Reverse Engineering WipEout (PSX) - PhobosLab
A guy reverse engineered one of my favorite classic games.
webgl  programming  playstation  retrogaming 
august 2017
Thoughts on a Strange Day—and a Very Strange Presidential Tweet - Lawfare
"It is a portrait in inconsequential and comical miniature of the incompetence and dysfunction we've been seeing since day one of the Trump Administration."
politics  law  twitler  mangomussolini  scrotus 
february 2017
Etcher by resin.io
Multiplatform graphical tool for burning disk images to SD cards and USB drives.
utils  gui  linux  osx  windows 
january 2017
bwm-ng (Bandwidth Monitor NG)
Simple console-based bandwidth monitoring tool
posix  linux  osx  sysadmin  network 
december 2016
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