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Ardyn/Many Ardyn/Prompto Daemon have soulmates
So Like, Ardyn is a mass of billions of deamons right? So what if Daemons had soulmates?

Give me a journey of Ardyn accidentally finding the soulmate of some of his Daemons throughout his long lonely life -that is not quite alone after sharing his life with the several soulmates he has found. Give me an Ardyn that still has a soft spot for humanity -only the humans that are fated to be the soulmates of the daemons he carries though.

Give me an Ardyn that is not insane, but still very bitter and planning vague vengeance upon the people who betrayed him.

And give me an Ardyn that finds that Prompto Argentum is one of his soulmates and scurried him out of Niflheim (to Accordo maybe?) in order to protect him. Give me an Ardyn that is confused because he knows Prompto is a soulmate, but can't identify which daemon he belongs to -and then he finds out that Prompto is not a daemon's soulmate, but the Soulmate of Ardyn Lucis Caelum.

Make it sweet. Make it cracky and funny. Have fun. Make it a rom-com trainwreck if you want. If tragedy still strikes make it bittersweet, with a hopeful end.

+10 if the soulmate identifier is a stylized name and Prompto can't read his because it is in Solheim and Ardyn can't understand his because it is a mess of serial numbers.
+100 if one of the previous soulmates was a chocobo (there is no wrong way to love a chocobo amrite?)
+150 Relationship advisor!Ifrit with all the dramatic flares you can heap on (He probably writes best seller bodice ripper novels on his free time)
+1000 Noctis wondering if Prompto having Ardyn's son will give him a ticket out of being King. (Ignis is so, so horrified at this obvious failure on the Prince's education)
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