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Working on spec has a detrimental impact on the quality of design, negatively affecting both the designer and the client. In an effort to educate those working in the design profession, as well as the clients who use their services, a group of designers got together to share advice and stories about the pitfalls of spec.
design  pitch  spec  work  free  competition  ethics 
7 weeks ago by fjordaan
Good questions to kick off a discovery - dxw digital
To kick-off some recent discoveries we’ve been using a different set of questions.
design  discovery  research  workshop  questions  dxw  benholiday  willmyddelton  govuk 
9 weeks ago by fjordaan
What we do - Beyond Words Studio
Using editorial thinking and research we transform data into understandable and engaging visual narratives.
design  studio  agency  journalism  infographics  dataviz  visualisation  data 
9 weeks ago by fjordaan
Research Debt
Achieving a research-level understanding of most topics is like climbing a mountain. Aspiring researchers must struggle to understand vast bodies of work that came before them, to learn techniques, and to gain intuition. Upon reaching the top, the new researcher begins doing novel work, throwing new stones onto the top of the mountain and making it a little taller for whoever comes next.
academia  science  design  layout  scientific  publication  publisher  citation  bibtext  typography  illustration 
12 weeks ago by fjordaan
Home – GOV.UK Design System
Use this design system to make your service consistent with GOV.UK. Learn from the research and experience of other service teams and avoid repeating work that’s already been done.
designsystem  patternlibrary  styleguide  design  patterns  govuk 
12 weeks ago by fjordaan
Library - Luna
The Sainsbury’s design system is customer centred and inclusive, consistent across all touch points and unmistakably Sainsbury’s
design  system  patterns  library  designsystem  patternlibrary 
12 weeks ago by fjordaan
Building China: Rise of the Superblock | Hacker News
The only walkable cities in the US were developed before the rise of the automobile, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Chicago, etc. Any city with areas that requires you to own a car to participate in civic life is a failure of urban planning. That describes more or less all urban development in the US since WWII.
Car centric urban design makes living without a car a miserable experience, is a cancer on the growth of local communities and infantilises the young by making them dependent on their parents to go anywhere to do anything.
car  public  transport  hackernews  china  superblock  blocks  city  design  urban  planning 
may 2019 by fjordaan
Trent Walton | Trent Walton
I’m a designer and web builder who works with two of my best friends at Paravel.
design  portfolio  inspiration  paravel 
april 2019 by fjordaan
Color Wheel - Color Calculator | Sessions College
Whether you’re designing a logo or painting a house, choosing colors can be frustrating. Where do you start? Which colors work together, and why? How can you creatively explore different moods or directions? Use the free Color Calculator to explore creative color options for your design project. Simply pick your base color(s), choose a color harmony, tweak/explore as needed, and see results. You’ll get a report of the hex, RGB, and CMYK color values for your project and see your colors applied to design samples. Share or print, rinse and repeat.
color  tool  design  colour  wheel  complementary  palette 
march 2019 by fjordaan
Decluttering a Landing Page for Better Design and Higher Conversion Rates - Designmodo
Here, we’ll explore four UX concepts centered around decluttering and being direct.
landing  pages  design  inspiration  homepage 
march 2019 by fjordaan
Awesome Design Tools
Accessibility Tools
Animation Tools
Augmented Reality Tools
Collaboration Tools
Color Picker Tools
Design Feedback Tools
Design Handoff Tools
Design System Tools
Design to Code Tools
Experience Monitoring Tools
Font Tools
Free Screenshot Software
Icons Tools
Mockup Tools
Mouse Tracking Tools
Prototyping Tools
Sketching Templates
Stock Photos Tools
UI Design Tools
User Flow Tools
Version Control for Designers
design  tools  software  recommendations  prototyping  screenshot  stock  templates  icons  fonts  alternatives 
february 2019 by fjordaan
Inter font family
Inter is a typeface specially designed for user interfaces with focus on high legibility of small-to-medium sized text on computer screens.
inter  font  opensource  free  helvetica  sans  design 
february 2019 by fjordaan
Badge Reviews
I’ve spoken at hundreds of conferences in the course of my career and the one thing that most of them have in common is crappy name badges.
conference  badges  design  lanyard 
february 2019 by fjordaan
How Apple can fix 3D Touch – Eliz Kılıç – Medium
Now that we know what the problem is, here is my solution. Like we did with the link texts years ago on the web, we should visually distinguish 3D Touchable buttons. Look at this same screen and see if you can tell which toggles accept 3D Touch.
3D  touch  apple  design  iOS 
september 2018 by fjordaan
Trees and Design Action Group - Home
Explores the practical challenges and solutions to integrating trees in 21st century streets, civic spaces and surface car parks, detailing process, design and technical options. Will be of particular interest to highway engineers, public realm professionals and tree specialists.
climate  landscape  trees  urban  street  design  engineering  city  planning 
july 2018 by fjordaan
100 example UX problems – UX Collective
A list of common UX problems to challenge and inspire designers and coders.
UX  design  problems  challenges  interview 
may 2018 by fjordaan
Design systems don’t start with components | Clearleft
I’m all for design systems. I’ve designed and created many, and they’re a great way of unifying patterns, usage and language. They reduce time, save on costs and promote modular, systems-based thinking. But I’ve noticed a growing bias towards design systems focusing on the components first. This suggests they’re designed components-first. They’re not. Nor should they be.
design  systems  designsystems  pattern  library  components  modularisation  modules  clearleft 
march 2018 by fjordaan
Designing Systems, Part 3: Components and Composition / Paul Robert Lloyd
In our discussion about components, we tend to talk a lot about chairs, yet neglect the rooms they sit in.
design  systems  designsystems  pattern  library  components  modularisation  modules  brasilia  architecture 
march 2018 by fjordaan
4 Things I Know About Pattern Libraries -
1. Rolling out a Pattern Library is infinitely harder than building one
2. If you don’t have pages, it doesn’t solve the problem
3. Vertical spacing will make or break you
4. The Pattern Library is dead if it’s not prioritized
design  systems  designsystems  pattern  library  components  modularisation  modules 
march 2018 by fjordaan
On Weaponised Design - Our Data Our Selves
Technology inherits the politics of its authors, but almost all technology can be harnessed in ways that transcend these frameworks. Even in its harmful and chaotic state, it is still possible to marvel at the opportunities afforded to us through design. But arrogant practice that produce brutally naive outcomes must be transcended to facilitate empathetic products and broader platforms. We must stop making decisions inside of a rose-coloured echo-chamber. As designers it is time to collectively address the political, social and human costs of weaponised design. ■
ux  internet  ethics  design  cade 
march 2018 by fjordaan
Questions to ask as a new designer on the team – Facebook Design – Medium
1. How did we get here?
2. What’s our hypothesis?
3. What does success look like?
culture  design  facebook  new  designer  team 
march 2018 by fjordaan
Sometimes We Must Raise Our Voices - sometimes_we_must_raise_our_voices.pdf
In the book The Visual Display of Quantitative Information (1983), Tufte’s first and perhaps finest, he introduced the concept of the data-ink ratio. It’s a concept that I teach in my books and courses—one with which I heartily agree — but for one aspect, which I think Tufte took a bit too far.
information  design  graphs  charts  data  ink  tufte  stephen  few  bar 
march 2018 by fjordaan
Data looks better naked — Darkhorse Analytics | Edmonton, AB
To illustrate how less ink is more effective, attractive and impactive we put together this animated gif. In it we start with a chart, similar to what we've seen in many presentations, and vastly improve it with progressive deletions and no additions.
chart  information  design  graph  simplification  tufte 
march 2018 by fjordaan
Clear Off the Table — Darkhorse Analytics | Edmonton, AB
In the gif below we start with a table formatted similar to one of Excel's many styling options which, much like the chart styles, do nothing to improve the table. Progressive deletions and some reorganization deliver a clearer and more compelling picture.
data  tables  information  design  tufte  simplification 
march 2018 by fjordaan
Die groot ensiklopediese webwerf van
Welkom by Mieliestronk. Hierdie bladsy is hierdie webwerf se omvattende inhoudsblad waarheen jy telkens weer sal terugkeer vir inligting oor ’n magdom onderwerpe. Klik net op enige skakel van jou keuse op die geel "muur-plakket" verder ondertoe of gebruik "Soekhulp" hieronder
afrikaans  nostalgia  retro  design  education  mieliestronk 
february 2018 by fjordaan
Designing Tables for Reusability – UX Design Collective
We are Havana and Ada, an interaction designer and a visual designer from CareerBuilder. Our visual design lead, Mark Patterson, tasked us with designing a standard table UI pattern that could be used across multiple product lines with different use cases and different target users. Our approach involved getting quickly to the core of the purpose and problem early on, putting our ideas through bullshit tests early, and communicating constantly on the developments. We were able to generate an efficient design solution, get the team’s approval quickly, and validate through user testing.
UX  UI  IX  design  tables  sort  filter  edit  mockup 
january 2018 by fjordaan
YNAB. Personal Budgeting Software for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android
Stop living paycheck to paycheck, get out of debt, and save more money.
budget  app  finance  money  website  design  inspiration  staff  portraits 
december 2017 by fjordaan
Affinity Photo - Professional image editing software
Faster, smoother and more powerful than ever, Affinity Photo continues to push the boundaries for professional photo editing software. With a huge toolset specifically engineered for creative and photography professionals, whether you are editing and retouching images, or creating full-blown multi-layered compositions, it has all the power and performance you will ever need.
design  photoshop  software  alternative  hdr  panorama  stitching 
december 2017 by fjordaan
Painting with Code – Airbnb Design
Today, we’re excited to share a tool we built to help bridge the gap between designers and engineers working on design systems at scale. React-sketchapp is an open-source library that allows you to write React components that render to Sketch documents.
airbnb  code  design  sketch  react 
november 2017 by fjordaan
The Psychology Behind the World's Most Recognizable Sounds | WIRED - YouTube
Two sonic branding experts explain the thinking behind some of the world's most recognizable sounds.
sonic  sound  design  iconic 
november 2017 by fjordaan
(2) Thinking in Symbols for Universal Design - Benjamin Wilkins, Airbnb - YouTube
In this talk, Benjamin Wilkins, Design Technologist at Airbnb touches on the internationalization and localization of design elements, and how might we design with consistency for multiple interface targets like Android, iOS, Virtual Reality, or even Natural Language interfaces.
video  airbnb  design  system  machine  learning  vision 
november 2017 by fjordaan
alexpate/awesome-design-systems: 💅🏻 ⚒ A collection of awesome design systems
A design system is a collection of documentation on principles and best practices, that helps guide a team to build digital products. They are often embodied in UI libraries and pattern libraries, but can extend to include guides on other areas such as 'Voice and Tone'.
design  framework  styleguide  system 
november 2017 by fjordaan
[no title]
AmsterdamSignpainters, established in 2016, is a group of creative people people with different backgrounds in type design, illustration and industrial design among others. Sharing a mutual love for the craft wich is so strong, they decided to quit their day to day jobs and start AmsterdamSignpainters.
amsterdam  lettering  calligraphy  signwriting  design  dutch 
april 2017 by fjordaan
Co-op Design Manual
Designing good forms means making sure you're asking the right questions in the right way. Research, write and structure questions with consideration.
form  design  ux  validation  patterns  coop 
april 2017 by fjordaan
Agile is Reducing the Value of Your Design Team – Amplify Design – Medium
What a sprint-0 can never do well enough is the empathetic approach of determining first if it is even the right design to be designing in the first place.
agile  design  david  malouf  sprint 
march 2017 by fjordaan
All Websites Look The Same - NoVolume, Web Design Blog
When was the last time you saw a website that didn’t have a huge image fitting to the screen with some giant text overlaid on it?
website  design  same  trends  rant  unoriginality 
february 2017 by fjordaan
Draft U.S. Web Design Standards Documentation | UI components
Welcome to the Draft U.S. Web Design Standards! Here, you'll find open-source UI components and visual styles to create beautiful, consistent experiences across federal government websites.
USDS  design  styleguide  style  guide 
january 2017 by fjordaan
Dunstan Orchard
An insatiably curious product designer, looking for a job. Worked at Apple, Flickr, Aol, etc.
dunstan  orchard  flickr  design  britpack  weather  header 
december 2016 by fjordaan
Most of Trump’s charts skew the data. And not always in his favor. - Washington Post
Bar charts should always have a clear baseline, representing zero on the scale. Bar charts must begin at zero to avoid distorting length comparisons. Whether you are viewing or creating a data visualization, check that the chosen scale does not distort the data. For bar charts, a zero baseline is the difference between data visualization and data spin.
infographics  propaganda  charts  graphs  design  politics 
november 2016 by fjordaan
How One Florida City Is Reinventing Itself With UX Design | Co.Design | business + design
Anthony Lyons, city manager of Gainesville, Florida, is on a mission to remake civic experience using a few tricks from Silicon Valley. His goal? Make Gainesville the best place to live and work, courtesy of human-centered design. It's an approach that's been applied everywhere from architecture to industrial design, but less so in public policy.
gainsville  urban  design  city  council  local  government  user  services  ideo 
november 2016 by fjordaan
Ben Holliday » Playbook
I’ve written about a number of subjects as part of digital-by-default service delivery. I use these posts for my own reference and as things I can easily share with delivery teams. This is my attempt to pull some of them together in one place. My playbook.
culture  design  organisations  ben  holliday  gds  govuk  playbook  blog  posts 
october 2016 by fjordaan
UX Design and Service Design are Growing Ever Closer - Andy Budd::Blogography
As digital has become one of the primary ways of delivering a service experience, Service Design agencies have needed to become more digital, while digital agencies have needed to become more service oriented, to the point that it’s getting harder to differentiate the two. So much so that, at its highest level, User Experience Design has become indistinguishable from Service Design.
service  design  ux  andy  budd 
october 2016 by fjordaan
👇🏼 it's still essential to point out flaws. is usually iterative, and not valuing feedback is wrong attitude
design  from twitter_favs
september 2016 by fjordaan is the best place to find out about plugs, sockets and power adapters around the world.
plug  power  travel  adapter  international  utility  design  form  suggestion 
september 2016 by fjordaan
Interactive wireframes for your apps - Justinmind Overview
Justinmind Prototyper provides you with the best design solution to prototype feature-rich mobile apps, websites, web products and/or enterprise applications, and more. Check out our awesome collection of pre-designed widget libraries to start prototyping right away.
collaboration  design  prototype  ux  wireframe  browserware 
july 2016 by fjordaan
Tour -
Take your static designs, wireframes or mockups to the next level. At, you will find everything you need to create beautiful fully interactive, animated prototypes that tell the full story.
prototype  prototyping  design  wireframe  browserware 
july 2016 by fjordaan
Cartography Comparison: Google Maps & Apple Maps — Justin O'Beirne
In this series of essays, we’ll compare and contrast the cartographic designs of Google Maps and Apple Maps. We’ll take a look at what’s on each map and how each map is styled, and we’ll also try to uncover the biggest differences between the two.
apple  cartography  design  google  maps 
june 2016 by fjordaan
Eli Schiff, if I may say a few things: I think you enjoy critiquing, and I don’t think you’ll stop… — Medium
However, for your critique to be better received and for it to influence design in the world (which I believe is what you want), I’d suggest you frame it in a less negative/hyperbolic way.
eli  schiff  yaron  schoen  design  criticism 
june 2016 by fjordaan
René - A Product Design Tool
René is a declarative design tool for exploring possibilities as quickly as you think of them.
jon  gold  rene  css  design  coding 
june 2016 by fjordaan
7 Things Every Designer Needs to Know about Accessibility — Salesforce UX — Medium
These guidelines will cover the major things you need to know in order for your products to be “design-ready” to meet the minimum of standards in Section 508 and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0. The rest will be up to development and quality testing.
accessibility  salesforce  colour  contrast  forms  labels  grey  a11y  hover  design 
june 2016 by fjordaan
RT : Nothing is original, esp. in . (btw, these are NOT the logos of Medium AirBNB, Flipboard, and Beats)
design  from twitter
april 2016 by fjordaan
The hamburger menu and the zombie apocalypse | Gerry McGovern
Recently, I had the horror of watching people trying to use a mobile site that used the hamburger menu. The hamburger menu hides the navigation of a site. Why on earth would you want to hide the navigation? Isn’t the very essence of the Web the link? Isn’t the whole foundation of the Web navigation? Yes. The Web is the link. The Web is search and navigate. The Web is you going to places you want to go to by using search and navigation.
branding  design  hamburger  menu  gerry  mcgovern  trendy  minimal  ux 
april 2016 by fjordaan
Letterpress new feature ideas - Album on Imgur
.@Letterpressapp Validate Word, Saved Words, and other ideas
letterpress  francois  features  design  ideas  imgur 
march 2016 by fjordaan
Jheronimus Bosch - the Garden of Earthly Delights
The interactive documentary Jheronimus Bosch, the Garden of Earthly Delights provides an in-depth tour though The Garden of Earthly Delights. In a web interface the visitor will be taken on an audio-visual journey, including sound, music, video and images to enrich the storytelling.
Hieronymous  Hieronimous  Bosch  painting  interactive  design  art 
march 2016 by fjordaan
Designing an Effective Donate Form | Brad Frost
So as part of our redesign of the Pittsburgh Food Bank’s website, we want to make the donate experience more visible and usable.
design  forms  ui  usability  donate  postcode  credit  card  creditcard  payment  bradfrost  UX 
february 2016 by fjordaan
Why Facebook Won, and Other Hard Truths | Hapgood
Great. You get a gold star. But you’re why Facebook won. For most people that “visual diversity” looks like 1970s commercial sprawl:
facebook  diversity  urban  commercial  sprawl  design  walled  gardens 
january 2016 by fjordaan
What is Apple up to? :: Optimal by design
Apple has identified that a human desire for simplicity has increased significantly over the last decade. We crave it to counterbalance the complexity all around us. So they cleverly optimised the products for visual simplicity. Because this kind of simplicity is much easier to advertise and sell to consumers. It is much, much easier than selling cognitive and interactive simplicity, which is difficult to judge before one has used the product for some time.
jan  srutek  apple  design  norman  tog  tognazzini 
december 2015 by fjordaan
Steve Jobs Hated The Idea Of A Multi-Button Mouse, Designer Claims | Cult of Mac
“I’m Marketing,” he said. “It’s a marketing team of one. And we’re not doing that product.” With that, he turned and stalked off.
apple  design  mouse  button  steve  jobs 
november 2015 by fjordaan
iOS 9 GUI (iPhone)
Photoshop and Sketch templates of GUI elements found in the public release of iOS 9.
design  facebook  ios  ui  gui  templates  elements 
october 2015 by fjordaan
Diverse Device Hands — Facebook Design Resources
Photos of hands holding various phones, to be used in any presentation of your designs.
design  hands  mobile  stock  facebook  prototyping 
october 2015 by fjordaan
Your UI isn’t a Disney Movie — Startups & Venture Capital — Medium
Rather than just bemoaning the use of unnecessary animation, I’ll do my best to suggest scenarios that would benefit from considered use of animation.
animation  design  ui  gratuitous  UX 
october 2015 by fjordaan
Home - Work & Co
Work & Co creates digital products and services that define great brands.
agency  design  inspiration  zui  zoom  portfolio 
august 2015 by fjordaan
10 UX copywriting tips for designers - InVision Blog Thoughts on users, experience, and design from the folks at InVision.
All too often, tech companies lack the writing staff to get copy written for every single interface, ad, and interaction. Which means that designers like you often end up speaking directly to customers. Here’s a few tips to help you make the most of your user interface copy, broken up into sections on writing, editing, and design.
copywriting  design  interface  ux  writing 
august 2015 by fjordaan
Fingers, thumbs, and people | ACM Interactions
There are a handful of interrelated interactions, ergonomics considerations, and human behaviors that can be thought of as 10 distinct guidelines for touchscreen design.
design  mobile  touch  rules  guidelines  touchscreen  ergonomics 
may 2015 by fjordaan
Pattern Library | MailChimp
The MailChimp Pattern Library is a byproduct of our move to a responsive, nimble, and intuitive app. Constant iteration requires both an efficient workflow and a well defined collection of atomic elements that can assemble new UIs quickly without accruing new technical or design debt.
mailchimp  pattern  library  styleguide  css  design  system 
february 2015 by fjordaan
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