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The X-Files RPF: when the time comes (we will be as one) by Kindness
Summary: You don't get to choose your co-stars.
Reccer's Notes: This story is a perfect example of why sorting by kudos when you're looking for fic is a poor choice, especially in this fandom. This genre of RPF is the hardest to pull off--a story based on the real lives of the protagonists, grounded in the details which provide the illusion that we can know the inner lives of celebrities. The fic is told from Duchovny's POV, a bold choice since (let's be real) he can be kind of a douche. She manages to keep David's voice recognizably his own, while making him surprisingly sympathetic. Her Gillian Anderson is everything you would expect--quirky, funny, vulnerable and strong. All of the secondary characters are well-drawn, too--I adore Kindness's take on David's ex--the beautiful, talented Téa Leoni. The dialogue is simply terrific. The story begins with the series' pilot and ends in the halcyon period around the 20th anniversary of The X-Files, after Paley Fest and well before the revival filming in Vancouver. Kindness has written a perfect blend of realism and adult romance, which never pushes beyond the possible, while still allowing her readers a non-sappy, open-ended, but nevertheless happy ending. It is the only story ever recced at fuckyeahdavidgillian. It was my gift for Yuletide 2016, which I reread whenever I need a lift, and whenever I need a reminder of why I shipped these two people so hard, for so long. If you ever only read one story for this tiny Yuletide-eligible fandom, it should be this one.

I'm going to go reread it again right now.
fandom:x-files.rpf  pairing:david.duchovny/gillian.anderson  length:10.000-20.000.words  creator:kindness  theme:amnesty  theme:small.fandoms  theme:comfortfic  theme:slow.burn  theme:gateway.fic  reccer:wendelah1 
december 2018 by fancake
The X-Files RPF: Five Times David Duchovny Said Goodbye to Gillian Anderson by tree
Summary: Each universe can produce only one outcome.
Reccer's Notes:
The story is gateway fic for both the fandom and the pairing, since the fandom is the pairing for the most part. It was written originally for Yuletide back when it had its own archive. The fandom is still Yuletide eligible despite how gorgeous and messed up and hot these characters are. I just can't understand it.

This is it. This is the story I would recommend without reservation to anyone interested in the pairing and the fandom. I don't know why it hasn't gotten more attention and more praise. It's got beautiful, lyrical writing, perfect characterizations. This is the story that should have thousands of hits at AO3. It's not at all exploitative or mean-spirited; in fact, if the real people these characters are based on were to run into this story by accident and read it, I would feel fine about it. tree has written a love letter to The X-Files, to its fandom, and to the actors themselves. If you were ever in The X-Files fandom, go read this fic now. You will love it.
fandom:x-files.rpf  pairing:david.duchovny/gillian.anderson  length:01.000-5.000.words  creator:tree  theme:gateway.fic  theme:small.fandoms  theme:rare.pairings  reccer:wendelah1 
february 2014 by fancake
X-Files/Actor RPF: On Masculinity by elapses
Summary: "You can’t understand this," he said. "A pink polo shirt is like, the very definition of being whipped."
Reccers Notes: The actors, Gillian and David, talk about their characters, Dana Scully and Fox Mulder, FBI partners who in the episode "Arcadia" are in an undercover assignment, playing a married couple. (Yes, really. It's just like fanfiction.) David and Gillian have been together, playing these characters for six years. elapses gives us nice insights into GA and DD, their characters, and the television series itself. It's—complicated.
fandom:x-files  length:01.000-5.000.words  pairing:dana.scully/fox.mulder  pairing:david.duchovny/gillian.anderson  reccer:wendelah1  theme:pretend.couple  creator:elapses  fandom:x-files.rpf 
september 2012 by fancake

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