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(FFX-X2 Crossover) Tidus/Ignis + Chocobros Go To Blitzball, Ignis/Tidus on Kiss Cam
I'm playing Final Fantasy 10 for the first time and I'm loving Tidus more than I thought I would so this idea popped up

The chocobros are attending a Blitzball game- the first ever held in Insomnia after the disaster of Zanarkand. Being the prince, Noctis gets them all VIP tickets so they end up sitting front row in a fancy spectator box

+Prompto and Gladio know the ins and outs of the sport and are so excited to see the Besaid Auroch's play with the addition of Tidus, star player of the Zanarkand Abes

++Noctis is enjoying the food more than the game, boredly commentating ("He has the ball... he kicked the ball... possibly getting brain damage with the ball demands cheering" etc)

+++The live feed follows the ball as it's kicked out of the playing area.... and into Ignis's lap. Of course, it cuts to the Kiss Cam right then and there

++++After a few other couples and a "Hey look the Prince of Lucis is here today everybody!" announcement, thr camera zooms in on the advisor who is holding the ball

+++++Cue camera guy following Tidus as he makes his way over to the booth, shakes hands with Prompto and Gladio, bows to Noctis and with the kiss cam on him as he gets the ball from Ignis, kisses him right there before going back to the game

!unfilled  character:noctis  character:prompto  character:ignis  character:gladiolus  character:other  pairing:ignisxother  kink:crossover 
august 2019 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ignis/behemoth - beastiality, noncon, knotting
Ignis gets seperated from the bros and a behemoth finds him... instead of killing him it takes him away to be its mate. By the time the bros rescue him Ignis has been mated and knotted for hours - even days.

+ Behemoth is the first thing that spring to mind but am ok with other daemons.
+ If you want Ignis to be an omega so his body welcomes being mated I'm also ok with that.
!unfilled  character:ignis  character:noctis  character:prompto  character:gladiolus  pairing:ignisxother  kink:beastiality 
march 2019 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ignis/daemon noncon, knotting or eggs
Noncon - Ignis seperated from the group and captured by a daemon, mated, bleeding and torn, pumped full of daemon cum.

+ knotting or eggs ( depends on type of daemon )
++ he screams for help but who comes by is unwilling to fight it off
+++ the group find him near death hours later
!unfilled  character:ignis  character:daemons  pairing:daemonxignis  pairing:ignisxother  kink:egg-laying  kink:daemon  kink:knotting  kink:noncon  kink:angst  kink:near_death  kink:injury  kink:rape 
december 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ignis/OMC, Ignis/Noct, Drugged Sex/Non-con
Basically I just want a darkfic where Ignis is either captured and injected or maybe he was drugged via coffee while out and about. Anyway, someone has their way with him and he's too out of it to realize what's going on and just responds eagerly to get more pleasure from the act. Noct discovers him afterwards or rescues him from wherever and gets bloody vengeance on the one who raped Ignis.

+If you detail Noct helping clean him up while Ignis is still drugged and trying to rut against him.
+Begging Ignis; when Noct's trying to clean him up and settle him down, Ignis is still dazedly trying to hump him and starts crying when Noct tries to stop him.
++Noct and Ignis curling up together finally to sleep it off.
++++If Ignis wakes up and remembers and he and Noct have to work it out between them.
!unfilled  character:ignis  character:noctis  character:other  pairing:ignisxnoctis  pairing:ignisxother  kink:drug-use  kink:noncon 
december 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Gen (or shippy) Ignis Hit On By The Chef At Lestallum
I'm playing ffxv and when stopping at a diner in the lestallum outpost, the waiter/chef is a bit creepy looking and he keeps looking at Ignis during the little cut scene so I'd like something where the bros are on their way to see Iris and stop at tgis diner, and the waiter does the whole being blatantly rude to everyone except Ignis and comes off really creepy

+Only getting Ignis hos food and giving him a bit extra- the others food was cold/forgotten until Ignis flagged down the waiter and fixed it

++Giving Ignis his number

+++(only if u want to) Gladio likes to steal off Ignis's plate and by doing this he figures out the waiter slipped something into Ignis' fod and drink when he went to the bathroom

(If it is shippy i am partial to gladnis but a gen between all of them is fine too!)
!unfilled  character:ignis  character:other  pairing:gen  pairing:ignisxother  kink:flirting 
october 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ignis/Any or Ignis/Multiple - Ignis has a stubble/beard kink
Ignis has this thing where he can't help but be wildly attracted to someone with some handsome stubble, or a nicely shaved beard. That being said, working in the Citadel is torture.

Gladio? Gods help him, he's so attractive. Cor? Really shouldn't because that's technically his boss but still. Regis? Weird because that's kinda his father figure but damn what a silver fox he is. Clarus? Also weird because that's Gladio's dad but hnnnggh. Nyx? Oh, don't even get him started on Nyx!

Ignis lives in hell. A sexy, wildly attractive hell.

+++ Ignis has to restrain himself when they see Ardyn for the first time because, ugh he looks like a mess and he gives off weird vibes but that stubble looks so good on him
++++++++ The Long Night is especially long for Ignis what with Gladio growing out his beard (and that hot ponytail he's got), Prompto deciding to grow out what technically constitutes as a beard (and should not be that attractive, damn him), and Noctis showing up ten years later looking finer than any sunlight Ignis has ever seen
!unfilled  character:ignis  character:any  character:other  pairing:ignisxany  pairing:ignisxother  kink:beards  kink:hair 
october 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ignis/Others, Ignis sleeps with people who remind him of Noct
Ignis sleeps with various people that remind him of Noctis. They rarely physically resemble him, mostly they have similar personalities, mannerisms, or habits that make Ignis think of Noctis.

Either this starts during WoR, or this is a habit Ignis has had for a while.
Eventually, each of them does something that is very not Noctis and Ignis loses interest.
Ignis and Noctis are not/have never been a couple.

Up to the filler how aware Ignis is of his own feelings about Noctis.
!unfilled  character:ignis  pairing:ignisxother  kink:hook-up  kink:sex  kink:similarity 
september 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ignis/One night Stand Male OC, unintentional voyeurism, Pining Gladnis
Iggy goes out at night for something and Gladio, tired of being alone in their shared room, decides to go to a bar. He goes into the restroom and hears Ignis in a stall with another man, whimpering for "harder" and "faster" Gladio sees red and storms out, going back to their room. He stews in his rage and jealousy and possessiveness because he's always wanted Ignis and never knew if Ignis liked men...And then said man walks in.

++Dub-con because Gladio is immediately pushing him onto the bed, determined to ravage him even harder and faster than that HE did while Ignis falls apart under him in the best of ways.
+++Gladio is being rough and domineering, not using lube or stretching him because he's already been used enough tonight and doesn't need it.
++++The man cream pied him and Gladio comments on how filthy and slutty that is of Ignis to let some strange man do.
+++++Choking and/or sticking his fingers in his mouth because Ignis is getting loud and Gladio doesn't want anyone interrupting to check if Iggy is okay.

DNW: waterspors, scat
!unfilled  character:ignis  character:other  pairing:ignisxother  character:gladiolus  kink:voyeurism  kink:pining  kink:one_night_stand 
september 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ignis/Genesis, ffxv/vii crossover
Because let’s be honest, two very high class men who are slim, sexy, and fight with elemental magic deserve to be together. Even if Genesis is a bit more suggestive, and Ignis is up tight, they are both fashionable and enjoy the fine art of theatre.

After all, who else do they have to go see the latest plays with? Definitely not one of those meatheads they work with, that’s for sure.
!unfilled  character:ignis  character:genesis  pairing:genesisxignis  pairing:ignisxother  kink:crossover 
september 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ignis/Any OR Ignis/Multiple - Sexy, Confident Ignis
Ignis knows that he's good-looking and he's charming enough that he could probably talk his way into anyone's pants. So that's what he does.

Just gimme an Ignis who really likes casual sex and knows how to get it from anyone.

+++ He's been with male and female partners
++++++ He's bent over a desk and getting pounded at some point
++++++++ He once managed to broker a deal between Insomnia and another country by fucking the diplomats
!unfilled  character:ignis  character:any  pairing:ignisxany  pairing:ignisxother  kink:confident  kink:attractiveness 
september 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ignis/unknown, unfortunate secret admirer(s)
Someone keeps on leaving flowers and other gifts on Ignis’s desk, delivered to his house, or left in places Ignis would find them. Ignis, who is very much not a romantic, finds the attentions bothersome and irritating. Especially because he is allergic to flower pollen, and the flowers keep getting left in front of the fan in his office, and the chocolates melt on important paperwork, and other things that drive Ignis up the walls.

+++ Ignis discovers who it is, and tells them that he will go on a date with them if they promise never to make an extravagant romantic gesture ever again, because he will kill them.
!unfilled  character:ignis  character:other  pairing:ignisxother  kink:secret-admirer 
september 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Noct/Ignis + Ignis/other, Noct barters Ignis for [insert reason here]
Established relationship, game timeline preferred. For whatever reason, Noct is forced to bargain with [insert antagonist here]; their price is a night with Ignis, and after wrestling with the decision Noct decides, miserably, that it has to be paid.

Possible scenarios:
-- they're trapped and overwhelmed in a dungeon and a hunter shows up and offers to help them out
-- Emperor Aldercapt says he might be more amenable to calling off hostilities with proper incentive
-- Prompto/Gladio/Ignis himself is dying and Ardyn suddenly shows up with a hi-potion
-- Caligo or whoever offers to stop destroying Altissia if Noct cooperates

I want Noct to be the only one making the decision (i.e. Ignis doesn't offer himself up), and I'd love it if he had to be the one to tell Ignis, too. What I'm really going for is maximum angst and betrayal; you don't have to write the sex itself, but I would absolutely love to read it if you're so inclined. I don't really have that many squicks besides daddy kink so feel free to have some fun.

+ Noct tries to offer himself up instead, but the antagonist wants to make Noct suffer even worse
+ the help is rendered before the deal is fulfilled, so the entire time they're being helped it's just dread and horrible anticipation of the impending sex
+ Noct insists on watching to make sure the other guy doesn't hurt/take advantage of Ignis
+ the other guy makes sure to make it good for Ignis, too (maybe even mocks them for Ignis coming while a stranger fucks him)
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ignis  pairing:ignisxnoctis  pairing:ignisxother  kink:sex  kink:bargain  kink:sex-work 
august 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ignis/Nif - Dubcon - Caught at a roadblock
Ardyn was nice enough in the game to lift the blockaids, but what if he missed a couple?

The guys pull up to a blockaid, and Ignis is forced (via pragmatism and his dedication to protecting Noctt, not actually forced) to offer up sexual favours to the Nif officer in charge of inspecting the vehicle in exchange for ignoring their lack of identification or that they have a passenger that looks remarkably like the Crown Prince.

(If you’d like to change things up and write it as Noct or Gladio or Prompto offering to do it, I’m also game for that)
!unfilled  character:ignis  character:other  pairing:ignisxother  character:noctis  character:prompto  character:gladiolus  kink:sexual-favors  kink:caught  kink:sex  kink:dubcon 
august 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ignis/OMC, stress-relief fuck
When Ignis gets in a particularly dark mood, he goes out looking for the roughest pounding he can possibly get until he's literally too fucked-out to think. Not looking for unexpected tenderness or pining for someone he can't have.

+ breathplay/choking, slapping, manhandling, the top holding Ignis down
+ top can be cis or trans as long as Ignis gets railed
+ multiple sex positions as the top has ridiculous stamina (or is using a strap-on)
+ extremely impersonal (no names/kissing/intense eye contact)
+ when Ignis finds he's still cognizant, he orders the top to go harder
++++ Noct expresses concern afterwards and Ignis just Does Not Give a Fuck
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ignis  character:oc  character:other  pairing:ignisxother  pairing:ignisxoc  kink:rough-sex  kink:stress  kink:casual-sex  kink:bottom_ignis  kink:breath-play  kink:bdsm 
july 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Gladio/Ignis, OCs/Ignis, Ignis cheating with Gladio
I've been reading fic where Ignis is still fucking Gladio while dating other people, and I kind of want fic from his partner's POV when they find out about it. Just wallow in that angst. Up to you whether the partner tells Ignis that they know, and whether they break up.

Would prefer that Ignis's partner is not any canon character.

+Ignis's partner walks in on or overhears him and Gladio
+Ignis is letting Gladio do something he never let his partner try
++If they do break up, Ignis moves on to somebody else and his ex has to decide whether to tell the new person or not.
!unfilled  character:ignis  character:gladiolus  character:oc  character:other  pairing:gladioxignis  pairing:ignisxother  pairing:ignisxoc  kink:cheating  kink:relationships  kink:angst 
july 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ignis/OCS - noncon
I'm so going to hell for this...

Have you heard of those apps that lets blind people 'call for help' from others around them? Now imagine blind!Ignis asks for help on the app but instead of helping they kidnap and rape him.
!unfilled  character:ignis  character:other  character:oc  pairing:ignisxother  kink:rape  kink:noncon 
july 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ignis/OC - blackmailed by sextape
Ignis has a one night stand (bottom!Iggy) with a guy who fucks him roughly, with choking/slapping etcetera. The next day he gets an email threatening to release the sextape unless Ignis gives into the demands which can be more sex or money or political reasons. Up to A!A if Ignis gives in or anyone finds out and tries to save Ignis, or if the sextape is leaked.
!unfilled  character:ignis  pairing:ignisxother  kink:rough-sex  kink:blackmail  kink:sex-tape 
april 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ignis/vibrator - Vibrator addiction, stress relief
It's been a really long, hard day, and Ignis *needs* his vibrator.

Who knows where he got it (though I'm happy to hear ideas <3), but at this point he's completely addicted to it. It's the only thing that doesn't let up when his brain begs for control. Cumming with it deep inside him is amazingly relaxing.

Please, internet! <3
!unfilled  character:ignis  kink:sex-toys  pairing:ignisxother 
march 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ignis/OC + chocobros, blackmail non-con
Ignis is blackmailed into regular sex, to protect Noct or even Regis from a very serious scandal, perhaps.

He's found out by one or all of the chocobros. Only, he denies it's blackmail. He insists it's a consensual relationship, even when it's painfully obvious it's not.

The chocobros can't do anything about it without going behind Ignis' back and ignoring him asking them to do nothing. Even if they very strongly disagree with his decisions, they realise forcing the situation against his will and won't necessarily be best. All they can do is offer him comfort, be there for him, and wait for him to change his own mind.

Up to A!A if the non-con is still happening by the end of the fic, but I'd prefer no easy fix if something does happen.
!unfilled  character:gladiolus  character:ignis  character:noctis  character:prompto  character:oc  kink:noncon  pairing:ignisxother 
march 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
OC/Noctis&Ignis - both being abused/molested by the same person
An OC is abusing a child/pre-teen Noctis physically, emotionally, sexually, etc, threatening that if he ever fights or tries to tell anyone, they'll hurt Ignis. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Noctis, the abuser is already doing the same to Ignis, threatening him with harm to Noctis should he fight or try to tell.

Possible ways for this to play out:
-Gladio finds out somehow, hides them both in some rarely used corner of the citadel for a day, and reports the abuse derectly to Regis
-They never tell anyone, the abuse only ends when the abuser looses interest in them, and it just happens to come out when the person comes up in unrelated conversation years later
-Ignis or Noctis walks in on it happening to the other and they both go together to tell Regis
-anything else anon can come up with
-notice the gender neutrality in my description of the abuser
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ignis  character:other  kink:abusive-relationship  kink:noncon  pairing:noctisxother  pairing:ignisxother 
march 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Video is NOT AUDIO SAFE FOR WORK. And...probably not video safe for work either, depending on how chill your work is? XD
!unfilled  character:ignis  kink:other  pairing:ignisxother 
march 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Gladio/Ignis + Ignis Refusing Gifts/Being Harassed
The bros know Ignis is a total bombshell, so it's understandable that people would try to court him.

+One in particular is extremely touchy. He gives Ignis gifts that he puts on Ignis himself, in extremely intimate ways

++Gladio notices Ignis always throws away the gifts and the suitor gets mad when Ignis does this

+++No one believes Ignis when he says he doesn't like this man, or that he touches him inappropriately until Noctis and Prompto point it out to Gladio while they're training and they see Ignis from across the grounds
!unfilled  character:gladiolus  character:ignis  character:noctis  character:prompto  character:other  kink:other  pairing:gladioxignis  pairing:ignisxother 
march 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ignis/his hand (or anyone you like) - cock and ball torture
Ignis needs a lot to break down his own walls of control. Pushing his boundaries in the bedroom is a surefire way to get him past all of those hurdles and to true satisfaction.

Cock bondage, sounding, wax play and/or needles. Let's really test his limits and bring him to a mind blowing orgasm.
!unfilled  character:ignis  character:other  kink:bondage  kink:sounding  kink:wax-play  pairing:ignisxother 
march 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
FILL: Sugar Vine (4/4), Ignis + tentacled monster, dub/non-con
Ignis is out collecting ingredients when he's attacked by a large, tentacled plant monster. Said monster fills him with aphrodisiac nectar, before fucking his brains out from both ends.

Bonus: whoever comes to save him only does so after they've jacked it to the sight of Ignis getting stuffed.
character:ignis  kink:tentacles  kink:dub-con  kink:noncon  pairing:ignisxother  !filled  !complete  character:noctis  pairing:ignisxnoctis 
march 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
FILL [1/1], Ignis/Balthier (FFXII) - PWP
I can't be the only person who sees the similarities. I would just really like to see these two go at it with their accents and poshness colliding. There doesn't have to be a plot, but there can be!
character:ignis  character:other  kink:other  pairing:ignisxother  !filled  !complete 
march 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ignis/Crowd, Mindbreak
I want someone to break Iggy. I want them to slowly break his composure and fuck him silly, until he's their little fucktoy and always getting stuffed full of cock.

+If it's a gang of Daemons
++ If there's sounding involved
!unfilled  character:ignis  character:other  character:any  pairing:ignisxany  pairing:ignisxother  kink:fuck-toy  kink:sounding 
march 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Marlboro/Chocobros, non/dub-con
The boys getting fucked by a Marlboro. Can be the one from in front of the tomb, or any random one. I just need some hot tentacle porn please. <3

+Everything is super slimy
++Those egg sacs
+++Those Marlboro sprouts

(Video for reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3Y54xJ3Jps)
!unfilled  character:other  character:noctis  character:prompto  character:ignis  character:gladiolus  pairing:noctisxother  pairing:promptoxother  pairing:ignisxother  pairing:gladioxother  kink:noncon  kink:dub-con 
march 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ignis/Black Chocobo, egg laying
There's a reason for that chocobo to steal Ignis' specs. He wanted a good lay in the end. KWEH!
!unfilled  character:ignis  character:other  pairing:ignisxother  kink:bestiality  kink:egg-laying 
march 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ignis/his hand (or maybe Ardyn) - discipline
Brace for possibly too kinky content. Ignis craves discipline, but no one is strict enough to do it right... well, except himself. Cue punishments (either as actual punishments, or a treat he gives himself to unwind) involving cock bondage, ritualistic pain vs pleasure (needles in sensitive places?), overwhelming his senses to the point of tears...

In short, Ignis needs breaking occasionally, but like everything in his life, it requires precision. <3
!unfilled  character:ignis  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxignis  kink:other  pairing:ignisxother 
march 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Others/Ignis, Gladio/Ignis + Creepy Noblemen
Okay so we all know Ignis is super attractive and he has the best accent and is overall basically the perfect guy. I'd like a 5+1 type of thing where visiting nobles or just people in general notice Ignis and try to come on to him or take advantage of him.

+10 for protective chocobros
+100 if something loke this happens when Ignis is blind
+1000 throw in a protective Cindy I wanna see some Ignis and Cindy friendship
!unfilled  character:ignis  character:other  pairing:ignisxother  character:gladiolus  pairing:gladioxignis  kink:protectiveness  kink:other 
march 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme

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