React Native Accessibility Is Pretty Bad - Taking Notes
Another way that cross-platform “native” toolkits suck.
frameworks  accessibility 
6 weeks ago
Optimizing Siri on HomePod in Far‑Field Settings - Apple
Interesting article on how “Hey Siri” works so well on the HomePod.
apple  ai  homepod 
6 weeks ago
Coleco ADAM | ColecoVision Family Computer System
I got an ADAM for Christmas one year when I was in high school.
retrocomputing  coleco  adam  colecovision  8-bit 
12 weeks ago
Open Scrobbler
Manual last.fm scrobbler web app.
last.fm  music 
october 2018
Cool Story
Meeting shortener.
work  funny  tech 
august 2018
index | Alpine Linux
Tiny distro, aarch64 as well
linux  distro 
august 2018
spulec/freezegun: Let your Python tests travel through time
“Once the decorator or context manager have been invoked, all calls to datetime.datetime.now(), datetime.datetime.utcnow(), datetime.date.today(), time.time(), time.localtime(), time.gmtime(), and time.strftime() will return the time that has been frozen.”
february 2018
Reverse Engineering WipEout (PSX) - PhobosLab
A guy reverse engineered one of my favorite classic games.
webgl  programming  playstation  retrogaming 
august 2017
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