fitnr/twittergeo · GitHub
I wrote a quick Python module for downloading geotagged tweets to GeoJSON format. Let me know how it works for you!
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16 hours ago
Historical map of the State of Ohio. - David Rumsey Historical Map Collection
RT : Historical map of the State of Ohio. Showing the location of ancient earth works and the…
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fitnr/censusgeocode · GitHub
I forgot that I made a Python library for the Census Geocoder API. It’s dependency-free in Python3 !
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3 days ago
Flickr - Photo Sharing!
tfw you make a map about Flickr photos but forget to post the picture to Flickr because who uses Flickr
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7 days ago
Geograph Britain and Ireland - photograph every grid square!
While i've been a fan of confluence for decades (~1.3 decades), I was most immediately inspired by:
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9 days ago
Flickr - Photo Sharing!
How many presidential libraries can you fit on the park land U Chicago wants to grab? The answer will surprise you!
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10 days ago
An agreement of the people, 28 October 1647
An agreement of the people for a firm and present peace upon grounds of common right and freedom, as it was proposed by the agents of the five regiments of horse, and since by the general approbation of the army offered to the joint concurrence of all the free commons of England
law  history  uk  english.civil.war  rights 
11 days ago
Geograph Britain and Ireland - photograph every grid square!
A nerdy project straight out of the 2002 internet. but for Ordnance Survey grid squares
geography  photography  uk  mapping 
11 days ago
Where Are The Jobs?
employment dot density maps reveal the limits of dot density maps
usa  employment  map 
13 days ago
Nothing's Easy for New Orleans Flood Control -
Reading the NYer piece on Cascadia earthquake, reminded of this 2002 article on hurricane flood danger in New Orleans
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13 days ago
Simulation of the New Horizons Pluto flyby LORRI data set | The Planetary Society
I saw a few posts that give the impression that’s Pluto. I think this is the ultimate source:
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14 days ago
Hyperrhiz: New Media Cultures | ISSN 1555-9351
"the peer-reviewed online journal specializing in new media criticism and net art."

Hyperrhiz is published twice-yearly in conjunction with our parent journal Rhizomes: Cultural Studies in Emerging Knowledge.
journal  writing 
15 days ago
NYCityMap DoITT City-Wide GIS
Looks like this stayed farmland until at least 1924 – that water is now Marine Park
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16 days ago
Untitled (
Very small sample size. Report is limited to NW Qns, only looks at 139 Jun 15 rentals
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18 days ago
Circled states / Fake is the new real
Another new project: reshaping national boundaries into circles:

(This one looks best in person, sorry internet)
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19 days ago
Street chains / Fake is the new real
Other new project: chaining city streets together. You’ll like Baltimore:
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19 days ago
Street grids / Fake is the new real
That’s all of the streets in New York in alphabetical order. More from the series here:
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19 days ago
AT&T Long Lines Microwave Towers Remembered
abandoned microwave towers dotting the landscape
usa  infrastructure  history 
19 days ago
The 1,072 Words That Will Change How You Write Headlines Forever:
The list of 1,072 words scientifically proven to "increase engagement" in headlines includes "soone."
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25 days ago
Mickey Gooner on Twitter: "What a useless account @strange_allure"
People are having positive interactions with one of my twitter bots
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27 days ago
Wikipedia loop for French Revolution
French Revolution → Napoleon → French Revolution
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28 days ago
Wikipedia boucle pour Paris
Doesn't work with "Paris" in French Wikipedia
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28 days ago
College Heights Baptist Church in Elyria destroyed by fire - Cleveland
RT : This happened YESTERDAY in Ohio. // College Heights Baptist Church in Elyria destroyed by fire via
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29 days ago
Twitter Video
RT : & here is the video of the Confederate Flag being removed in South Carolina today by and the team.
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4 weeks ago
Congressional Democrats to introduce new Voting Rights Act fix - The Washington Post
RT : Under VRA preclearence formula in new proposal 13 states would need DOJ to sign off on changes to voting regulations
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4 weeks ago
They seem to have taken the original down, this is the page
flag  vexillology  us  city 
5 weeks ago
Feral Cat Services
Kittens can be trapped and adopted! Trick is getting someone to do it. Try 311, these folks:
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5 weeks ago
Here's the parkland that wants to tear out to build a presidential library.
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6 weeks ago
Fine Structure @ Things Of Interest
There was a war in Heaven and the debris fell to Earth.
1. Every year, a randomly chosen person on Earth is struck by lightning and gains superpowers.
2. Each new superhuman is twice as powerful as the previous one.
3. This has been going on for ten years.
science  fiction  novel  serial  book 
7 weeks ago
USA Voting Population
The Supreme Court might really mess up how voting works. I made a map:
fitnr  from twitter
8 weeks ago
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