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Meet Me Again, Time After Time - syriala
The meetings between Tony and The Soldier throughout their lifes.

"Where have you seen me? Did anyone else see me?"
Tony turned around and the Soldier put the gun to his forehead. Tony couldn't decide if he wanted to lean into the door or the gun.
"You come to me all the time. I took care of your arm the first time," he said and pointed at it. It was clad in leather today and through the glove Tony could only see the silver fingertips.
The Soldier took a step back and shook his head. He seemed to concentrate hard on something and then said, "No. You cried.
alternatecanon  villain:hydra  alternatereality  wintersoldier!  tony/bucky  c:50-100k  metbefore!  suicideattempt!  angsty  canon:wintersoldier  buckybarnesbrainwashingproblems!  char:tonystark  longtimespan  tony+winter  buckybarnesarmmaintenance!  angst+happyending  memoryissues!  !loves  f:avengers 
december 2019 by floatondown
Red Rover, Red Rover - Enmuse (Scifiroots)
What if Tony and Bucky met after CATWS? What if the CACW bad guys were really the bad guys?
"But Buck's… He's all that's left."

And isn't that a punch in the gut. Of course Steve would run off half-cocked, chasing down the last person connecting to his old life. Peggy's gone. Freshly buried.

He couldn't make it there, what with the damned conflicting timing of political events requiring his presence; he doesn't have enough power or standing to force a reschedule. Was it even worth it? he wonders. The bombing derailed the opening ceremony regarding the Accords and now it's on hold as the investigation begins and the United Nations regains its feet and sorts out its priorities. Ross is breathing down Tony's neck. James is on the run, Friday's sorting through more data than she's ever handled, and Tony's stuck here.
tony/bucky  accords!  buckybarnesbrainwashingproblems!  canon:civilwar  c:15-50k  secrets!  canon:wintersoldier  alternatecanon  secretdating!  wintersoldier!  canondivergence  status:abandoned  f:avengers  r:establishedrelationship 
december 2019 by floatondown
From That Moment On - Shi_Toyu
The Winter Soldier and Tony Stark have run into each other many times over the years and, despite the brainwashing and the memory wipes, something about the genius just seems so familiar. It kind of makes the Soldier want to keep him safe.
tony+peggy  amnesia!  villain:hydra  tony/bucky  sweet  metbefore!  protective!  longtimespan  bamf!  char:buckybarnes  howlingcommandoes!  mission!  c:50-100k  wintersoldier!  alternatecanon  villain:tenrings  slowbuild  alternatereality  family!  romance  buckybarnesbrainwashingproblems!  job:assassin!/hitman!  familyfound!  job:specialops!/shield!  f:avengers  r:developingrelationship  r:firsttime 
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from the cradle to the grave - tempestaurora
“I would kill for a martini,” Natasha commented as they entered the Gala. Her dress was sleek, black, and off the shoulder, and Tony knew it to be an early birthday present from their parents. She’d torn a page out of a magazine a month ago, that dress displayed on a model, and stuck it to her bedroom door, so they’d see it in the hall.

“You can kill as much as you like,” Tony replied, “you’re still underage.”

She laughed. “Like that ever stopped you. Rhodey told me you got wasted before you were even my age.”

“Rhodey’s a snitch.” Still, he relented. “I’ll sneak you one later.”

Natasha grinned up at him. “I knew you were my favourite brother for a reason.”

“I’m your only brother.”

“Then wouldn’t it be depressing if you were my least favourite?”


Tony Stark and Natasha Romanoff are siblings. This is how that goes.
tearjerker  c:15-50k  char:tonystark  trauma:emotional  emotionalhurt/comfort  longtimespan  tony+natasha  tony/pepper  char:natasharomanov  alternatereality  angst+happyending  drama  pushedaway!  canon:endgame  alternatecanon  canon:civilwar  job:assassin!/hitman!  noncanonsibling!  job:specialops!/shield!  f:avengers 
november 2019 by floatondown
Walking The Wire - emquin
It was a one night stand and Tony had a lot of them, but this one changed everything. Tony always knew Peter Parker existed. He had no idea that Peter would become Spider-Man, but he kept tabs on his son, even when he couldn't meet him. Peter Parker grew up unaware of his superhero father, admiring Iron Man from afar and unaware that one day he would too become a super-hero - an Avenger.

Spanning the entirety of the MCU , this fic covers a canonical view of what it would be like if Peter was Tony's biological son dwelving heavily into the canon. AU post-Infinity War with an AU version of Endgame and with a Stony endgame.
char:peterparker  housearrest!  steve/tony  canon:civilwar  canon:infinitywar  peter+mj  mission!  char:tonystark  villain:thanos  canon:endgame  canon:spidermanhomecoming  steve+peter  secrets!  tony+peter  secretidentity!  parents!  alternatecanon  pining  longtimespan  engaged!  angst+happyending  alternatereality  longdistance!  slowbuild  neardeathexp!  c:200-400k  secretbiologicalparent!  friendstolovers!  !loves  f:avengers  r:developingrelationship  r:firsttime 
november 2019 by floatondown
The Winged Soul - inukagome15
It wasn't until he was three that he realized he was different and no one else could see the wings.
canon:avengers  alternatereality  soulmates!  sweet  alternatecanon  c:-15k  steve/tony  angst+happyending  wingfic!  characterstudy  feelings!  f:avengers  r:firsttime 
october 2019 by floatondown
Every Road You Take (Will Always Lead You Home) - NarutoRox [Archive of Our Own]
To say Steve is surprised to wake up haunting his loved ones after sinking his plane into the ocean would be an understatement. To say he enjoys it would be just plain cruel.

For starters, there’s the ‘minor’ problem of said loved ones being unable to see or hear him, which is bad enough. Things only get worse when he finds out Bucky is alive, but held prisoner by the very people he and Steve had fought against, leaving Steve to watch as HYDRA slowly tries to unmake his best friend. Then there’s Tony, Howard’s genius son, whom Steve loves dearly and may or may not be a little protective of after watching him grow up under Howard’s less-than-stellar care.

Steve doesn’t know if they keep him sane or drive him crazy, but he does know that Bucky and Tony are the two most important people in his world. He also doesn’t know if it would make his life easier if they knew each other or not, but it doesn’t matter; they’ve never met, are on opposite sides of the world, and other than being cared about by Steve, have nothing else to do with each other.

Until Tony is kidnapped by the Ten Rings…and HYDRA thaws Bucky for a mission…
And Steve decides it’s about time these two met.
trauma:mental  memoryissues!  steve+bucky  ghost!  abducted!  tony/bucky  alternatereality  steve+tony  angst+happyending  trauma:physical  characterdeath:major  trauma:emotional  c:15-50k  rescue!  alternatecanon  gettingbetter!  longtimespan  buckybarnesrecovery!  buckybarnesbrainwashingproblems!  trauma:aftermath  f:avengers  r:firsttime 
october 2019 by floatondown
All The Time In The World - NotEvenCloseToStraight
The Battle of New York: Tony flies himself and the nuke through the wormhole and when his suit shuts down and he starts to fall, he knows he's going to die.
But then he wakes up in an alley in Brooklyn, two strangers staring down at him in confusion and Tony is sure he is dreaming when he shakes hands first with pre-serum Steve Rogers, and then Bucky Barnes.
Trapped in 1942, Tony befriends Steve, and falls in love with Bucky but America is at war, and Bucky and Steve ship out to join the cause.
Tony knows all the stories about the Howling Commandos and knows what’s coming for the soldiers, and has to live through history as first Bucky falls, and then Steve disappears.
Tony is left alone in the 40's, crying himself to sleep in the house he had shared with his best friend and his lover.
But then he wakes up on the pavement in New York, the Hulk roaring in his face, Steve staring down at him, and he has to wonder if it was all a hallucination.
When Tony fell through the sky, did he fall through time as well? Why does Steve act so cold towards him? Were he and Bucky really that happy together?

Did it all really happen, or is Tony in love with a life he can only have in his dreams?
ptsd!  angsty  tony+peggy  angst+happyending  romance  wintersoldier!  trauma:physical  europe/uk!  alternatecanon  drama  tearjerker  1940sboyfriends!  roommates!  away!  lgbtq:homophobia!  polyamory!  sweet  gettingbetter!  characterdeath:major  timewarp!  sexualtension!  c:200-400k  *EPUB*  trauma:mental  steve+bucky  fallinginlove!  intimacy!  steve/peggy  depression!  canondivergence  tony/bucky  lgbtq:asexual!  steve/tony  job:soldier!/seal!  !loves  time:1900wars!  f:avengers  r:developingrelationship  r:firsttime 
september 2019 by floatondown
Two Worlds, One Family - Bittodeath
In a world where male Omegas have disappeared, Tony Stark is a miracle - and a hidden one. He thought the biggest change of his life was to become Iron Man, but he was wrong.

It was Peter Parker.
mates!  longdistance!  singleparent!  kidfic!  alternatecanon  family!  brokenup!/divorced!  clint/loki  steve/thor  c:100-200k  tony+steve  alternatereality  secrets!  wintersoldier!  kink:heat  tony/bucky  gettingbetter!  steve/bucky  alpha/beta/omega!  buckybarnesbrainwashingproblems!  status:wip  familyfound!  f:avengers 
september 2019 by floatondown
Stranger in a Familiar Land - MerrickBelle
Tony Stark is a complicated guy with secrets. Despite riches and fame, he has few true friends and little life outside of Iron Man. Which is what everyone seems to want, except Pepper. Pepper hates Iron Man, but he can't change what he is.
Harry Potter has no idea what life after death holds, but he can't go back, can't undo what has been done. A new life, new people, and a new world. The only direction is forward, for both of them.
canondivergence  drama  wingfic!  bestfriends!  brokenheart!  tony/pepper  worldbuild  reunion!  memoryissues!  brokenup!/divorced!  kink:breeding  masterofdeath!  longtimespan  college!  politics!  angst+happyending  royalty!  kink:dominant  char:death  harry/tony  alternatecanon  sexy  trauma:mental  kink:subspace/drop  space!  romance  kink:needy/overwrought  ptsd!  kink:bdsm  slowbuild  reincarnation/pastlives!  lgbtq:intersex!  f:hp  kink:bp  friendstolovers!  non-human:alien!  status:wip  !loves  f:avengers  r:unhealthyrelationship! 
september 2019 by floatondown
Not a lie at all - Indigomountain
Harry thought it was rather odd how few lies he actually told. You would think a wizard living in the middle of muggle New York would lie his arse off. But he didn’t think he’d once lied while explaining something magical to a muggle. Sure most of the time he came off as a complete and utter prick. It was also hilarious because no one ever believed him. He was a regular Luna Lovegood!
sweet  c:15-50k  nyc!  harry/tony  away!  alternatecanon  canondivergence  romance  funny  f:hp  status:abandoned  f:avengers  r:developingrelationship  r:firsttime 
september 2019 by floatondown
Harry Potter and the Man of Iron 1 - Madz616
The Magical's were separating form the Mundane world. No longer able to ensure their secrecy with the advancing technology of the Muggles, they were leaving entirely.
Harry wasn't going with them.

Or, the one where Harry met Tony and the events of the first Iron Man movie mostly happen anyway.
tony+pepper  masterofdeath!  crossover!  longtimespan  alternatecanon  bamf!  harry/tony  longdistance!  slowbuild  texting!  romance  c:15-50k  canondivergence  sweet  flirting!  f:hp  !loves  f:avengers  r:establishedrelationship 
september 2019 by floatondown
The Accidental Husband - panda_shi
Tony Stark discovers, that during his lowest point when he had been almost-twenty-one, he had married the King of Wakanda. Except he doesn't remember how. Now, trying to get a divorce is going to be one challenging thing -- how is this his life, even? It's almost unfair!
romance  wakanda!  canon:civilwar  recqdruguse!  trauma:mental  brokenup!/divorced!  extremis!  trauma:emotional  drug/alcoholabuse!  metbefore!  longtimespan  longdistance!  insecurity!  angst+happyending  engaged!  c:50-100k  tony/tchalla  married!  politics!  angsty  violence  alternatecanon  canondivergence  status:abandoned  !loves  f:avengers  r:developingrelationship  r:firsttime  substance:drinking! 
september 2019 by floatondown
Apotheosis - dracusfyre
Tony could sense the self-satisfied murmur of computer from across the room and the inquisitive trilling of the cameras in front of him. Which, he knew on an intellectual level, should feel strange. It should be weird that he can hear electronics talking to themselves and taste electricity like mint on his tongue, but it didn’t feel weird. At this point he was just rolling with it and saving the freakout for later; he also wasn’t discounting the possibility that he was, in fact, losing his mind.

Tony Stark comes out of Afghanistan with powers he doesn't understand and the determination to make the most of the second chance he'd been given. Even though he saves the world (a lot), the most important thing he does may be when he gives others that same second chance.
friendships  trauma:emotional  c:15-50k  tony+bucky  alternatereality  bucky+loki  alternatecanon  tony+loki  trauma:mental  secrets!  char:tonystark  gettingbetter!  powers:technopathy!  f:avengers 
august 2019 by floatondown
Near Miss - Arboreal
A car accident, the police had said.

He could have lost them to something as stupid as a car accident. He could have lost them, and his last memories of them would be of arguing with his father and ignoring his mother.

Bucky's trigger words begin to fail. This changes things.
hospital!  undercover!  meetcute!  c:-15k  alternatecanon  youngerself!  sweet  alternatereality  tony/bucky  f:avengers  r:pre-slash/relationship 
july 2019 by floatondown
December 19, 1991 - Finely Honed (jaqen_hgar)
Prompt: AU idea where Bucky and Tony meet in dreams occasionally and have done since Tony's parents died. Tony thinks it's just his subconscious trying to cope with the grief and Bucky doesn't remember any of it as the Winter Soldier, but then Steve brings him to the tower, and they recognize each other.
trauma:emotional  romance  sweet  c:oneshot/-7k  canondivergence  longtimespan  trauma:mental  fantasies!/dreams!  firstmeeting!  alternatecanon  pining  angst+happyending  tony/bucky  buckybarnesbrainwashingproblems!  f:avengers  r:firsttime 
june 2019 by floatondown
The Best Way to Wake - LeeHan
James Buchanan Barnes lay in a glass pod in the middle of the table, frozen since he fell. Steve’s hands were on the glass before he realized he’d moved.
“Wait, Captain!”
“Get him out,” Steve whispered, his hands searching for a clasp, a keypad, something.
“Captain, we need to keep him in stasis—“
“I said get him out!”
livingtogether!  sweet  c:15-50k  ptsd!  therapy!  oblivious!  pining  alternatereality  firstsexexperience  depression!  alternatecanon  gettingbetter!  steve/bucky  !loves  team:avengers  f:avengers  r:firsttime  frozen!steve&bucky  bucky!modern 
may 2019 by floatondown
Fates Be Changed - The Homing Pigeon
An orphan and an outcast, living two lives that should never have intercepted. However what could happen if a nudge forces these worlds to collide? With a new name and a new father will the Boy-Who-Lived accept what Fate marked him for?

A Bruce Banner/Harry Potter father/son relationship,
alternatecanon  adopt!/takecareof!  hogwarts!  genfic  pre-canon  trauma:emotional  away!  worldtraveler!  fusion!  alternatereality  harry+bruce  kidfic!  c:200-400k  trauma:abuse  family!  char:harry  job:doctor!  f:hp  team:avengers  f:avengers  languages:polyglot! 
may 2019 by floatondown
My Son the Wizard - Savya398
After his first year at Hogwarts Harry discovers a startling truth that throws him into an entirely new world. He finds a new family and a new home that drastically changes his life for the better, if not crazier. After all when you're the son of Tony Stark, the one and only Iron Man, life is bound to be interesting.
away!  secretbiologicalparent!  nyc!  alternatereality  c:100-200k  harry+tony  adopt!/takecareof!  parents!  canondivergence  family!  alternatecanon  f:hp  status:abandoned  f:avengers 
may 2019 by floatondown
Demonique - BetteNoire (WeAreWolves)
“Oh come on, Steve. You look at me like you want to put me on a pedestal and worship me. You look at Barnes like you want to tear his clothes off with your teeth. Tell me why you two aren’t...?” Peggy smirks at him, because of course this amuses her greatly.

Steve fidgets, trying not to blush. “Peggy, I can’t—“

Peggy steps closer. “Steve. Is this an American peculiarity? Because in the British army, as long as you’re discreet, that sort of thing between two men is fine. I mean, some of our greatest war heroes, and so on.”

“It’s not... that...” Steve cringes.

It’s Bucky’s tentacles.

And how badly he wants them inside him.
kink:restraints  alternatecanon  alternatereality  sweet  slowbuild  romance  reunion!  firstsexexperience  kink:bottoming  c:15-50k  demons!  tentacles!  sexy  heavenlyangel!  war!  fallen!  kink:d/s  steve/bucky  !loves  time:1900wars!  f:avengers  r:firsttime 
may 2019 by floatondown
if you lose yourself, could you take me too? - saidsoftly
Even though Steve and the rest of the Avengers have taken him in, Bucky feels like he just doesn't belong. He finds himself in Steve's bed, looking for somewhere that feels like home.
sharingbeds!  c:oneshot/-7k  alternatecanon  firstsexexperience  hurt/comfort  steve/bucky  buckybarnesrecovery!  f:avengers  r:firsttime 
may 2019 by floatondown
My whole world fits inside a moment - tigriswolf
When James Buchanan Barnes was born, every dog in Shelby, Indiana, howled for five minutes.

[fusion with Tamora Pierce's Tortall books; no Tortall characters appear]
alternatereality  war!  fusion!  secrets!  magicrealism!  c:oneshot/-7k  magic!  alternatecanon  steve/bucky  time:1900wars!  f:avengers 
april 2019 by floatondown
where gold and fire abound - tigriswolf
Steve wakes up to Ealga under his hand and Galen sprawled over her back. “On your left,” he mutters just to hear Galen scoff and see Sam smile.

And then he realizes – “How’d we get out of the water?” he asks Ealga, already knowing the only possible way.

“Bucky,” she answers, whimpering a little.
angst+happyending  daemons!  alternatecanon  bestfriends!  alternatereality  c:oneshot/-7k  steve/bucky  trauma:aftermath  f:avengers 
april 2019 by floatondown
I have been where you are before (and I have felt the pain of losing who you are) - tigriswolf
He finds the guy in an abandoned shack in Cambodia, toting enough weapons it makes the Other Guy sit up and take notice, but they can both tell the guy’s barely alive.
friendships  away!  pre-canon  alternatecanon  gettingbetter!  asia/africa/mideast!  bucky+bruce  c:oneshot/-7k  ontherun!  buckybarnesbrainwashingproblems!  f:avengers 
april 2019 by floatondown
Idioglossia - hotelmichelle
“James and Steve. If I have to tell you one more time to stop talking, you will be separated. Do you understand?”

Bucky stares up at Mrs. Wheatley with the face that gets him out of trouble when his ma is in a good mood. Steve becomes suddenly fascinated with his correction work. It would have been convincing enough, if their papers weren’t blank.

Or: Steve and Bucky make up a secret language
angst+happyending  secretdating!  wintersoldier!  alternatecanon  canondivergence  romance  pining  c:15-50k  bestfriends!  languages!  1940sboyfriends!  lgbtq:homophobia!  steve/bucky  buckybarnesrecovery!  !loves  !lovely  time:1900wars!  f:avengers  r:firsttime 
april 2019 by floatondown
Feelings are Tough: the Bucky Barnes Story - notlucy
You can't always get what you want. But if you try communicating with your partner sometimes, you might find you get what you need.

(Or: Bucky gets the spanking he's been waiting on for seventy-some odd years.)
alternatecanon  kink:bdsm  sweet  gettingbetter!  sexy  feelings!  kink:spank  1940sboyfriends!  c:oneshot/-7k  steve/bucky  f:avengers  r:establishedrelationship 
april 2019 by floatondown
Weres Harry? - DobbyElfLord
Dark curses don't play nice- not even with each other. When nine year-old Harry is bitten by a werewolf, the horcrux fights back. The result could only happen to Harry Potter.

Canon-ish for the first three years of Hogwarts - AU from that point forward.
triwizard!  villain:voldemort  action/adventure  dumbledore!good  onlynotreally  hogwarts!  char:harry  non-human:werewolf!  fae!/faery!  alternatecanon  animagus!  harry/padma  youtuber!  war!  harry+sirius  char:remus  alternatereality  c:100-200k  genfic  f:hp  status:abandoned  familyfound!  !loves 
march 2019 by floatondown
A Different Meeting - Fyreheart
What if Mike Stamford didn't introduce Sherlock Holmes and John Watson at St. Bart's? What if a murderous cabbie had picked up a man limping along the street late at night?
f:sherlockholmes  alternatecanon  c:oneshot/-7k  firstmeeting!  sherlock+john 
march 2019 by floatondown
Harrison Potter Stephens - Fyreheart
Someone saw Harry Potter dropped off on a doorstep and refused to allow that to happen. Instead, he was adopted by a magical family, a family very different than what wizarding society was used to. Note: the Bewitched timeline was moved forward to fit into the Harry Potter universe.
alternatereality  magic!  hogwarts!  usa!  char:harry  away!  alternatecanon  c:15-50k  dumbledore!manipulative  adopt!/takecareof!  genfic  f:hp 
march 2019 by floatondown
Muggle-Raised Champion - Stargon1
The day before Harry Potter was due to go to Hogwarts for the very first time, his aunt and uncle informed him that he wouldn't be going. Instead, he was sent to Stonewall High. Now, three years later, the Goblet of Fire has named him as a TriWizard Champion. What that means is anyone's guess, but to Harry, one thing is clear: he can finally get away from Privet Drive.
char:sirius  hogwartshousechange!  villain:dumbledore  lefthome/moving!  muggle!  hogwarts!  c:100-200k  harry/daphne  char:harry  alternatecanon  triwizard!  dumbledore!manipulative  differentschool!  job:artisan!  job:artist!  f:hp 
march 2019 by floatondown
When Harry Met Hermione- chem prof
What if Harry met Hermione first, and became friends with her, before he met Ron? This story relates Harry's first meeting with Hermione, and continues with the times they meet each other at the beginning of every year.
sweet  bestfriends!  alternatecanon  harry/hermione  char:grangerfamily  whatif?  canondivergence  cedric/cho  c:15-50k  f:hp  friendstolovers! 
february 2019 by floatondown
See It Through - lindsey_grissom
Blaine Anderson meets Sam Evans in the park one day when his parents are away and Cooper wants him out of the house. They become instant friends the way small children do...and then they grow up.
reunion!  sweet  they'rekids!  alternatecanon  c:oneshot/-7k  longtimespan  blaine/sam  romance  bestfriends!  f:glee  r:developingrelationship  r:firsttime 
january 2019 by floatondown
A Year Late - Nacomah
Sam Evans went to Dalton before transferring to McKinley. Blaine and he had been friends, okay maybe a bit friendlier than friends. They spent most of the year avoiding the awkward situation that would be actually speaking to each other despite being thrown together by Kurt’s continued connection to the New Directions.
brokenup!/divorced!  pining  blaine/sam  canondivergence  sweet  alternatecanon  lgbtq!  c:oneshot/-7k  firstsexexperience  f:glee  sexualityconflict!  r:firsttime 
december 2018 by floatondown
Magical Relations - evansentranced
Harry's relatives were shocked when the Hogwarts letters came. Not because Harry got into Hogwarts. They had expected that. But Dudley, on the other hand...That had been a surprise. Currently in 5th year.
funny  friendships  alternatereality  angsty  hogwartshousechange!  c:200-400k  char:dudley  family!  harry/padma  harry+draco  alternatecanon  char:harry  drama  villain:voldemort  hogwarts!  f:hp  status:abandoned  !loves 
september 2018 by floatondown
Leo Inter Serpentes - Aeternum [Archive of Our Own]
Just one conversation between two eleven year old boys goes slightly differently, and the world changes. Just how much will be different with Harry being sorted into Slytherin, and how much will stay the same?
alternatecanon  char:harry  c:400k+  alternatereality  harry/draco  hogwarts!  f:hp  status:unread 
september 2018 by floatondown
The Chessmaster: Black Pawn
Chessmaster Volume I. AU. Harry discovers that cleverness is the best way to outwit Dudley and his gang, which leads to a very different Sorting. While Harry and his friends try to unravel Hogwarts' various mysteries, the political tension in the Wizengamot reaches new heights as each faction conspires to control the fate of Wizarding Britain.
alternatereality  hogwartshousechange!  char:harry  alternatecanon  hogwarts!  f:hp  status:unread 
september 2018 by floatondown
Applied Cultural Anthropology - jacobk
... How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Cruciatus. Albus Dumbledore always worried about the parallels between Harry Potter and Tom Riddle. But let's be honest, Harry never really had the drive to be the next dark lord. Of course, things may have turned out quite differently if one of the other muggle-raised Gryffindors wound up in Slytherin instead.
char:hermione  hogwartshousechange!  alternatecanon  dark!  c:100-200k  alternatereality  char:severus  hogwarts!  f:hp  status:unread 
august 2018 by floatondown
McGarrett-Williams Family Saga - conformityissuicide
Steve and Danny didn't realize how much they relied on each other. It took months of support and the innocent insights of their two little girls to realize just how much they needed each other.
c:200-400k  slowbuild  kidfic!  sweet  married!  angst+happyending  family!  romance  singleparent!  alternatecanon  drama  alternatereality  steve/danny  pining  recallactiveduty!  adopt!/takecareof!  f:h50  r:establishedrelationship  r:firsttime 
august 2018 by floatondown
Hermione Granger, Demonologist - BrilliantLady
Hermione was eight when she summoned her first demon. She was lonely. He asked what she wanted, and she said a friend to have tea parties with. It confused him a lot. But that wasn't going to stop him from striking a promising deal with the young witch.
char:hermione  alternatecanon  c:50-100k  hogwartshousechange!  dark!  hogwarts!  f:hp  status:unread 
june 2018 by floatondown
Five Times a Conversation Between Minerva McGonagall and Remus Lupin Ended in Thanks, and One Time It Didn't Have To - Realmer06
In which Minerva McGonagall and Remus Lupin discuss friendship, betrayal, love, loss, teaching, learning, and Weasley twins.
mentor!  alternatecanon  angsty  canon  char:remus  friendships  char:minerva  f:hp 
june 2018 by floatondown
Harry Potter in the Claw of the Raven - BakenandEggs
When a more studious Harry Potter enters Gringotts with Hagrid, the Goblins managed to talk to him privately - Dumbledore never saw that one coming
c:200-400k  alternatecanon  lordpotter!  harry+draco  rich!  whatif?  alternatereality  harry+sirius  char:harry  smart!  villain:voldemort  hogwartshousechange!  snape:friendly  hogwarts!  genfic  f:hp  unfriendly:weasleys  unfriendly:dumbledore  uber! 
june 2018 by floatondown
Spell It Out - Allthatissacredandholy
"At some point while you are growing up, your magic will manifest itself physically. You will get a set of words on your wrist. These words will be specific to your soulmate, the one person your magic knows you are supposed to be with."
harry/hermione  angst+happyending  pining  alternatecanon  soulmarks!  char:hermione  alternatereality  c:oneshot/-7k  f:hp 
june 2018 by floatondown
Malasadas For The Healing Soul - thoughtreflex
“Let’s talk about your daughter,” Marcel said with the politeness of a circling shark and pushed the cooling coffee mug to sit before Danny once again. Danny continued to ignore it. He couldn’t drink it now anyway, the nausea had doubled since the picture had been laid out and he had to take several deep breaths to calm down. Jesus. He felt sick with dread.

Steve had better find him.


(OR: The one where Danny has a secret, people discover this secret, Steve gets hurt, Danny gets hurt, Steve goes all ninja-possessive-SEAL, and Chin and Kono have to break out the BAMF routine to try and fix things. Not a typical Five-O month at all.)
genfic  powers!  casefic!  char:danny  angst+happyending  canondivergence  secrets!  abducted!  violence  torture!  c:100-200k  alternatecanon  angsty  team:50  char:stevemcg  f:h50  job:healer!  familyfound!  !loves 
february 2018 by floatondown
The Edge of Forever - melissas_corner
After the murder of his Cover father, Steve returns to Hawai'i and is reacquainted with someone from his past.
mates!  alternatecanon  slavery!  steve/danny  non-human:vampire!  c:15-50k  angst+happyending  bonding!  alternatereality  f:h50  status:abandoned 
february 2018 by floatondown
Enough - delighted
What if the boys met before?

Senior year of college, winter break, New York City. Steve and Danny fall into bed, and into a bit more than either of them bargained for, but it’s not enough, because it can’t last more than one fabulous week. Not with them both set on the paths that will lead Steve to become a Navy SEAL, and Danny... well, Danny’s on the edge of a major decision, which Steve influences more than he realizes.

Twelve years later they find themselves thrown together, at Steve’s dad’s place, the blood still on the wall. And after all that time their feelings are still raw, there’s definitely still something there. But will it be enough?
pining  sweet  college!  alternatecanon  angst+happyending  jersey!  away!  nyc!  steve/danny  alternatereality  c:15-50k  metbefore!  f:h50  holidays!  r:firsttime 
january 2018 by floatondown
Neither Duty Nor Honour - buckbeakbabie
Fitzwilliam Darcy was four and twenty when he married Anne de Bourgh. In doing so, he fulfilled his duty to his family. Life with Anne was comfortable, if not joyous. However, a year into their marriage she died fulfilling what she saw as her duty - bearing him a child.

Fitzwilliam Darcy was eight and twenty when he accompanied his oldest friend to Hertfordshire with his sister and daughter. It was widely known that he had no intention of marrying again. His duty was, after all, already fulfilled. But that firmly held conviction will not hold long against the charms of one Elizabeth Bennet.
sweet  romance  alternatecanon  time:regency!  courting!  parents!  f:pride&prejudice  widow(er)! 
january 2018 by floatondown
Stealing a SEAL - klutzy34
When Steve McGarrett found himself handcuffed to Turk Malloy on a mission gone sideways, he never imagined that the thief would end up playing a bigger role in his life. [Ocean's 11]
steve/danny  alternatereality  alternatecanon  crossover!  metbefore!  secretidentity!  longtimespan  f:h50  job:soldier!/seal!  job:criminal!  r:pre-slash/relationship 
august 2017 by floatondown
No Problems - Casey_Wolfe
Brian has never had a problem getting out of any jam, thanks to his good-looks and charm. Though he may not have counted on the likes of Team Toretto throwing off his usual groove.
brian/dom/vince  canondivergence  c:-15k  promiscuous!  ontherun!  alternatecanon  w:low  f:fast&furious 
august 2017 by floatondown
Fear of God - verdreht
Brian always knew Stasiak was a prick, but he never knew he was dirty. When he learns something about Brian that Brian doesn't want shared, he uses it to make Brian start cleaning up his messes. Now everything's spinning out of control, and someone's starting to notice. Intimidation's the name of the game, and there's about to be a new player in town.
brian/dom  alternatecanon  canondivergence  angsty  char:briano'connor  job:fbi!/cia!  f:fast&furious  status:abandoned  !lovely 
august 2017 by floatondown
Hell of a Mess - Jedi Buttercup (jedibuttercup)
People had been backing down to Luke Hobbs all his life; there was always a fascination for him in the ones who didn't. (An OT3 series.)

Because Paul Walker, because Mia is as badass as any of the guys, and because Hobbs doesn't get enough play in this fandom.
brian/mia  brian/hobbs  brian/mia/hobbs  canondivergence  c:15-50k  metbefore!  undercover!  angst+happyending  sweet  alternatecanon  polyamory!  f:fast&furious  r:developingrelationship  r:pastrelationships! 
july 2017 by floatondown
Running - pprfaith
The first question to ask any runner: 'Are you running from, or toward?' Or: The life of a girl named Brian.
c:15-50k  trauma:emotional  alternatecanon  romance  brian/dom  slowbuild  gettingbetter!  cisswap!always  f:fast&furious  job:mechanic!  !loves  !lovely  r:developingrelationship  r:firsttime 
july 2017 by floatondown
Danza Kuduro Universe - Miss_Psychotic
Brian is a submissive. He's struggling to cope with being an unbound Sub and is risking his health out of his stubbornness. When an undercover mission presents itself Brian is happy to throw himself in it. Until he meets his mark, Dominic Toretto, and then things really start to fall apart.
alternatecanon  kink:heat  angst+happyending  trauma:emotional  brian/dom  lefthome/moving!  angsty  undercover!  alternatereality  w:low  c:100-200k  gettingbetter!  dom&subverse!  f:fast&furious 
july 2017 by floatondown
Dominic and Submission - dancinbutterfly
Brian has hidden his submissive orientation most of his life out of necessity more than desire and he's been fine. Really. Until he meets Dominic Toretto then fine doesn't really fit the situation anymore.
A BDSM-universe AU of The Fast and the Furious.
brian/dom  alternatereality  alternatecanon  c:oneshot/-7k  pining  ending:ambiguous/open  dom&subverse!  f:fast&furious  r:firsttime 
july 2017 by floatondown
Go Your Own Way - One_More_Disaster
Aside from being an undercover cop, there's more to Brian O'Conner than meets the eye. He's got a few tricks up his sleeve that the FBI doesn't know about. How do those tricks affect the events of "Fast and Furious"?
brian/dom  casefic!  alternatecanon  char:letty  underage!  pining  kink:d/s  possessive!  *EPUB*  job:fbi!/cia!  f:fast&furious  status:abandoned  job:specialops!/shield!  r:firsttime 
june 2017 by floatondown
I'm Not Calling You a Liar - jelasdax
Two weeks into the truck hijacking case someone catches up to Brian.

There was no way this was going to end well.
brian/dom  alternatereality  alternatecanon  c:-15k  abducted!  pining  sexy  f:fast&furious  r:firsttime 
june 2017 by floatondown
Not to the Swift - arysteia
The Fast and the Furious: a Love Story. With fewer cars, less focus on criminal enterprises and law enforcement, and even more pining and lusting. Turbo Charged Edition.

Or, It's a truth universally acknowledged, that a young man in possession of a good fortune, a hot girlfriend, and a beautiful sister, must be in want of a husband.
brian/dom  dom/letty  brian/mia  alternatereality  alternatecanon  worldbuild  family!  romance  firstsexexperience  angst+happyending  tearjerker  undercover!  c:-15k  *EPUB*  polyamory!  f:fast&furious  !loves  !lovely  r:developingrelationship  r:firsttime 
june 2017 by floatondown
Fast and Furious: Shifter 'Verse - Triskellion
Werewolves: There's a little something more to the 'team' than a surface viewing shows. Garage nothing. Brian's in the doghouse. Fortunately, it's his natural habitat.
brian/dom  alternatereality  supernatural-elements  shifter!  alternatecanon  c:-15k  f:fast&furious 
june 2017 by floatondown
Objects in Mirrors - jelasdax
The thing was, you really could find out anything about anyone on the internet as long as you had a name.

Or, the many ways in which a one night stand complicates Brian's life.
brian/dom  alternatecanon  metbefore!  hookup!  undercover!  romance  funny  angst+happyending  c:-15k  sexy  *EPUB*  f:fast&furious  *queue 
june 2017 by floatondown
Out of Reach - Marorin5
It wasn't just physical attraction at this point. Dom hated to admit it, but he was starting to feel some things, even though he tried to ignore it. He tried to ignore all of it, because Brian was completely out of reach, and Dom was well aware of that.
brian/dom  brian/mia  dom/letty  canondivergence  alternatecanon  pining  unrequitedlove!  longtimespan  angst+happyending  family!  tearjerker  c:15-50k  f:fast&furious  familyfound! 
june 2017 by floatondown
Skinny Love - FanGirl18
When Dom gets a call telling him that his lover Brian has died trying to free him, he comes back home to avenge his death. Along the way, with help from the team and Mia, he not only avenges Brian but also remembers the man that changed his world, the man he gave his heart to. Then everything changes with one revelation and Dom finds out not all hope is lost.
brian/dom  canondivergence  alternatecanon  characterdeath:presumed  angsty  w:low  f:fast&furious  r:establishedrelationship 
june 2017 by floatondown
Off The Map - XScribe
An AU spin on The Fast And The Furious series // Non-binary gender world, Dom and undercover!Brian in a developing relationship - this will not go smoothly.
brian/dom  alternatereality  alternatecanon  lgbtq!  breakup!  undercover!  angsty  sexy  romance  w:low  ontherun!  abducted!  dub/non-con  consentissues  w:ooc  c:200-400k  *EPUB*  mpreg!  pregnancy!  job:cop!/deputy!  f:fast&furious  kink:bp  r:developingrelationship  r:firsttime 
june 2017 by floatondown
Between Angels and Insects - seraphim_grace
Dean Winchester is a paramedic working in Bristol, Conneticut. He has a perfectly ordinary life- so why are dead people reciting poetry at him; and why does he dream of a girl in a white dress who tells him not to search for his missing father.
A “Pilot” redux.
dean/castiel  canondivergence  alternatecanon  roadtrip!  c:15-50k  *EPUB*  cisswap!always  f:spn 
may 2017 by floatondown
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