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Blood and Gold - ObsidianPen - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
The true time-turner was slammed savagely into Hermione's throat. It shattered against her neck, bits of glass and gold piercing into her skin. The last thing she saw before blackness consumed her was a plume of metallic dust and vitreous fragments, tiny prisms dancing behind her eyelids.

(In which Hermione accidentally ends up in 1950, pitted against an ascending Dark Lord in his prime, caught in the entanglement of pureblood politics, dark magic, and Tom Riddle's interest)

+ so far hermoine has had a makeover and is attracted to both voldie and abraxas malfoy. i wouldn't say it's in character, but i'm entertained.
fic  hp  hermione/voldemort  wip  timetravel 
june 2018 by exclamations
Double Agent Vader - Fialleril - Star Wars - All Media Types, Star Wars Original Trilogy [Archive of Our Own]
The one where Vader turned double agent for the Rebellion about three years after ROTS, and Leia is now his primary contact with the Rebellion.

This is a collection of oneshots that all fit into the same universe, but posted in no particular order. Updated when the muse strikes me.

+ it's been pretty compelling and i'm really disappointed that it stopped before esb.
fic  starwars  darthvader  wip 
april 2018 by exclamations
Of Queens, Knights, and Pawns - chancecraz - Star Wars - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
I went to sleep on the worst day of my life and woke to find myself in the past on the second worst day of my life. As experiences go, I don’t recommend it.

+ leia from the end of the force awakens wakes up in her younger body at the beginning of a new hope. wip with a lot of vader feels.
fic  starwars  gen  timetravel  wip 
june 2017 by exclamations
Picture Perfect by esama
Kingsman, Eggsy/Mycroft. "The Lancelot candidates have a very different honeypot mission, with a very different target - Mycroft Holmes." So their training is to seduce a rather bland, nondescript public servant, who proves resistant to everyone's charms -- except Eggsy's, when he poses as a stoodup rentboy. // WIP. Last updated 8/9/15, so not likely to be finished. Even so, it's amusing enough for the 19K that's here.
fic  kingsman  sherlock  crossover  whorefic  mycroft/eggsy  wip  via:zhena 
october 2016 by exclamations
Sarah's Wish - pristineungift - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Sarah Williams lives her life and retires to England, only to have another brush with magic when she witnesses three oddly dressed beings leave a baby on a doorstep. When her attempts to help the child come to naught, there is only one thing for Sarah to do: She must Wish the child away to the Goblin King. - How different may things be, when a child of prophecy becomes Fae.

+ the first chapter is mostly labyrinth fix-it, and the rest so far is setting up an amazingly over-powered harry au.
fic  gen  hp  labyrinth  sarah/jareth  crossover  wip  powerful!harry  au 
august 2016 by exclamations
Center of the Sun - azephirin - The Social Network (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
+ the rape recovery fic from the kink meme. still unfinished, but there's more to it now.
fic  thesocialnetwork  noncon  h/c  genderfuck  wip 
august 2016 by exclamations
And the brave man with a sword - blackkat - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
The Founders have spent the last fifty years separated and drifting, but with Voldemort rising, they're headed back to Hogwarts once more. Between a wary Golden Trio, Umbridge, and Voldemort’s shadowy plans, there's little time to deal with their own problems, even though Godric knows it’s tearing the four of them apart—maybe even irreparably.


+ accurate.
fic  godric/salazar  hp  bfic  wip  via:as_lld_again 
august 2016 by exclamations
Deepdarkwaters: Fic: Ballerino
Your dick breath ain't exactly Chanel Number Five, I gotta be honest.

AU: How different would Eggsy's life have turned out if Kingsman gave decent financial support to Lee's family after his death? With no Dean around to squash his interests, gymnastics leads to ballet school and a career as classical ballet's least likely ingenu.

There's also some kind of drama about famous folk disappearing and free internet and something about mass genocide.

There's also the matter of Harry Hart's gigantic, embarrassing, all-consuming crush. Bit awkward, really.

+ possibly abandoned wip, but what's there is good, and the porn is pretty great.
fic  eggsy/harry  kingsman  porn  kink  wip  wip-abandoned  via:pkoceres 
february 2016 by exclamations
Breathless | damnslippyplanet
The boys are still working out some of their interpersonal issues, but in the meanwhile, there's fishing to be done. So to speak.

This follows on from Busywork and will probably make more sense if you've read that first, but it's not absolutely required if you just start from the knowledge that we're in a post-finale world where the Murder Husbands are doing a lot of murdering and very little husband-ing, and neither of them are entirely happy with that situation, for different reasons.

Part 2 of what will be a 3-part series.

**||** [10.918 words]

I want to strangle both of them. Which is actually a recommendation, by the way, it's just part 2 of 3 and I WANT TO STRANGLE BOTH OF THEM.

+ agreed.
fic  will/hannibal  hannibal  wip  via:blueMeridian 
january 2016 by exclamations
Astronomical Light - halcedry - The Queen's Thief - Megan Whalen Turner [Archive of Our Own]
“The CEO of AttolCorp woke up in a house she’d never been to before in her life, naked and covered in blood, sprawled on top of a pile of dog blankets.”

A coffeeshop AU.

+ a werewolf! coffeeshop au. that is currently incomplete, but what's there is still adorable. :D
fic  gen/attolia  thequeensthief  au  werewolves  wip  fluff 
september 2015 by exclamations
Impetus - Crunchysunrises - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
For one ethereal moment, Haymitch thought that his tribute might finally kill someone, maybe everyone. Then he remembered who he was dealing with. (Buffy had already decided: she was going to burn this place to the ground.)

+ i've only seen the movies, so my knowledge of thg canon isn't great, but i think this is set a couple years before the first book. buffy shows up in district twelve and doesn't quite speak the same english, so she's mostly clueless, but is chosen as tribute because she's the unknown outsider. haymitch is drunk and exasperated, but buffy is figuring things out and determined not to kill the tributes. she'd love to kill all the demons she can feel in the capital though. leaves off the night before the start of the game. i'm hooked, but i love all btvs crossovers.
fic  btvs  thehungergames  crossover  wip 
july 2015 by exclamations
Out of Silence: a Series of Life-Altering Conversations Involving Clint Barton - nwhepcat - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
At last the debrief is done and they stand. Coulson reaches across his desk, but Clint's confused. Instead of offering a handshake, he's extended his index finger, and Clint's unsure what to do.

Coulson says, "Pull my finger."

Notes: When I saw a reference to Clint Barton using hearing aids at one point in the comics, I let my imagination consider what Clint's life might be like if he were deaf most of his life. So. This AU.

+ starts pre-series and as of chapter 19 is past im3, but not quite to thor2. coulson hasn't yet been revealed to still be alive. lots of h/c and team building.
fic  clint/coulson  avengers  h/c  wip  via:pkoceres 
april 2015 by exclamations
The Never-ending Road by laventadorn
AU. When Lily died, Snape removed his heart and replaced it with a steel trap. But rescuing her daughter from the Dursleys in the summer of ’92 is the first step on a long road to discovering this is less true than he’d thought. A girl!Harry story, starting in Chamber of Secrets and continuing through Deathly Hallows. Future Snape/Harriet
Words: 521,004 Chapters: 86/?

+ i am pretty in love with this fic. it starts to drag some in the never ending goblet of fire section, but idec. i'm not a fan of rl/sb, but it's so fucked up in this that ilit. so much female friendship in this too.

the rest of this are pretty detailed notes on the plot so that i don't have to reread everything when it updates.

chapter 1
snape and dumbledore talk when hr's letter about h comes. d actually sends s to rescue h from the locked up room at the dursleys.
s and h apparate to hogwarts. s throws a tantrum and breaks shit. h tells d about dobby, then gets sent to the burrow.
d goes to the dursleys and cancels the immobulus spell and talks them around into letting h come back. everyone hates each other. s visits the malfoys and tried to get info from dobey.
beginning of school year. standard - car into whomping willow.
s has h dissect toads for detention. h hears basilisk.
h falls off stairs.
while h is in hospital, s cast doe patronus for the first time h sees it.
h and hr are paired for duelling instead. r and draco duel, d still casts snake.
millicent pov of slytherin girls. pansy vs tracy, daphne peacemaker. tracy halfblood, daphne pure but poor. milli lonely. h distracts s so that hr and r can interrogate draco polyjuiced as crabbe and goyle. s figures out it's a basilisk.
h and hr figure out it's a basilisk. ginny is crazy.
ginny revealed.
the teachers run lockhart out of the school. ginny drags h to the chamber. crucios her along the way.
h kills basilisk. snape and hr find them in chamber. (this is still during christmas break)
s goes off on dumbledore about withholding information and then doesn't talk to him for four months. he also "teaches" lucius a lesson after the dobby confrontation.
the grangers drive h out to the dursleys. she only spends a week them, but petunia tells her about snape's obsession with lily.
s and narcissa in milan. s hates drunk people. lucius was banished to his mother in brussels. lolol. i had forgotten about harry's romance novel obsession. that starts here. s and n meet some baron and a courtesan that s fucked 7 years ago. n tells s that he should get married. d sends a letter that sirius has escaped.
d recruits remus in a bar where i think tonks was testing out a hag disguise. s and d come on h's bday to tell her. s disillusions himself to follow them during celebrations.
quick knight bus ride with s on way to hogwarts. dementors make h faint. s gives her chocolate in his rooms when she wakes up. her room for the rest of summer is his old store room.
h reads about demetors. she can't sleep and is bored. s sends his patronus to her at night.
h attempts the patronus charm. remus shows up at hogwarts. h and s play scrabble, dumbledore interupts. d does not approve. they argue. wolfsbane should kill werewolves and implies that they are not human.
h meets remus and he suporvises her flying. she meets padfoot by hagrid's cottage. she meets buckbeak. remus takes his first dose of wolfsbane. remus first gets to see h and s interact. remus went to see h six years ago and gave her chocolate. probably the man that prompted petunias creep lecture.
daphne pov. she's second, asteria third. rly poor. daphne is maternal, asteria rly sensitive. draco pov of train with no h. dementors come during carriage ride. asteria was in the carriage, even though she should have been in the boats as a first year... weloming feast, and h reunites with the gryphendore girls.
divinations. asteria fainting in lupins class is brought up in staff meeting. she sleeps with daphne. dada class the snape thing makes harry uncomfortable.
drama about hr keeping the timeturner from h. r has been hanging out with boys. h bonds with snuffles/padfoot some more.
h saves asteria from some younger gryphins. asteria/astoria jokes. sirius attacks the fat lady. snape attacks remus. legilimens doesn't work on werewolves.
quidditch match where h faints again. she asks snape to teach her the patronus.
mauruders map. patronus lesson. h asks if s was friends with lilly. no answer.
christmas. lupin sends h an unsigned card telling her to ask gringotts for her safety deposit box. h asks dobby to take care of snuffles. hr tells h that sirius was the one who led vold to her parents. h can't find the map.
h confronts s about sirius and lily. remus discovers the map.
h confronts remus about knowing her parents. s gives her detention to prevent her going off with remus. he assigns her to befriends asteria.
h gets her period. the potion for it gives her a migraine. leto (oldest greengrass) is withdrawn for marriage. the divination ritual is brought up now.
snape gives h a different potion.
moony and padfoot reunite in the shrieking shack. deliciously fraught. i don't even like s/r, but il how they're written in this.
the first meeting with h and asteria. they go to the kistchen.
griphook delivers the safety deposit box to hogwarts.
lupin asks s about the dark tracking spell. h explores her jewelry.
h's meeting with a is put off because she's upset about hr and r. s councels her about her friends and tells her a little about why he doesn't want to talk about lily. good bonding.
making up in the room of requirement.
s and l do dark tracking spell. h goes to visit hagrid.
scabbers was hiding in hagrid's hut. confrontation ends with s l and s all kind of working together. l transforms, they lose peter, s saves h from l, then passes out. dementors hit.
h uses dobby to free sirius and buckbeak. s has a fit until he knows h is alright. no timeturner.
h visits comatose s. daphne hates that asteria likes h. h now knows the doe is s's.
divs spell with the other girls. hr uses her timeturner to try and warn h off of it. s wakes up from his coma. divs visions. h and s, older, doing dark magic in the lake together.
h is trapped in her own timeline.
s assigns lupin to look after the slytherins while he's stuck in the infirmery. s figures out that h is mumbling backwards. they have a record up to the attack after the quiddich world cup. h wakes up.
anaita is the patils mother. h has amnesia-ish. it hurts when she sees someone she knows because of seeing time out of order. snape realizes that dumbledore tried to replace him with lupin as someone h could connect with and resolves not to be pushed out of her life. asteria is h's first visitor after anaita. asteria makes her the puzzle wall painting.
sirius comes back to hogwarts. h accidentaly sees s when she's outside her room and faints.
s locks himself in an obliette for the night of the full moon. h sends her patronus to him. two month time skip. s is moping and hasn't talked to dumbledore again. h gets info on patronuses from l and figures out that s rly did love her mother. she's a little upset that she doesn't think he likes her for her. she doesn't rly talk to s again. they decide to keep h at hogwarts for the first part of summer to catch up. s realizes that this changes the futer h was mumbling.
summer, right before quiddich cup. h is at hr's place. has a dream about v, and writes r and s about it. s is hanging out with narcissa when she brings up marriage again. she is also concerned about draco's growing obsession with h. s knows that h is upset with him. h and hr dress shopping when draco interupts. first appearance of h's contacts. r, s, and s plotting for the world cup.
hr's mom is pregnant. i didn't remember that at all... dinner at the weasleys. h has a crush on bill. next morning the cup. r and s surprise h.
the world cup. remus's issues about money come up.
attack. h gets separated and sticks with disguised s and padfoot. snape casts aspersions on sirius's straightness that h doesn't catch (veelas).
Severus was even beginning to wonder whether Potter or Lily had known. Free from wizarding prejudices, Lily might have figured it out, but Potter would have been raised in Black's mindset, and some things Simply Weren't Done.
s is summoned to the malfoys after. r and s confront d about snape being a deatheater. s comes to report on the malfoy meeting while they're still there.
"I know." Remus wondered how different their lives would have been if James had felt for Sirius the way Sirius felt for him. With a pretense of mock gravity, he added, "It's a good change from the sulking."
i think this is about when i started really liking the r/s. it's so fucked up.
rest of summer at the burrow. ginny continues the boy teasing. sirius comes to warn h about s being a death eater. remus sends a letter to reasure her. molly thinks that remus is perving on her.
the hair drying vanity joke was great. d comes out to s via a figurine. h confirms to hr that she's not into girls.
bouncing ferret draco. hr clues h onto draco's crush.
h finally tells s she's cross because he's been ignoring her. h finds out asteria never got her letter over the summer.
time skip. the other schools arrive. h kind of fancies krum. second review meeting with snape. s is an asshole, h has been trying to get his attention. they're both fucked up about it. goblet announces champions.
s drags h to the bridge to nowhere in the dungeons to chat. death eater knowledge revealed. remus is getting weaker.
r and s both write to snape about r.
h studies for the first task and spends time with s. snape meets with sirius about remus's transformation and they fight. s tells h the task is dragons.
s visits remus about his transformation. h visits r and s on her … [more]
fic  harry/snape  remus/sirius  hp  genderfuck  het  wip  favorite 
march 2015 by exclamations
Blindness Chapter 1: Colors, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
+ blind!harry that can see magic. i didn't realize that this wasn't finished, and now i'm annoyed and deeply invested. super duper over powered harry.

the rest of this is a summary of the plot so that i don't have to keep rereading whenever there's an update: ginny dies in the chamber and dumbledore kills the basilisk. harry gets a staff in what would have been second year. hermione gets brain damage from the troll and enters muggle school with harry. sirius and remus die third year, and ron ends up with lycanthropy. the ministry also gets swapped out that year. h/hr begin publishing papers in the magical world under a pseudonym. triwizard tournament ends up having 2 students from each house plus harry. this is his first time at hogwarts. harry figures out about horcruxes when he meets and kills nagini after the third task. he makes the stone dragon when fighting crouch jr afterwards. crouch finds the ring and gets possessed by a younger version of voldemort that doesn't quite understand the harry problem. harry gets grimmauld place. voldemort fails to break anyone out of azkaban and harry tears apart some dementors in front of the minister and witnesses. harry experiments with killing and reviving animals. kreacher is addicted to harry's magic and gives the locket to him. harry experiments on it before he destroys it. albus bargains with the goblins for the cup and destroys it with fiendfire. h/hr start planning on how to integrate the wizarding and muggle worlds. sixth year. harry experiments with de-aging kreacher. it doesn't work. voldemort attacks with a bunch of inferi. harry uses fiendfire and destroys ring!voldemort and crouch's souls. an auror was watching on a broom. harry ends up with the resurrection stone. ron and neville find the diadem - they give it to dumbledore. dumbledore retires. dudley gives harry a how-to sex tape. h/hr hook up. dumbledore finally gets the invisibility cloak back from neville and gives it to harry. dumbledore thinks that all the horcruxes are destroyed after talking to harry and finding out about the locket. later h/hr go into a pensieve and harry sees the horcrux in himself for the first time.
fic  harry/hermione  hp  powerful!harry  wip 
march 2015 by exclamations
The Spellmaker - SonnyGietzel - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Latin; a dead language with no practical applications except perhaps the deciphering of old texts and as a particularly quaint party trick.

Thankfully, as Harry finds out, Latin is not as dead as he was first taught when he decided to learn the language. It wouldn't have mattered anyway, of course; he loved Latin, and would have been proud to know it even had it been as useless as it was pretty. But in the world of Wizards, the world of Magic, Harry realizes his rare talent with words is particularly valuable in the highly complicated and controversial subject of Spell Creation, a subject he soon becomes enamored with despite having to hide his interest from everyone.

Besides, it's not like he's going Dark, after all.

+ ridiculously over precocious harry, but it does fun things with magic theory. tagged harry/voldemort, but voldemort hasn't even shown up yet and we're 70k in.
fic  hp  harry/voldemort  gen  powerful!harry  wip 
january 2015 by exclamations
Messing With Time Chapter 1: What The Fuck, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
Harry James Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived, the Defeater of Voldemort, Chief Auror, Master of Death, finds that he is five years old. It should not surprise anyone that things in Magical Britain immediately become rather strange.

+ will probably be very long, but i'm already invested. the first thing 5yo harry does is break sirius out of azkaban.
fic  hp  gen  powerful!harry  wip 
january 2015 by exclamations
Proposal - bernieloverstuff - Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) [Archive of Our Own]
Marrying someone who doesn't speak your language is great. The thing is, they may go quite some time without realizing you two are married.

+ ugh, this switches back and forth between calling rocket a raccoon (epithet) and a man (description), but the last chapter is a cliff-hanger right at the reveal, and i'm invested. :/
bfic  rocket/groot  guardiansofthegalaxy  wip 
september 2014 by exclamations
Like a Cruel Mistress Woos - Salvia_G - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Steve has struggled with the modern world since he woke up, and mostly he and it have called it a draw. When the Winter Soldier comes in from the cold, asking for help in recovering his identity as James Buchanan Barnes, Steve is thrilled. Finally, he's going to have a friend and ally who understands what it's like. He's getting Bucky back, and he couldn't be happier.

But six months later, James is well enough to be living in Avenger Tower, making moves on Natasha Romanov, occasionally fighting the forces of evil alongside the Avengers, and adapting to modern life like he was born in 1987 instead of 1917.

And he wants nothing to do with Steve.

Maybe it's time to figure out what Steve wants if he doesn't have Bucky. What he can live with. What's not worth living without.

Sounds like time for a road trip or two.

this has some beautiful internalized homophobia, and the latest chapter featured steve attempting suicide by grizzly bear. i'm in love.
fic  bfic  steve/bucky  steve/omc  captainamerica  wip  h/c 
august 2014 by exclamations
Yes, Captain - marlowe_tops - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Pre-Serum. In which Bucky takes seriously terrible care of himself because he’s trying to stifle the feelings he keeps having for Steve. Steve gets so pissed that he flat out orders Bucky into eating and sleeping and they both quickly realize Bucky loves being ordered around.


“Yes, Captain,” Bucky sasses, when he’s capable of speech again.

Steve stills. His head tilts very slightly. Not shocked, not angry. Considering.

Bucky feels adrenaline flood through his body. This little punk is ninety pounds wet, and Bucky is absolutely frozen in his chair intimidated by him.

i've been following this as it's written and having fun. the pre-tws part is done now.
fic  steve/bucky  captainamerica  porn  d/s_bdsm  kink  h/c  wip 
june 2014 by exclamations
Circling Back - chaya - Captain America (Movies), Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Steve looks for Bucky, Bucky finds Steve, Steve tries desperately to put Bucky back together. Bucky tries desperately to let him.

the actual doesn’t understand shampoo fic. has some annoying typos, but it's a wip and i like where it's going.
fic  steve/bucky  captainamerica  avengers  marvel  wip 
may 2014 by exclamations
Super Detka - Petronia - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
"Give me worthwhile intel, not hypotheses," said the Winter Soldier. "The floor plan of another HYDRA plant. OK. A SHIELD medical facility. OK. But taking blood from Captain America is not like taking it from a refrigerator."

sex pollen leads to steve meeting the winter soldier. possibly abandoned.
fic  steve/bucky  captainamerica  avengers  sexpollen  porn  wip 
may 2014 by exclamations
No Way Out - trilliath - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
this is marked as complete, but it's really not, which is really fucking annoying. stiles is an undercover cop in the hale mob family.
fic  derek/stiles  teenwolf  au  wip  noncon 
march 2014 by exclamations
beaconchills: omg somebody write me a human AU...
omg somebody write me a human AU where derek is basically a hermit who lives out in the woods and stiles buys the property next to his and worms his way into his life or something. THIS IS BASICALLY AN EXCUSE FOR AN EVEN MORE RUGGED DEREK WHO WEARS WOOL BEANIES AND PLAID ALRIGHT. BONUS POINTS IF HE HAS A CAT. AND SMOKES.
Not exactly as requested but I tried. I’ll probably write more of this eventually because there is really just so much porn to be had, I can’t even.
The first thing Derek ever says to his new neighbor is, “You’re going to die.”

It’s probably not the best opener, Derek will admit to himself later, but his conversational skills are a little rusty. His face has probably forgotten how to wear normal expressions, too, since there hasn’t been anybody around for him to wear them for. His new neighbor doesn’t suffer from any such limitation: that pale, mole-dotted face is eloquent in the way it flickers from surprise to disbelief to actual fear.

yes please.
fic  derek/stiles  teenwolf  au  wip 
october 2013 by exclamations
The Skies Above Are Blue - Trelkez (Greensilver) - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Derek is a wedding DJ. Stiles just happens to go to a lot of weddings.

i didn't expect much from that summary, but it turned out to be a long satisfying, mostly fluffy curtain fic. still one chapter to go, but it's mostly complete.
fic  derek/stiles  teenwolf  wip  au  fluff  marriagefic 
august 2013 by exclamations
Do You Know - betp - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
In which Derek is a hundred percent sure his parents never mentioned this, but then again, he was never supposed to be the alpha.

disgustingly fluffy, and i loved it.
fic  derek/stiles  teenwolf  mpreg  kidfic  fluff  wip 
august 2013 by exclamations
C'est La Vie Chapter 1, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
The war ends on Harry's twenty-first Halloween, and, one year later, with nothing truly holding him in that world, Fate takes this opportunity to toss her favourite hero into a different dimension to repay her debt. A new, stress-free life in exchange for having fulfilled her prophecy. A life where Neville is the Boy-Who-Lived instead, James and Lily are still alive, and that Harry Potter is relatively normal but a downright arse. Dimension-travelling Harry just wants to know why he has no say in the matter. And why he's fourteen again. And why Fate thinks, in all her infinite wisdom, that his hero complex won't eventually kick in. Then again, that might be exactly why Fate dumped him there.

i was so annoyed when i figured out this wasn't finished.
fic  hp  gen  wip 
may 2013 by exclamations
You Don't See Straight - annber - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
bfic  wip  derek/stiles  teenwolf  au  knotting  kink  dubcon  noncon  via:LLD_ONMEME 
march 2013 by exclamations
dead hearts are everywhere, Teen Wolf AU: [1/?] The Sheriff learns that Stiles...
the sheriff finds out, but told via .gifs. some parts are better than others.
fic  fanart  derek/stiles  teenwolf  wip 
march 2013 by exclamations
Broken Boys - JenNova - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
mostly an excuse to write a Derek who is starting to own up to his vulnerability and fear and a Stiles who is a bit sharper and more certain. Also trust. Lots and lots of trust. And Derek is touch starved. That is also a thing.

slow burn derek/stiles that i'm enjoying pretty well.
fic  derek/stiles  teenwolf  wip  h/c 
september 2012 by exclamations
The Complementary Series - thefarofixer - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
i bookmarked the first in this series because it was all about danny being awesome, but then it became this series, mostly about stiles, and i'm not sure where it's going, but i rly like it.
derek/stiles  fic  teenwolf  wip 
july 2012 by exclamations
xmen_firstkink: Round 3
charles and erik are professors at hogwarts.
fic  wip  xmen  charles/erik  fusion_au 
november 2011 by exclamations
lolafeist: [Fic] Summertime, Starry Sky (NC-17)
starts off as slutty underage summertime fic, and then suddenly turns angsty with magical military drafts.
fic  au  merlin  merlin/arthur  achy  kink  wip 
october 2011 by exclamations
1stclass_kink: Prompt Post: ROUND EIGHT
hs au where erik starts dating human!charles who will eventually turn out to be a late bloomer.
fic  highschool  au  xmen  charles/erik  wip 
september 2011 by exclamations
1stclass_kink: Prompt Post: ROUND FOUR
charlotte and erik hooked up years in the past and charlotte got pregnant. now the movie is happening and they don't recognize each other.
fic  wip  xmen  charles/erik  genderfuck  kidfic 
august 2011 by exclamations
&the cake dispensary&
cat!boy arthur and werewolf eames. idek. knotting.
inception  arthur/eames  wip  fic  werewolves  kink  mpreg  knotting  porn 
august 2011 by exclamations
1stclass_kink: prompt post: round six
erik is a serial killer, charles the detective working his case.
au  wip  charles/erik  fic  xmen 
august 2011 by exclamations
1stclass_kink: Prompt Post: ROUND FIVE
whorehouse au that has turned into so much more. the brotherhood has taken over, and charles leads up the oposition human mutant alliance party.
wip  charles/erik  xmen  au  fic  whorefic 
august 2011 by exclamations
tsn_kinkmeme: [PART TWO] OVERFLOW POST
Mark gets shot, and then Eduardo writes him a letter.
fic  wip  thesocialnetwork  mark/eduardo 
august 2011 by exclamations
1stclass_kink: Prompt Post: ROUND FIVE
raven has been bragging about her powerful brother. erik isn't all that impressed.
wip  fic  xmen  charles/erik 
august 2011 by exclamations
1stclass_kink: Prompt Post: ROUND FIVE
Erik is a single, successful man who likes quick sex with no strings attached after perhaps a failed marriage(he can be New York's most wanted bachelor or something). Then, he meets college professor Charles and it's love at first sight, at least for him. Charles, who heard of Erik's notorious ways, wants nothing to do with him besides being friends. Cue Erik bending over backwards to steal Charles' heart.
wip  au  charles/erik  fic  xmen 
july 2011 by exclamations
xmen_firstkink: Round 2
and then Erik starts to get sick. He hides it for as long as he can, but eventually Raven finds out, and forces him to admit that he thinks he’s dying from radiation poisoning from that power source Shaw was consuming.

But he’s not sick. He’s pregnant.
mpreg  wip  charles/erik  fic  xmen 
july 2011 by exclamations
1stclass_kink: Prompt Post: ROUND ONE
eventually carrying fic? currently they're in a mine.
wip  charles/erik  fic  xmen 
june 2011 by exclamations
tsn_kinkmeme: [PART SIX]
more say everything they're thinking fic.
fic  thesocialnetwork  mark/eduardo  wip 
june 2011 by exclamations
norsekink: Prompt Post No. 1
darcy knocks up loki. three fills, one a wip.
mpreg  thor  wip  het  crack  fic  darcy/loki 
june 2011 by exclamations
tsn_kinkmeme: [PART THREE] CLOSED
mark and dustin hook up. eduardo is confused/jealous. 1st fill is still wip.
wip  fic  thesocialnetwork  mark/dustin  mark/eduardo 
june 2011 by exclamations
sherlockbbc_fic: Prompting: Part XV
john and sherlock are a bnf and fanartist. meta like whoa.
au  wip  sherlock  sherlock/john  meta  fic  crack  fandom 
june 2011 by exclamations
tsn_kinkmeme: [PART SIX]
another eduardo is a high priced call boy, but he likes his job.
mark/eduardo  wip  fic  thesocialnetwork 
may 2011 by exclamations
tsn_kinkmeme: [PART SIX]
corruption of eduardo. wip again, because now there's an epilogue. \o/
sean/eduardo  fic  thesocialnetwork  porn  wip 
may 2011 by exclamations
tsn_kinkmeme: [PART FIVE] - CLOSED
Mark and Eduardo are surrounded by bulging junk, as far as the eye can see. Look over there. Penis. Over here. Penis. Over there. More penis. Penis penis penis.
mark/eduardo  thesocialnetwork  fic  wip  humor  crack 
may 2011 by exclamations
tsn_kinkmeme: [PART THREE] CLOSED
eduardo has amnesia. chris finds him in south america.
mark/eduardo  amnesia  fic  thesocialnetwork  wip 
may 2011 by exclamations
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