Noct/Somnus, mirror image
Somnus gets off on fucking someone who looks exactly like him; can be the real Noct, or a previous incarnation of Noct, or something else entirely, don't care as long as he's still somehow related to our Noct.

+ Somnus knows Ardyn wants Noct and won't share him
+ Somnus/Ardyn optional but I'm not opposed (though I see them both as tops haha)
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:somnus  pairing:noctisxsomnus  kink:appearance  kink:mirror_image  character:ardyn 
10 days ago
Ignis/Ravus, voice/accent kink
Simple as that.

Tenebrae-born!Ignis has dated/fucked people in Insomnia before and it was... okay, but there was something missing.

Turns out he is EXTREMELY weak for anyone with a Tenebraen accent--which sucks, because who is he ever going to meet that ticks all his boxes?

Enter Ravus Nox Fleuret.

+ canon or AU verse, don't care
++ Ravus insults Noct for five minutes straight and Ignis can't react properly because oh god, boner, this is NOT THE TIME
+++ Ravus has a voice kink too???
!unfilled  character:ignis  character:ravus  pairing:ignisxravus  kink:voice-kink  kink:talking  kink:accents 
10 days ago
Noctis, Sonnie's Edge!AU
If anyone's seen Love, Death and Robots, I'm almost certain that Sonnie's Edge stood out to you. If not, then the basic idea is that humans can 'link up' with kaiju-like monsters - kinda like the pilots did with their robots in Pacific Rim. I would just love to see Noct running around as a monster beatin' up the baddies and protecting his bros.

+Noct's beastie is big and black, with some fearsome teeth and claws
+++ Ignis, Prompto, and Gladio could care less how fearsome it looks, and instead regard him as one would regard a cat

(And *spoilers for Sonnie's Edge* if you want to incorporate that little link twist they did with Sonnie's body/mind at the end and have Noct's mind trapped in the monster, go ham - I'm all for that!)
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:prompto  character:ignis  character:gladiolus  pairing:gen  kink:monster  kink:crossover 
10 days ago
Ardyn & Noctis, Time Travel fix-it
Noctis goes back in time and rescues Ardyn from Angelgard. He helps Ardyn come to terms with what has happened to him and how to control the scourge inside him.

+Ardyn mistakes Noctis for Somnus at first.
+Noctis eventually tells Ardyn about the future and the truth of the prophecy.
+Regis makes an appearance(because I love him).
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ardyn  character:regis  pairing:gen  kink:time-travel  kink:fix-it  kink:rescue 
10 days ago
Noctis/Prompto/Ardyn AU, Slavefic
When Lucis is finally victorious, Niflheim makes their prince a (pretty passive-aggressive) gift of the most feared creature in their dungeons: the man known as Adagium.

Noct isn't exactly thrilled about it, but he has Prompto for moral support, and it turns out that instead of the freaky monster he expected, what he gets is just a man. One who has clearly been through some shit. Eventually, they all earn each other's trust and come to love one another for real. And have a lot of sex.

+ Noct and Prompto have a huge obvious crush on one another that they've been afraid to act on, and Ardyn plays matchmaker
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:prompto  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxnoctisxprompto  kink:alternate_universe  kink:slave 
10 days ago
Gen Ardyn, Happy Birthday
Ardyn's been 33 for 2000 years. He's never grown older, his body has never changed. He was the definition of stuck. So, when his curse fades and he grows older, it's a bit of a shock (a really good one)

+ An everybody lives/everybody is happy au (fuck the gods)
++ Maybe that picnic scene
!unfilled  character:ardyn  pairing:gen  kink:birthday 
10 days ago
Noct/Somnus, throne sex while Ardyn watches
Somnus possessively making Noct ride his dick on the throne while Ardyn watches but isn't allowed to touch.
!filled  character:noctis  character:somnus  pairing:noctisxsomnus  character:ardyn  kink:voyeurism  kink:forced-voyurism  kink:no_touching  kink:throne-sex 
10 days ago
Noct/Ignis, cuddling for warmth
I'm not usually a trope person, but damn if I don't suddenly want Noct and Ignis forced to spoon together to share body heat (trapped in a cave/dungeon?) and the inappropriate boners that follow, both of them extremely ashamed of the fact that they're getting turned on by the proximity but trying to wriggle away only makes it worse.

I would imagine Ignis would want to be big spoon for this, but I could also see Noct objecting for various reasons, so it's really up to you. I'm also torn between whether I prefer actual banging or just intensely awkward unresolved sexual frustration, but rest assured I'll be happy either way.

+ Ignis has been into Noct for ages and this is destroying him
+ Noct knows Ignis is hot and has just been trying not to think about it
+ they attempt to have normal conversation but it fails somewhat because boners
++++ (optional) Ignis offering to further "take care" of Noct 👀👀👀👀
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ignis  pairing:ignisxnoctis  kink:cuddling 
10 days ago
Ardyn/Noctis Soft love
For their part in the prophecy the Astrals send both of them back in time. Cue them just being super soft and in love.

*Everyone freaking out when they find them because "Noct that's the damn chancellor of Nifleheim??"
* Demons just disappear one day leaving everyone shocked
* a scene with Ardyn just napping on Noct's lap and Noctis looking at him with a soft smile on his face and running his hands through his hair.
*(Noct stealing the ring and summoning somnus so he can kick him in the balls [it doesn't work, because ghost, but was totally worth it for Ardyns laughter and Somnus and everyone's faces])
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:fluff  kink:love  kink:relationships  kink:time-travel 
10 days ago
any/gladio, booty shorts
gladio in booty shorts. don't really care about pairings, could be everyone ogling for all I care. just no incest

+the shorts have something ridiculous written on the butt
!unfilled  character:gladiolus  pairing:gladioxany  kink:clothing 
10 days ago
ardyn/gladio, fluff
what it says. there can be sex if you want, I just want some soft fluffy goodness between these two

+Ardyn is fairly built under all those scarves (to Gladio's surprise if you want)
!unfilled  character:gladiolus  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxgladio  kink:fluff 
10 days ago
Ardyn/Prompto, Claiming
Consensual or not, I want Ardyn leaving marks all over Prompto's body.
!unfilled  character:prompto  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxprompto  kink:claiming  kink:marks 
10 days ago
Ardyn/Prompto, My Little Thief
Prompto makes the mistake of stealing from Ardyn (unbeknownst to him, Ardyn is basically the king of the underworld). Ardyn is actually a bit impressed with Prompto. So, when they catch him, he gives the thief an ultimatum: death or sell himself into Ardyn's service.

+ Ardyn basically using Prompto to steal for him, to place false evidence, to forge ledgers, and for sex.
++ Ardyn was actually planning on hiring Prompto, but it seems he's saved himself the trouble and the money.
+++ Prompto's basically in a gilded cage (If he behaves).
!unfilled  character:prompto  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxprompto  kink:thief  kink:job  kink:service  kink:slave 
10 days ago
Gen or Ardyn/Verstael, experimentation
Verstael had his adagium pet in the lab for seven months---what kind of tests and experiments did he run in that time? He clearly discovered that the UV spectrum hurt Ardyn---even if only superficially---but what other types of discoveries did he make, and how did he go about it? What were Ardyn's first days like? How long did it take him to acclimate to supporting his own body weight again and actually walk?

Feel free to take this is a medical play/nonconish or even mpreg direction if that calls to you! I just prefer outright gore be kept to a minimum.
!unfilled  character:ardyn  character:verstael  pairing:gen  pairing:ardynxverstael  kink:experimentation 
10 days ago
Noct/Ardyn, size difference + strength kink
Ardyn is tall as fuck and surprisingly built underneath his 8000 scarves and he loves being able to just toss Noct around and lift him up and fuck him against a wall or however else Ardyn wants to take him.

Not looking for dub-con, just mildly hateful PWP; prefer if Noct already knows Ardyn is the Chancellor (you can decide if he knows the whole truth about Ardyn) and just can't help himself. Dick too bomb, as they say.

+ Noct is ashamed of how much he loves getting tossed around
+ Ardyn is surprised by how much Noct wants to get kissed, considering
+ degrading praise, overstimulation, crying from pleasure/pain, Ardyn has crazy stamina
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxnoctis  kink:size-difference  kink:strength  kink:sthenolagnia 
11 days ago
Gladio/Ignis, D/s, service top Gladio
Service top Gladio and a cool, calm, perfectly controlled dom bottom Ignis. Prefer the dynamic be tipped more towards master/slave than soft, emotional D/s (although I don't want hardcore master/slave or heavy BDSM, either).

+ degrading talk about how desperate Gladio is to serve
+ Ignis makes Gladio wait for it
+ Gladio not being allowed to come OR Ignis forces him to get hard again
+ objectifying Gladio's body/dick and telling him he was made just to fuck
+ not opposed to Gladio being gagged, used as furniture, tied up, clamps, etc.
+ if you write aftercare (I don't need it), I'd prefer it not be mushy
!unfilled  character:ignis  character:gladiolus  pairing:gladioxignis  kink:ds  kink:service_top 
11 days ago
Time shenanigans
When Noctis calls Umbra, him and the lads get sent back to the past...but they may have overshot it a bit. 2000 years a bit.

The bros find themselves where it all began, in the midst of Somnus razing a village to the ground. The lies of history are unwound as they embark on a new journey across an older Eos.

Stopping Bahamut's predestined bullshit is the order of the day, and maybe saving the Moogles from extinction while they're at it.

+happy ending fix it
++Bahamut is slain and Somnus gets his comeuppance (still reeling over the DLC)
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:prompto  character:ignis  character:gladiolus  character:umbra  character:somnus  pairing:gen  character:bahamut  kink:fix-it  kink:time-travel  kink:shenanigans 
11 days ago
Prompto's Very Tall Imaginary Friend
Ever since he could remember, Prompto's had an imaginary friend (who is very tall, has long hair, and is half naked) named Ardyn who wants him to go to a forbidden(like the gods will strike you down forbidden) island to free him.

+ Up to you if its a dark fic or a happy one.
++ Ardyn really disproves of Nocts and Prompto's friendship
++++ (if its the happy fic) Ardyn stepping in when Prompto's parents neglect him (but unfortunately, can't interact physically with the boy)
!unfilled  character:prompto  character:ardyn  character:noctis  pairing:gen  kink:imaginary_friend  kink:friendship  kink:fluff  kink:angst 
11 days ago
gen, Ignis mental health
Everyone counts on Ignis to deal with any situation with immediate rational thinking and careful poise. What they don't know is how he does this: by immediately dissociating at the first sign of crisis. He can make a perfectly logical and sane plan and execute on it, but the whole world feels distant and unreal and it can take him a long time to come back. He hates it, and it slows him down in combat because he feels like he's controlling his limbs from a distance, but this is what they need him for... right?
!unfilled  character:ignis  pairing:gen  kink:mental_disorder 
11 days ago
Someone pulling ardyn in for a kiss by his scarf
Because what are long-ass scarves for, if not that ?

+++if he’s not expecting it (but happy to receive it, no noncon please )
!unfilled  character:any  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxany  kink:kissing  kink:clothing 
11 days ago
Prompt dies right before the Dawn
During the final battle outside the Citadel, Prompto falls in battle just as the sun begins to rise.

I'd really love to see something exploring the 2 oldest party members outliving the youngest.

Can be any or Gen.

+if Prompto goes done from taking a hit meant for Gladio
++ if Prompto still tries to make the bros smile while he's dying.
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:prompto  character:ignis  character:gladiolus  pairing:gen  pairing:any  kink:death  kink:angst  kink:battle 
11 days ago
Prompto gets dusted ala Infinity War style
okay i've just been thinking about spidey-prompto a lot after bingeing the marvel cartoon again and playing spider man on ps4 and i also watched infinity war again to prepare myself for endgame and i'm having feelings

So I don't know about the scenario that brought them there but something happens (maybe Ardyn or Astral related) that causes half of Eos' population to be wiped out. The guys are all there when it happens and they're all terrified to see who's going because none of them want to die and they just don't know what's happening. After several minutes of agonizing waiting, it seems like the four of them survived it.

And then Prompto says he's not feeling too good.

- they had some friends and allies with them when it happened and some of them fade away but others stay which just increases the paranoia of who's dying next
- there's rampant denial at first, probably from noct, who insists that prompto's fine and he's gonna be okay but prompto literally doesn't look good at all
- he dies in someone's arms
!unfilled  character:prompto  pairing:gen  kink:angst  kink:alternate_universe  kink:death 
11 days ago
Gladio & Prompto friendship - Jogging buddies during game canon
That race at Galdin between Gladio and Noct might've been a one-off, but Gladio and Prompto are both the early-risers of the group and it's not long before they decide to do morning work-out together.

Basically I'm looking for these two to bond and become friends over their shared love of jogging, and also just trying to do something normal whenever they can during an increasingly stressful journey.

No pairings at all please.
!unfilled  character:prompto  character:gladiolus  pairing:gen  kink:exercise  kink:outdoors  kink:friendship 
11 days ago
Ardyn/many, healing cock
Ardyn gets the scourge out of people by receiving it in his body as big fat loads or by shooting his magic sperm into theirs.
!unfilled  character:ardyn  character:any  pairing:ardynxany  kink:cumshots  kink:healing-sex  kink:healing 
11 days ago
ardyn gives someone a piggyback ride
Because the dlc has got me shook about how Tall this man is. Let him give someone (Noct? Prom? Luna? Aera? Iris? Anyone you desire!) a piggyback ride. Cute, fluffy, happy, no angst please (shipping is fine)

++a piggyback race against Gladio who is giving a different character a piggy back ride
!unfilled  character:ardyn  character:any  pairing:gen  kink:piggyback_ride 
19 days ago
Regis releases Ardyn, treats him as family - fix it AU
When Mors dies, Regis decides to find out who the infamous Adagium is for himself.
Turns out Ardyn is just a very broken man instead of the monster the legends made him to be (prob spread from Somnus).
Regis tries his best to welcome Ardyn into the family, while Ardyn learns to deal with the Scourge and regain his former self.

+ no one dies/everyone lives
+ weird but cool uncle ardyn
++ Ardyn learns to use the Scourge for "good"/lucis' benefit
++++ Noctis loves the shit out of Ardyn, he's the best uncle ever
+++++++ pull off an Ep Ignis Verse 2 ending and find an "alternate" route to the prophecy cause fuck u Bahamut
!filled  !complete  character:ardyn  character:regis  pairing:gen  kink:fix-it  kink:alternate_universe 
19 days ago
Verse 2 - The bros set out to kill Bahamut
Noctis lives on as king, and everyone's pretty happy. Then someone finds out the truth, or maybe Bahamut's just pissed because how dare they not do it his way, he set all this shit up and everything.

Either way, the boys go god-hunting, and they win.

+++++ The more brutal Bahamut's death gets, the better.
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:prompto  character:ignis  character:gladiolus  character:bahamut  pairing:gen  kink:murder  kink:angst  kink:kill  kink:assassination 
19 days ago
Somnus's side of the story
Ardyn is an unreliable narrator and based on Somnus's dialogue, I feel like he's got a whole different outlook on what happened.

Give me Somnus's side of the story. Why did he do what he did? (reasons other than "because he's a dick" pls)
!unfilled  character:somnus  character:ardyn  pairing:gen  kink:story  kink:explanation 
19 days ago
ardnoct(+luna?) as afterlife matchmakers
Post-game, Ardnoct (and Luna if you wanna throw her in and make it OT3) are happy and together in the afterlife. But the other three Chocobros (again, pair or OT3) are still pining and staring longingly at each other

So Ardyn and Noctis decide they will Meddle, and play matchmaker as best they can from the afterlife

+Other dead characters helping/watching/taking bets on whether it will work
+++++++Happy ending
+++++++++++++++++++++the Bros eventually figure out that Noct/Ardyn/everyone else are watching over them, and they are happy about this
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ardyn  character:lunafreya  pairing:ardynxnoctis  pairing:ardynxlunafreyaxnoctis  kink:afterlife  kink:matchmaking 
19 days ago
Somnus/Any, Somnus Gets Wrecked
I played Episode Ardyn and it did absolutely nothing to quench my Somnus thirst.

I wanna see him get completely debauched; any character or no character of your choosing!

++He's terribly vocal about how it feels
++++Edging. Just. Ruin him.

I'd really rather no incest.
!unfilled  character:somnus  character:any  pairing:somnusxany  kink:edging  kink:rough-sex  kink:loud-sex 
19 days ago
Prompto can consume Starscourge
NOT Oracle Prompto!

'Failed' MT Prompto (interpret his bg at will) has more than an immunity to the Scourge - he can take it from others. Prom 'consumes' the Scourge and, well, chews it up and just keeps keeping on keeping on, man.

+if the first time Prompto does it he's not thinking clearly at all. He just... it's like venom, right? So he 'sucks it out' of the wound and Ta-dah! All better! :D (cue screaming...?)
+If there's a visible change in Prom post consumption (does it gradually fade? Does it do anything else? Are his eyes just MT-Red for awhile? Stronger? Weaker? Does he vomit up black sludge for a few weeks? Up to you!)
+If this happens in WoR / the Long Night
+++If its Gladio and he get stuck between shock and horror (but not like, rage or anger tho he may express the other two in a similar fashion bc, well, Gladio.)
(Bc a 'healer' of the scourge by any means would genuinely freak him out for good reason given HIS bg)
!unfilled  character:prompto  pairing:gen  kink:healing  kink:starscourge 
19 days ago
Ardyn, To Kill A Pantheon
Instead of taking his anger out on innocents, Ardyn turns his hate and anger onto the gods. He's got nothing to lose anyway and what's the worst thing they can do? Kill him?
!unfilled  character:ardyn  pairing:gen  kink:kill  kink:angst  kink:gods 
19 days ago
Ardyn/Bros, gifts
The bros rescue a chained-up man from an island prison, but for a while he stays disoriented and listless. By chance, they notice that seeing a terrible loud scarf in a store window brightens him up a little.

Local man soon owns several dozen scarves.
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:prompto  character:ignis  character:gladiolus  character:ardyn  pairing:gen  pairing:ardynxbros  kink:gift  kink:rescue 
19 days ago
Prompto-centric, pre game AU, MT mystery
Lonely Prompto is curious about his bio family and snoops through his parents’ documents. He finds his adoption or birth certificate, which leads to a weird dead end. This only makes him more curious and his search turns serious. From there, he accidentally stumbles across the truth or close to it.
!unfilled  character:prompto  pairing:gen  kink:pregame  kink:alternate_universe  kink:mt-prompto  kink:mystery 
19 days ago
Evil AU Ardyn and Noct?
Since we know Ardyn gains memories/knowledge about the world... something something where Noctis gets some of his memories stolen ( I think this did happen in canon, irrc?) and the consequences of that.

Same Anon from the post above, now that we know how Ardyn's powers work!
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ardyn  pairing:gen  kink:alternate_universe  kink:evil  kink:memories 
19 days ago
AU Ardyn never eats Ifrits Memories
I am assuming the "good au" the content devs were alluding to might have had to do with Ardyn never getting captured by Versteal and turning ifrit into a daemon?

Can we have an AU where Uncle, wholesome Ardyn is found by a curious little Noct. Bahamut is a dick.

I just need a hug for this guy.
!filled  !wip  character:ardyn  character:noctis  character:ifrit  character:bahamut  pairing:gen  kink:alternate_universe 
19 days ago
Ardyn comfort
Ardyn got a real bad deal. Give me the bros saving him, either rescuing him from Angelgard or finding out his full story and resolving to help him during the game timeline.

Gen, any bro/Ardyn, or OT5 all welcome. Just give me some shamelessly indulgent comfortfic.
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:prompto  character:ignis  character:gladiolus  character:ardyn  pairing:gen  pairing:ardynxany  pairing:ot5  kink:comfort 
19 days ago
any/gladio, gif inspo
the prompt is simple. some adult bottom!Gladio based off of any of sana's works: (nsfw warning obviously)

+no toilet stuff please
!unfilled  character:gladiolus  character:any  pairing:gladioxany  kink:bottom_gladio 
19 days ago
Gen or Prompto/Any, Quickdraw
What starts out as an assassination attempt on Noct, turns into a snipe off between Prompto and a Niflheim sniper (an actual human, maybe a merc like Areana).

+Prompto notices the sniper and manages to save Noct and shoot the sniper(Although, they do manage to get away) And Prompto notices they're using modified bullets.
++ The next time the sniper has the Chocobros in their sites, instead of shooting Noct, they go for Prompto. Shooting him in the same spot he got them and his leg (so the chocobros have to carry him away and unfortunately, potions don't get rid of bullets, so they have to get them out before they can heal him. ) And again they notice the modified bullets, and Noct makes the decision that they have to take out the sniper.
+++ Maybe they confront him at the optional Fort mission and during the ruckus, Prompto has a firefight with the sniper which ends in a quickdraw.
++++ Ardyn watching the entire thing like its a daytime tv show
+++++ If Prompto doesn't kill them (maybe just making sure their shooting arm is not functional), Ardyn finishes them off after the chocobros leave. (but not without a witty one-liner)
!unfilled  character:prompto  character:ardyn  pairing:gen  pairing:promptoxany  character:noctis  character:other  kink:guns  kink:rescue 
19 days ago
Ignis/Noct/Prompto, Promnis Centric, Insecurity issues, Iggy is best boyfriend
Prompto and Ignis get their first day alone together due to Noct being busy and Prompto is a bit nervous because he feels Ignis only agreed to the x3 relationship because Noct wanted him a part of it. Prompto reveals this somehow and Iggy is shocked and immediately starts reassuring him that he likes him just as much as likes their other boyfriend.

1000+ Ignis does it using sex where he praises all of Prommy's good physical/personality traits. Overwhelming him in the best way possible.
!unfilled  character:ignis  character:noctis  character:prompto  pairing:ignisxnoctisxprompto  kink:insecurity  pairing:ignisxprompto  kink:relationships  kink:reassurance 
19 days ago
Noctis/Ignis, AU, Echo's curse
Noctis is cursed to use only the words recently spoken by the person he is addressing. He can say them in a different order but not express spontaneous sentences. Even provided vocabulary, he can't talk about the curse or how to break it. Noctis has become adept at deflecting conversation and exchanging pleasantries in this manner. Ignis is the first person to see through the charm, and deduces his actual condition.

(Favoring a fairytaley Ignoct but not picky about pairing or lack thereof.)
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:ignis  pairing:ignisxnoctis  kink:alternate_universe  kink:curse  kink:talking 
19 days ago
Gen, H/C Sickfic Noctis Appendicitis
I'm a total slut for hurt/comfort and I just want a gen story (or *lightly* pre-Prompto/Noctis) where Noctis does what all our favorite guys do: lie through his teeth about being in pain, specifically, appendicitis. Set in high school preferably. I know it can be a bit of a cliche but I live for this type of stuff. I read a Prompto appendicitis fic, now it's Noct's turn to suffer.

+ Mentions of Noct's chronic pain and him using it as an excuse while he's falling behind on training, royal duties and school....and everyone giving him a hard time about it.
++ He passes out and manages to barely talk his way out of it once but when it happens again (with remarkably poor timing of course) no one is buying it.
+++ Noct saying nothing makes it actually really dangerous. Ruptured or perforated appendix maybe? Make it serious, I want his friends to squirm.
++++ Noct loopy on pain meds and/or fever at some point.
!unfilled  character:noctis  pairing:gen  kink:sickfic 
19 days ago
Promnis or Promdyn, 6 degrees of separation
Prompto is a marginally popular Moogle streamer and a freelance photographer, who is doing his best to make ends meet. While Ignis/Ardyn is a politician/lawyer/business man from an old money family and is trying his best to ignore the matchmaking his family is trying to do. Literally no one saw this relationship coming.

+ An actual loving relationship
++ I just want sophisticated rich guy to fall for "guy who once cried because of a happy commercial with a chocobo"
!unfilled  character:ignis  character:prompto  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxprompto  pairing:ignisxprompto  kink:relationships  kink:job 
19 days ago
Prompto is actually low-key famous
In a modern au or a no prophecy au.

While Prompto's not old money like his friends, nor is he important government officials (like his friends.) Prompto actually does well for himself (he has his own Mooglepedia page), maybe he's a popular streamer or a prodigious olympic athlete (archer, figure skater, speed skater) who retired to pursue photography.

+ Prompto doesn't think it's that big of a deal. It feels like nothing compared to what his friends do (If he's an olympic athlete, he mentions to the chocobros that he's been to the olympics a few times)
++ The chocobros feels like that they've heard Prompto's name before but can't place it.
+++ The chocobros are in awe when they find out
!unfilled  character:prompto  character:noctis  character:ignis  character:gladiolus  pairing:gen  kink:famous  kink:social_status  kink:alternate_universe 
19 days ago
Gladio/Noctis, Gladio is really good at massages
Gladio being well-versed in training and physical therapy makes him also good at knowing just how to rub Noct to alleviate his chronic pain.... TOO good

Fic about Noctis being in pain and Gladio being really good at pressing him in all the right ways and able to massage his old injury like no one else can.

+ It doesn't start out sexual, like gladio guiding noct through some physical therapy and ending on a massage, but it ends up getting Noctis worked up, and Gladio notices
++++ Noctis isn't loud, and can't help how quiet his moans are, even when gladio's deliberately trying to encite them
++++++ Noctis coming untouched, just from the work Gladio does on his back/waist

DNW derogatory talk. Established or un-established relationship is fine 👌
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:gladiolus  pairing:gladioxnoctis  kink:massage 
19 days ago
A coerul attaches itself to Ignis
The guys visit a big hunter HQ, probably to turn in a hunt for gil, and this is one of the bigger HQs with lodges and a mini hospital and they have a little enclosure where some hunters take care of injured animals or domesticated wild animals. One of the lead hunters offers them a tour and takes them to the enclosure to talk about the animals.

One of the animals is a young female coerul who was found injured and the hunters had to amputate half of her whiskers to avoid infection so she's not going to electrocute anyone anytime soon and she's actually quite a sweetheart. They walk by her cage and as soon as she sees Ignis she starts making these purring/chuffing noises and rubbing against her cafe but none of the guys are fluent in coerul so they have no idea what she's doing.

When they actually let her out of her cage for exercise, she goes straight for Iggy, demanding pets and cuddles and almost knocking him over with how big she is and how aggressive her love is. Ignis honestly has no idea what's going on but she's soft and he'll take the bros' teasing if it means he gets to pet her more.
!unfilled  character:ignis  character:noctis  character:prompto  character:gladiolus  pairing:gen  kink:pet  kink:cat  kink:attachment 
19 days ago
(Dragon Age Crossover) The Chocobros Find Solas In A Royal Tomb
The bros are just exploring, going to grt the royal arms from noctis's ancestors when they come across an area not even on their map: The Cradle of Sulevin. They explore these ancient ruins that no one seems to know of, taking note of the rubble and the pots and papers and jewels and abundance of gold strewn about. There are the weird tall wolf statues that seem to be standing guard of some very elaborate doors. They don't know what to make of this strange bluish green fire sitting on torches and in braziers that doesn't seem to burn, and can go out and come back with a touch

Then the bros find their way past the big doors and inside they find none other than Solas lying where Noctis was pretty sure one of his ancestors was supposed to be. He goes to take the orb from Solas's supposed dead body only for Solas to wake up
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:prompto  character:ignis  character:gladiolus  pairing:gen  kink:exploration  kink:crossover  kink:dragon-age 
19 days ago
Ardyn & Somnus, Optional Noctis/Any. Reincarnated Kid!Ardyn and Kid!Somnus with Dad Noctis
So, probably post Episode Ignis Verse 2.

Noctis lives because the alternate solution involved purging the Scourge from Ardyn which would result in not /killing/ Ardyn but having him reincarnated or de-aged. Somnus, though, has to pay his own price (for that whole clusterpuck that happened in the Ardyn Prologue) and needs to reincarnate alongside Ardyn.

Noctis, for his part, takes care of the two, adopts them (if they're not born to him [no mpreg please]), raises them as his own sons, etc. But basically, I have a need to see Ardyn and Somnus act like little brothers who annoy yet love each other, all under the guiding hand of Dad Noctis.

+ Somnus and Ardyn have this vague idea/sense that they lived previous lives, but it doesn't bother them in a negative sense.
+ Noctis knows who these little kiddos are but holds no hate or animosity toward either of them. Loves them like Regis loved him.
++ Somnus and Ardyn learning to use magic and to warp, resulting in wholesome accidents like crashing into eachother and tangling their limbs.
+++ Super awesome Dad!Noctis, whether he struggles at the beginning and learns how to parent, but is still a great daddy-o.

+++++ Whether or not Ardyn and Somnus remember everything that happened is up to you, or if you want to take an angsty route on that, but a happy ending would be 8/8
!unfilled  character:ardyn  character:somnus  character:noctis  character:any  pairing:ardynxsomnus  pairing:noctisxany  kink:reincarnation  kink:childhood 
19 days ago
Ignis/Any, Flustered Ignis
I just want an embarrassed Ignis desperately trying to keep his cool while Any flirts/seduces him.

I love some Ignis/Prompto and Ignis/Ravus, but honestly I am happy with anything.
!unfilled  character:ignis  character:any  pairing:ignisxany  kink:flustered  kink:sexual_tension 
4 weeks ago
Ardyn/Prompto, Vampire AU
Vampire! Ardyn.

While out on the town at night, Prompto meets Ardyn, a strange but friendly man. It doesn't take long for Prompto to follow him home and into his bed (He doesn't usually do this, sleeping with strangers, but something about Ardyn was captivating. Made him want to do anything the man suggested.) The sex was amazing, 10/10 Prompto would do again. Which he does, whenever he's able to. Although, every time he sleeps with Ardyn, he wakes feeling sluggish. drained. and that feeling only gets stronger, more intense as time goes by. He’s starting to wonder if he’s - sick, or something.

Meanwhile, Ardyn is torn between turning the boy or just keeping him indefinitely as his pet.


Vampire! Prompto

Prompto is a fledgling vampire. He has no idea what to do or how to navigate his new (undead)life. Then steps in Ardyn (completely human) who offers his help with some caveats. Prompto can live with Ardyn with no expenses paid but he has to help him with stuff (maybe Ardyn wants to use Prompto's vampiric charm on others) and he can only drink Ardyn's blood. With literally no better option, Prompto accepts.
!unfilled  character:prompto  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxprompto  kink:vampire  kink:vampires  kink:alternate_universe 
4 weeks ago
ardyn/gladio, status effect
Ardyn uses stop and then has his way with Gladio. Your choice on if Gladio feels everything or if it all hits him at once when stop dissipates

+ardyn leaves him naked and dripping cum
!unfilled  character:gladiolus  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxgladio  kink:status-effect 
4 weeks ago
Any/Gladio, Daddy Kink
I would love love *love* to see our favorite big guy in a Daddy/boy relationship where he’s the ‘boy’. Maybe he likes being taken care of/protected when he isn’t focused on protecting everyone else. Maybe he likes being spanked and played with and teased. Maybe he likes having a proper Leather Daddy put him in his place and push his limits hard until he feels a sense of accomplishment after every scene for going just that bit farther. Go as ham as your heart desires!

Bonus points if it is a more minor character, such as Cor, Dave, or Weskham. 👀💦

(*Double* bonus points if Any is a lady character who likes being called Daddy and gives the strap~)

CBT, impact play, ageplay, feminization, bondage, public sex, orgasm control/denial and stuff are my jam but not necessary.

Please no toilet stuff or noncon (consensual non-consent play exception applies) or extreme underage.

Would rather not have any *actual* incest, either, but if you’re really grooving on Clarus/Gladio I won’t stop you from chasing your kink bliss if the prompt moves you to.
!unfilled  character:gladiolus  character:any  pairing:gladioxany  kink:daddy-kink 
4 weeks ago
Ardyn/Prompto, Consensual First Time
Prompto isn't a virgin. He's had sex before...Just never with a guy.

I want some wholesome promdyn with Ardyn being a gentle first for Prompto.
!unfilled  character:prompto  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxprompto  kink:first-time 
4 weeks ago
Ardyn/any bro, reincarnated with no memories
After the events of the game, everyone is reincarnated into new lives with no memories of the previous one. Chocobro of your choice is living a great life with an amazing relationship with this suave redheaded older guy with a strange fashion sense

And then, both of them start getting their memories back. Memories of how they fought and hurt and damaged each other, of the horrible things they once did / had done to them

++++angst with a happy ending somehow
!unfilled  character:ardyn  character:chocobro  pairing:ardynxany  kink:angst  kink:happy-ending  kink:memories  kink:reincarnation 
4 weeks ago
Ignis/Any - Ignis is NOT a quiet lover
Ignis is not exactly quiet in bed, even though he sometimes tries to be. He can't help but be loud because he has to go through a rough day of paperwork and politicians and it's so good to unwind and let his boyfriend pound him into the mattress while he screams his throat raw.

The complaints from the neighbors are worth it.
!unfilled  character:ignis  character:any  pairing:ignisxany  kink:loud-sex 
4 weeks ago
Chocobro OT4 - Cor ends the sexual tension
During either the part of the game when Cor is traveling with them / when they're all at the Caem house before leaving for Altissia, Cor gets fed up with the extremely obvious sexual tension between the four boys and sits them down for a Talk.

Specifically, to tell them, in no uncertain terms, that the road trip he went on with Regis and co. involved all of them fucking each other, and therefore there is absolutely zero reason why this one shouldn't end up the same way.

+++the boys' sexual tension is causing them to screw up in battle, which is what finally makes Cor decide to speak up
++++++much to the chagrin of Noctis and Gladio, there is -evidence- of some kind (photos? dirty letters?) to prove that Regis's Roadtrip Crew were all fucking each other
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:prompto  character:ignis  character:gladiolus  character:cor  pairing:ot4  kink:talking  kink:sexual_tension  kink:poly 
4 weeks ago
Ignis/Noctis/Gladio + ABO Dynamics
Noctis taking Ignis's knotnin his mouth while he takes Gladio's knot in his ass

+Ungodly amounts of cum he's leaking from both ends

++His belly is so massive from the cum inflation that he's stationary for days

+++For the time Noctis is incapacitated, Gladio and Ignis replace their knots with a panel gag and a butt plug (he's stull leaking cum from around the gag and plug though)

++++Since Noctis is unable to move, they keep him tied down so as not to disturb the plugs and cum on his pregnant looking belly for the next week or fuck in front of him to tease him
!unfilled  character:ignis  character:noctis  character:gladiolus  pairing:gladioxignisxnoctis  kink:abo 
4 weeks ago
Ardyn/Prompto, Collared
I like the image of Prompto wearing nothing but a collar at Ardyn's feet while he pets Prompto's hair and feeds him by hand.

+Could lead to sexy times
!unfilled  character:prompto  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxprompto  kink:collars 
4 weeks ago
Ardyn/Prompto, One Night Stand
One day, while checking in on the Chocobros, Ardyn notices that Prompto is looking to get laid (at a bar, talking it up with both men and women). He decides "Sure. Why not?" he might be able to use this as leverage later on. After watching him and taking note on the people Prompto's gaze lingers a little too long on (Ardyn also takes note that he would also have been Prompto's type), Ardyn changes his appearance to fit Prompto's attraction (because while the boy is stupid and naive, he doubts he's stupid enough to sleep with the enemy) and manages to seduce the gunman into his bed.

+ Praise Kink (and maybe Prompto's eagerness to please others)
++ Prompto bottoms from the top
+++ Ardyn genuinely liking the sex and keeps the disguise for later.
!unfilled  character:prompto  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxprompto  kink:one_night_stand  kink 
4 weeks ago
One of the bros calls Ardyn cute...
....and for the first time since they’ve met him, he’s so completely flustered he can’t think of a witty response

+++++whoever said it isn’t messing with Ardyn and genuinely thinks he’s super cute
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:prompto  character:ignis  character:gladiolus  character:ardyn  pairing:gen  kink:talking  kink:names 
4 weeks ago
Ot4 + Enemas & Plugs
Gladio gets an enema but instead of letting the enema contents out, he gets plugged to keep it all in

+The other 3 make him wear slutty maid/nurse costumes

++Some feminization- they joke that "mommy is pregnant!"

+++Vibrators get taped to his nipples cuz the other 3 like to see how his bloated belly shakes
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:prompto  character:ignis  character:gladiolus  pairing:ot4  kink:butt-plug  kink:enema 
4 weeks ago
Prompto/Ardyn, sugar baby sf/future AU
Ardyn is a soulless venture capitalist who trades in pharmaceutical brands. Prompto is a genetically engineered ex-designer baby whose parents returned him when his looks fell out of season. Ardyn pays Prompto for sex, and from there Prompto’s wallet blossoms.
!unfilled  character:prompto  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxprompto  kink:alternate_universe  kink:sugar-daddy 
4 weeks ago
Cor/Ignis, trapped somewhere together
Ignis has been doing a flawless job hiding his UNBEARABLE, DESPERATE, ALL-CONSUMING LUST for his boss, but then one day the two of them get locked in the office after-hours/trapped in a snowstorm/fucking whatever plot device and Ignis is going to DIE, he is trapped with his BOSS who he wants to BANG and every second they spend together is TORTURE.

+ sex is like, not strictly necessary I guess but please
+ I'm cool with whatever timeline but 22/45 is ideal
+ Ignis is texting someone the entire time like "what have I done to deserve this"
+ Cor has legitimately not realized that Ignis has wanted his dick for MONTHS
!unfilled  character:ignis  character:cor  pairing:corxignis  kink:trapped  kink:attractiveness 
4 weeks ago
Prompto + Ardyn, Prompto Befriends The Wrong Lucis Caelum
Before getting Luna's letter, Prompto manages to befriend a strange man in the park who always tells the best stories. Having basically no parental figure, Prompto tries to soak up as much attention from the man as he can.

It had been a long time since Ardyn had been revered in such a way and he wasn't ashamed to admit that he liked the boy.

+ Could go either a dark fic with Villain! Prompto down the line or a happy fic where everybody lives
++ Ardyn genuinely cares about Prompto
!unfilled  character:prompto  character:ardyn  pairing:gen  kink:friendship 
4 weeks ago
Gen (or background Aulea/Regis?) Hunter Mom Aulea
Everyone thinks Queen Aulea died in an attack outside the wall, but she actually survived, losing most of her memory and rebuilding her life as a Hunter.

In his teens, Noct finds out about the prophecy and runs away in a fit of panic. He ends up stumbling into Aulea, who takes him in and tries to help this strangely familiar, troubled kid.
!unfilled  character:regis  character:aulea  character:noctis  pairing:gen  pairing:auleaxregis  kink:alternate_universe  kink:hunter  kink:family-relationship 
4 weeks ago
Prompto's been acting weird ever since his uncle came to town
Just because the Chosen King isn't ready yet, doesn't mean that Ardyn won't fuck with him. Unfortunately, the king is too well protected in the Citadel along with two of his comrades. Fortunately, there is one who isn't as well protected and will be so much fun to break.

Ardyn starts out as a kind stranger, appearing only when Prompto's all alone. Then, through magic fuckery, making Prompto think he's his visiting uncle. This makes sense to Prompto for some reason but he can't remember ever having an uncle (There must be something wrong with your memory). And now with the key to his house, Ardyn has 24 hour access to the poor boy. When Prompto gets sick, he is forced to stay home from school and let Ardyn take care him (surprise, surprise. He gets worse). When Noct visits to see if he's okay, Prompto bends over backwards to get him to leave before Ardyn notices (Because he feels deep down that he cannot let Ardyn meet Noct). In an unsurprising turn of events, Prompto gets better when he's away from Ardyn. At some point Prompto figures out something is very wrong and confronts Ardyn.

+ I just want a psychological horror featuring Prompto and Ardyn.
++ Basically Ardyn pulling in all the stops to mess with sunshine child (gaslighting, psychological abuse, verbal abuse, magic fuckery, mind fuckery)
+++ Ardyn tries to poison Prompto's and Nocts friendship
++++ The chocobros comfort him at the end
!unfilled  character:prompto  character:noctis  character:ignis  character:gladiolus  character:ardyn  pairing:gen  kink:family-relationship  kink:manipulation  kink:angst 
4 weeks ago
bros play edging game with tied-up noct
A tied up, naked Noct is forced to watch as the other Chocobros compete to see who can edge themselves / hold out from cumming the longest, with all that lovely release eventually "painting" their prince's gorgeous body

+if each bro "marks" a different part of his body
+++the competition has some kind of reward (whether sexual or not) and the bros are taunting/teasing each other that they can last the longest, that the others definitely can't, "you look close" "gettin close, huh" type banter
++++++++++++++++++++++++++Ardyn is also there and participates
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:prompto  character:ignis  character:gladiolus  character:ardyn  pairing:ot4  kink:edging  kink:bondage 
4 weeks ago
OT4 + Ifrit: mortal god tagging along
Okay, just an odd AU thought where the people of Solheim created the Starscourge as their method of killing the Astrals instead of Omega, with their test subject/patient zero being Ifrit. Both enraged by their betrayal and desperate to keep the disease from reaching the other five, Ifrit attacks Solheim knowing the others will strike him down where he stands and end the threat. But part of his soul lingers on Eos, becoming horrified as the Scourge resurfaces in Ardyn's time and the Prophecy begins. When the Chosen King is born, Ifrit in desperation choses the body of a dying mortal child and incarnates, drifting into Noctis' life and doing his best to save both him and Ardyn from their fates.

Optional, but not neccessary bits
- Ifrit's memories are hazy enough once he's human that he doesn't remember what he is until fairly late on
- Ifrit has no skill whatsoever with magic that isn't fire.
- Leviathan isn't as interested in chomping on Noctis as she is Ifrit in Altissia
- confrontation with Gentiana, whose sad Ifrit doesn't recognize/remember her
- Ifrit is NOT amused at having to deal with his Starscourge possessed corpse
- How do you fuck over the Draconian's Prophecy? Opt to stay mortal and use the metric fuckton of Godly power you're giving up to burn every last trace of Starscourge out of Ardyn and off the planet.
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:prompto  character:ignis  character:gladiolus  character:ifrit  pairing:ot4  pairing:ot4xifrit  kink:gods 
4 weeks ago
Noct/Prompto or Noct/Luna or Noct/Ignis, gq/nb Noct
Noct is whichever flavor of gq/nb the author desires. Not necessarily looking for smut (though that's good, too) or a Trans Primer 101 -- mostly I just want Noct being loved and appreciated and feeling comfortable in their own skin.

Don't want: overt homophobia/cissexism, anything about menstruation, omegaverse.
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:prompto  character:ignis  character:lunafreya  pairing:noctisxprompto  pairing:lunafreyaxnoctis  pairing:ignisxnoctis  kink:transgender  kink:nonbinary  kink:genderqueer 
4 weeks ago
Ignis/Gladio/Prompto/(eventually)Noctis - Noct isn't good with romance, the guys feel bad for him
(i saw a similar post with Gladio and his ex's and i wanted one with Noct too because i'm terrible)

Ignis, Gladio, and Prompto are all in a poly relationship but Noct isn't involved (even though he kind of wishes he was but would never say it outloud). Noct keeps dating people, trying to find someone who would make him happy, like how his friends are happy together, but his relationships always end up a failure because majority of the time his girlfriends/boyfriends just want him because he's the prince.

Ignis, Gladio, and Prompto always feel bad for Noctis because it really does hurt him that he can't form relationships without anyone taking advantage of him, which then leads to Noct pessimistically swearing off dating and just waiting until his dad inevitably ships him off somewhere to get married to some stranger for political reasons.

His friends see Noctis struggling and they wish people could see Noct they way they see him without his title getting in the way; the Noctis who's caring, smart, handsome, funny, loyal, and just a wonderful person. And then they realize that maybe they're kiiiinda in love with their Prince and they want to shower him in the affection he deserves to have.
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:prompto  character:ignis  character:gladiolus  pairing:ot4  pairing:ot3  kink:romance  kink:feelings  kink:poly  kink:dating  kink:relationships 
4 weeks ago
Ardyn/Prompto/Noctis, energizer bunny Prompto
Prompto is down to fuck 24/7 but Noct has a bad leg and is absolutely exhausted after a while, so he's more than happy to let Ardyn be their third for the night.

Whether Ardyn tops or not is up to you, just let him wear Prompto out!
!unfilled  character:ardyn  character:noctis  character:prompto  pairing:ardynxnoctisxprompto  kink:stamina 
4 weeks ago
Nyx/Regis, Bartender at a bdsm club
Nyx moonlights as a bartender at a *discreet* bdsm club and nearly chokes on his own tongue when he sees the king himself at the bar.

Cue Regis taking Nyx upstairs for a little fun.
!unfilled  character:regis  character:nyx  pairing:nyxxregis  kink:bdsm  kink:clubbing  kink:alternate_universe 
4 weeks ago
gladio/ignis/noctis/prompto, cuddles
Gladio and Ignis are absolute cuddle monsters in private. In public they're the picture of propriety but in private all bets are off
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:prompto  character:ignis  character:gladiolus  pairing:ot4  kink:cuddling 
4 weeks ago
gladio/ignis/noctis/prompto, pet names
what pet names does Ignis have for everyone? does he call them those deliberately, or is he sometimes so distracted what he calls them in his head slips out? does he have nicknames he uses for all of them or does her have different nicknames for each of them? or both?

+they each have a moment where they're flustered and happy about a pet name
!unfilled  character:gladiolus  character:ignis  character:prompto  character:noctis  pairing:ot4  kink:names 
5 weeks ago
gladio/ignis/noctis/prompto, everyone lives aftermath
I want something where Ignis, Gladio, and Prompto have to deal with their feelings of Noctis dying and coming back. The grief abruptly changing to relief not to mention all their feelings about the apocalypse being averted

+Gladio and Ignis full on crying
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:prompto  character:ignis  character:gladiolus  pairing:gen  kink:feelings  kink:crisis_aversion 
5 weeks ago
Prompto/Ignis, are they an item?
Noctis and/or Gladio realizes with 99% certainty that Ignis and Prompto are fucking/an item and have been on the road for some time, but they haven’t said something about it and feels it’s too late to ask for clarification.

Ignis and Prompto are very open about the nature of their relationship to everyone, Noctis/Gladio (or both) just has bad timing.
!unfilled  character:prompto  character:ignis  pairing:ignisxprompto  kink:relationships 
5 weeks ago
Ardyn/any or gen- Ardyn earns a redemption arc/the reason you suck speech
Yes, Ardyn has a tragic backstory, but I want to see him actually taken to task for his actions. Ardyn wants forgiveness and another character- ideally Prompto, Noctis, or Luna, but can be anyone- lays into him, telling him that he can't just say hes a good person again, he has to prove he's no longer "the accursed". And Ardyn does.
+Helping rebuild the world after the years of darkness, not from a position o power but of humbleness
+Helping deprogram and socialize the MTs
+Arguing against the Astrals to give Noctis, Luna, Regis, ect a second chance
+Helping people use ancient solshiem tech for reasons other then war
+There are people who don't forgive him and that's ok
+++ He helps set up a democratic system instead of continuing the monarchy
PLEASE no romance as the impetus of his redemption arc. If romance happens its as a result of someone appreciating the work he's puttin in and realizing his return to the type of person he used to be, not trying to fix him or him being redeemed because he wants that d.
!unfilled  character:ardyn  character:any  pairing:ardynxany  pairing:gen  kink:redemtion_arc  kink:speech 
5 weeks ago
Wholesome Promdyn
Because while I love the darker aspect of this ship, sometimes you need some fluff in your life.
!filled  !complete  character:prompto  character:ardyn  pairing:ardynxprompto  kink:fluff  kink:relationships 
5 weeks ago
The bros rescue a bunch of MTs
I'm the other MT post right above this, and this is different enough that i'm posting separately, so consider: The guys stumble upon where a lot of smol in-development MTs are being kept and they become absolutely set on getting this handful of kids out of the place. And then they do.

Cue bros interacting with a gaggle of small traumatized MTs.

+ I'm thinking three or more small MTs
+ Any banter about figuring out how to tell them apart
+++ Prompto understanding them best because of his background and being a very good big brother to them
!unfilled  character:noctis  character:prompto  character:ignis  character:gladiolus  character:MTs  pairing:gen  kink:rescue 
5 weeks ago
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