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Ardyn/Any or Gen, Great-great-etc Grandpa Ardyn?
Potential ep Ardyn prologue spoilers:

Before everything went to hell and Ardyn got shipped off to Angelgard, he and the Oracle had a baby.

Sometime after Ardyn escapes, he finds out that the empire has just killed Sylva Nox Fleuret. He comes to visit Luna and Ravus, and he is shocked to find that they look oddly familiar. Ardyn takes them both under his wing, and they form their own strange sort of family.
!unfilled  character:ardyn  character:any  pairing:gen  pairing:ardynxany  kink:family-relationship 
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Ardyn + monster children
Basically, either abo/scourge/etc gives Ardyn the ability to have kids (maybe he's even able to reproduce because of the daemons, but doesn't even need a partner, a bit like propagation in plants)
However, most of his offsprings turn to be half-daemons/semi-sentinent monsters... He loves them nonetheless, but they roam Eos in the dark, wary of hunters, and he hasn't seen some of them in centuries.

Dunno, just want some odd-style angsty monster dad Ardyn pls ♥
!unfilled  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxany  kink:family-relationship  kink:children 
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