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Supernatural RPF: Food Porn by likeanything
Summary: Jensen’s a neurotic sous chef and his roommate Jared’s a disgruntled chef turned blogger turned author who’s just trying to finish his book. Mostly they call each other names, and then they fall in love. And then they call each other names some more.
Reccer's Notes: About a decade ago, despite not being in either Supernatural or its attendant RPF fandom, I came to read several funny J2 AUs. This is one that has stayed with me. It's hilarious, with great characters, but also, if you are addicted to Food Network and/or a foodie who's into cooking, the descriptions of food and cooking are fantastic. Plus, hot make-outs and awkward sex, two elements I love. Jensen is divorced with a kid, who is also funny, but I thought I'd mention it in case it's an issue for anyone.
creator:likeanything  fandom:supernatural.rpf  theme:alternative.professions  reccer:ranalore  length:40.000-60.000.words  pairing:jared.padalecki/jensen.ackles  fandom:actor.rpf  theme:au  theme:humor 
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Yami no Matsuei: Nightingale (The Tiny Glass Bells Mash-Up)
Summary: Of love and fairy tales.
Reccer's Notes: Is it cheating to rec a remix of one of my stories? Except it's one of those remixes that takes the basic concept of riffing on the Andersen fairy tale, the ship, and does a sharp left turn. It's sharply observed and aching, as is typical of Brigdh's work. It also has some really beautiful language.  pairing:kurosaki.hisoka/tsuzuki.asato  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:brigdh  theme:established.relationship  reccer:ranalore 
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GetBackers: The Mickey by Xparrot
Summary: Ban runs into a difficulty on a job. Unfortunately Shido's there to help.
Reccer's Notes: Since I've mostly noticed epic-length and Western fandom fic recced here, I thought I'd start with something shorter from an anime fandom. The AO3 upload backdates this story's publication date to 2003, and I first read it somewhere around 2006.

GetBackers was never a large fandom, but it did/does have some quality writers, and Xparrot was one of the best. I love this story for how in-character everyone is, for the hilarity of reluctant Shido trying to wrangle a resistant and drugged Ban into cooperating with him, and for the truths Ban unwittingly reveals. It's a prime example of something Xparrot excels at, the story that has you laughing right up to the moment it punches you in the feels and leaves you gasping.
fandom:getbackers  pairing:amano.ginji/midou.ban  character:fuyuki.shido  length:05.000-10.000.words  creator:xparrot  theme:humor  theme:in.vino.veritas  theme:comfortfic  reccer:ranalore 
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