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Gladio/Ignis, gen prompto and Noctis- Ignis's Birthday
Ignis does a lot for everyone so the bros decide to throw Ignis a surprise party for his birthday with all their friends

+Ignis/Gladio is a definite (no smut please, just fluff)

++They invite the friends- Cindy, Luna, Iris, Talcott, Gentiana, Cor, Nyx, Aranea and Luna drags Ravus along because he needs to get out more- getting the place ready for the party is chaos, like Cindy and Talcott are doing streamers, Aranea and Luna and Cor are fixing tables, Talcott is playing with Umbra, Iris and Aranea are playing around with the baloons while Gentiana is just making a fucking ice sculpture of Ignis because why the fuck not)

+++ Could bw before or after Ignis is blind, that's up to the filler
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