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Promptis, Nature Documentary
Prompto and Noct start uploading videos when they're in high school in the vein of nature documentaries, showcasing local dogs or cats they run across. Eventually, Prompto starts narrating about Noct as though he's a subject of the show ("Here we see the Prince Noctis in his natural habitat. He must engage in at least three hours of gaming per day to survive.")

Noct thinks this is hilarious, so they decide to take the documentary to the Citadel, following people around and pretending to be super enthusiastic nature documentarians.

+ they shove the camera right up in Cor's face in an attempt to catch him with a change of expression
+++++ running/hiding from a ticked off Gladio/Ignis/Nyx/Clarus/etc
++++++++++sometimes they close-up on each other and get wistful and cheesily romantic
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