fancake + length:01.000-5.000.words   1890

MDZS: Only here to pass the time by firesonic152
Summary: He should have been reminded every second of Wei WuXian’s absence, but he wasn’t. Life in the Cloud Recesses went on and Lan WangJi went on as well, just as he always had. Just the same as he did when Wei WuXian was alive.

Without him.
Reccer's Notes: Great angst!
reccer:imogeneherdman  creator:firesonic152  fandom:mo.dao.zu.shi.(grandmaster.of.demonic.cultivation)  pairing:lan.zhan.(lan.wangji)/wei.ying.(wei.wuxian)  length:01.000-5.000.words  theme:amnesty  theme:(not.really).character.death 
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Star Trek AOS: The Ship's Cat, by cowgirldressage1
Summary: The Captain has come to the Enterprise. Who is this mysterious feline and why is he compelled to usurp Jim's authority?
Reccer's Notes: I always enjoy it when there are cats on the Enterprise, and this cat in particular is perfectly suited to the ship. I love the Captain's proprietary air and his power struggles with Jim, and also that he's friends with Spock. A sweet fic with a happy ending. Contains brief animal harm but everything turns out okay.
reccer:runpunkrun  creator:cowgirldressage1  fandom:star.trek.reboot  length:01.000-5.000.words  theme:amnesty  theme:animals  pairing:james.t.kirk/spock 
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Mag7: Indelible by thedevilchicken
Summary: The soulmark at the crook of Billy's arm reads: Goodnight Robichaux.
Reccer's Notes: Soulmate-identifying marks in multiple languages, on top of being in an era when literacy is not universal. Adds that tiny frisson of uncertainty...that really just highlights the depth of Billy and Goody's devotion to each other regardless of what destiny may or may not say. Sharp and gritty, sweet and hot by turns.
reccer:lazaefair  creator:thedevilchicken  theme:soulmates  length:01.000-5.000.words 
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Star Trek: Ardor, by ThereBeWhalesHere
Summary: AU where everything is the same, but when Vulcans find their soulmate they sense it through their pheromones. These pheromones are, well, incredibly insistent. Spock's pretty sure he's immune to them until he meets one James T. Kirk. Really this is just an excuse to write sexually-frustrated!Spock who's pretty much DTF from the get-go.
Reccer's Notes: Spock is so full of yearning for his captain and every whiff he gets of Jim just winds him up tighter. Lots of great smells and feelings and urgency, and then a nice moment of comfort and understanding before things heat up again.
reccer:runpunkrun  creator:therebewhaleshere  fandom:star.trek:the.original.series  pairing:james.t.kirk/spock  theme:soulmates  theme:xeno/alien.biology  length:01.000-5.000.words 
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Original Work: The Glitch, by Pameluke
Summary: At 4 months, Janda's DNA was read, coded and tattoed. At 7 months, her tattoo broke the first MatchMaker program.
Reccer's Notes: I really enjoyed this spin on a soulmark AU, where the mystery soulmate turns out to be an AI. Heartwarming and lovely.
reccer:mlravenwrites  creator:pameluke  length:01.000-5.000.words  theme:soulmates  theme:interspecies.pairings  theme:robots.androids&ai  theme:science.fiction  theme:soulmate-identifying.marks  pairing:original.character/original.character 
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Jeeves & Wooster: On The Subject Of Soulmates by AlbionRaine
Summary: Soulmates are a rummy business all round, just how is a chap supposed to find his without it being spelled out for him? A glimpse into five universes where Wooster couldn't find his soulmate, and the one where he did.
Reccer's Notes: There are almost no soulmate fics in the Jeeves universe. This 5 + 1 fic is quite lovely.
reccer:cuddyclothes  creator:albionraine  fandom:jeeves&wooster  theme:soulmates  length:01.000-5.000.words  theme:au  pairing:bertram.wooster/reginald.jeeves 
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The Losers: Taste the Rainbow, by kisahawklin
Summary: Soulbond AU where you grow your marks and your abilities as you grow your connection to your bondmates.
Reccer's Notes: This is a nifty take on the soulmates trope, making it more about the bonds in a team than romantic partners. Clay gradually builds the Losers out of a series of misfits, and as they click into place with the team, they develop a soulmark, with everyone's marks changing to become more complex as each Loser joins, forming a finished soulmark after Jensen turns up. It's an interesting take on the trope and there's an extra twist with the team members developing a psychic ability as their soulbond connects. I like this fic as it neatly circumvents the dubcon aspect of soulbonds, while hitting all those great TEAM feels. Perfect for the Losers.
reccer:mific  creator:kisahawklin  fandom:losers  theme:soulmates  length:01.000-5.000.words  theme:soulbonding  theme:soulmate-identifying.marks  pairing:(gen).no.pairing  character:linwood."pooch".porteous  character:carlos."cougar".alvarez  character:jake.jensen  character:franklin.clay  character:william.roque 
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Captain America: Just Words by LadyRazzle
Summary: Inspired by that now legendary post: "soulmate AU where you wake up on your 18th birthday with the first words your soulmate will say to you tattooed on your body so you’ll know them when you meet them." Well what if they appear the moment you turn 18, rather than just the day? And what if by the time you turn 18, you'd already fallen in love?

Bucky wasn’t eager to discover what the words said. He already knew what he wanted them to say. He always had.
Reccer's Notes: I think this is one of the earlier soulmate fics from the current-era fandom? And it's NEAT because it looks at the soulmate trope from a slightly different angle. Plus: it's basically fluff with just enough angst to make it even sweeter (a perfect balance).
reccer:doctorsidrat  creator:ladyrazzle.(crimegimp)  fandom:marvel.cinematic.universe  theme:soulmates  length:01.000-5.000.words  pairing:james."bucky".barnes/ 
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Star Trek: take a gander at the two of us, by Dubiousculturalartifact
Summary: Features "the soulmate goose of enforcement" aka a "soulmate au where one person finds a goose who leads them to the other person. the difficulty comes in not being mauled by a goose."
Reccer's Notes: James T. Kirk being bested by a goose and forced to talk about his feelings is just good clean fun.
reccer:runpunkrun  creator:dubiousculturalartifact.(222ravens)  fandom:star.trek.reboot  length:01.000-5.000.words  pairing:james.t.kirk/spock  theme:animals  theme:soulmates 
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Calvin and Hobbes: Stupendous Man and Pretty Cool Dude (for an old guy) Join Forces! by mjules
Summary: The Mysterious Masked Man of Mega-Might encounters another Champion of Liberty and Justice. Together they fight crime!
Reccer's Notes: Any well-written Calvin and Hobbes fic is going to be funny, and this one is. Calvin is really himself, his Uncle Max is perfect, and the whole fic is delightful.
reccer:beatrice_otter  fandom:calvin.and.hobbes  creator:mjules  length:01.000-5.000.words  theme:domestic  theme:humor  theme:kidfic  theme:outsider.pov  pairing:(gen).no.pairing  character:uncle.max.(calvin.and.hobbes)  character:calvin.(calvin.and.hobbes) 
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Jeeves And Wooster: Domesticity by Emma Oz
Summary: I imagine that Bertie, an orphan with horrifying aunts, might appreciate the way Jeeves makes a home for him.
Reccer's Notes: This is a sweet little story. The first chapter deals with the problem of Biffy being a friend of Bertie's, while Mable is Jeeves's niece and therefore of the serving class. The dilemma is solved and leads to a new relationship between Jeeves and Bertie. Not the typical pining/slash story, although there is a very little bit of slash.
reccer:cuddyclothes  creator:emma_oz  fandom:jeeves&wooster  theme:domestic  length:01.000-5.000.words  pairing:bertram.wooster/reginald.jeeves  character:augustus."gussie".fink-nottle  character:charles.edward."biffy".biffen  character:mabel.(jeeves&wooster) 
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Star Wars: The Joy of Cooking by Victoria P.
Summary: "Cooking is like flying. Once you've got the basics down, you just do what feels right."
Reccer's Notes: Short but satisfying. A series of snippets about what cooking means to each of the focus characters, very clearly written by someone who understands that Food is Important. Each one is very different, reflecting how their perspective changes over time. It a neat glimpse into each character, as well as into the larger Star Wars universe.
reccer:sinesofinsanity  creator:victoria_p.(musefool)  fandom:star.wars  length:01.000-5.000.words  theme:domestic  theme:gen  character:obi-wan.kenobi  pairing:(gen).no.pairing  character:anakin.skywalker  character:leia.organa  character:finn.(star.wars)  character:kanan.jarrus 
6 weeks ago by fancake
Star Trek RPF: Somewhere Between Then and Now, by semperama
Summary: Zach is moving back to LA, and Chris accompanies him on some home tours.
Reccer's Notes: I love all the moods Chris goes through here: eager, helpful, chatty, nervous, panicked, flirty. I love that Chris knows enough about Zach to ask the right questions, and that Zach knows exactly when Chris is lying, and that they know each other so well, but yet neither of them has quite figured out they're in love. And, yes, semperama wrote this based on a prompt I gave her, which just makes me love it all the more.
reccer:runpunkrun  creator:semperama  fandom:star.trek.rpf  fandom:actor.rpf  length:01.000-5.000.words  theme:domestic  pairing:chris.pine/zachary.quinto 
6 weeks ago by fancake
Harry Potter: Easy, by Penknife
Summary: In which Remus shops for groceries and tries to resist temptation.
Reccer's Notes: This fic packs a LOT of character study and situation study into just a thousand words. And does it while Remus does the shopping.
reccer:beatrice_otter  creator:penknife  length:01.000-5.000.words  fandom:harry.potter  theme:domestic  pairing:nymphadora.tonks/ 
7 weeks ago by fancake
The X-Files: "Home, Home" by onpaperfirst
Summary: where seldom is heard a discouraging word, and the skies are not cloudy all day
Reccer's Notes: In my experience, it's rare for fanfiction to live up to its hype. I mean, when was the last time you saw four pages of comments on an X-Files story? Never would be the answer I'd have to give. But this fic is just as special as my fandom's response suggests. Written in 2008, it's a prequel to the second X-Files movie, but if you aren't a fan of I Want to Believe (and I'm not either), don't let that deter you.

The structure is simple: ten very short, connected vignettes. What's wonderful and unique about this fic is how it gives us a believable, detailed, note-perfect portrait of Mulder and Scully being happy, post-"The Truth."

"What's the opposite of angst?" is one of [ profile] onpaperfirst's tags for the story. "Joy" is my answer. If you haven't read "Home, Home," what a treat you have in store. If you have read it, maybe it's time for a reread.
reccer:wendelah1  creator:onpaperfirst  fandom:x-files  length:01.000-5.000.words  theme:domestic  theme:established.relationship  pairing:dana.scully/fox.mulder 
7 weeks ago by fancake
MCU: My Ghosts are Six Feet Under by what_alchemy
Summary: Steve showed up on Becca’s doorstep a month after the invasion in New York, larger than life and trying to hide it.
Reccer's Notes: Steve shows up on Bucky's sister's doorstep, and she gives him chores to do. Short and sweet.
reccer:beatrice_otter  creator:what_alchemy  fandom:marvel.cinematic.universe  pairing:james."bucky".barnes/  character:rebecca.barnes.proctor  length:01.000-5.000.words  theme:domestic  theme:family 
8 weeks ago by fancake
Ghostbusters (2016): don't know what a slide rule is for, by aomame (heart_nouveau)

Holtzmann offered casually, “You know, I could build you some new bookshelves if you wanted. For your place.”

Patty frowned. “I’m not some kind of fixer upper project.”

“No no, I… I was interested in branching out. Practicing some literal physics.” Holtzmann winked. “Help you feather your nest, so to speak."

“Well, okay.” Patty was dubious, but what was the worst that could happen?

Reccer's Notes: This is such a sweet fic, and Patty and Jillian are so delightfully themselves. I love it.
reccer:beatrice_otter  fandom:ghostbusters.(2016)  pairing:jillian.holtzmann/patty.tolan  length:01.000-5.000.words  theme:characters.of.color  theme:domestic  theme:courtship  theme:female.characters  theme:femslash  creator:aomame.(heart_nouveau) 
9 weeks ago by fancake
Stargate Atlantis: If We Were a Movie, by busaikko
Summary: Jennifer and Rodney don't want to take the next step in their relationship without John, which is perhaps not the best conversation to have while babysitting Madison.
Reccer's Notes: A sweet poly fic about relationship negotiation, communicating with your eyebrows, and babysitting.
reccer:runpunkrun  creator:busaikko  fandom:stargate:atlantis  length:01.000-5.000.words  theme:domestic  theme:polyamory  theme:kidfic:has/  pairing:jennifer.keller/john.sheppard/rodney.mckay 
9 weeks ago by fancake
Holmes on Homes+Cthulhu: Strange Geometry, by ancarett
Summary: There's something seriously wrong with the old Atwood house. Just how do you close a portal to a plane of eldritch power? Mike knows how to make it right!
Reccer's Notes: In which the elder gods are no match for Mike Holmes and a well-crafted repair. This is a brilliant crossover, domestic in the sense that home renovation's domestic. It's pitch perfect for 'Holmes on Homes' and quietly hilarious - very much recommended.
reccer:mific  creator:ancarett  fandom:lovecraft.(works)  pairing:(gen).no.pairing  theme:domestic  length:01.000-5.000.words  character:mike.holmes  character:damon.bennett 
9 weeks ago by fancake
The Renovators RPF: Red Room Challenge by Aris Merquoni
Summary: Peter and Chris have a renovation project in their basement, which would normally mean calling in reinforcements. But what about when you don't want to drive off your best friend with what's going in that basement? Scandalous!
Reccer's Notes: Aris Merquoni kindly wrote me this charming treat for Yuletide 2018. The Renovators was an Australian reality show about people competing to be Australia's best renovator. It's like GBBO but with hammers. Peter and Chris, two experts in bathroom renovation, immediately hit it off in an opposites-attract sort of way—Peter is jittery and driven, Chris is laid-back and chill—as did Peter and Lisa, a witty and stylish interior decorator. This fic imagines Peter and Chris living together post-show and inviting Lisa to help them design a basement room that Chris insists on calling a "sex dungeon". Hilarity ensues.
reccer:rosefox  creator:aristgd.(aris_merquoni)  fandom:renovators.rpf  length:01.000-5.000.words  theme:domestic  theme:bdsm  theme:competence  pairing:chris/peter.(renovators.rpf) 
9 weeks ago by fancake
Persona 4: Parents Weekend by ladysisyphus
Summary: At the time, buying a house had seemed like a fine idea -- after all, the mortgage on the small, centrally located building was only slightly more expensive than they'd been paying for their apartment during college, and for nearly four times the room; there were, Yosuke had observed, some real benefits to living in the sticks.
Reccer's Notes: Highly relatable fic about dealing with disapproving/difficult parents as an adult.
reccer:imogeneherdman  creator:ladysisyphus  fandom:persona.4  pairing:hanamura.yosuke/seta.souji  length:01.000-5.000.words  theme:domestic  theme:family  theme:established.relationship 
10 weeks ago by fancake
DCU: BRUCE WAYNE BANNED FROM WALMART [snapchat compilation] by unpretty
Summary: tim drake’s snapchat is 90% him making bruce wayne do normal middle-class american things and filming the results. popular youtube compilations include the one where they’re at denny’s at two in the morning and tim keeps trying to get bruce to order a moon over my hammy just so he’ll have to say it, the one where they’re at disneyworld and bruce gets increasingly frazzled culminating in him actually physically picking up gaston for reasons no one can entirely recall, and everyone’s favorite series “bruce wayne doesn’t understand walmart”
Reccer's Notes: If the unholy marriage of a) making fun of Bruce Wayne's absurd amount of money b) pointing out Walmart's horrific abuses of power and c) the wish fulfillment of Bruce Wayne using his absurd amount of money to fix some of Walmart's horrific abuses of power sounds good to you, read no further and click away! If you need further persuasion: look, I don't want to give away all the punchlines before you get there, but unpretty is so funny. The joke about Aquaman is absolute perfection. I've read this fic so many times and it never fails to make me smile.
reccer:meretricula  creator:unpretty  fandom:dc.universe  pairing:(gen).no.pairing  length:01.000-5.000.words  theme:gen  theme:epistolary  theme:family  theme:humor  theme:unconventional.format&style  character:bruce.wayne.(batman)  character:tim.drake 
11 weeks ago by fancake
Stargate Atlantis: Oolon Colluphid Was Right by melannen
Summary: The Stargates' universal translation effect can sometimes make secret communication in enemy territory difficult. Luckily, Rodney has a plan.
Reccer's Notes: If you understand "Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra," you'll get how this works. It is absolutely one of the most dorky, meta, and wonderful things I've read. Not all of it makes immediate sense (at least, it didn't for me), but it's fun trying to translate. A celebration of characters who are fans of things as much as we, the readers are.
reccer:marginaliana  creator:melannen  fandom:stargate:atlantis  pairing:(gen).no.pairing  length:01.000-5.000.words  theme:gen  character:john.sheppard  character:rodney.mckay  character:teyla.emmagen  character:ronon.dex 
11 weeks ago by fancake
20th century arts RPF: POEM by ishafel
Summary: Frank and Ted's excellent adventure. 1948
Reccer's Notes: This is delightful even without knowing Frank O-Hara - seeing an outside perspective on young Edward Gorey, an excellent drunk narrator - but if you're familiar with his poetry it is fantastic. A perfectly-pitched interweaving of the lyric and the decidedly un-lyric reality.
reccer:marginaliana  creator:ishafel  fandom:arts.rpf  pairing:(gen).no.pairing  length:01.000-5.000.words  theme:gen  non-fic.recs:poetry  character:edward.gorey  character:frank.o'hara 
11 weeks ago by fancake
Mythbusters RPF: Robots Need Love Too, by Toft
Summary: "Everybody, this is Adam," says Educator Kari. She's standing next to a skinny kid with red hair, who's still wearing the white and blue jumpsuit they give new people. He's also wearing a cape.
Reccer's Notes: This story makes me so happy. Adam and Jamie meet as kids in the school on their space station and become friends. Like, that's so many of my favorite things in one sentence already, but it's also about neurodiversity and acceptance, and it perfectly translates the grown-up Adam and Jamie into these little kids who are still figuring out who they are. A wonderful story about friendship, love, and science.
reccer:runpunkrun  creator:toft  fandom:mythbusters.rpf  length:01.000-5.000.words  pairing:(gen).no.pairing  theme:gen  theme:space.aus  theme:friendship  theme:au  character:adam.savage  character:jamie.hyneman  character:kari.byron 
september 2019 by fancake
Good Omens: What To Do After Firing by lannamichaels
Summary: One switch too many finds Sister Mary Loquacious raising the Adversary, Destroyer of Kings, Angel of the Bottomless Pit, Great Beast that is called Dragon, Prince of This World, Father of Lies, Spawn of Satan, and Lord of Darkness. Or, as she calls him, Jude. She's always liked The Who.
Reccer's Notes: I love the matter-of-fact-ness of this fic and how practical Sister Mary is. Because you have to have some skills other than being a nun! And of course her son takes after her.
reccer:marginaliana  creator:lannamichaels  theme:gen  length:01.000-5.000.words  pairing:(gen).no.pairing 
september 2019 by fancake
Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Coming In, by thingswithwings
Summary: For the prompt "someone on the team coming out to Rosa."
Reccer's Notes: But because this is twings and B99 everyone comes out to Rosa, and it's just as funny and loving as the show.
reccer:runpunkrun  creator:thingswithwings  fandom:brooklyn.nine-nine  length:01.000-5.000.words  theme:gen  theme:canon.lgbtq.characters  pairing:(gen).no.pairing  character:rosa.diaz 
september 2019 by fancake
Zone Blanche | Black Spot: And the Horned God Makes Four by Rivine
Summary: Welcome to Villefranche, where the forest has its own goals.
Reccer's Notes: This is threesome sex pollen the Villenfranche way, which means with a pervading sense of unknowable foreboding as experienced by characters with an extremely pragmatic approach to the whole thing. Great voices, great moody atmosphere, and the sex is hot. A++ all around.
reccer:snickfic  creator:rivine  fandom:zone.blanche.(  length:01.000-5.000.words  theme:amnesty  theme:m/m/f.threesomes  theme:sex.pollen  theme:threesome  pairing:franck.siriani/laurene.weiss/martial."nounours".ferrandis 
september 2019 by fancake
Mag7 (TV): "Could Have Been" by mahoni
Summary: Ezra lets an old woman beat him at poker. It has unexpected results.
Reccer's Notes: The entire fic is an exercise in, "Oh, you thought you were a trope-savvy reader who knew where this was going? Haha, nope :D" in the most delightful way. Funny, sweet, sad, and angsty by turns, plenty of rough 'n tough gunslingers being thoroughly bamboozled, and a surprisingly sneaky exploration of several different forms of love.
reccer:lazaefair  creator:mahoni  length:01.000-5.000.words  theme:amnesty 
august 2019 by fancake
Men In Black: In Which Agent M has a Crush on Agent O by Skyuni123
Summary: a sex pollen fic / (featuring, surprisingly enough, consent!)
Reccer's Notes: If you're interested in a well written, femslash boss/employee sex pollen fic than here you go! Agent O is so cool in this fic, it's easy to see why Molly has a crush on her. There's some praise kink too ;D The set up is so clever and feels very natural with the canon universe. Agent H has a few great lines too!
reccer:skyrosebud  creator:skyuni123  theme:sex.pollen  length:01.000-5.000.words  pairing:agent.a/agent.o 
august 2019 by fancake
Letterkenny: Like A Bull Wants A Dam by twowritehands
Summary: In an alternate reality where aphrodisiac pollen coats Letterkenny, Darry has plans but Wayne has manners.
Reccer's notes: So Letterkenny isn't a fandom that you would expect to see a sex pollen story in, but with Letterkenny being a farming community, this just works. But it actually happens in a different way than you would expect. In the Letterkenny fandom, Wayne was with Angie, who cheated on him, which broke them up. The author leans on this and ties Angie's cheating with the annual angiosperm outbreak that covers Letterkenny in pollen. But Wayne being Wayne holds back, even as Daryl wants to make him happy. They eventually get there, but on Wayne's timeline, because Wayne is, if nothing else, guarded and protects his heart.
reccer:squidgiepdx  creator:twowritehands  fandom:letterkenny  theme:sex.pollen  length:01.000-5.000.words  pairing:daryl/wayne.(letterkenny) 
august 2019 by fancake
SGA: Plant Bukkake by GloriaMundi
Summary: Rodney's the only one smart enough to take antihistamines before a botany-oriented mission.
Reccer's Notes: SGA is of course the motherlode of sex pollen stories so here's another one. It's funny and very hot, in its depiction of a growling, turned on, disinhibited Sheppard. And although it's called Multi, there's a definite McShep trend there at the end, for those who like that sort of thing. :D
reccer:mific  creator:gloriamundi  fandom:stargate:atlantis  theme:sex.pollen  length:01.000-5.000.words 
august 2019 by fancake
Stargate Atlantis: Inflorescence, by Anna S.
Summary: "Rodney was strafed by begonias," John said seriously. "He took a bad hit."
Reccer's Notes: Funny, sexy, and light-hearted.
reccer:runpunkrun  creator:anna_s.(eliade)  fandom:stargate:atlantis  pairing:john.sheppard/rodney.mckay  length:01.000-5.000.words  theme:sex.pollen 
august 2019 by fancake
DCU-Comicverse: Kiss Me With Your Mouth Open by victoria_p
Summary: When Kon gets hit with sex pollen, all he wants is Tim.
Reccer's Notes: I am relatively conversant with Batman comics canon, but I've never actually read anything involving Tim and Kon. Unless you count all the fanfic I've read with Tim and Kon. Plus, Batman is perfect for sex pollen fic, because you have Poison Ivy! Literal sex pollen. As sex pollen fics go, this is fun and sweet.
reccer:nestra  fandom:dc.universe  pairing:kon-el/tim.drake  length:01.000-5.000.words  theme:sex.pollen  creator:victoria_p.(musefool) 
august 2019 by fancake
Futurama: das flaming boots, by sandyk
Summary: "Those are my boots! My boots and my back-up boots! And the other boots I bought for festive occasions! They have a stripe!" Leela grabbed a fire extinguisher from the wall. It only emitted a slow sigh of steam, since, like all tools for safety on the ship it had expired twenty years earlier and had been bought by the Professor at an auction for products that had been recalled for a complete lack of effectiveness.
Reccer's Notes: This is so sweet and funny, and it gets the character voices and tone of the show absolutely spot-on. It's like watching an episode, if the writers were in fandom and knew what sex pollen was. (Content note: Canon-typical sexism and homophobia from the characters you'd expect it from, who are canon-typically the butt of the joke.)
reccer:pauraque  creator:sandyk  fandom:futurama  length:01.000-5.000.words  pairing:amy.wong/turanga.leela  theme:sex.pollen 
august 2019 by fancake
X-Men: The Element of Fire is Quite Put Out by cymbalism
Summary: Mutant hormones made them do it.
Reccer's Notes: I love this take on the sex pollen trope, with a uniquely X-Men edge. It's ridiculously hot, but also draws well on the contradictions that make Erik and Charles interesting. It's desperate but tender, complicated but ultimately simple.
fandom:x-men.movies  pairing:charles.xavier/erik.lensherr  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:cymbalism  theme:sex.pollen  reccer:misbegotten 
august 2019 by fancake
Mag7 (2016): "With The Greatest Of Ease" by poemsingreenink
Summary: Emma Cullen owns and operates RC Circus, a tiny punk rock circus show that offers death defying stunts and only charges $25 a ticket. Billy Rocks is unfortunately in charge tonight.
Reccer's Notes: In canon, they are a disparate bunch of skilled gunslinger cowboys come together to defend a town. In this AU, they are a disparate bunch of skilled circus acrobats come together to thrill you and chill you and make a lot of money off of you at the bar. (Plus, for once, they are actually exactly as punk as advertised.)

This is a bit of a fandom deep cut: Poems's characterizations and character relationships for this AU do rest somewhat on two years' worth of fanon; at least for me, I know enjoy this fic so much because I've got that shared background to fill in between the lines.

But even to readers without that background, I say in all seriousness that I've never met a writer like Poems before. She does the tropes, but in a tilted, always-a-little-surreal, queered way that's just endlessly fascinating to me. And to balance out the surreality, she grounds everything in concrete sensory details that make each scene come to life with almost disconcerting realness. I'd say it's entirely possible to read this like it's a particularly colorful original vignette.  theme:alternative.professions  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:poemsingreenink  reccer:lazaefair  pairing:(gen).no.pairing 
july 2019 by fancake
PoTC/Star Wars: "Trace" by cupiscent
Summary: In the aftermath of cataclysmic imperial victory, two escapees meet again on a distant planet. A Star Wars/PotC crossover.
Reccer's Notes: I'm not sure what I can say here that sells this story more than the bare facts of its existence do. Of course you want wild loose cannon Jedi Knight Jack Sparrow, and his former Master James Norrington, meeting up on a distant planet to deal with the aftermath of Order 66. Cupiscent does a masterful job of translating their canon personalities into their Star Wars roles, and grounding the setting in classic Star Wars-esque details like the dubious alcohol in seedy cantinas, and the eternal quest to find/buy/borrow/steal spaceship parts. Will Turner makes a nice little cameo as the local mechanic, which is perfect.
fandom:pirates.of.the.caribbean  fandom:star.wars  theme:alternative.professions  length:01.000-5.000.words  theme:crossovers&fusions  creator:cupiscent  reccer:lazaefair  pairing:jack.sparrow/james.norrington 
july 2019 by fancake
Captive Prince: I do occasionally eat meat, by Codango
Summary: Laurent stared at the glossy ad on his kitchen counter. It had fallen out of the pack that the local newspaper shoved in his mailbox every Tuesday. It was for a new boutique menswear shop. Grand opening this weekend, apparently.

He wiped his hands on his apron — bespoke canvas, from a local craftsman — and flipped a couple pages back in his cooking quarterly. This time, the ad was for a small but expensive brand of men's watch.

Laurent wondered if the beefcake smirking seductively in both ads knew anything about either running a small business or cooking. He narrowed his eyes. The watch looked like it barely fit around the man's wrist. What a... behemoth.
Reccer's Notes: Laurent's a chef and Damen has biceps like rugby balls. They have not one, not two, but three or even four meet-cutes, and it's so much fun. Laurent is dry and superior, and Damen is huge and charming and enthusiastic. Nicaise is a cat.
fandom:captive.prince.trilogy  reccer:runpunkrun  creator:codango  theme:alternative.professions  length:01.000-5.000.words  theme:au  pairing:damen/laurent.(captive.prince) 
july 2019 by fancake
Fantastic Beasts: Here Be Writers
Summary: Credence Barebone, author, and Percival Graves, secret agent, should never have crossed paths. But at Kowalski's Bakery and Coffeeshop, they do just that.
What results is something of a fairy tale.
Reccer's Notes: I love this fic so much! There's a couple fun little twists with both Percival and Credence's professions (which I won't spoil here), and the meet-cute works and works well! Also I've worked with Nork in the past and she's an absolute sweetie!  pairing:credence.barebone/percival.graves  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:bluebeholder  theme:alternative.professions  reccer:binary_sunset 
july 2019 by fancake
Guardian: Twill Seeker by Tethysian
Summary: The young master has a thing for the butler. The butler is at the end of his rope.
Reccer's Notes: : D
fandom:guardian  pairing:shen.wei/zhao.yunlan  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:tethysian  theme:alternative.professions  reccer:imogeneherdman 
july 2019 by fancake
The Magnus Archives: Ten Year Reunion by Jain
Summary: Once upon a time, Georgie had indulged in a small fantasy of Jon coming back into her life, humbled and apologetic. This situation bore a superficial resemblance to that fantasy, but with all of the fun stripped out of it.
Reccer's Notes: I don't read a lot of fic that digs into how deep friendships can burrow into your heart and life, even when not maintained for long periods, and this captures it so well. It's got some quality hurt/comfort in there, too.
fandom:magnus.archives  pairing:(gen).no.pairing  character:georgie.barker  character:jonathan.sims  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:jain  theme:friendship  reccer:snickfic 
july 2019 by fancake
Star Trek: Anything for a Friend, by Ghostery
Summary: "Here's the information you wanted," Jim said, dropping the micro records on the table in front of Tilly. Water droplets splattered everywhere as they landed.

"Ugh!" Tilly said as some of the water hit her. "Why are they wet?" She looked up at Jim. "Why are you wet?"

"I'll give you three guesses," Jim said as he sat down across from her.
Reccer's Notes: Tilly is so brave and such a good friend, and Jim is super sweet and ready to support her in whatever way she needs. A+ friendship.
fandom:star.trek:the.original.series  fandom:star.trek:discovery  pairing:(gen).no.pairing  character:james.t.kirk  character:syliva.tilly  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:ghostery  theme:friendship  reccer:runpunkrun 
june 2019 by fancake
Star Trek AOS: Project Friendship, by Janice_Lester
Summary: Believing that friendships will improve his quality of life, Spock logically determines to develop some. He encounters difficulties, particularly with Doctor McCoy.
Reccer's Notes: I love Spock and his 75% success rate on friendship. His approach is analytical, but still so sweet and giving.
fandom:star.trek.reboot  pairing:nyota.uhura/spock  character:spock  character:james.t.kirk  character:pavel.chekov  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:janice_lester  theme:friendship  reccer:runpunkrun  character:leonard."bones".mccoy 
june 2019 by fancake
The Good Place: Life, Death, and Breakfast by LovelyPoet
The first Wednesday that Jason showed up (It was a sheer coincidence, Chidi thinks.) Chidi was so absorbed in his reading that he didn't even notice it happening until Jason was sitting across the table from him, chewing with his mouth open and already deep into the kind of story that Eleanor calls Florida Man: The Greatest Hits Collection.

On Wednesdays -we wear pink- hang with our boy.

During the year in Australia Chidi and Jason fall into a routine and a friendship.

Reccer's Notes: A nice conon-compliant and lovely slice of life with two characters rarely featured together at any length in fics.  pairing:(gen).no.pairing  character:chidi.anagonye  character:jason.mendoza  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:lovelypoet  theme:friendship  theme:characters.of.color  theme:humor  reccer:jainas 
june 2019 by fancake
Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Ladies Book Club of the Ninety-Ninth Precinct, by igrockspock

The rules of the book club are as follows:

1. Book club is called book club. If you have some other stupid name for it, don't say it out loud.
2. No inviting boys.
3. No inviting Gina. She only reads Twilight.
4. No graphic violence (in books, or at meetings).
5. Nothing approximating a romance novel.
6. No setting disagreeable selections on fire.
Reccer's Notes: Set early in the show. Amy and Rosa reading books, taking things seriously, and becoming friends—so good.
fandom:brooklyn.nine-nine  pairing:(gen).no.pairing  character:rosa.diaz  character:amy.santiago  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:igrockspock  theme:friendship  theme:female.friendship  reccer:runpunkrun 
june 2019 by fancake
Mag7: On Brotherhood by boromir_queries_sean
Summary: Sam Chisolm meets Goodnight Robicheaux and immediately feels a sense of fraternal responsibility.
Reccer's Notes:

The closest thing to a central relationship in the movie. Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke had worked together before and that chemistry shows, which creates this entire emotional subtext that’s really fascinating for fanfic writers to explore. I love, love, love this take on their friendship, the years they spend riding together, Sam’s family helping him, Sam attempting to matchmake Goody with suitable bounty targets (!!!), all of it. Such solid, satisfying character development.  pairing:(gen).no.pairing  character:sam.chisolm  character:goodnight.robicheaux  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:boromir_queries_sean  theme:friendship  reccer:lazaefair 
june 2019 by fancake
Stargate Atlantis: Basement cat has infiltrated heaven, by kisahawklin
Summary: There was an unkempt, fluffy, obnoxious black cat in Atlantis.
Reccer's Notes: On certain nights of the month, Rodney is visited by a fluffy black cat. A sweet story that feels kind of like a fairy tale, except it has a perfectly happy ending without the nasty middle.
fandom:stargate:atlantis  pairing:john.sheppard/rodney.mckay  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:kisahawklin  theme:animals  theme:shapeshifting  reccer:runpunkrun 
may 2019 by fancake
Star Trek AOS: Kitty Kirk, by lalazee
Summary: Kirk was turned into a cat, and now he's been turned back. Mostly.
Reccer's Notes: Anyone who's ever associated with a cat knows exactly what's going on here, and it's equal parts hilarious, frustrating, and sweet as hell.
fandom:star.trek.reboot  pairing:james.t.kirk/spock  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:lalazee  theme:animals  theme:shapeshifting  reccer:runpunkrun 
may 2019 by fancake
Fairy Tale: Turn Your Charms by Trobadora
Summary: What does he remember? The huntsman's crossbow, aimed at him. The huntsman before him. Armed villagers behind, the red-cloaked charmswoman among them.
Reccer's Notes: This is really lovely, the story of a lone, lonely werewolf who finds a pack.
fandom:fairytales  pairing:huntsman/red.riding.hood/wolf  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:trobadora  theme:shapeshifting  theme:polyamory  theme:threesome  reccer:snickfic 
may 2019 by fancake
Elementary: Creatures Great and Small, by IrenaK
Summary: Between the bees, the chickens and Clyde, it's practically a menagerie in the brownstone. OR: Five times Sherlock brought home a stray and one time Joan did.
Reccer's Notes: I'm so fond of Sherlock and his habit of taking in strays, and this gives me all the ferrets and pigs and bad-idea hedgehogs I could want, with a lovely Joan & Sherlock friendship, and Marcus being perfect even while covered in spider. Contains: spider; off-screen animal harm.
fandom:elementary  pairing:(gen).no.pairing  character:joan.watson  character:sherlock.holmes  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:irenak  theme:amnesty  theme:animals  theme:(five).things  reccer:runpunkrun 
april 2019 by fancake
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Fair Dinkum by deird1
Summary: Buffy reads up on the life of an earlier Slayer...
Reccer's Notes: Seriously, why would an Australian vampire slayer NOT make use of the local cryptofauna? Meet Sarah Kelly and her drop bear army.
fandom:buffy.the.vampire.slayer  pairing:(gen).no.pairing  character:rupert.giles  character:buffy.summers  character:original.character(s)  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:deird1  theme:amnesty  theme:mythical.creatures  theme:mythical.creatures:other  theme:folklore&fairytales  reccer:beer_good_foamy 
april 2019 by fancake
Star Wars: Against Nature, by What-Ansketil-Did-Next
Summary: Palpatine keeps his promise to resurrect Padmé and he and Vader journey to Naboo.
Reccer's Notes: Ansketil writes dark, well in character canon figures, placing them in perfectly delicious dilemmas as she gets inside their skin. With Palpatine's motives as clear as can be, Vader writhes in torment inside his black suit before achieving as much peace as his master will ever allow him. I especially enjoy the imagery here, the new queen's black feathered costume rivaling Padmé's white garb at the end of Phantom Menace in its profound message.
fandom:star.wars  pairing:darth.vader/padme.amidala  character:emeror.palpatine  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:what_ansketil_did_next  theme:(not.really).character.death  theme:au  theme:amnesty  reccer:pronker 
april 2019 by fancake
Animorphs: Live-learned by Zelos
Summary: Five lessons they learned that will never make it into Jake's memoir.
Reccer's Notes: Harsh lessons here, rather fitting considering they fought a war... The last lines of this in particular hit hard.
fandom:animorphs  pairing:(gen).no.pairing  character:jake.berenson  character:marco.(animorphs)  character:cassie.(animorphs)  character:tobias.(animorphs)  character:aximili-esgarrouth-isthill  character:rachel.(animorphs)  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:zelos  theme:(five).things  theme:amnesty  reccer:mythicmistress 
april 2019 by fancake
Star Trek TOS: Heat, by ThereBeWhalesHere
Summary: Trapped together in a cave until the storm ceases, Jim and Spock find some freedom outside the press of the ship and its responsibilities.
Reccer's Notes: Kirk and Spock are so in love, and Jim is so respectful of Spock's boundaries and so careful to make sure he's not doing anything Spock doesn't want. They're such sweethearts. Also there's cave handjobs. :D
fandom:star.trek:the.original.series  pairing:james.t.kirk/spock  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:therebewhaleshere  theme:huddling.for.warmth  theme:first.time  reccer:runpunkrun 
april 2019 by fancake
Transformers: Antifreeze, by Astolat
Summary: “Starscream, has it ever occurred to you that you’re an idiot?” Megatron said.
Reccer's Notes: Starscream's loathing POV is as much a total delight as the hatesex in this fic. Trying to get Megatron to freeze to death obviously misfired, but the results are... interestings. :D
fandom:transformers  pairing:megatron/starscream  length:01.000-5.000.words  theme:huddling.for.warmth  reccer:jainas  creator:astolat.(shalott) 
april 2019 by fancake
dS: The Love Song of S. Raymond Kowalski by aria
Summary: Ray dared to smush his experimental hair down in hats in Canada, dared to eat everything Fraser gave him including the freaky bark tea, dared ... dared to let Fraser turn his world inside out and meet his eyes afterward.
Reccer's Notes: Such a pretty, achingly romantic fic.
fandom:due.south  pairing:benton.fraser/ray.kowalski  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:aria  theme:huddling.for.warmth  reccer:jerakeen 
april 2019 by fancake
Stargate Atlantis: Once Upon a (Prescription) Mattress, by that_which
Summary: How Prince Rodney, who was surrounded by pea-brains (seriously, I don't think there's enough room in all the infinite possible universes for you people to be any more wrong if you tried with both hands for a week) found his (pretty, pretty, psycho-killer) princess (maybe).
Reccer's Notes: I love the way this is written. The voice has a great rhythm to it and sounds exactly like a fairy tale by way of Rodney McKay. This may be my favorite part: It didn't help that he wasn't (and let me throw a parenthetical clause in here to draw this into sharp relief) a very nice person.
fandom:stargate:atlantis  pairing:john.sheppard/rodney.mckay  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:that_which  theme:folklore&fairytales  reccer:runpunkrun 
april 2019 by fancake
Justified: Persephone's Son (Orpheus Played Fiddle, Hades Let Him Go) by scioscribe
Summary: He falls in love with Boyd Crowder because Boyd Crowder is Death and Raylan Givens is Persephone, and the shit that happens in Harlan is never original.
Reccer's Notes: A beautiful, vivid and very Harlan take on classic myth.
fandom:justified  pairing:boyd.crowder/raylan.givens  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:scioscribe  theme:folklore&fairytales  reccer:an0ther_dreamer 
april 2019 by fancake
MCU: human, by icoulddothisallday
Summary: Bucky Barnes wakes believing he is a golem and learns to be human again surrounded by his people.
Reccer's Notes: This is one of my favorite stories in the "Bucky is more traumatized by HYDRA than in canon" trope. I love it for the way both the story and the characters in it treat Bucky with such kindness, and the way it recognizes that there is no quick fix or magic undo button that will restore Bucky to fully functional human being, and that that is okay. The prose is very spare but evocative.
fandom:marvel.cinematic.universe  pairing:(gen).no.pairing  character:james."bucky".barnes  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:icoulddothisallday  theme:au  theme:folklore&fairytales  reccer:beatrice_otter 
april 2019 by fancake
Sleeping Beauty: come away, o human child by betony
Summary: You gave her to us. Accept the consequences.
Reccer's Notes: A really creepy (and yet, true to the original view of fairies and fairy tales) look at the whole story of Sleeping Beauty
fandom:fairytales  pairing:(gen).no.pairing  character:the.fairy.godmother  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:betony  theme:small.fandoms  theme:folklore&fairytales  theme:mythical.creatures  theme:mythical.creatures:fairies  reccer:beatrice_otter 
april 2019 by fancake
Tam Lin: A Haven of Iron by Gehayi
Summary: After being kidnapped as a child and raised by fairies, Tam Lin has a difficult time adjusting to life among humans once more.
Reccer's Notes: Really intriguing look at what might happen after the ballad ends, and what the fairy world was like and what the real world is like, and why people cling to good memories of abusive things/people, and I really like the way Gehayi has captured all the characters.
fandom:tam.lin  pairing:(gen).no.pairing  character:tam.lin  character:janet.(tam.lin)  character:the.queen.(tam.lin)  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:gehayi  theme:folklore&fairytales  theme:future.fic  reccer:beatrice_otter 
april 2019 by fancake
Jewish Scripture/The Little Mermaid: what choice do i have? by crepesculum
Summary: Esther's mother had been Mordecai's sister, before the land king's wizard had cursed the sea. Before Esther's parents had been lost and before Mordecai had been confined to this shark's shape.
Reccer's Notes: This is a really interesting fusion that makes the details of the story of Esther and the story of the Little Mermaid resonate with each other in very interesting ways. (Oh, Vashti!)
fandom:jewish.legend&lore  fandom:legends&myths  fandom:little.mermaid  pairing:(gen).no.pairing  character:esther  character:vashti  character:mordecai  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:crepesculum  theme:folklore&fairytales  theme:mythical.creatures  theme:mythical.creatures:mermaids  theme:au  theme:crossovers&fusions  theme:marriage  theme:arranged.marriage  theme:female.characters  reccer:beatrice_otter 
april 2019 by fancake
Greek Mythology- Beauty and Sleep by kouredios
Summary: So beautiful. The most beautiful. No one else more beautiful. It was a lie.

The night he pierces me with his spindle, I fall asleep. The wall of thorns grows up again around me. I sleepwalk through this new life, through all the duties of a good Akhaian wife. I weave, I spin, I press the olives into oil, I submit to my husband, and I sleep through it all. The household around me may as well be frozen in time for all that I interact with it.

Reccer's Notes: The story of Helen of Troy with some elements from Sleeping Beauty. A very different take on Helen with a haunting, tragic feel.
fandom:greek.mythology  fandom:legends&myths  pairing:helen/menelaus.(greek.mythology)  pairing:helen/paris.(greek.mythology)  character:helen.of.troy  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:kouredios  theme:folklore&fairytales  theme:female.characters  reccer:mythicmistress 
april 2019 by fancake
Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles: The Fire Handler, by LithiumDoll
Summary: "So Francis, he gets his cloak and he puts it on the water. Gets his staff, ties it to the cloak ... and he sails anyway. He doesn't know what the hell he's doing, but he sails anyway."
Reccer's Notes: This is a story about the uses of folklore, the functions stories have in society. The most interesting types of minor characters stories in T:tSCC fandom focus on what happens to them on Judgment Day. This particular story follows Martin Bedell, who was a student at a military academy when we saw him on the show. (A military prep school for teens, not one of the service academies.) Skynet sent a Terminator after him, as he was destined to become one of John Connor's right hand men in the Resistance. So, Connor and Derek Reese infiltrated the school to protect Bedell. In the process, Bedell learned about Skynet, and that (no matter what he might want to do with his life) he had to join the military so that he would have the training and expertise necessary when Judgment Day comes. This is his story, preparing for Judgment Day and the Resistance. And this is the story of the stories he tells.
fandom:terminator:the.sarah.connor.chronicles  pairing:(gen).no.pairing  character:martin.bedell  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:lithiumdoll  theme:minor.characters  theme:folklore&fairytales  theme:apocalypse&dystopia  theme:future.fic  theme:old.fandoms  theme:small.fandoms  theme:road.trips  reccer:beatrice_otter 
april 2019 by fancake
Star Trek: T'Kay Tales by LJC
Summary: From The Terran Coyote to The Klingon K'Ortar: Tricksters of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants (Revised Expanded 4th Edition).
Reccer's Notes: In the 80s and 90s, there was a string of REALLY GREAT Star Trek: The Original Series novels published. Because Star Trek was by that time such a cultural juggernaut, there were a LOT of really talented writers just itching for the chance to write Star Trek novels. And a surprising amount of what was in those books later became canon (including Sulu and Uhura's first names). (If you're interested, I can give you a list of all the awesome ones you should totally read.)

One such awesome work was Uhura's Song, in which information provided by Uhura sends the Enterprise out on an adventure, which happens to involve a prolonged first contact involving lots of talk about folklore, and specifically trickster-figures, and Spock notes that the trickster figure on Vulcan is called T'Kay. ljc took that and wrote a really interesting ficlet, both exploring what T'Kay folklore might be like, and also what non-Vulcan academics might make of it. You don't have to know anything about the novel to enjoy this fic.
fandom:star.trek:the.original.series  pairing:(gen).no.pairing  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:ljc  theme:folklore&fairytales  theme:xeno/alien.biology  theme:worldbuilding  theme:outsider.pov  theme:mythical.creatures  theme:mythical.creatures:other  reccer:beatrice_otter 
april 2019 by fancake
Teen Wolf: The Serpent Beguiled Me by AvaRosier
Summary: A reimagining of Red Riding Hood with Chris Argent as the Hunter and Lydia Martin as Little Red. But then again, wolves and girls both have sharp teeth...

“This is what I have ascertained thus far: you have been visiting the elder Mr Hale since August. I want you to understand that men like Peter Hale, they are wolves in the night, looking to take advantage of innocent young women like you…”
Reccer's Notes: This story is hauntingly perfect. It's lyrical, it's gothic, it leaves more to the imagination than it suggests. It stays with you long after you've read it. It's got one of the most nuanced representations of Lydia I've ever read, it's powerful, it's sensual, it's a little bit disturbing. This is probably one of my favourite pieces of fanfic ever. What AvaRosier does in 4000 words is just beautiful.

This pairing can easily be really unethical, but it's handled with a deft hand here and Lydia is time-period appropriate adult (its set in a historical fantasy setting).
fandom:teen.wolf  pairing:chris.argent/lydia.martin  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:avarosier  theme:folklore&fairytales  reccer:raktajinos 
april 2019 by fancake
Popslash: The Magic Bean, by _ducks
Summary: Joey is working on his opus, tentatively entitled Hood. It is about a young disadvantaged wolf who grew up on the mean streets and gets into crime and cross-dressing. It will challenge the audience's prejudices and preconceptions, and turn a widely-held misbelief on its head. He intends to play all the parts. He spends his days in the unsavoury Ernard's coffee house, until Ernard's is taken over by Wizards Coffee, and Elves arrive to drink the coffee and enjoy the many coffee-related gifts.
Reccer's Notes: This is a cunning little delight, written in 2007 for the Make The Yuletide Gay exchange. So many sly, clever references to fairy tales and the world of whimsy, and the guys other then Joey and Chris are fun to spot. it quite simply makes me smile.
fandom:popslash  pairing:(gen).no.pairing  character:joey.fatone  character:chris.kirkpatrick  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:by_ducks  theme:folklore&fairytales  reccer:pensnest 
april 2019 by fancake
Saga: Fragile Bodies of Touch and Taste by smallbrownfrog
Summary: A brush with death is as good a reason for sex as any.
Reccer's Notes: This is exactly the weird, weird Stalk/Will porn I have been pining for since that very first trade volume, chock-full of details about just how a human dude and a spider lady would have sex. Very satisfying.
fandom:saga  pairing:the.stalk/the.will  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:smallbrownfrog  theme:xeno/alien.biology  reccer:snickfic 
april 2019 by fancake
SG-1: Environmental Factors, by staranise
Summary: When the SGC rescues a goa'uld host, people like Helen Meyer oversee their recovery. Helen's one of the psychologists dedicated to studying goa'uld symbiosis and treating PTSD. After years of research, she finally gets to ask: what happens to the rescued hosts from other planets?

She's not going to like the answer.
Reccer's Notes: This is a story about what happens after the close encounter with unfriendly xenobiology, on both a psychological and social level. It's also a great OC trying to figure out how to do research given such small sample sizes and widely varying contexts. I love the worldbuilding and the exploration of a corner of the SG universe the show never gave us.  pairing:(gen).no.pairing  character:original.character(s)  character:vala.mal.doran  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:staranise  theme:xeno/alien.biology  theme:research  reccer:beatrice_otter 
april 2019 by fancake
Superman: Letters from a Smallvile School Nurse by Russel Saunders
Summary: I hope you’re as excited by the new school year as I am. We’re so glad to have little Clark back at Smallville Elementary! I’m sure he’s going to love second grade.
Reccer's Notes: This is adorable. That's all I can say. (Also: that poor nurse.)
fandom:dc.universe  pairing:(gen).no.pairing  character:original.character(s)  character:clark.kent.(superman)  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:russel_saunders  theme:outsider.pov  theme:kidfic  theme:xeno/alien.biology  theme:secret.identities  theme:superpowers  theme:backstory  reccer:beatrice_otter 
april 2019 by fancake
Venom: pour forms and reshape by brawlite
Summary: Eddie just woke up. It's the middle of the night and Venom is holding Eddie against the brick wall of an alley. There's two dead bodies nearby and Eddie's mouth tastes like blood. He's so, so full.
Reccer's Notes: I walked out of the movie wanting weird cannibalistic stuffing porn, and this one is delicious from beginning to end.
fandom:venom  pairing:eddie.brock/venom  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:brawlite  theme:xeno/alien.biology  reccer:snickfic 
april 2019 by fancake
Hockey RPF: I wanna fit inside you by dangercupcake
Summary: Sid wants Taylor to put her eggs inside him and doesn't know how to ask. Until he does.
Reccer's Notes: This is the weirdest and most creative oviposition fic I have ever read. Leans hard into the shame/comfort aspect, which I always enjoy.
fandom:hockey.rpf  pairing:sidney.crosby/taylor.crosby  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:dangercupcake  theme:xeno/alien.biology  reccer:snickfic 
april 2019 by fancake
Venom: Alternative pipe-cleaning methods, by cupidsbow

Eddie? they demand. Eddie!
Eddie drags his attention away from the story he’s working on. “What is it, bud?”
Are you going into heat?
“What?” Eddie makes his confused face. “No!”
Or planning to breed?
Eddie’s forehead ruts get even deeper. “Where the hell is this coming from?”
You are making too many of your breeding worms.
Eddie goes tense all over. “Breeding worms?” he says, shrilly enough to make Venom flinch.

Reccer's Notes: A lovely story in which Venom still have a few things to learn about humans. A light and fun story, I really enjoyed Venon's point of view.
fandom:venom  pairing:eddie.brock/venom  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:cupidsbow  theme:xeno/alien.biology  theme:interspecies.pairings  theme:interspecies.stories  reccer:jainas 
april 2019 by fancake
Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: "needs must when the devil drives" by Laylah
Raidou just wanted to go home.

Oboroguruma takes him for a ride.
Reccer's Notes:
Best summed up by the prompt that spawned this glorious xeno gem: SEX POLLEN DEMON CAR.

Laylah took this opportunity to really explore the simultaneous hotness/creepiness of a sex-pollened POV - constantly returning to the verge of realizing something's terribly wrong, only to be subsumed by the drugging influence before they can wake up. What makes this one tip over from creepiness to hotness for me is that Oboroguruma torments Raidou with overwhelming, all-consuming pleasure, rather than pain.

That being said, it's marked Rape/Non-con because that's what it still is. Heed the warnings.
fandom:shin.megami.tensei:devil.summoner  pairing:kuzunoha.raidou.xiv/oboroguruma  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:laylah  theme:xeno/alien.biology  reccer:lazaefair 
april 2019 by fancake
Eagle of the Ninth (2011): "The Forest of Dreams" by Isis
"Come on, then!" Marcus called over his shoulder, and then he was gone, swallowed up by the trees. Esca misliked this sudden whim; it was not like Marcus to be reckless. But he followed, for he could not abandon him.
Reccer's Notes:
Pining, fey forests, vaguely ominous (but hot as hell) vine-tentacle porn, dubcon tailored specifically to inflame the characters' pining, desperately noble self-sacrifice, a faerie-gifted happy ending; what's not to like? (This on top of the already-existing canonical tension between their backgrounds as a British ex-prince/ex-slave and his Roman ex-master; altogether too delicious a fanfic stew.)
fandom:eagle  pairing:esca.mac.cunoval/marcus.flavius.aquila  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:isis  theme:xeno/alien.biology  reccer:lazaefair 
april 2019 by fancake
The X-Files: Oil by Eodrakken Quicksilver
Summary: A possession. A nightmare. A love story. A different point of view.
Reccer's Notes: I was stumped by this theme until I remembered "Oil." This fic is disturbing and strange and original. The link is to Ratales (Alex Krycek fanfic archive) but the story is also archived at Gossamer.
fandom:x-files  pairing:(gen).no.pairing  character:alex.krycek  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:eodrakken_quicksilver  theme:xeno/alien.biology  reccer:wendelah1 
april 2019 by fancake
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