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Ardyn/Noctis, Somnus/Noctis business AU
Ardyn and Somnus used to run a business together, but due to their differences of opinion they split the company into two. They've been going strong since then, but Regis is a new player in town with a company that's moving in on their market share. They'd both like to buy Regis out, but he won't sell.

Perhaps the way to change Regis's mind is through gaining the good opinion of his son, who is set to take over sooner rather than later due to Regis's ill health.

+++it starts out just business but turns into Somnus and Ardyn both trying to woo Noctis romantically (or at least get in his pants)
++++Noctis is really playing both of them and is working with his dad on a way to outcompete them both
++++++Noctis does sleep with them both and that's how he gets key information for his corporate takeover

Ardyn and Somnus are brothers but are not related to Regis and Noct please. I'm fine with Ardyn/Somnus in the background too if you want to go there!
!filled  !wip  character:noctis  character:ardyn  character:somnus  pairing:ardynxnoctis  pairing:noctisxsomnus  kink:alternate_universe  kink:business 
june 2019 by ffxvkinkmeme
ardnoct afterlife sex affects the weather
After the end of the game, the living characters are rebuilding and getting their lives back and once again getting adjusted to living in a world lit by the sun. Things are, for the most part, going well...

...except for the freak rainstorms / tornadoes / earthquakes / other random Weather Events which keep occurring.

Weather events which happen to not be the result of actual environmental phenomenon or even the Astrals, but are rather the byproduct of a certain Chosen King and ex-Accursed finally having all the time in the world to have super-passionate super-unfettered afterlife sex

+++The bros/other living characters who knew Noct are 100% aware of what's up
++++++They yell things at the sky ("stop that" or "get it Noct" or w/e depending on the mood) when the weird weather happens
+++++++++++++++++different things happen representing new/different kinks that the reunited pair are trying out in the afterlife. DNW scat or emeto but literally any other kink is fine (+++ for edging/bondage/painplay or bloodplay/omo/spanking or whipping/fucktons of dirty talk/Ardyn giving really good head)
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Ardyn and Noct eventually coming to be worshiped as fertility/erotica/sexual energy gods

DNW angst or anyone actually dying from the weird weather, but shit like Gladio having a bad night camping / Ignis fretting over crop rotations / snow in the middle of summer / comedic screw-ups are fine. Overall comic tone preferred
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:afterlife  kink:weather 
june 2019 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ardyn/Noctis Soft love
For their part in the prophecy the Astrals send both of them back in time. Cue them just being super soft and in love.

*Everyone freaking out when they find them because "Noct that's the damn chancellor of Nifleheim??"
* Demons just disappear one day leaving everyone shocked
* a scene with Ardyn just napping on Noct's lap and Noctis looking at him with a soft smile on his face and running his hands through his hair.
*(Noct stealing the ring and summoning somnus so he can kick him in the balls [it doesn't work, because ghost, but was totally worth it for Ardyns laughter and Somnus and everyone's faces])
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:fluff  kink:love  kink:relationships  kink:time-travel 
may 2019 by ffxvkinkmeme
Noct/Ardyn, size difference + strength kink
Ardyn is tall as fuck and surprisingly built underneath his 8000 scarves and he loves being able to just toss Noct around and lift him up and fuck him against a wall or however else Ardyn wants to take him.

Not looking for dub-con, just mildly hateful PWP; prefer if Noct already knows Ardyn is the Chancellor (you can decide if he knows the whole truth about Ardyn) and just can't help himself. Dick too bomb, as they say.

+ Noct is ashamed of how much he loves getting tossed around
+ Ardyn is surprised by how much Noct wants to get kissed, considering
+ degrading praise, overstimulation, crying from pleasure/pain, Ardyn has crazy stamina
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:size-difference  kink:strength  kink:sthenolagnia 
may 2019 by ffxvkinkmeme
ardnoct(+luna?) as afterlife matchmakers
Post-game, Ardnoct (and Luna if you wanna throw her in and make it OT3) are happy and together in the afterlife. But the other three Chocobros (again, pair or OT3) are still pining and staring longingly at each other

So Ardyn and Noctis decide they will Meddle, and play matchmaker as best they can from the afterlife

+Other dead characters helping/watching/taking bets on whether it will work
+++++++Happy ending
+++++++++++++++++++++the Bros eventually figure out that Noct/Ardyn/everyone else are watching over them, and they are happy about this
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ardyn  character:lunafreya  pairing:ardynxnoctis  pairing:ardynxlunafreyaxnoctis  kink:afterlife  kink:matchmaking 
may 2019 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ardyn/bros, battle of the pet names
The chocobros decide they've had it with all the "dear boy" and "my good gentlemen" and "I've earned the right to call you Noct". So they start giving as good as they get. Every time Ardyn shows up to help or taunt or just to say "hi", they start referring to him by increasingly more ridiculous pet names. Maybe starting with "darling" and "doll" and working their way up to the likes of "honeybunch" and "sugarcube" and "my sweet Niflheim glacier" etc etc

+Gladio using cup-noodle related endearments
+++++One or more of the bros is genuinely attracted to Ardyn, and that starts slipping through in the names/compliments he uses
+++++++++++++++++++Ardyn is genuinely touched and beyond flattered by all of this, whether or not he shows it
++++++++++++++++++++xinfinity for a happy, OT5-flavored ending
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:prompto  character:ignis  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxchocobros  pairing:ot5  pairing:ardynxnoctis  pairing:ardynxprompto  pairing:ardynxignis  pairing:ardynxgladio  kink:names  kink:humor 
april 2019 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ardnoct, taking prophecies literally
Slight-AU where the wording of the prophecy is clearly known: The Accursed will destroy the Chosen King and only then will there be peace

Everyone, Noct himself included, thinks this means that Ardyn has to kill Noct

Cue the Astrals of your choice explaining to them that there is another way - a very literal way. As in, the Accursed can “destroy” the Chosen King with a round of rough, intense sex to mutual completion

+Multiple Astrals get in on the explanation - maybe Genti/Shiva tries to couch it in suggestive terms while Leviathan shouts JUST FUCK ALREADY?

++++++if you do choose to write the actual “destroying”, it is fully consensual with lots of mutual lust/attraction

+++++++++++at some point Noct calls Ardyn beautiful and he is just . Floored.
!filled  !complete  character:noctis  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:alternate_universe  kink:prophecies 
april 2019 by ffxvkinkmeme
Noct/Ardyn, astral plane sex in the crystal
While Noct is in the crystal, he somehow connects with Ardyn's soul and after a while they eventually proceed to have incredible, mind-blowing, scientifically impossible astral plane sex (because the ability to fuck through space and time makes about as much sense as anything else Bahamut ever did).

+ bottom Noct, please, I'm not interested in him topping Ardyn
+ it happens more than once/in multiple ways
+ they start taking advantage of the dreamscape (e.g. Ardyn fucks him in an old Solheim field)
+ Noct is a virgin/inexperienced and Ardyn takes great pleasure in teaching him everything
++++ they end up having sex one last time at the Citadel before the end
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:crystal 
april 2019 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ardyn/ Noctis, arranged marriage
Lucis has been trounced by Niflheim, and to prevent further bloodshed, they have unilaterally surrendered to the empire. As part of the treaty, Noctis is promised to Chancellor Izunia. Ardyn is a perfect gentleman throughout the proceedings, even downright romantic. DNW noncon if sex is involved.

+ Honeymoon sex in inappropriate places.
++ Dark ending with Ardyn manipulating him into fulfilling or failing to fulfill his prophesied role.
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:arranged-marriage  kink:angst 
march 2019 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ardyn/Noctis, Lima syndrome, noncon/dubcon
For whatever reason, Ardyn takes Noctis captive. This is set before Noctis knows about Ardyn's identity/history so he's just freaked out and keeps trying to escape. Noctis can be any age.

All the time spent together and intimacy, and letting Noctis see his true self, starts to affect Ardyn in a Lima syndrome way, and his feelings slowly change from hating Noctis and wanting to hurt him in revenge, to realizing he doesn't want Noctis to die and feeling like Noctis is the only one who understands him, and that he loves him intensely and possessively
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:noncon  kink:dubcon  kink:enemies-to-lovers 
february 2019 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ardyn/ Noct ABO, stealing the crown
AU where Ardyn is a mortal Alpha, and the younger brother of King Regis. The throne is entailed exclusively to Omegas, based on whatever justification- Alphas are too aggressive to rule wisely, religious significance, etc. Embittered by being systematically barred from kingship despite his intelligence and power, Ardyn takes his revenge and seeks to consolidate power from the shadows by seducing and mating Noctis.

DNW straight up noncon (i.e. force, drugging), but this is probably inherently kinda dubcon because of Ardyn's bad intentions.

+ Noct being preciously stupid and defending Ardyn, at least at first
+ Noct getting fucked on the throne
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:abo  kink:throne-sex 
february 2019 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ardyn/Noctis - Accidentally dating the Chancellor of Nifleheim
Noctis meets Ardyn in Insomnia and has no idea who Ardyn is to the Empire. Noctis finds him very attractive ("Prom I'm going to smash that." "Noctis no." "Noctis yes") and Ardyn just finds him amusing and decides to humor him by going on dates with him. Down the road Ardyn decides, you know what? fuck the gods I love this man and proceeds to embrace his relationship.

Eventually Ardyn decides to propose to Noctis. Noct still has no idea who Ardyn is.

Cue the Empire cutting in with the treaty. Except instead of Luna it just says he has to marry the Chancellor.

+ If Noct actually finds it really funny when he finds out who exactly the chancellor is and is just like "Okay what ever" about it confusing everyone.
++ He literally kisses Ardyn when he arrives in the Citadel in full view of everyone.
+++ "So I guess I'll take Izunia as a last name then." "Ah well, about that love."
++++ Protective and Possessive Ardyn.

I just want super fluff. pls,,, my ardynoct crops are dying.
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:fluff  kink:dating  kink:accident 
february 2019 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ardyn/Noct or Gen, Kind!Ardyn
AU where Noct is separated from his friends after the fall of Insomnia. He fights his way through the desert searching for them, and ends up being rescued by a man who lives in a small house that seems strangely unbothered by daemons, despite the fact that it has no electricity. The stranger heals his wounds, feeds him, assures him of his safety... and just so happens to be the Accursed, the man Noct is destined to kill.
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ardyn  pairing:gen  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:kindness 
february 2019 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ardyn/Noctis, Weapon/Pet Noctis
Noctis was abducted as a baby and kept as weapon by Niffs. He’s forced to undergo painful tests and training. Ardyn is the only one that is actually kind to Noctis so naturally Noctis develops a deep affection for Ardyn. Ardyn just loves to play with his pet.

+Lots of Ardyn petting Noctis and being gentle.
+Noctis willing to do whatever Ardyn wants, which is the total opposite of how he is with anyone else. Ardyn’s presence is required for things like medical exams.
+Noctis is forced to wear a magic inhibiting collar that Ardyn removes whenever they are alone.

Noctis should be no younger than 17 for sexual content.
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:pet-play  kink:experimentation  kink:weapons 
january 2019 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ardyn/Noct - 12 Days of Ridiculously Extravagant Gift-Giving
Because I think I've heard at least 6 different versions of the 12 Days of Christmas at work today, and the thought occurred to me that Ardyn is absolutely the type of troll to send Noctis 12 drummers, 11 pipers, 10 male gymnasts, 9 female dancers, 8 dairy farmers, 7 swans, 6 geese, 5~ gold~ rings~, 4 birds, 3 hens, 2 turtledoves, and a partridge in a fucking pear tree.
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:gift 
january 2019 by ffxvkinkmeme
Noct/Ardyn, surprisingly nice sex
Noct kinda expects Ardyn to be a dick about it when Noct propositions him, kinda mean, maybe a bit degrading, definitely condescending; he definitely isn't expecting Ardyn to be so damn nice to him in bed. (Redeemed!Ardyn? AU where he isn't a bag of garbage? I'm sure you can think of something to make it not completely OOC haha.)

+ praise so complimentary and effusive ("sweet boy," "lovely," "beautiful") Noct has to tell him to shut up
+ Noct wants it rough but Ardyn gives it to him so slow he ends up begging
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:caring  kink:gentle-sex 
january 2019 by ffxvkinkmeme
Noct/Ardyn or Noct/Luna - Cheesy made-for-TV Christmas movie tropes
(lifted from a description of a x-mas movie I've never seen):

A groom-to-be (Noct) scrambles to make it to Altissia for Christmas*, but begins to wonder if he’s marrying the right person after meeting a cynical man (Ardyn) in Galdin.


*not actual Christmas please, unless it's a modern AU. If it takes place in game verse, please make up a winter holiday.

(also despite the description I don't want any Luna bashing or anti-het/female character sentiments please)
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ardyn  character:lunafreya  pairing:ardynxnoctis  pairing:lunafreyaxnoctis  kink:tropes  kink:christmas 
december 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ardyn/Noctis + Regis, Catching them together
Like the title implies, Regis catches Ardyn and Noctis in a compromising situation (Kissing? Fucking? Acting suspiciously familiar towards each other?). What happens next? How does he react?

I don't mind whether the Ardynoct is actually shippy or a just sex kind of thing. Bottom Noctis is preferred if any sexual acts are involved. Would also prefer if Noctis is 18+.

DNWs - Noncon, character deaths
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ardyn  character:regis  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:caught-having-sex  kink:caught 
december 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Noctis and Ardyn fuse after death; Reincarnation AU
After Ardyn and Noctis are both dead, Ignis, Gladio, and Prompto walk inside the Citadel after the sun rises to collect Noct's body. There they find a man collapsed in the throne room that looks suspiciously like Noctis but... different. He's got black hair with red curls on the ends, one eye is a deep blue the other is a bright yellow and his voice doesn't sound quite right.

It takes everyone a few minutes to figure everything out but they eventually piece together that Ardyn and Noctis fused together into a single person after their 'deaths'. Now they have to figure out what they're going to do now, or if they can fix this.

+ Noctis/Ardyn both have control over their body, just not at the same time. Their behavior rapidly changes depending on Ardyn or Noct's mood or feelings, which can get confusing depending on who their talking to.
++++ Noctis and Ardyn can communicate with each other in their minds, like their own private little space to discuss things
+++++ Ardyn and Noctis both get to share their views of the world with each other (Noctis sharing his views on his friends, family, and the kingdom while Ardyn shares his hardships and his bitterness over his life) which helps them get a better understanding of each other
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:reincarnation  kink:alternate_universe 
december 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ardyn/Noctis, Noct reminds Ardyn of Somnus
Noct comes onto Ardyn, and Ardyn, in a moment of spite at the world at large, agrees. They're really starting to get into it when Ardyn can't stop noticing how like Somnus Noct is, at least in terms of appearance, and he starts... getting a little rough.

Noct loves it. Ardyn's having a total emotional break while slamming Noct facefirst into the mattress, and Noct is just lost in the sensation... Up until he feels the first of Ardyn's tears hit his shoulder.
!filled  character:noctis  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:other  kink:relationships 
december 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ardyn/Regis, Ardyn/ Noctis, hatesex
Ardyn gets out of astral jail and goes straight for Regis, seeking revenge, but he didn't expect Regis to be so damn attractive, or for the act of fighting to be so thrilling. Cue hatesex on the roof of the Citadel, and an unspoken promise never to talk about it again.

Then Ardyn meets Noct. And they have (onesided--Noct probably doesn't hate him yet) hatesex in Ardyn's car, and Ardyn can't help but note the similarities/differences between the two.
!unfilled  character:ardyn  character:regis  character:noctis  pairing:ardynxnoctis  pairing:ardynxregis  kink:hatesex 
december 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ardyn/Noctis, noncon, forced orgasm, virgin!Noct
For some reason, Noct is forced to have sex or is raped by Ardyn. The worst part is, Ardyn makes it feel really good for Noct, and this is the first time Noct's ever experienced such pleasure with another person. Ardyn makes all sorts of shaming comments during about how it's not really rape since Noct came and looks to be enjoying himself etc., and Noct is humiliated and hates/blames himself for it.

If you want to extend it further, maybe Noct can't stop thinking about it and masturbating, and then more noncon/sex keeps happening, and Noct enjoys it each time until it gets to the point where he's barely putting up a fight except for show.
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:noncon  kink:virginity 
december 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ardyn/Noct & past Ardyn/everyone - Ardyn the immortal sex “god”
Word gets around to Noct that Ardyn is amazing in bed. The best anyone’s ever had (cue embarrassed mumbling from one or all of Noct’s friends; they’ve experiences this firsthand apparently) and Noct wants in on that action.

Maybe this takes place during WoR and one of the embarrasses people is Cor? Doesn’t matter.

I just want Ardyn to unleash 2000 years of sexual knowledge on Noct. No “on screen” banging except for Ardynoct (aside from maybe a flashback/retelling getting interrupted by Noct - “Wait, he put his tongue WHERE?!” etc)
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:experience  kink:hook-up 
december 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Dom!Noctis/sub!Ardyn - Noct gives Ardyn what he craves
idk The thought just popped into my head of like... Ardyn being an extremely frustrated sub, because after 2000 years of being a vessel for the Scourge he can't actually feel anything anymore. Certainly not pain, if he was able to walk off being shot in the head like nothing happened.

But then I thought of the "Your attack hurt me. My feelings, at least" line and, idk...

I guess what I'm looking for is like... Noct Domming Ardyn via a more.... cerebral experience? Like, role-playing via storytelling or dirty talk to either get Ardyn going or to get him into subspace. Taking Ardyn apart and putting him back together without needing to hurt him.
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:ds  kink:sub!ardyn  kink:dom!noctis 
november 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Noct/Ardyn - omen!Noct keeps Ardyn as his pet
and/or sex slave. >D

(Ardyn pushes Noct too far and instead of getting the death he’s wanted for 2000 years he makes Noct into something worse than The Accursed)
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:omen!noct  kink:pet-play  kink:sex-slave 
october 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Dad!Ardyn, kidnapped Prince
Shortly after his birth, Prince Noctis is kidnapped by Ardyn, who was planning on killing the child, but realized shortly before bringing the knife down that just being near the young child makes his mind quiet, and the pain of all of the daemons bearable. How could he have ever considered killing this innocent child for something that was long ago written out of history?

So he takes the child to raise as his own. He won’t let the young prince be raised for slaughter, or become a pawn in anyone’s games.
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:kidnapping 
october 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ardyn/Noctis - shaving kink
I suppose this works better with older Noct but my preference is for younger Noct.

I just want Ardyn shaving Noct with a straight razor. With lots of tension as to whether he’s going to cut Noct.

Bonus (but optional) points for body hair shaving as well.
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:shaving 
october 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
I wish I had some kind of cool plot to go along withe the prompt title but what it boils down to is i want Noct to get fucked real good by sex-demon Ardyn lol
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:incubi  kink:monster 
october 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ardyn/Noctis, Prisoner!Ardyn
Ardyn's immortal life has been spent as a prisoner deep inside the Citadel. Only the Kings of Lucis know who and what he is. One day, Prince Noctis discovers a secret passage down into Ardyn's cell...
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:prisoner  kink:incarceration 
september 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
CRACK, Noctis challenges Ardyn to a dance-off
Becaiuse that's where my brain went someone mentioned Gaurdians of the Galaxy on the meme.
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:dancing  kink:crack 
september 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Noct/Ardyn, sex pollen [dub-con]
No omegaverse, please. On a hunt, Noct gets separated from the group and then gets sex pollened by some native flora. Who should show up but the Chancellor of fucking Niflheim, so generously offering to help him out.

+ Noct tries his hardest to tough it out and not give in
+ bottom Noct getting turned into a sobbing, begging mess
+ he comes untouched but the pollen's effect doesn't abate until like 3-4 orgasms later
+ Ardyn has crazy stamina/magical Scourge dick that stays hard forever
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:dubcon  kink:sex-pollen 
september 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Gen or Noct/Ardyn, Noct runs away and Ardyn takes him in
At some point in Noct's early childhood, Regis tells Noct the truth about his fate and Noct runs away, evading any and all attempts to find him and taking on a new identity as a street kid. Who does manage to find him, however, is Ardyn . . . who instantly recognizes Noct and decides to take him under his wing, without telling Noct who he really is.

This prompt is pretty open-ended: whether Ardyn "adopts" Noct or just checks in on him every now and then like the worst fairy godmother is up to you. This can potentially run the gamut from gen to paternal (Ardyn gets to know the kid and regrets one day having to kill him?) to badwrong shippy (16+ please for any actual sex).

+ Ardyn's POV preferred
+ he pretends not to know Noct is the crown prince
+ he also taunts Regis by telling him he's found his son
+ every few years there's a revival of interest in the lost prince of Lucis
+ Noct befriends Prompto somehow and Ardyn is secretly jealous
+ Noct's horrified sense of betrayal when Ardyn reveals he's the Accursed
++++ if you're going the smut route, bottom Noct who's had some experience
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ardyn  pairing:gen  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:runaway  character:regis  kink:rescue  kink:family-relationship 
september 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ardyn/Noctis, Final Phase Devolves Into Hate Sex
Exactly what it says, the final third phase of their final battle devolves into some tired but rough sex right there on the courtyard.

+fully consensual (it doesn't matter who initiates it, just so they're both into it)
+they treat it as just another battle (as a way to avoid enjoying it and/or developing feelings perhaps?)
+voyeur Kings of Lucis kinda letting it happen cuz they don't really know what else to do about it.
!unfilled  character:ardyn  character:noctis  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:hatesex  kink:hate-sex  kink:rough-sex 
september 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ardyn/Noct - Modern AU..... kind of? Meeting in modern day.
Ardyn waits and waits for the ~Chosen King~ to appear.

He waits long enough that he line of Lucis crumbles under invasion or what-have-you. The last of his bloodline is apparently gone. Ardyn loses it, unleashes the Scourge and eternal night on Eos.

People die, but then people adapt. Science stuff happens, breakthroughs are made, and humanity is eventually able to contain the Scourge and the daemons.

Years pass, civilization changes. Daemons become something like dinosaurs; something people know about, but have never seen in living memory.

And Ardyn remains, bitter af and unable to die.

And then.... *hand-waves* The Chosen King walks into his life. Noct, who has power he is unaware of.

(Okay it totally tickes my fancy to imagine Noct as an escort Ardyn hires for the night, because he’s bored. But honestly it’s up to you how they meet)

(NOT a reincarnation AU please!)
!filled  character:noctis  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:alternate_universe  kink:modern-au 
september 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ignis/Noctis, one-sided Ardyn/Noctis - Kidnapped AU
Ignis and Noctis are childhood friend which grew to love, now they are engaged to soon reunite two kingdom. King Ardyn came visit give the gifted for the royal couple as congratulations of there engagement but his intention are completely different.

Ardyn came to visit to see if the rumour are true of Noctis's beauty and once he saw Noctis kind smile he develop lust for Noctis and kidnapped him. Once, Ignis raged when he find out who kidnapped Noctis, he declared war to Ardyn and bring back Noctis now what matter it cause.
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ignis  pairing:ignisxnoctis  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:kidnapping  kink:alternate_universe 
september 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ardyn/Noct - Chess game in the park
idk I’m picturing Ardyn as this eccentric loner just sitting staring at a chess board wearing glasses and Noct sitting down to play against him after seeing him a few times.

Can be modern AU, reincarnation AU, or pre-canon.
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:game  kink:alternate_universe 
september 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ardyn/Noct - Stubble
idk, I'm in the mood to read something sexy involving Ardyn's stubble and how it feels against Noct's skin ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:stubble  kink:facial-hair  kink:sensation-play 
september 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ardyn/Noctis Tokyo Babylon AU
ok kids who else remembers Tokyo Babylon?

Noctis is the 114th heir of the Lucis line of mediums. He uses his magic to help people fight off the daemons that attack them. The enemy of the Lucis line is the immortal assassin Starscourge.

As a child, Noctis meets the Starscourge and the scourge decides to make a bet with him. He'll live with Noctis for a year, and if Noctis can make him feel love, he'll let him go; otherwise he'll kill him. He erases Noct's memory of the meeting.

Years later, Noctis meets an eccentric but friendly man named Ardyn Izunia.

+++Ardyn helping Noct kill daemons while hiding his powers, because he can't let anyone ELSE kill Noctis
+++++++Ardyn pulling all of Seishirou's over the top flirtation off and constantly flirting with Noct
!filled  !wip  character:noctis  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:alternate_universe 
september 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ardyn/Noct - Ardyn stops time to fuck a frozen Noct
Ardyn stopping time and indulging in a nice slow fuck as often and for how long as he likes.

Noct can't figure where his sudden boners/spontaneous ejaculations are coming from or why his ass hurts all the time.
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:time-travel  kink:anal-sex  kink:sex  kink:stop-time 
august 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ardyn/fem-Noct (or trans Noct) - Licked to orgasm
I just want Ardyn holding Noct’s legs open and licking Noct’s pussy and clit until orgasm (and then he keeps on going).

Prefer fem Noct but trans Noct is fine too.
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxnoctis  character:fem!noctis  kink:transgender  kink:cunnilingus 
august 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ardyn/Noct - daemon king/fae prince
But NOCT is the daemon king and Ardyn is the faerie prince.

(Because let’s be real, Ardyn’s outfit is something straight out of the seelie court lol)
!unfilled  character:ardyn  character:noctis  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:daemon  kink:royalty 
august 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ardyn/Noctis - harem au
Somehow Noctis time travel 2,000 years back and somehow attracted by Ardyn and desire get Noctis no matter what. While Noctis trying to figure out get back to his own time and dodging Ardyn advance but failing badly.
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:harem  kink:alternate_universe 
august 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ardyn/Noct - Hand feeding
I just want Noct kneeling and Ardyn hand-feeding him.

+ Bonus points if Noct is wearing a collar/chains (but not necessary)
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:hand-feed 
august 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ardyn/Noctis, Corruption
Based on this art by Doomherald on Tumblr: https://doomherald.tumblr.com/post/155412929052/soon-it-will-be-within-your-grasp

Basically, Ardyn manages to break and corrupt Noctis.

Up to anon which methods he uses. I’m fine with torture (mental and physical), non-con, etc.

If there’s sex involved, DNW: Bathroom stuff, pet play, mommy/daddy play
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:corruption 
august 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Noct/Ardyn, vampire AU
The Lucis Caelums are vampires, Ardyn and Noct are vampires, they get it on. I'm good with anything with this premise, honestly, as long as there's sexy bloodsucking involved (recs are more than welcome). Maybe Ardyn is Noct's sire and turns him because only a vamp can kill another vamp?? Or an Interview With The Vampire AU, or maybe the Starscourge is vampirism, etc.

+ vampires are technically dead
+ feeding together in a sexy way
+ blood as lube, bottom Noct
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:alternate_universe  kink:vampire  kink:vampires  kink:blood 
august 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ardyn/Noctis - Mafia AU
Regis has debt to pay from the leader of the Mafia, Ardyn. Since it taking too long for the debt to be pay, Ardyn kidnap Regis's son, Noctis. Unfortunately, Noctis luck, Ardyn take interest of Noctis.
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:alternate_universe  kink:mafia 
august 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ardyn/Noct - Sex on the beach at Galdin Quay
The guys are camping at the haven outside Galdin because they're so broke they can't even afford the camper. Everyone else has gone to sleep, but Noct can't get settled. So he goes for a moonlit swim or walk on the beach to clear his thoughts.

And he runs into the strange man of no consequences from the day before.

And then bad-decision sex happens? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Bonus points for skinny dipping
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:sex  kink:beach-sex  kink:hook-up 
august 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Girl!Noct/Ravus, Loqi, and/or Ardyn angry sex with the enemy
I'm in the mood for some girl!Noctis angry sex. Why is she fucking the enemy? Hatesex, arranged marriage, dubcon, sex pollen, idk that's up to you I'm happy with any of them as long as she's both turned on and pissed off about it.

++++enemy of your choice eating her out before or after they fuck her
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ravus  character:loqi  character:ardyn  character:fem!noctis  pairing:noctisxravus  pairing:noctisxloqi  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:hatesex  kink:arranged-marriage  kink:dubcon  kink:sex-pollen  kink:angst 
august 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Noct/Ardyn + Ignis, forced exhibitionism [dub-con]
I dunno, I just had the mental image of Ardyn fucking Noct in front of newly-blind Ignis and Noct trying his best not to make any noise even though it feels good and/or hurts???? I have no idea how this would even happen, maybe they're fucking in the woods and Ignis stumbles upon them, or Ardyn sneaks into the tent when everyone is sleeping or something idk.

+ Noct comes but Ardyn keeps fucking him and it Hurts
+ up to you if Ignis figures out what's up or not
+ shades of Noct/Ignis are more than okay
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ardyn  character:ignis  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:exhibitionism  kink:angst  kink:dubcon 
august 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ardyn/Noctis, Panties
Noctis really likes the feel of a good pair of panties. Ardyn really likes the sight.
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:panties  kink:lingerie  kink:clothing 
august 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ardyn/Noct - Coffee shop AU - Rival shop owners
Ardyn’s the owner of some eccentric and moody hole in the wall been there forever coffee shop. He has a dedicated clientele of locals, the type of hidden gem you only find by word of mouth, and that’s the way he likes it.

Then a fucking cafe cafe opens up shop next door/across the street/below his shop, and its RUINING ARDYNS AESTHETIC because now he has people wandering on their way to or coming from there asking for his ~wifi password~ and does he sell a spicy pumpkin thing etc

Worse of all, the owner of the cat cafe is a guileless boy... who is INSANELY ATTRACTIVE, oh no~
!filled  !complete  character:noctis  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:coffee  kink:alternate_universe  kink:rivalry 
august 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ardyn/Noct - mpreg, abo - omega!Ardyn impregnated by alpha!Noct
(Same anon as above lol)

Wouldn’t it just be a kick in the pants if The Accursed got knocked up by the Chosen King of Light?

What if Ardyn thought it was impossible for him to get pregnant? After 2000 years of sleeping around and no baby, he figured he was barren. He hasn’t had a heat in millennia... until Noct triggers the mother of all heats and he wakes up 3 days later to discover that not only had he been in heat but he’d been thoroughly fucked by his arch nemesis (who is kind and trying to be a gentleman about it, damn him).

The only way this could possibly be worse was if Ardyn ended up with child. Thankfully that was impossible...
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:abo 
august 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Noct/Ardyn - Immortal recluse Ardyn falls in love with Noct
Or something like that?

I just have this image in my head of Ardyn being like this... immortal weirdo that just happened to be living in Niflheim long enough that he’s got an office in the capitol building and an official title that he ignores in favour of restoring old artwork or ancient tablets (because the Nifs discovered he can keep the daemons/scourge under control and they want to keep him happy).

Anyway. Noct and his dad come to Gralea for some kind of official visit and Ardyn’s Chosen One senses started tingling and he’s like... holy shot, is it that time already? (Basically he got into the equivalent of a creative groove and ignored the world for a couple hundred years more than he thought he had lol)

And then... *hand waves* they hook up? Because reasons?
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:fall_in_love 
august 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ardyn & Noctis, cuddling
Ardyn pops in as Noctis is having a vulnerable moment. Ardyn is his usual charming self and instead of snapping back, Noctis goes in for a cuddle. Ardyn is extremely disturbed to finding himself hugging back.
!filled  !complete  character:noctis  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:cuddling 
august 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ardyn/Noct - Modern AU: Ardyn is a serial rapist
By day he's the Chancellor of the University of Insomnia, by night he's a serial rapist that the Internet has dubbed "The Trash Lord," because of his penchant for dumping his victims in trash bins after he's done with them, and also because of a grainy security cam photo of him in a trench coat and fedora.

And now he has his sights set on Noctis, the young heir of Caelum Enterprises, a multi-billion gil internet security firm (useless worldbuilding headcanon: their claim to fame was the first 100% reliable firewall, dubbed "The Caelum Wall").
!unfilled  character:ardyn  character:noctis  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:rape  kink:noncon  kink:alternate_universe 
july 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ardyn/Noct - Ardyn gives Noct the dicking of his life
Okay so maybe it starts off a little dubcon-y. Maybe it's a situation where Noct feels like he HAS to have sex with Ardyn (to secure safe passage for his friends?)

Anyway. Basically what I'm looking to read is fantastically rough sex that is exceptionally good. Basically Noct being a slut for Ardyn's cock once things get going and Noct realizes Ardyn isn't going to hurt him (Ardyn would rather make him come undone via pleasure) and he can relax and let it happen.

But this is important: I don't want him to feel bad about enjoying it or fight the pleasure. Yeah, he knows that Ardyn is a sleaze and he shouldn't be as into it as he is, but he's NEVER been giving such a good and thorough fucking as he's getting from Ardyn (or ever, if you want him to be a virgin before this), so he tells that part of his brain to shut the fuck up and enjoy the ride.

Bonus points if Noct thanks him for it in the afterglow, and means it.

Double bonus points f Ardyn ruins it by being his usual charming self lol

Triple bonus points if Noct was really loud and all the guys heard him.
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:sex  kink:anal-sex  kink:rough-sex 
july 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ardyn/Noct - Noct breaks Ardyn with kindness
Because I saw a post on Tumblr that reminded me about how much I love that trope, about characters who view themselves as monsters being treated gently or with kindness for the first time in a very long time, or ever.

("Breaks" him in the sense of an emotional release, not mindbreak lol)
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:kindness 
july 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ardyn/Noct Older friend/Mentor
Ardyn and Noct are friends who go out for dinner occasionally. Ardyn is the older, wiser friend/mentor who gives Noct advice and pays for dinner because he's older and rich. Could even be the family friend Noct turns to when he's in trouble.

Everyone thinks they're dating despite Noct insisting they're just friends. Everyone thinks Noct has a sugar daddy and do not approve.

They can be really dating or not, just friends who trolls everyone around them.
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxnoctis  pairing:gen  kink:friendship 
july 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ardyn/Noct - Ardyn is a genie that Noct accidentally lets out of his lamp
idk Maybe instead of being locked up in angelgard Ardyn got sentenced to a life of servitute to the Caelum family line and was trapped inside a magic lamp.

But years passed between “uses”, because maybe he made himself a reputation of being more of a trickster, or finding loopholes to work around the commands, that people stop using him and eventually he gets forgotten.

Until 2000 years later, a curious Noctis discovers him (and wishes for a friend? y/n?)
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:genie  kink:magic 
july 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ardyn/Noct, undercover at BDSM event
Ardyn decides to "help" the bros find Caligo again by inviting them to a special ball held by higher ups but oops he only has one extra invite OOPS it's a masked ball OH DEAR LOOKS LIKE IT'S A BDSM EVENT

Noct goes as his plus one because he's the strongest fighter in the team. Also, he's the only one who fits the leather ensemble Ardyn rented for the night. Of course he has to pretend to be Ardyn's sub...

And then sexual tension happens and they fuck?!? Maybe in public???? Idk I want Noct realizing he has so many new kinks all while Ardyn is holding the other end of his leash.
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:bdsm  kink:undercover 
july 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ardyn/Noct - Fucking leads to...
idk where I’m going with this, except the passing thought that The Accursed and The Chosen King of light having sex could lead to magical shenanigans.

Whether that’s evil shenanigans (ie the Scourgepocalypse), or good shenanigans (Noct’s inner goodness/light heals Ardyn) is up to you.

Either way, the gods do not want it to happen.
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:sex  kink:magic  kink:shenanigans 
july 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ardyn/Noct - Hate sex
Man, I am thirsty af for Ardynoct atm and I have read through all of my bookmarks. I just wanna read about Noct and Ardyn having really hot and passionate hate sex.

Anyone remember that trope? That fighting-leads-to-fucking, because emotions running high mixed with pre-existing sexual tension, and “Make me”, and biting and scratching and wrestling to get the upper hand, and sassy dialogue mixed with “I fucking hate you” etc??
!filled  !complete  character:noctis  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:hate-sex  kink:hatesex 
july 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ardyn/Chocobros: AU, ritual sacrifice turned husband
Inspired from the Ardyn/Noct ritual sex sacrifice from the last round.

Accursed/Vampire lord/whatever Ardyn has been ruling for 2000 years and demands sacrifices for reasons. Every couple hundred years Ardyn gets a sacrifice he really, really likes and shares a bit of his power with them so they can live together as husbands/lovers for eternity.

Cue one of the Chocobros being sacrificed to Ardyn. Instead Ardyn wants to seduce and add him to his collection of husbands, who happen to be the remaining three Chocobros.

+ The newest sacrifice can be anyone
+ Go wild with the pairings! It doesn't have to just be Ardyn/sacrifice, maybe Ardyn's husbands have their own reasons for seducing the sacrifice.
+++ The Chocobros are NOT slaves/captives. Ardyn encourages them to explore and have their own hobbies. They truly love each other.

DNW: Noncon. Dubcon is okay, because a sacrifice isn't going to have a lot of say in this situation but Ardyn isn't going to force them.
!unfilled  character:ardyn  character:chocobro  pairing:ardynxnoctis  pairing:ardynxprompto  pairing:ardynxignis  pairing:ardynxgladio  kink:alternate_universe  kink:sacrifice  kink:marriage 
july 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ardyn/Bros, Omega Ardyn goes into heat in the caravan
Ardyn's an omega who hasn't has a heat in decades, maybe centuries, and thinks he's moved beyond his biology. He's not worried about spending a night in a caravan with four hot blooded young alphas, because nothing's going to happen, right?

Except, after being around the bros, Ardyn goes into heat. Hard. And it falls to the bros to handle it.

Discussion of breeding/pregnancy are fine but would prefer if Ardyn couldn't actually get pregnant.
!unfilled  character:chocobro  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxnoctis  pairing:ardynxprompto  pairing:ardynxignis  pairing:ardynxgladio  kink:abo  kink:heat 
july 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ardyn/Noct - “Oh no, he’s hot.”
Ardyn has been read for 2000 years to Fuck Shit Up and ruin the life of ~The King of the Stone~

... and then he sees how hot Noct is and gets a crush on the damn Chosen One.
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:crushes 
june 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ardyn/Noctis ritual sex sacrifice + degrading praise
In every generation, a virgin sacrifice is given to the Accursed to appease him by warming his bed so he will keep the scourge and daemons away from Lucis. According to prophecy, some day the perfect sacrifice, known as the king of light, will be found and the world will be free of the scourge forever.

Noctis is prepared from birth to be his generation's sacrifice, but there are whispers that the crystal has declared him the king of light.

+++sleazy and kinda creepy Ardyn, at least at first (dubcon ok but not noncon, Noct is a willing sacrifice)
+++++degrading praise from Ardyn like "you were made to be fucked" and similar, basically Ardyn is super taken with Noct and Noct has been trained for pleasure his whole life
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:ritual-sex  kink:degradation  kink:sacrifice 
june 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ardyn/Noctis - guardian angel au
Noctis has to travel back 2000 years and help Ardyn and prevent him becoming The Accursed. The astrals decide Noctis turn him into a guardian angel and guide him and help Ardyn.

+100 somehow they got into danger and Adryn is injury. Noctis decide revealed himself as a angel.
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:guardian-angel  kink:time-travel 
june 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Crack, Ardyn/Noctis, deus sex machina
I swear I wasn't browsing tvtropes when I came up with this! Okay maybe I was, don't judge me

A cracky fix-it where Noctis just fucks the daemons out of Ardyn. Noct can be top or bottom and it goes either way:

He's top and pulls the classic "literally fucks the daemons out of Ardyn"

He's bottom and takes in Ardyn's "daemon juices" through his cum, purifying him that way (Noct is not daemonified because he purifies everything)

This does not have to be taken seriously. They can all totally point out how ridiculous this is.
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:demons  kink:magic-sex  kink:humor  kink:other 
june 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
dom!Ardyn/sub!Noct - 5 times Noct resists
+ 1 time he submits

(Figured I’d job on the D/s bandwagon with my fav pairing now that the fandom’s warmed up to it haha)
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:domination  kink:submission  kink:ds 
june 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ardynoct - Witches AU
2000 years ago Ardyn was burned at the stake for being a witch that claimed to speak to gods and brought the plague of the Scourge to his village (dumb superstitious fucks wouldn’t let him heal their children and yet it was his fault when they died etc)

Now Noct is getting headaches and visions and the gods are talking straight to his brain and holy hell Noct, buddy, people are staring, we better get out of here. Oh, the strange guy from the quay happens to be here offering to help. How fortuitous.

(This prompt is a mess, sorry. Just.... Ardyn and Noct.... as witches. Yes)
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:witchcraft  kink:alternate_universe 
june 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ardyn/Noctis, incubus ardyn
It takes a lot of energy to be a walking trash bag of daemons, and Ardyn gets that energy from fucking people. Generally, as long as they're adults, the younger the better

and the chosen king is the tastiest morsel he's seen in a while
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:incubi 
june 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ardynoct or Ardynis - mpreg kink
Ardyn has Noct or Ignis as a “kept boy” used for sex and gets off on the idea of impregnating him and keeping him constantly with child.

++ no intersex/trans omega’s
++ his mate finds it horrifying yet ashamedly hot
++ Ardyn uses magic to give his mate a uterus and ovaries
++ telling his mate he is blessed to carry Ardyn’s children
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ignis  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxnoctis  pairing:ardynxignis  kink:mpreg  kink:dubcon  kink:noncon 
june 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ardyn/Noctis & Glauca/Nyx, Spoils of War
Niflheim is victorious.

Noctis is claimed by Ardyn. Glauca takes Nyx for himself.

+100 Ardyn and Glauca being really possessive
+1000 Noctis - Nyx bonding (no romance, just being there for each other)

DNW: extreme physical abuse
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ardyn  character:glauca  character:nyx  pairing:ardynxnoctis  pairing:nyxxglauca  kink:war-prize 
may 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Ardyn!Regis/Noctis, Incest, Noncon
Going to hell ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
Ardyn takes on the appearance of Regis and regularly visits Noctis to molest/groom him. Actual!Regis still acts totally normal although they don’t spend much time together as per usual. Noctis becomes paranoid but the others don’t know what’s going on. Maybe Ardyn even pretends to be Ignis or Gladio on occasion as well. Noctis is getting badtouch!Dad more often than he does good/normal Dad, but fuck if he isn’t willing to suck it up and take whatever he can get just to have more time together, and not risk losing the few occasions his dad is kind by denying him.
!unfilled  character:ardyn  character:regis  character:noctis  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:incest  kink:noncon 
may 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
Gladnoct or Ardynoct, radio!AU
Noctis stays up late to listen to a radio channel where the host reads love letters (from person X to person Z) and poetry, and gives advice to people who call him. That guy speaks a little about himself too and Noctis is slowly falling in love with him and with that voice.

Noctis called a few times (he could swear the host was flirting with him) and he writes a love letter by hand and some time later some stranger/friend of Noctis' friends recognizes his handwriting and turns out to be that host.

+ I'm okay with making this NSFW. Just no bathroom stuff, please.
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:gladiolus  character:ardyn  pairing:gladioxnoctis  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:alternate_universe 
may 2018 by ffxvkinkmeme
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