How to change hostname on Debian 9 | Linuxize
$ hostnamectl
$ hostnamectl set-hostname [my-new-hostname]
linux  debian  hostname 
License of our free stock photos - Pexels
Pexels offers free stock photos that you can use for personal and commercial projects. With our large variety of free images you will find the perfect photo for your website or blog post.
photos  images  stock  free  creativecommons 
5 days ago
How To Install and Use Hugo, a Static Site Generator, on Ubuntu 14.04 | DigitalOcean
Hugo is a fast and easy-to-use static site generator written in Go and available across multiple platforms. Static site generators are a great choice for blogs and other content that do not require dynamic content pulled from a database. Choices like
static  hugo  installation  webdev 
7 days ago
Sunset: László Nemes is back to save cinema with his dreamlike follow-up to Son of Saul — The Calvert Journal
After winning the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film with his debut, 2015’s excoriating Holocaust drama Son of Saul, Hungarian director László Nemes…
movie  sunset  nemes  review  hungary 
13 days ago
Blue Ocean
Jenkins is an open source automation server
tools  versioning  jenkins  pipeline 
20 days ago
StatefulSet  |  Kubernetes Engine  |  Google Cloud
StatefulSets represent a set of [Pods] with unique, persistent identities and stable hostnames that GKE maintains regardless of where they are scheduled. The state information and other resilient data for any given StatefulSet Pod is maintained in persistent disk storage associated with the StatefulSet.
kubernetes  pod  google 
24 days ago
Monitor Your System with Graphite and a Grafana Dashboard
This guide shows how to use Graphite to monitor server data and connect it to Grafana for an informative, customizable, graphical interface.
grafana  graphite  docker 
26 days ago
Firejail | security sandbox
Firejail is a SUID program that reduces the risk of security breaches by restricting the running environment of untrusted applications using Linux namespaces and seccomp-bpf.
software  security  linux  sandbox 
29 days ago
GitHub - chriso0710/pikiosk: Automate Chromium in kiosk mode and Eddystone beacon on Raspberry Pi Raspbian Jessie with Ansible. Use a single command to update the kiosk and Eddystone URLs on all machines.
Automate Chromium in kiosk mode and Eddystone beacon on Raspberry Pi Raspbian Jessie with Ansible. Use a single command to update the kiosk and Eddystone URLs on all machines. - chriso0710/pikiosk
raspberrypi  chromium  kiosk  ansible 
4 weeks ago
Setup a Kiosk with Ubuntu and Chromium - O'Brien Labs
How to setup a digital signage kiosk to auto login after reboot, open Chromium and auto load tabs, which display the information you want for your signage.
kiosk  xdotool  hdmi  chromium 
4 weeks ago
Setup a Raspberry Pi Kiosk with Chromium - O'Brien Labs
How to setup a Raspberry Pi to act as a digital signage kiosk. After auto login, automatically open Chromium and load tabs to display signage websites.
raspberrypi  kiosk  chromium  xdotool 
4 weeks ago
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