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Lunafreya - Gen or Luna/Nyx, Non-binary/Genderfluid
I would love and give a million cupcakes to anyone who wrote something where Luna is non-binary, preferably genderfluid. I don't really have any more specific prompts in mind, but I do want something in there about Luna's struggles to figure it out or accept it.

Timeline can also be whenever, and you can AU it up some, like maybe everyone lives at the end, or the war/peace treaty sham never happened... I just would prefer if the basic canon were still there, like magic/the Crytal exists, Noct is the prince, Luna is the oracle etc. You can also just keep it canon and set it pre-game, that's okay too.

Pairings are optional, I'm partial to Luna/Nyx, but also like Luna/Noct and Luna/Noct/Prompto. I do ask that if there are pairings or other people, that the others are cisgender, because I would like to see other people being supportive and understanding of Luna without coming from a place of personal experience.

If anyone writes this you have my eternal gratitude and will probably make my whole year :D
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