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over the edge of all our knowings - grim_lupine - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
A week into their tragic, limping journey through space, Loki finds himself coming face-to-face with his most dangerous foe: boredom.

As it turns out, it's difficult to fill your day so thoroughly you can't think, even when you're sticking to your best behavior and helping heal, and rebuild, and making sure your brother doesn't forget he has only one eye and trip through a window into space somewhere.

Really, it's probably in everyone's best interest that Loki find something to do. When he's bored, he schemes; and it's possible he's come to terms with the fact that his sense of appropriate scale is, at times, lacking.

+ vaguely pre-slashy.
fic  thor/loki  gen  thor 
november 2017 by exclamations
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