The Major's Kitten - PoorlyKnitted
Some vampires should really learn how to not leave their strays where a Major could pick them up...
mates!  c:15-50k  villain:cullens  bamf!  bella/jasper  r:firsttime  f:twilight  firstsexexperience  status:abandoned  dark!  onlynotreally  alternatereality  jasper+peter/charlotte 
Dark Whispers - Oriana de la Rose
Bella and Jasper are siblings suffering years of abuse. In the fury of the moment, Jasper kills their father, and they run to NYC. When Jasper starts to express more than just brotherly love for his little sister, things turn twisted.
innocent!  characterdeath:major  kink:oral  r:unhealthyrelationship!  trauma:childabuse  c:50-100k  r:firsttime  trauma:mental  f:twilight  bella/jasper  nyc!  firstsexexperience  away!  ontherun!  kink:inthefamily  trauma:aftermath  trauma:emotionalabuse  noncanonsibling!  au:human 
8 days ago
Behind Enemy Lines - Taraiha
What was the real story behind Jasper's almost-attack on Bella at the birthday party? And what does it have to do with a mysterious history project? Bella & Jasper eventually, with plenty of Darkward thrown in for good measure.
secrets!  bella/jasper  mates!  jasper/alice  jasper+peter/charlotte  status:abandoned  c:100-200k  r:unhealthyrelationship!  f:twilight  r:firsttime  powers!  canondivergence  bella/edward  char:volturi  slowbuild  dark! 
11 days ago
Coming Together - silver_drip
The Winter Soldier breaks into Stark Tower looking for help. He gets more than he expected when he meets Tony and Loki.
tony/bucky/loki  tony/loki  tony/bucky  f:avengers  emotionalhurt/comfort  gettingbetter!  c:15-50k  slowbuild  r:establishedrelationship  domestic!  sweet  canondivergence  trauma:emotional  r:developingrelationship  r:firsttime 
15 days ago
Loki of Nowhere - theicesculpture
Loki dies on Svartalfheim. Then he wakes up. It does not take long before Hela seizes the opportunity to offer Loki a deal: end Thanos's life in exchange for his own. Loki knows defeating Thanos will be no easy feat and so a conversation with the Norns becomes part of the bargain.

The Norns tell him three things:
1. His only path to success lies in utilising the Infinity Stones
2. The Infinity Stone contained within the Tesseract – the only stone he will ever wield – will not be enough on its own
3. The name of a potential ally who has the highest capacity to both wield another one of the Infinity Stones and collaborate alongside him

And that name... That name is Tony Stark.


Alternatively, the one where Loki and Tony try to build a time machine.
status:nowcomplete  resurrection!  canondivergence  slowbuild  villain:thanos  c:200-400k  grief/mourning  infinitystones!  asgard!  mission!  char:loki  f:avengers  characterdeath:major  space!  char:tonystark  away! 
16 days ago
Blue Light - SailorChibi
Peter and the other guardians have landed on a planet for some emergency repairs. What Peter finds on his way to the local marketplace will change his life forever.
ending:hopeful  trauma:emotional  away!  trauma:physical  canondivergence  f:avengers  space!  tony+quill  slavery!  disability:mute!  c:oneshot/-7k  trauma:abuse 
16 days ago
Branches - SailorChibi
When Natasha and Steve show up on Tony's doorstep, it turns out one little piece about their intel is completely wrong.

Tony's married, sure. Just not to Pepper.
r:establishedrelationship  whatif?  canon:infinitywar  sweet  onlynotreally  tony+scott  job:retired!  f:avengers  tony/loki  canon:endgame  married!  timewarp!  canondivergence  domestic!  c:-15k 
16 days ago
Bid my blood to run - JaqofSpades
He’s been gone seven months when her skin comes back to life. Touch had been hollow, without him, but she'd still cried until she realised the sun’s rays had felt like kisses, and a hot shower stung with bliss. This wasn’t a tragedy. It was a reset. A do-over. A chance to get it right.
r:firsttime  sexy  powerslost!  powers!  pining  f:x-men  firstsexexperience  away!  style:sensual  wilderness!  c:-15k  sweet  canondivergence  style:heady  romance  rogue/logan 
20 days ago
Sleeping Dogs - JaqofSpades
Rogue could almost taste his presence. Feel his hands as he guided her through the postures, see the bead of sweat making its way down the planes of his back as he turned away from her. She had to blink to chase away the fantasy: he wasn’t here yet. He might not want to come with them. With her. She had left him for dead, after all.
gettingbetter!  mentor!  r:firsttime  trauma:emotional  f:x-men  reunion!  underage!  alternatereality  job:assassin!/hitman!  trauma:abuse  commitment/intimacyissues!  violence  r:agedifference!  mindcontrol!  rogue/logan  metbefore!  ending:hopeful  firstsexexperience  mentalhealthissues!  brokenup!/divorced!  mission!  sexy  dark!  trauma:mental  longtimespan  splitpersonality!  angst+happyending  c:50-100k  secrets!  !lovely  bamf! 
20 days ago
Why Do Successful Women Pretend to Be a Mess? | Forge
Her achievements aren’t accidents, but she doesn’t want you to see how much she cares.
journal/essay  meta:essays  culture:popculture 
4 weeks ago
Never Knew - caseylynn04
Five years after the Cullens leave Bella behind she's moved on and is happy living her life. What happens when a run in with a strange vampire leads her back to the last member of the Cullen family she'd ever thought would need her.
bella/jasper  f:twilight  non-human:vampire!  char:peter&charlotte  powers!  villain:vampirevolturi  future  char:cullenfamily  romance  jasper+peter/charlotte  r:firsttime  firstsexexperience  bamf!  texas!  sweet  away!  sexy  canondivergence  c:50-100k  job:editor!  bitten! 
5 weeks ago
What Is Going On With Her? - simplegirlsandkatiegirls
Summer between Twilight and New Moon - Jasper has been picking up some unusual feelings from Bella, unbeknown to her...but could they be because of him?
sexualtension!  r:firsttime  sexy  c:15-50k  jasper/alice  secrets!  kink:oral  bella/edward  firstsexexperience  bella/jasper  f:twilight  funny  status:abandoned  canondivergence 
5 weeks ago
Hunger - Lace Kittens
Chicago, 1923. Jasper is just passing though, and finds Bella in a speakeasy, stuck in a desperate situation. She's the perfect prey, or so he thought.
angsty  r:firsttime  ending:hopeful  c:oneshot/-7k  bella/jasper  time:1800s/1900s!  f:twilight  poor!  firstsexexperience  au:supernatural  sexworker! 
6 weeks ago
Pushing Limits - Lace Kittens
The Cullens have a secret. It's about to push every limit Bella has ever known. A collab between lacym3 and kitty cullen-03.
romance  status:abandoned  alaska!  non-human:vampire!  bella/jasper  r:firsttime  away!  firstsexexperience  canondivergence  polyamory!  bitten!  r:relationshipnegotiation!  sexy  f:twilight  c:15-50k 
6 weeks ago
Tonight's Entertainment - grrlinterrupted
“You mean a man – no man – has ever made you come?" Bella Swan needs help, and she gets it from Washington State's sexiest visiting Texan, Jasper. AH, a little OOC, somewhat PWP, but hell - it *was* an entry for the Dirty Talking Jasper contest...
flirting!  f:twilight  c:oneshot/-7k  job:musician!  kink:dirtytalk  bella/jasper  pwp  r:firsttime  au:human  sexy  bar/club!  hookup! 
6 weeks ago
Dates, Mates, Hate, and Fate - mama4dukes
Vampires don't exist...or do they? Bella's secret knowledge of vampires is inadvertently brought to surface when she & her friends are all thrown in the path of fate.
future  char:volturi  college!  unfriendly:edwardcullen  r:firsttime  w:ooc  drama  unfriendly:alicecullen  party!  w:low  firstsexexperience  non-human:vampire!  romance  f:twilight  bitten!  bella/jasper  c:100-200k  substance:drinking!  away!  status:abandoned  vegas!  canondivergence 
6 weeks ago
My Maps – Google Maps
Create itinerary maps for travel
6 weeks ago
Control-IQ Technology - tslim X2 Insulin Pump
Info, Update Process, Currently Free? (2/22/20)

6 weeks ago
One Final Taste - Kitty Cullen-03
Edward can't stop Jasper at Bella's birthday party. He wanted more, and he took it. These are the repercussions of his actions.
away!  wilderness!  slowbuild  bella/edward  angst+happyending  canondivergence  firstsexexperience  c:50-100k  bella/jasper  r:firsttime  bitten!  unfriendly:edwardcullen  non-human:vampire!  drama  f:twilight  romance  r:developingrelationship 
6 weeks ago
Control - Kitty Cullen-03
Bella needs help sleeping after a series of nightmares keeps her awake. She asks Jasper to help. He gets a taste of control that he hasn't had in a long time-how far will he go?
canondivergence  r:developingrelationship  bella/edward  unfriendly:edwardcullen  bella/jasper  f:twilight  c:15-50k  unfriendly:alicecullen  trauma:emotional  firstsexexperience  slowbuild  bitten!  r:firsttime  breakup!  emotionalhurt/comfort  flirting! 
6 weeks ago
I Caught Fire - glitteratiglue
Bella Swan came to study in London to escape her painful past. One night of passion with Jasper Whitlock, a charismatic yet haunted bartender, will change everything. Can they find salvation in one another?
bella/edward  substance:recdruguse!  commitment/intimacyissues!  suicideattempt!  self-hatred!  characterdeath:major  f:twilight  au:human  self-harm!  bella/jasper  substance:drinking!  slowbuild  c:100-200k  r:firsttime  hookup!  europe/uk!  away!  status:abandoned  angsty  gettingbetter!  romance  trauma:emotional  r:developingrelationship 
6 weeks ago
The Path To My Soul - cullen818
Jasper leaves the Cullens and rejoins Peter and Char, but unforeseen circumstances bring him back to Forks. Will he be able to pick up the pieces of his life and find happiness? What does Bella have to do with all of this?
powers!  powers:empath!  drama  bitten!  jasper+peter/charlotte  non-human:vampire!  f:twilight  bella/jasper  sexy  r:firsttime  c:50-100k  away!  romance  texas!  canondivergence  mates!  bella+peter/charlotte  r:developingrelationship  college!  firstsexexperience 
7 weeks ago
Life Happens, So Just Roll With It - mama4dukes
Five years after the events in New Moon, the Cullens are living in New Hampshire and Edward is finally getting married. During a wild night out on the town, some of the Cullens run into a happy, more confident Bella who only has eyes for our favorite Major. [thru ch 23.5]
*read  f:twilight  bella/jasper 
7 weeks ago
A Reason to Exist - cullen818
Set directly after Jasper's chapter in Eclipse. Jasper is falling for Bella, but can she reciprocate after learning about his past?
f:twilight  *read  bella/jasper 
7 weeks ago
You'll Be Mine - jasper's naughty girls (Jasper's Darlin' Kathy & Cullen818)
Jasper is the one to leave after Bella's B-day but he can't seem to stay away. Who does Bella want? Can Jasper give her what Edward can't?
r:firsttime  canondivergence  firstsexexperience  bella/jasper  drama  c:50-100k  bella/edward  infidelity!  romance  r:unhealthyrelationship!  violence  kink:d/s  f:twilight  cursed!  obsessed!  angsty  dark!  status:abandoned 
7 weeks ago
Perfect For Me - mama4dukes
After his socialite fiancée dumps him, Jasper Whitlock realizes just how superficial his love life has been. When he meets the intelligent and quirky Bella Swan, his parents instantly disapprove of her, but she just might be the making of him. Is she the one who is perfect for him?
job:engineer!  texas!  bella/jasper  job:mechanic!  familyfound!  sweet  away!  jasper/alice  au:human  r:firsttime  romance  fluff  f:twilight  r:developingrelationship  college!  c:15-50k  rich!  unfriendly:alicecullen 
7 weeks ago
Long Way Down - forthelongestday
When Edward confesses his motivation for leaving Bella, she realizes she cannot offer him a second chance. Her insistence for closure is met with the realization that one member of the family has no intentions of leaving her unprotected again. [Post-Italy]
!lovely  c:100-200k  mates!  f:twilight  sweet  !loves  jasper/alice  gettingbetter!  slowbuild  jasper+peter/charlotte  villain:vampirevictoria  r:firsttime  emotionalhurt/comfort  longtimespan  r:developingrelationship  canondivergence  breakup!  romance  bella/edward  familyfound!  bella+peter/charlotte  firstsexexperience  feelings!  friendstolovers!  *EPUB*  bella/jasper  jasper+leah/seth  bitten!  non-human:vampire!  angst+happyending 
8 weeks ago
I Lost My Body
French, animated. Netflix.
8 weeks ago
Going Under for the Third Time - busymommy
Jasper is a pro surfer trying to escape his past, Bella is a graduate student trying to find her future. Will a chance meeting during a surf tournament pull them under for the last time?
au:human  slowbuild  status:abandoned  r:firsttime  college!  bella/jasper  f:twilight  r:developingrelationship  sweet  trauma:emotional  trauma:mental  angst+happyending  widow(er)!  beach/ocean!  c:50-100k  char:cullenfamily  away!  job:surfer!  therapy!  romance 
8 weeks ago
Luxuria - nia-ox
Jasper and Bella are left alone for two days, and when the Cullens come back, Bella has to deal with the aftermath. [Two sequels unread]
characterflaws  w:low  infidelity!  substance:drinking!  f:twilight  sexualtension!  drama  canondivergence  possessive!  engaged!  bella/edward  pining  r:firsttime  secrets!  angsty  jasper/alice  status:unread  c:50-100k  bella/jasper  romance  firstsexexperience 
8 weeks ago
Vida en Muerte - ecaniaga
Following a slip-up in his diet, Jasper returns to school after six weeks to regulate his control around humans. However, an encounter with the new student Bella Swan leaves Jasper truly questioning his vegetarian lifestyle.
r:firsttime  r:developingrelationship  angsty  f:twilight  alternatereality  c:50-100k  non-human:vampire!  onlynotreally  sexualtension!  status:abandoned  drama  firstsexexperience  romance  mystery  bella/jasper  dark!  flirting! 
8 weeks ago
If You Come Softly by Audre Lorde
If you come as softly
As the wind within the trees
You may hear what I hear
See what sorrow sees.
8 weeks ago
Fall Back Again - gemin
A Jasper and Bella tale. Jasper does not meet Alice in the diner. She goes to the Cullen's alone. Jasper has a different kind of adventure before he meets the Cullens. When he meets Bella he's dealing with shadows of his past that only she can rid him of.
f:twilight  bella/jasper  alternatereality  c:15-50k  emotionalhurt/comfort  angsty  r:firsttime  obsessed!  r:pastrelationships!  time:1900wars!  status:abandoned  !lovely 
8 weeks ago
Searching for Lost Souls - Lillie Cullen
AKA Ansel Adams and the Search for the Yeti. Bella's looking for Bigfoot. Jasper just wants some peace and quiet. Think either of them will have any luck? Not crack-fic, just some lighthearted fun and eventual smut.
f:twilight  c:15-50k  r:developingrelationship  funny  *EPUB*  bella/jasper  cowboy!  mountains!  academia!  romance  bitten!  r:firsttime  canondivergence  future  away!  job:scientist!  fluff 
9 weeks ago
Robert Penn Warren – Love Recognized
There are many things in the world, and you
Are one of them. Many things keep happening and
You are one of them, and the happening that
Is you
9 weeks ago
Love Is A Place, E.E. Cummings
love is a place
& through this place of
love move
(with brightness of peace)
all places

yes is a world
& in this world of
yes live
(skilfully curled)
all worlds
9 weeks ago
A Lesson in Release trilogy - Lillie Cullen
[A Lesson in Release] Jasper cannot handle Edward and Bella's overpowering emotions anymore. When Edward and Alice go hunting, Jasper decides to teach Bella how to satisfy her needs. But what will he learn in the process?
[A Lesson in Fate] Jasper has won the girl of his dreams and they are beginning a new life together at college. But what happens when fate intercedes? Will he be able to hold onto her or will fate return her to Edward?
[A Lesson in Love] Twenty years after A Lesson in Fate. The vampires are at war, and Bella is forced to use her powers in a way she never imagined. When things take a turn for the worse, can Edward and Jasper save her from the evil ones who have fallen under her spell?
f:twilight  bella/jasper  bella/edward  canondivergence  c:200-400k  infidelity!  breakup!  firstsexexperience  r:firsttime  EDIT!  *EPUB* 
9 weeks ago
The Flame - Nostalgicmiss
Bella is on a trip across Europe with one pair of chucks and a sketchpad. She's running away from grief and following fate, but what does fate have in store?
fallinginlove!  au:human  europe/uk!  worldtraveler!  away!  job:artist!  sweet  c:-15k  bella/jasper  romance  meetcute!  f:twilight 
9 weeks ago
Golden Moon - NusiainForks
Bella doesn't fall apart after Edward leaves, especially when she discovers Jasper stayed behind. But with Alice waiting for Jasper in Alaska, will Bella find new love or be abandoned again?
tearjerker  *EPUB*  flirting!  pushedaway!  emotionalhurt/comfort  !loves  canondivergence  dummies!  f:twilight  gettingbetter!  breakup!  friendstolovers!  onlynotreally  drama  infidelity!  romance  sweet  c:200-400k  bella+jacob  jasper/alice  bella+angela  bella+mike  bella/jasper  villain:vampirevictoria  unfriendly:alicecullen 
9 weeks ago
What Authors Know About Their Characters – Whatever
In a New York Times piece on Dumbledore’s homosexuality, critic Edward Rothstein suggests that J.K. Rowling, Dumbledore’s creator, might not know what she’s talking about:
f:hp  fandom  meta:essays  meta:characters 
9 weeks ago
Stephen King: The last word on Harry Potter |
Now that the dust has settled on ''Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,'' Stephen King reflects on why no review did it justice, and whether kids (and their grown-ups) will ever read the same way again
fandom  f:hp  meta:essays 
9 weeks ago
Slow and Steady - LilyoftheValley77
It's been five years since Edward left Bella in the forest. She has almost recovered fully from that night, but when someone re-enters her life unexpectedly, will memories come flooding back causing pain or help her move on once and for all?
abducted!  friendstolovers!  romance  job:writer!  future  newengland!  engaged!  c:50-100k  away!  r:firsttime  bella/jasper  canondivergence  rescue!  sweet  characterdeath:major  f:twilight  villain:vampiremaria 
9 weeks ago
Personal Shopper - Wikipedia
Personal Shopper is a 2016 supernatural psychological thriller film. The film stars Kristen Stewart as a young American woman in Paris who works as a personal shopper for a celebrity and tries to communicate with her deceased twin brother.
9 weeks ago
Long, Tall, Texan - BamaBabe
Bella is going to grad school in Texas and her friends decide to join her. Little do they know that she has an agenda of her own.
job:cop!/deputy!  college!  r:developingrelationship  r:firsttime  w:marysue  abducted!  trauma:emotional  away!  c:100-200k  trauma:attack/shooting  texas!  bella/jasper  familyfound!  romance  w:sappy  villain:vampirejames  f:twilight  au:human  drama  rescue!  livingtogether!  cowboy! 
9 weeks ago
The Still Beat - Anlynne
What if you learned that the person you thought was your soul mate was only a path to his brother? [Thru 17, bitten]
brokenup!/divorced!  illness!  w:low  bella/jasper  r:firsttime  c:15-50k  canondivergence  drama  bitten!  soulmates!  neardeathexp!  f:twilight  romance 
9 weeks ago
Leaving Her - CherBella
From the moment they first met, he was always leaving her. In a moment of crisis, Bella reflects on her life and marriage to an Army man.
job:soldier!/seal!  injured!  drama  hurt/comfort  c:15-50k  bella/jasper  emotionalhurt/comfort  angst+happyending  married!  r:establishedrelationship  au:human  longdistance!  romance  longtimespan  parents!  f:twilight  r:strainedrelationship!  tearjerker 
9 weeks ago
A Forest Fire - Bedelia
Shock cascades through her body, sparked by his smile. His resemblance to the boy who left her in the forest so many years ago is remarkable, but there is one key difference. He is human.
firstsexexperience  friendstolovers!  canondivergence  fallinginlove!  !loves  bella/jasper  comingofage  longdistance!  f:twilight  bitten!  characterdeath:major  romance  bestfriends!  !fuckingperfect  r:developingrelationship  grief/mourning  europe/uk!  r:firsttime  longtimespan  bella+jacob  slowbuild  sweet  away!  penpals!  jasper/alice  becomehuman!  !lovely  c:100-200k 
10 weeks ago
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!lovely !loves *epub* 5+1 abducted! adopt!/takecareof! alivehalefamily! alpha/beta/omega! alternatecanon alternatereality amnesia! angst+happyending angsty arrangedmarriage/law! au:human au:supernatural away! bamf! bella/jasper bestfriends! bitten! blaine/sam bonding! breakup! brian/dom brokenup!/divorced! buckybarnesrecovery! c:-15k c:100-200k c:15-50k c:200-400k c:50-100k c:oneshot/-7k canon canon:civilwar canondivergence casefic! char:grace char:harry char:laurahale char:sheriff char:tonystark characterdeath:major college! cominghome! comingofage commitment/intimacyissues! crossover! culture:feminism cursed! cute dark! datingotherpeople! dean/castiel depression! derek/stiles domestic! drama dub/non-con eggsy/harryh emotionalhurt/comfort episode:coda/tag f:avengers f:btvs f:fast&furious f:glee f:h50 f:hp f:hungergames f:kingsman f:spn f:teenwolf f:twilight fakedating! family! familyfound! fandom feelings! ficarchive firstsexexperience flirting! fluff friendstolovers! friendswithbenefits funny fusion! future genfic gettingbetter! grief/mourning harry/draco harry/hermione harry/severus hermione/severus highschool! hogwarts! holidays! hookup! hospital! hurt/comfort illness! infidelity! injured! insecurity! jealous! job:businessman! job:cop!/deputy! job:mechanic! job:soldier!/seal! job:teacher!/professor! kateargentpain! kidfic! kink:blowjob kink:bottoming kink:d/s kink:dominant kink:heat kink:knotting knownsupernaturalcreatures! kurt/blaine kurt/puck kurt/sebastian lgbtq:comingout! lgbtq:homophobia! livingtogether! longdistance! longtimespan magic! married! mates! meetcute! menage! mentalhealthissues! meta:essays mistakenidentity! misunderstandings! mpreg! music nyc! oblivious! onlynotreally ontherun! paralleluniverse! parents! pining polyamory! post-canon post-hogwarts post-war pov:outside pre-canon pregnancy! ptsd! puck/rachel pwp r:agedifference! r:developingrelationship r:establishedrelationship r:firsttime r:pre-slash/relationship recs rescue! rich! romance rpf secrets! sexualityconflict! sexualtension! sexworker! sexy singleparent! slowbuild socialmedia!/online! soulmarks! soulmates! status:abandoned status:unread steve+grace/charlie steve/bucky steve/danny steve/tony style:quiet substance:drinking! sweet tattoos! tearjerker therapy! timewarp! tony+peter tony/bucky trauma:abuse trauma:aftermath trauma:emotional trauma:mental trauma:sexual tumblrblog tvshow/movie undercover! violence w:low war! wintersoldier!

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