky, still on the run and struggling with himself and the winter soldier, does. Bucky tries to take care of him, learning of all of Tony's issues and the abuse he went through. Eventually he has no choice but to come in and bring Tony to the avengers. After Tony comes back to himself they deal with the aftermath

CA:CW compliant, happens after Bucky is put back in cryo.
dreamfic!  onlynotreally  c:-15k  canon:civilwar  canondivergence  tony+drstrange  villain:teamcap  slowbuild  tony/bucky  bamf!  agewarp!  angst+happyending  magic!  a+parenting!  wintersoldier!  tony+winter  wakanda!  paralleluniverse!  f:avengers  r:firsttime 
october 2019 by floatondown
5 Times Supervillains Unwillingly Shipped WinterIron and 1 Time They Said it Outright - LokasennaHiddleston
Tony is not known for making great decisions in life-threatening situations. But when you have one hour left to live and you're trapped in the belly of an alien ship with an attractive guy who hasn't had sex in decades... Well, what's the point of holding onto resentment?

He isn't counting on actually surviving that hour... and ending up in bed with one Bucky Barnes again... and again... and again. Awkward. Fuck his life. Seriously, are all the villains somehow conspiring to bring him and Bucky together?
emotionalhurt/comfort  angsty  trauma:emotional  infinitystones!  masterofdeath!  c:15-50k  friendswithbenefits  magic!  canon:civilwar  canondivergence  pushedaway!  neardeathexp!  pining  characterdeath:major  5+1  tony/bucky  canon:infinitywar  bamf!  f:avengers  r:developingrelationship  r:firsttime 
october 2019 by floatondown
Sensitive tony - SailorChibi
you guys know what i’ve never seen before but always wanted to? a fic where Tony is a really sensitive person. he’s really easy to hurt - he gets hurt by ppl’s words on daily basis. because really, he just wants to be loved and to feel safe. but the Avengers seem to think that Tony doesn’t have feelings, so they joke at his expanse a lot, cause it doesn’t hurt him, does it? and then Bucky finds Tony crying, sobbing really, because he just feels so lonely and unwanted in his own house.
canondivergence  insecurity!  pushedaway!  canon:civilwar  tony/bucky  teamtony!  c:oneshot/-7k  f:avengers  r:pre-slash/relationship 
october 2019 by floatondown
After the End - Tahlruil
Tony Stark has felt alone for most of his life, and he never really expected much else. He had Pepper and Rhodey, and they were all the family he'd ever need. They were the only family he ever thought he'd get. Then the Avengers came into his life... and he let himself get used to it. He let himself believe they'd always be there. When it all falls apart, he finds himself unsure if he ever wants to take that kind of chance again.
domestic!  gettingbetter!  tony+bucky  tony/bucky  slowbuild  trauma:mental  canon:civilwar  trauma:emotional  canondivergence  livingtogether!  c:15-50k  therapy!  f:avengers  r:pre-slash/relationship 
october 2019 by floatondown
True, Strong and Brave - wakandan_wardog
Bucky Barnes moves into the tower and receives help from an otherwise elusive Iron Man. But when the team gets called out and things go wrong, Steve gets a reality check as to what has been done in his name. Bucky steps up, he's one of the few who can.

From the Prompt: "Okay, but, de-aged Tony being terrified of Steve because Captain America is clearly going to think of him the same way Howard does."
canondivergence  angsty  agewarp!  emotionalhurt/comfort  villain:teamcap  trauma:emotional  teamtony!  c:15-50k  tony+bucky  magic!  canon:civilwar  trauma:abuse  protective!  tony+rhodey  status:wip  f:avengers 
october 2019 by floatondown
(Please Don't) Remember Me - orbingarrow
Tony loses his memory in an accident, while trying to save Bucky on a mission. It's one more debt on top of a mountain of debts that Bucky needs to repay.
amnesia!  angst+happyending  canondivergence  pining  canon:civilwar  c:-15k  tony/bucky  misunderstandings!  f:avengers  r:firsttime 
september 2019 by floatondown
Looking at You - NotEvenCloseToStraight
Bucky doesn't understand why no one ever says anything about Tony's PTSD.
A year after they have all come back, after they all hugged and made up, Tony is still jumping anytime someone speaks to him. His hands shake when Steve raises his voice. All he does is work and drink and apologize for being around.
And nobody notices except Bucky, because he is looking. Constantly. Watching Tony as he goes through his day to day.
Bucky looks for so long that now all he wants to do is touch and hold and fix everything. But Tony can barely be in the same room as Bucky, cant even look him in the eye.
So Bucky doesn't know what to do about Tony, but he is determined to do something.
Because all he wants is to look at Tony, and see Tony looking back with a smile.
gettingbetter!  firstsexexperience  canon:civilwar  trauma:mental  c:15-50k  cominghome!  angst+happyending  romance  anxiety!  canondivergence  slowbuild  tony/bucky  mentalhealthissues!  job:mechanic!  f:avengers  r:developingrelationship 
september 2019 by floatondown
The Accidental Husband - panda_shi
Tony Stark discovers, that during his lowest point when he had been almost-twenty-one, he had married the King of Wakanda. Except he doesn't remember how. Now, trying to get a divorce is going to be one challenging thing -- how is this his life, even? It's almost unfair!
romance  wakanda!  canon:civilwar  recqdruguse!  trauma:mental  brokenup!/divorced!  extremis!  trauma:emotional  drug/alcoholabuse!  metbefore!  longtimespan  longdistance!  insecurity!  angst+happyending  engaged!  c:50-100k  tony/tchalla  married!  politics!  angsty  violence  alternatecanon  canondivergence  status:abandoned  !loves  f:avengers  r:developingrelationship  r:firsttime  substance:drinking! 
september 2019 by floatondown
Through Your Touch - LokasennaHiddleston
In a world where soulmates know each other when they first touch, Tony Stark meets his when the man in question is brainwashed, on a rampage and trying to kill him. Historically, not awesome - but perhaps not all that surprising. Meanwhile, Bucky Barnes doesn't remember meeting his soulmate at all. He just knows it's wrong to let Tony Stark get hurt. They meet somewhere in the middle - and it changes everything.
soulmates!  canondivergence  slowbuild  trauma:emotional  c:oneshot/-7k  canon:civilwar  tony/bucky  f:avengers 
september 2019 by floatondown
Vibranium Hearts - LokasennaHiddleston
Tony Stark only wanted to make things right. He only wanted to protect the Avengers from the Accords, from Ross's meddling. It didn't work. Nothing ever does. Once again, he's failed, and now he is alone.
Except... He isn't. And the young king of Wakanda might just be exactly what Tony needs.
tony/tchalla  secrets!  illness!  trauma:mental  canon:civilwar  politics!  newavengers!  married!  villain:accords  c:50-100k  canondivergence  angst+happyending  extremis!  trauma:emotional  accords!  status:abandoned  f:avengers  r:developingrelationship  r:firsttime 
august 2019 by floatondown
Debts - d_aia
Later, T'Challa would remember it like a blur. He couldn’t say if he screamed or not, nor if he gestured. He did remember running, and the awful realization that, though he tried with all his might, he wouldn’t make it in time. The helplessness he felt, that shiver of it, was something that was shocking in its darkness, because for all that T'Challa had fought, for all he had struggled, for all he had learned, and for all he had gained, he was still too slow.

BOOM. Just that. A thunderous boom and T'Challa's world changed.


In which Tony saves T'Chaka, T'Challa is grateful, and they both are all the better for it.
abducted!  tony/tchalla  char:doramilaje  wakanda!  canon:civilwar  c:50-100k  slowbuild  canondivergence  familyfound!  f:avengers  r:developingrelationship  r:firsttime 
august 2019 by floatondown
Perspective - d_aia
“My King.” Nareema bows. “A young man appeared at the southern border a couple of hours ago. He’s asking to see you.”

That gets T’Challa’s attention fast. His eyes narrow. “Sounds interesting.” He leans back in his seat.

“His name is Peter Parker. Mr. Parker claims to be Spider-Man. He has proved his abilities to Teela’s satisfaction,” Nareema announces. “He also claims that Tony Stark is missing, and no one will believe him. You, sir, are his last resort.”

T’Challa stares.


When Tony is kidnapped by HYDRA, T'Challa finds himself plunged into Avenger-drama, but it has its advantages.
villain:thanos  abducted!  bamf!  war!  memoryissues!  c:15-50k  tony+peter  tony/tchalla  wakanda!  villain:hydra  canon:civilwar  slowbuild  brainwashing!  teamtony!  trauma:emotional  canondivergence  gettingbetter!  friendstolovers!  non-human:alien!  f:avengers 
august 2019 by floatondown
By Our Own Hands - poetically_ordinary
When Captain America throws his mighty shield, all those who choose to oppose his shield must yield.

Except Tony didn't get that message, and after everything that happened with Zemo and the Accords Steve had figured that everything would just go back to the way it was before. When the team finally gets invited back to the Compound, Steve is sure everything is back to normal.

However, once trust is broken it's very hard to repair and things are quickly spiraling out of control. Now the team must come together under the new banner of the Accords and find a way to heal, or all might be lost.
tony+bucky  violence  villain:teamcap  bullying!  c:15-50k  tony+tchalla  trauma:emotional  canon:civilwar  extremis!  neardeathexp!  trauma:mental  canondivergence  char:tonystark  steve/tony  accords!  status:abandoned  trauma:aftermath  f:avengers  r:pastrelationships!  r:unhealthyrelationship! 
august 2019 by floatondown
Tangled Up in You - SailorChibi
Sometimes when you meet your soulmate, it's just not the right time.

In the aftermath of everything, T'Challa sets about proving that he really does want Tony.
hurt/comfort  emotionalhurt/comfort  soulmates!  courting!  soulmarks!  tony/tchalla  canon:civilwar  self-esteemissues!  alternatereality  sweet  canondivergence  abducted!  c:15-50k  romance  trauma:emotional  teamtony!  gettingbetter!  f:avengers  r:developingrelationship  r:firsttime 
august 2019 by floatondown
It Only Takes One - Wix
Bucky told Steve to leave Tony alone, but in true Steve fashion...he doesn't listen.
But when Tony is pulled back to work with the ex-Avengers who have returned to the Compound, an opening in communication and perhaps other things comes into existence.
canondivergence  c:-15k  trauma:emotional  slowbuild  villain:teamcap  canon:civilwar  tony/bucky  gettingbetter!  f:avengers  r:firsttime 
august 2019 by floatondown
The Roles We Play - Wix
The rumors start almost immediately after Siberia. Whispers floating around that say the man in the armor these days isn’t Tony Stark.
char:steverogers  c:50-100k  genfic  mystery  canon:civilwar  trauma:emotional  characterdeath:major  politics!  unreliablenarrator!  char:tonystark  gettingbetter!  neardeathexp!  canondivergence  f:avengers 
august 2019 by floatondown
Going Off Script - Wix
When Bucky's awakened after his brief stint in the cryotube he's thrown back into a world where he must realize that those he might have believed once aren't what they seem. Not to mention that there's someone else who might not be all he seems either, and Bucky's just trying to figure out where he falls in all of this.
teamtony!  wakanda!  c:oneshot/-7k  tony+bucky  canon:civilwar  canondivergence  characterstudy  tony/bucky  f:avengers  r:pre-slash/relationship 
august 2019 by floatondown
Forgive Us Our Trespasses - rightsidethru
After the now-pardoned ex-Avengers settled back into the Compound, Steve finally went looking for Tony to have a discussion that was long overdue.

The result of it wasn't what he was expecting--or wanting.
tony+pepper  tony+bucky  bamf!  genfic  teamtony!  canondivergence  canon:civilwar  legalbattles!  c:oneshot/-7k  f:avengers 
august 2019 by floatondown
Catfish - Kiragirl17
Who hasn't watched Catfish, Right? We know the drill. The picture, the name. It's all lies. No one is honest on the internet. Why would you be?

After hours of watching Catfish, Toni knows this well. Heck, she is often yelling at the TV, asking why and how they were so stupid to fall for it; however, she still allows herself to be drawn in, allows herself to fall for this mystery guy she met online. What the harm? They are just talking and it isn't like he knows she is Toni Stark. Now, it would be a nightmare.

But yet, she won't allow herself to find out who it is. As a genius and an Avenger, she should know better, but she is drowning in her guilt and she can't find herself to worry. She just keeps telling herself not to worry. They are just talking. Heck, there is a smile on her face that she hadn't seen in awhile.
self-hatred!  canondivergence  angst+happyending  secretidentity!  emotionalhurt/comfort  socialmedia!/online!  canon:civilwar  trauma:emotional  alternatereality  c:15-50k  texting!  tony/bucky  gettingbetter!  cisswap!always  f:avengers  r:firsttime 
august 2019 by floatondown
Entangled - ezazahaz
Date night was going well until a crazy woman threw some magic at them. Now Tony’s wondering why Bucky is in cryostasis missing his arm, and Bucky’s wondering why Tony hates him and is trying to kick him out of the Tower. (Civil War fix-it with a little help from a happier universe.)
canondivergence  magic!  c:15-50k  away!  canon:civilwar  wakanda!  angst+happyending  rescue!  tony/bucky  paralleluniverse!  f:avengers  r:establishedrelationship 
august 2019 by floatondown
Misremembered - Arboreal
When Loki smirked at Rogers in the middle of a battle and told him he would give Rogers what he wanted most in the world, the mind of his old friend back, Tony had a very bad feeling.
angsty  canon:civilwar  c:15-50k  canondivergence  villain:loki  slowbuild  trauma:mental  magic!  amnesia!  villain:steve  tony/bucky  mentalhealthissues!  friendstolovers!  f:avengers  r:developingrelationship  r:firsttime 
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Winter's End - ali_aliska
One year after the Civil War, Bucky Barnes is pardoned, thanks in large part to Tony Stark, and given a chance to return in order to remove the triggers in his head, courtesy of the upgraded BARF tech. Bucky is ready to heal and make amends, but can he atone for all the damage done?

The path forward seems daunting and there are challenges ahead, but may be both he and Tony can find hope in the most unexpected place - each other.

Because no matter how cold a winter, spring always follows.
therapy!  villain:maximoff  torture!  trauma:emotional  sweet  canon:civilwar  angst+happyending  trauma:abuse  canondivergence  romance  angsty  teamtony!  livingtogether!  magic!  slowbuild  c:400k+  trauma:mental  commitment/intimacyissues!  drama  oblivious!  tony/bucky  char:tonystark  lackofcommunication!  mentalhealthissues!  unfriendly:teamcap  status:wip  !loves  f:avengers  r:developingrelationship  r:firsttime 
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Such Sweet Revenge - ali_aliska
When the Rogues are back in the States after being pardoned, the New Avengers want nothing to do with them and as far as Tony is concerned, if he never speaks to them again, it'll be too soon. After all, he didn't spend the last year putting himself (and his family) back together only for his former co-workers to ruin all of his hard work.

But then he gets a hand-written letter from the Winter Soldier himself, apologizing for the events that transpired and an off-handed comment from Rhodey about Rogers failing to take care of an obviously miserable Bucky Barnes sets in motion Tony's new, oh-so-evil plan to get some payback.

After all, what better revenge than to steal the Winter Soldier away from his best friend?

The only problem: Tony sucks at being vengeful, but apparently he's an expert at inadvertently falling in love.
trauma:mental  unrequitedlove!  texting!  c:100-200k  villain:wanda  villain:teamcap  friendstolovers!  tony+peter  forgiveness!  canon:civilwar  gettingbetter!  fluff  canondivergence  steve/bucky  slowbuild  tony/bucky  angst+happyending  romance  trauma:emotional  newavengers!  magic!  unfriendly:teamcap  f:avengers 
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all roads lead to this (only one road leads out of it) - badgerling
Tony never expected Natasha Romanoff to show up carrying that specific arm, didn't expect the owner of said arm to show up at his doorstep, didn't expect to actually enjoy being near Bucky Barnes either. It was just supposed to be a simple project. Clearly, Tony has never been that lucky.
slowbuild  angst+happyending  c:-15k  disability:physical!  canondivergence  sweet  sexualtension!  anxiety!  canon:civilwar  trauma:emotional  tony/bucky  char:tonystark  job:mechanic!  trauma:aftermath  f:avengers  r:firsttime 
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Strong enough to trust - Enmuse (Scifiroots)
Steve makes a life-altering choice, and Bucky wakes up from cryostasis to better circumstances than he could anticipate: Mind free of triggers, name cleared, fully pardoned, and a ticket back to the USA. It's far more than he deserves, but with no other plans or ties, he finds himself relocating to the Avengers Initiative Compound alongside Stevie's rogue superheroes.

He begins establishing a new life - friends, work, maybe even love - but doesn't realize that the castles he is painstakingly building are ones in the sky.


"I... don't understand," Bucky admits in a murmur.

Stark's gaze drops to the silver-plated shoulder. "I fix things," he says. His fingers drum restlessly against his chest. "And this is something I broke. You shouldn't have to just live with the consequences when something can be done about it."
canon:civilwar  c:15-50k  slowbuild  manipulation!  angst+happyending  canondivergence  tony/bucky  char:buckybarnes  gettingbetter!  newavengers!  secrets!  mindcontrol!  team:avengers  forgiveness!  breakup!  trauma:aftermath  f:avengers  r:firsttime 
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The Course of Reason - Infie
The UN has asked Tony to discuss their options with the Fugitive Avengers. It does not go the way they expect it to.
canondivergence  char:tonystark  pov:outside  salty!  accords!  wakanda!  c:-15k  canon:civilwar  genfic  char:tchalla  char:caroldanvers  legalbattles!  unfriendly:teamcap  f:avengers 
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I've Been Waiting to Smile - dls
Wakandans did not take kindly to outsiders, but sometimes exceptions were made for those who are truly extraordinary. Tony Stark was certainly one of those people.

Or: 5 Times Wakandans Welcomed an Outsider and the 1 Time They Evicted One (plus his friends)
sweet  canondivergence  tony/tchalla  canon:civilwar  slowbuild  c:oneshot/-7k  funny  5+1  char:tonystark  f:avengers 
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Forms of Love - bear_bell
Months after the Avengers' dispute in Germany, the team returns to the US and moves back into the tower. As always, everyone pretends that nothing happened. Tony is just fine with this. He's used to pretending, and he'll be damned if he lets any of them see him flinch.

Tony's the bad guy, after all. He's used to it. He's fine with it. He's good at it.

Only now, there's something far worse loitering around the tower - The Winter Soldier. No one notices the guy at first, but when they do, Tony figures that he should have the soldier's back.

Birds of a feather should flock together, and the bad guys should start a book club.
c:15-50k  pushedaway!  ptsd!  kink:restraints  canondivergence  funny  wintersoldier!  canon:civilwar  angst+happyending  splitpersonality!  slowbuild  tony/bucky  tony+winter  f:avengers  r:firsttime 
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Spilt on the Ground like Water - tisfan
Tony has been black-bagged and illegally held at the Raft. Steve has no intentions of going to rescue him.

But the Winter Soldier isn't going to leave him behind.
incarcerated!  canon:civilwar  torture!  dub/non-con  abducted!  c:-15k  angsty  canondivergence  wintersoldier!  tony/bucky  ending:ambiguous/open  buckybarnesbrainwashingproblems!  f:avengers  r:firsttime 
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Who's been lovin' you good? - withered
When the Rogues come home it leaves Tony in the dreaded position of keeping an eye on them - all up close and personal after the events of Civil War.

Whether the Rogues are pretending to play nice; delusional beyond explanation or high-and-mighty on arrival. Tony finds back-up and solace, in the one person he didn't expect: James Buchanan Barnes, the Winter Soldier.
canondivergence  wintersoldier!  splitpersonality!  canon:civilwar  c:oneshot/-7k  sweet  angst+happyending  romance  tony/bucky  char:buckybarnes  char:tonystark  buckybarnesrecovery!  tonystarkneedsahug!  unfriendly:teamcap  tony+winter  f:avengers  r:firsttime 
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Bad Reputation - withered
Tony has a bad reputation for poor self-preservation skills.

Which is likely not going to be helped when he is inevitably murdered by James "Bucky" Barnes thanks to the prototype for the new arm he drops on the kitchen table.
tony+peter  canon:civilwar  c:oneshot/-7k  slowbuild  tony+harley  trauma:physical  canondivergence  sweet  trauma:emotional  tony/bucky  char:tonystark  gettingbetter!  buckybarnesrecovery!  trauma:aftermath  f:avengers 
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(I Fought The War) The War Won - RayShippouUchiha
“Finish it,” Tony tells him, face bruised, chest broken, and heart just … gone.

It has been ripped out by the roots again, like it had been once before not so long ago, on a couch in Malibu, with a familiar buzzing in Tony’s ears and betrayal high and sick in his throat.

And Tony doesn’t want to feel like this again, didn’t want any of the things that led to this.

Hadn’t wanted them right from the start.

All Tony had wanted was to keep their family safe.

Just like all he really wants Steve to do right now is stop.
extremis!  ptsd!  canon:civilwar  trauma:emotional  c:15-50k  depression!  hurt/comfort  angsty  canondivergence  emotionalhurt/comfort  brokenup!/divorced!  tony/bucky  char:tonystark  steve/tony  tonystarkneedsahug!  status:wip  f:avengers  r:pastrelationships! 
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Changing Fate - Wix
Tony dies in Siberia under the hands of Captain America, but fate doesn't leave it there. He opens his eyes several years earlier amidst the threat of Loki's invasion and the first assembling of the 'Avengers'. Tony may not understand why he got this second chance, but he's going to do better with it - and he's decided that he's going to share it. With a Winter Soldier who could really use a different hand than he was dealt.

Never let it be said that fate doesn't have a sense of humor.
breakup!  gettingbetter!  tony/bucky  canon:civilwar  buckybarnesrecovery!  ptsd!  timewarp!  characterdeath:major  resurrection!  trauma:emotional  hurt/comfort  c:15-50k  canondivergence  char:tonystark  f:avengers  r:pre-slash/relationship 
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