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Good for longform | List | Typekit
These fonts reflect classic book forms and make for comfortable, pleasing reading for longform texts. Exceptional rendering at paragraph sizes means they perform well across browsers and operating systems.
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may 2013 by fjordaan
Type Study: Pairing typefaces | The Typekit Blog
Type study is an ongoing series of guest posts about typography on the web. In this article, Aura Seltzer provides tips and tricks for pairing type well.
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march 2013 by fjordaan
Just My Type
A collection of nice font pairings from Typekit.
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march 2013 by fjordaan
Adobe Edge Web Fonts | Edge Tools & Services | Adobe & HTML
Edge Web Fonts gives you access to a vast web font library made possible by contributions from Adobe, Google, and designers around the world. The fonts are served by Typekit, so you can be sure of high performance and stability. Plus, it’s free! Learn more.
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september 2012 by fjordaan
A Closer Look At Font Rendering | Smashing Magazine
This article presents the mechanisms of type rendering, how they were developed, and how and why they are applied by the various operating systems and browsers—so that when it comes time to choose a font for your next project, you know what to look out for to ensure the quality of the typography is consistently high.
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april 2012 by fjordaan
Type rendering: review, and fonts that render well « The Typekit Blog
We’ve done a lot of research on type rendering, all of which has helped us understand why text looks the way it does on the web, and we hope you’ve enjoyed learning with us. Let’s review everything so far, and then look at a selection of fonts we trust to render well.
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march 2011 by fjordaan
Type study: An all CSS button « The Typekit Blog
The button is also a great place to showcase many of the new CSS3 properties in one place, which is another reason I’m particularly taken with buttons at the moment. Through the use of box-shadow, text-shadow, border-radius, and CSS gradients, we can create highly polished interface components that don’t require images.
animation  css3  typekit  button  buttons  css  dan  cederholm  shadow 
february 2011 by fjordaan
Schema | Testing Cufón, @font-face, and Typekit
In summary, I would recommend Cufón for headings, with the warning that links may not display as nicely as you’d like. @font-face is promising, but the lack of available fonts really limits you. I really like Typekit, and I already use it for my personal blog.
font-face  cufon  typekit  comparison  testing  font  rendering 
april 2010 by fjordaan
My Love/Hate Affair With Typekit – Jeffrey Zeldman Presents The Daily Report
If not for Typekit, we might have had to wait years for most or all type designers to license web fonts. Thanks to Typekit, we all know about the problem, and type designers are re-hinting their fonts, and in some cases redesigning them for the screen. For all this I and all of us can be grateful to Typekit.

All this said in Typekit’s favor, I have mixed feelings about their product because I’d rather buy a web-licensed font than rent it.
zeldman  fonts  typekit  font-face 
april 2010 by fjordaan
Great, now we're going to have designers telling us to change our browsers in order to appreciate their fonts:
typekit  from twitter
january 2010 by fjordaan
Typekit Browser Support: Updated Dec 2010
I'd love to start using , but the browser support picture is too confusing. Can't they publish a table?
Typekit  from twitter
november 2009 by fjordaan
Bringing Web Fonts Closer | Kernest
For Web Designers 1. Pick Fonts for Your Website 2. Add Kernest's CSS Embed to Your Website 3. Update Your CSS Tags 4. Refresh
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july 2009 by fjordaan

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