Made of Breath and Wind by Amand_r
Summary: Amanda stops by the barge to see Mac and meets up with Methos instead.
gen  highlander  amanda  methos 
march 2015
Biting Dust by Nynaeve
Methos is depressed in New York City. He runs into a relative of a friend and finds that sometimes the best advice comes from unexpected places.
september 2014
Martha Wells - Raksura Snippet Post
The one where Moon and Stone go to a dive bar.
september 2014
Su Song - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
My favourite male historical overachiever.
june 2014
Book & Bell - SeriousMistakes (TruckThat) - Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle [Archive of Our Own]
An AU where Kurogane is (mostly) the son of a small-town baker and Fai is... not. Also featuring wizards, raisin muffins, curses, an abandoned house, and a series of terrible mistakes.
tsubasa:reservoirchronicle  m/m  fai/kurogane  fic 
march 2014
Here is London, Giddy London - Anonymous - Hairdresser On Fire (Song) [Archive of Our Own]
Oliver Fox has been cutting hair in London for nearly sixteen hundred years, and by now he should probably know better than to get involved with clients.
m/m  original 
september 2013
s2b2: Big Name Fan, Part One
Adorable almost-meta fangirl romance.
original  f/f 
september 2013
Kate Monk's Onomastikon
A collection of names from around the world which was initially intended to help provide character names for live role-players. It includes short historical backgrounds, male and female first names or personal names, and surnames or family names, from many countries and periods.
september 2013
You Can Find Me Here - flamethrower - Highlander: The Series
Methos adores the 21st century. Not everyone else is as enthusiastic.
highlander  methos  fic 
september 2013
The Matchmaker
Connor's POV as he and Methos team up to save Duncan.
methos  highlander  connormacleod 
september 2013 D. Latter's review of Bic Crystal Ballpoint Pen, Medium Point, B...
I don't even know how to describe this, but it's an adorable romance disguised as a review of a pen. (Trigger warning: Suicidal thoughts)
august 2013
Shousetsu Bang*Bang - Silver Linings
Superhero romance with a very classic feel.
s2b2  superheroes  original 
august 2013
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