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Sununu criticized for veto of biomass bill
Gov. Chris Sununu’s veto of a bill to boost woodchip-burning electricity plants in New Hampshire is drawing criticism from North Country supporters who said it will harm the state’s forestry industry.
concordmonitor  biomass  legislation  sununu  veto 
11 days ago by eversourcenh
N.H. Saves online tool helps homeowners save energy
NHSaves, a collaboration of New Hampshire utilities, has made it easier for people to assess their home’s energy efficiency and to qualify for incentives.
concordmonitor  positive  NHsaves  energyefficiency 
11 days ago by eversourcenh
Protests will seek to ‘shut down’ Merrimack Station power plant in Bow
Some environmental groups are taking aim at Merrimack Station in Bow, one of the largest coal-fired power plants still operating in New England, planning protests in late September that they hope will “shut the plant down.”
concordmonitor  Merrimackstation  protest 
13 days ago by eversourcenh
Eversource gives up on Northern Pass hydropower project
Bowing to the inevitable, Eversource has officially taken Northern Pass off the table.
concordmonitor  northernpass  supremecourt  appeal  SEC 
21 days ago by eversourcenh
N.H. Supreme Court agrees with state’s rejection of Northern Pass transmission line
It looks like Northern Pass is really dead this time: The New Hampshire Supreme Court on Friday upheld the project’s rejection last year by the state Site Evaluation Committee.
concordmonitor  northernpass  supremecourt  appeal 
4 weeks ago by eversourcenh
Bow to pay $10M to Eversource to settle legal battle over power plant value | Concord Monitor
The town of Bow has agreed to pay $10 million to settle a long dispute over how much property tax should be paid by the Merrimack Station power plant, with more than half of the payment coming in the form of tax breaks to Eversource over the next four years.
concordmonitor  bow  taxes  settlement 
5 weeks ago by eversourcenh
Letter: What happened to area near Turtle Pond
I have lived near the Turtle Pond wetlands area for over 20 years. In that time, I’ve seen beavers, deer, turtles, turkeys and even the occasional fox and bear. I’ve also seen a lot of powerlines. Although an eyesore, powerlines are part and parcel of energy delivery and I didn’t think much of it when I got a letter from Eversource saying they were going to prune back some trees. I never would have imaged what actually happened. Huge swaths of brush and natural vegetation have been razed to the ground. The people who did it claim they had all the rights and permissions, but I can’t but lament the loss of so much foliage so close to a natural wetland. It’s one thing to say you need a trim to keep the power lines clear, but this was shaving the place bald. I’m not a wildlife expert, but when you’ve seen so much wetland destroyed right before your eyes, you can’t help but feel for the animals that once lived there.
concordmonitor  letter  treetrimming 
5 weeks ago by eversourcenh
Letter: Net metering veto was the wrong decision | Concord Monitor
For over a century, the United States has subsidized the fossil fuel industry. Every year, billions of dollars in tax relief have gone into digging carbon out of the earth and throwing it into the atmosphere. In his self-proclaimed “tremendous” tax cut of 2018, President Donald Trump and his supporters in Congress provided the fossil fuel industry with an additional $25 billion in tax cuts. Was this done in the name of “we the people?” Did we the people even know about this?
concordmonitor  letter  netmetering  sununu  veto 
6 weeks ago by eversourcenh
Letter: Net metering bill veto was the right decision
With his veto of the net metering bill (House Bill 365), Gov. Chris Sununu took a stand for the average N.H. taxpayer. With per capita income in our state at roughly $38,000 per year, renewable energy may be out of reach for most of us.
concordmonitor  letter  netmetering  sununu  veto 
7 weeks ago by eversourcenh
My Turn: Let’s close the door on Northern Pass once and for all
Do you remember where you were and what you were doing in 2010? President Obama was serving his second year in office, and he signed the Affordable Care Act into law that year. Gov. John Lynch was finishing his third term in the State House, while Judd Gregg was on the verge of concluding his 18 years of service in the U.S. Senate. The Celtics lost the NBA finals to the hated Lakers, and Iron Man 2 was released – which has since been followed by 19 other Marvel Universe movies. Something else happened in 2010. Northern Pass was first introduced to New Hampshire.
concordmonitor  op-ed  northernpass  opponent 
8 weeks ago by eversourcenh
Fast-charging stations for electric cars may be coming to N.H. highway
The state’s three biggest electric utilities are proposing to create a dozen fast-charging stations for electric vehicles along interstates in New Hampshire, using money from the Volkswagen emissions-rigging settlement to create the state’s first such network open to cars other than Tesla.
concordmonitor  positive  electricvehicles  charging 
8 weeks ago by eversourcenh
Letter: Net metering bill is good for the state
Several energy bills proposed in the Legislature this year are vital to N.H. businesses and municipalities, and to the economic and environmental resiliency of the entire state in the years to come. The most notable, House Bill 365, allows businesses, towns and school districts to qualify for net metering (sell energy back to the electric grid) for renewable energy projects that can produce up to 5 megawatts of energy. The current limit is 1 megawatt.
concordmonitor  letter  netmetering 
12 weeks ago by eversourcenh
Giant battery, utility control of some customer thermostats part of Eversource plan 
Eversource is looking for permission to control some customers’ thermostats, electric vehicles or home batteries on hot afternoons as a potential alternative to expensive and polluting upgrades to the power grid.
concordmonitor  positive  batterystorage  westmoreland  cleanenergy  reliability  ratereview 
12 weeks ago by eversourcenh
State Supreme Court hears from both sides on Northern Pass
A company that lost a bid to build a hydropower project accused the New Hampshire state committee charged with making the decision of failing to do its job.
concordmonitor  northernpass  supremecourt  appeal 
12 weeks ago by eversourcenh
Merrimack station power plant in Bow, including two "jet engine" generators on site, were sold by Eversource last year as part of deregulation.
concordmonitor  correction  Merrimackstation  divestiture 
12 weeks ago by eversourcenh
Eversource was honored to be recognized by Business N.H. Magazine as the 2019 New Hampshire Business of the Year in the business services sector.
concordmonitor  positive  BOY  award 
may 2019 by eversourcenh
Despite plant closure, New England has enough electricity for summer peak
Despite the shutdown of one of the region’s three nuclear power plants, New England should have enough electricity production to meet demand this summer even under extreme weather, according to ISO New England, which runs the six-state power grid and wholesale electricity markets.
concordmonitor  iso-ne  demand 
may 2019 by eversourcenh
Is there a non-micro role on the New Hampshire power grid for microgrids? 
It says something about the complexity of the coming energy revolution that lawmakers are trying to figure out how we can do something that tens of thousands of New Hampshire homeowners already do every winter.
concordmonitor  microgrids  cleanenergy 
may 2019 by eversourcenh
Editorial: Reassessing the meaning of backyard
The battle against change embodied in the acronym NIMBY, “Not in My Backyard,” is a source of constant conflict and occasional compromise.
concordmonitor  editorial  nimby  northernpass  climatechange 
may 2019 by eversourcenh
Concern, conflict cloud proposed Franklin solar array
Patricia Simpson said she bought a home on Mark Road in Franklin 40 years ago because it was in a nice neighborhood with a lot of other families nearby.
concordmonitor  solararray  opponent 
april 2019 by eversourcenh
Can trash-to-energy plant in Penacook burn construction debris? 
A long debate over whether the waste-to-energy plant in Penacook should be allowed to burn debris from construction sites along with trash is back before the Legislature, although the issue is moot for the moment.
concordmonitor  renewableenergy  generation 
april 2019 by eversourcenh
Letter: There’s no consensus on clean energy
As New Hampshire’s consumer advocate, I agree with solar developer Dan Weeks (Monitor Opinion, April 16) that Granite Staters, including the residential utility customers whose interests I represent, believe that humans cause global warming and should do something about it.
concordmonitor  letter  OCA  netmetering 
april 2019 by eversourcenh
Letter: The right way to use RGGI money
Here is an excellent example of why N.H. citizens should support Democratic legislators.
concordmonitor  letter  rggi  energyefficiency 
april 2019 by eversourcenh
My Turn: New Hampshire’s new clean energy consensus
If there’s one thing Republicans and Democrats can agree on, it’s that they agree on nothing at all. At least that is the impression you get watching cable news these days or reading the latest dispatch from Washington or Concord.
concordmonitor  op-ed  cleanenergy  solar 
april 2019 by eversourcenh
Transmission line for Canadian hydropower to Northeast okayed
A proposed 145-mile transmission line that would serve as a conduit for Canadian hydropower to reach the New England power grid cleared a major hurdle Thursday with approval of the Maine Public Utilities Commission.
concordmonitor  ap  maine  cmp  NECEC  siting  approval 
april 2019 by eversourcenh
My Turn: As Eversource stalls, biomass industry teeters on the edge
The date is July 3, 2019. A couple in their late 50s is sitting at the kitchen table, looking out at nearly $2 million of parked logging equipment and trucks in the yard.
concordmonitor  op-ed  biomass  subsidy  legislation 
april 2019 by eversourcenh
Granite Geek: N.H. firm hopes device can replace your home appliances
Stop me if you’ve heard this before: A well-known New Hampshire entrepreneur wants to create an home-sized power plant that can provide electricity, heat and hot water using a type of engine that has been around for a century but never really commercialized.
concordmonitor  energyefficiency  technology 
april 2019 by eversourcenh
Letter: Applying Sununu’s logic to Northern Pass
As a strong opponent of the Northern Pass project, I have rarely agreed with Gov. Chris Sununu on that particular issue. However, recent comments by the governor make it seem as though he sees our point about opposing Northern Pass.
concordmonitor  letter  northernpass  opponent 
march 2019 by eversourcenh
Capital Beat: Inside Sununu’s budget requests
There’s an accepted process during New Hampshire’s budget season. The governor unveils the main ticket item, the recommended budget: 1,000-plus pages of line items and department totals. Then he or she releases the trailer bill, House Bill 2, the policy apparatus behind the budget that sets the governor’s priorities for the biennium.
concordmonitor  sununu  budget  cleanenergy 
march 2019 by eversourcenh
Downtown: Planning board sees the light in solar developments
The Capital City may soon have one of the more unique solar ordinances in the state.
concordmonitor  solar  policy 
march 2019 by eversourcenh
Letter: Energy market study revisited
On Feb. 16, William Hinkle of Eversource used his turn to respond to a Monitor piece of mine (Monitor Opinion, Feb. 11).
concordmonitor  letter  northernpass  opponent 
march 2019 by eversourcenh
Bow school district passes $28.8M budget, plans elementary school renovation next year
School officials in Bow have been waiting to tackle a renovation project at Bow Elementary School. They say the student population is beginning to outgrow the space and the building needs some updates, such as a new HVAC system and a proper fire suppression system.
concordmonitor  bow  taxes 
march 2019 by eversourcenh
My Turn: Eversource has been working in good faith to comply with biomass law
In his op-ed on Senate Bill 365 (Monitor Forum, March 7), Tom Thomson makes a show of blaming Eversource for the status of agreements with the wood-generating plants, but never actually demonstrates how Eversource has engaged in the “bullying” that he claims. That’s because he is unable to, as we’ve been working in good faith at Eversource to comply with the requirements of the law.
concordmonitor  positive  op-ed  biomass  subsidy  legislation 
march 2019 by eversourcenh
My Turn: Eversource must stop bullying N.H. forest community
My father always said, “You stand for something, or you stand for nothing.”
concordmonitor  op-ed  biomass  subsidy 
march 2019 by eversourcenh
Eversource denies groups’ water pollution allegations
A utility is denying allegations by two environmental groups that it violated the Clean Water Act in operating a coal-fired power plant in New Hampshire.
concordmonitor  associatedpress  clf  sierraclub  lawsuit  Merrimackstation 
march 2019 by eversourcenh
Letter: No to Sununu and Northern Pass
Our governor is in the pockets of Eversource, and they know it. That is the only reason for Eversource’s attack on the SEC for their “no” vote and for the appeal on Northern Pass.
concordmonitor  letter  northernpass  opponent 
march 2019 by eversourcenh
Wind atop Mount Washington reaches 171 mph, utilities still working to restore power
Meteorologists say a wind gust atop New Hampshire's Mount Washington hit 171 mph, a record for the month of February.
concordmonitor  Storm  outages  restoration 
february 2019 by eversourcenh
Strong winds knock out power to thousands
It was windy across the state on Monday, with tree limbs knocking out power to thousands of residents. It was so gusty that the Mount Washington Observatory, where high wind is the norm, warned people to stay low.
concordmonitor  positive  restoration  upgrades 
february 2019 by eversourcenh
Letter: Eversource nonsense
Terry Cronin is a Hopkinton neighbor and friend. Terry does his research and writing on energy issues entirely uncompensated.
concordmonitor  letter  northernpass  opponent 
february 2019 by eversourcenh
My Turn: Northern Pass column inaccurate, misleading
We write to correct the record following Terry Cronin’s Feb. 11 opinion submission regarding our Northern Pass appeal, which included several falsehoods and inaccuracies.
concordmonitor  positive  op-ed  northernpass 
february 2019 by eversourcenh
Hassan jabs Sununu at solar array dedication in their hometown
Sen. Maggie Hassan came home Friday to highlight her efforts to promote solar energy.
concordmonitor  solar  Hassan  netmetering 
february 2019 by eversourcenh
My Turn: Dissecting the Northern Pass appeal narrative
Imagine seeking a review of your case with the New Hampshire Supreme Court. Why wouldn’t you take assiduous care to present it in a way that would prove unassailable?
concordmonitor  op-ed  northernpass  appeal  opponent 
february 2019 by eversourcenh
New England has so much electricity through 2023 that future prices are falling
Despite concerns about future shortages of natural gas in winter, the latest forward-looking auction says New England will have more than enough electricity through 2023, including the first contribution from an offshore wind project in Massachusetts.
concordmonitor  iso-ne  forwardcapacityauction  offshorewind  fuelsecurity 
february 2019 by eversourcenh
Letter: Bill is a good step toward cleaner future
What if New Hampshire were first in the nation to lead on carbon fee legislation? House Bill 735 specifies 70 percent of the fees collected would be returned via rebates. Opponents of the bill at last week’s hearing worried that families owning a house, four cars and Jacuzzi would receive the same rebate as a low-income apartment dweller without a car. The intent is just the opposite.
concordmonitor  letter  carbontax 
february 2019 by eversourcenh
Letter: Educate yourself on carbon fee bill
Having participated in the N.H. House’s Science, Technology and Energy Committee’s hearing on House Bill 735 proposing a carbon fee and rebate, I am impressed and alarmed.
concordmonitor  letter  carbontax 
february 2019 by eversourcenh
Letter: Northern Pass cons greatly outweigh the pros
Each year, I ask students to research and write an argumentative essay, preferably on a local issue. Each year, a few students research and write about Northern Pass. (A couple wags usually ask, “Isn’t that dead yet?”) In these 10-plus years, after analyzing the debate, only one student has argued in favor of the project because the arguments against Northern Pass simply outweigh the arguments given for it. The SEC rejected Northern Pass last year after years of review, and there is no reason to revive the zombie.
concordmonitor  letter  northernpass  opponent 
february 2019 by eversourcenh
My Turn: One year later, Northern Pass is still a bad deal for New Hampshire
One year ago, the New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee rightfully and unanimously rejected Northern Pass, based on overwhelming evidence of negative impacts presented to it during a thorough and deliberative process.
concordmonitor  op-ed  northernpass  opponent 
february 2019 by eversourcenh
Regulators won’t force utility to buy wood-fired energy
New Hampshire regulators say they won’t force Eversource to buy more wood-fired energy while a new state law on the matter is still under dispute at the federal level.
concordmonitor  biomass  rebates  legislation  PUC 
january 2019 by eversourcenh
Bow to continue setting money aside for Eversource litigation in next budget
Officials in Bow will continue to set money aside in the next fiscal year for the ongoing Merrimack Station tax litigation, but the municipal tax rate is expected to drop.
concordmonitor  bow  Merrimackstation  taxes 
january 2019 by eversourcenh
Letter: Northern Pass is still wrong for N.H.
The bright orange T-shirt I own showing my opposition to the Northern Pass project is becoming threadbare as Eversource’s efforts to push the project through against the will of the people continue into 2019.
concordmonitor  letter  northernpass  opponent 
january 2019 by eversourcenh
Innovative ‘bring your own battery’ program approved in New Hampshire
The state has approved an innovative program to let people in the Upper Valley install home batteries partly controlled by the local utility, both to trim their electric bills and to help the power grid cope with the changing realities of electricity production.
concordmonitor  PUC  batterystorage 
january 2019 by eversourcenh
Lewis Farms looking to host large solar array
In the past year, Lewis Farm in Concord has hosted concerts and campers in an effort to diversify its business model.
concordmonitor  solararray  renewableenergy 
january 2019 by eversourcenh
Concord sees mostly sleet in weekend storm
This weekend’s storm was not the heavy snowfall many expected. 
concordmonitor  Storm  outages 
january 2019 by eversourcenh
Franklin School District receives $200K for energy upgrades
Work the Franklin School District has done to make its schools more energy efficient is already paying off.
concordmonitor  positive  energyefficiency 
january 2019 by eversourcenh
Capital Beat: Clampdown could be coming for free-for-all inaugural spending
Attendees of Gov. Chris Sununu’s second inaugural ball at the mountainside Bretton Woods resort Saturday night had numerous ways to show their support with their wallets. They could have purchased $100 tickets for the meal, or bought out a table for $1,000.
concordmonitor  sununu  inauguration  contributions 
january 2019 by eversourcenh
Sununu decides N.H. shouldn’t be left behind as offshore wind farms become reality
Gov. Chris Sununu has joined governors in some neighboring states in seeking a federal study of offshore wind power, as a new study supports that technology’s ability to help New England cope with natural gas shortages during extreme cold spells.
concordmonitor  offshorewind  NH  sununu 
january 2019 by eversourcenh
Capital Beat: Governor’s inaugural address steered clear of several big issues that Democrats will push
As policy blueprints go, Gov. Chris Sununu’s inaugural address ran the gamut: opioid treatment, education, energy policies, suicide prevention. The hour-long speech covered a swath of territory familiar to anyone in touch with New Hampshire’s major problems.
concordmonitor  sununu  inauguration  energy  policy 
january 2019 by eversourcenh
2018 Stories of the Year: Northern Pass died – but the debate didn’t
In 2018 Northern Pass failed, except that it didn’t quite die and even if it did, a whole bunch of related arguments are going to continue for a long, long time.
concordmonitor  northernpass  sec  decision 
december 2018 by eversourcenh
Connecticut to tap power from Seabrook to generate clean energy
Nuclear power plants in Connecticut and New Hampshire made the list of electricity producers selected Friday to generate the clean energy needed to help meet Connecticut’s goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
concordmonitor  associatedpress  connecticut  CleanEnergyRFP  nuclear  seabrook 
december 2018 by eversourcenh
A look back at Gov. Sununu’s legislative wins, losses in 2018
Gov. Chris Sununu stormed to re-election this year, sailing by with high approval ratings and economic goodwill. But his legislative track record proved rockier. For Sununu, it was an agenda framed by several crucial victories and a small cluster of high-profile defeats.
concordmonitor  sununu  energy  policy 
december 2018 by eversourcenh
Day before a doomed vote, Sununu’s pick to sit on SEC withdraws
Gov. Chris Sununu’s nominee to the state’s powerful Site Evaluation Committee – a former Republican state representative and supporter of the controversial Northern Pass energy transmission line project – withdrew from consideration Tuesday.
concordmonitor  sununu  sec  appointment  vose 
december 2018 by eversourcenh
Letter: Northern Pass ‘nonsense’
To Dolly McPhaul (Monitor Opinion, Dec. 15): You said it all at the beginning of you opinion rant – “Sununu was elected, and is paid, by the people of New Hampshire for representing them.” Gov. Chris Sununu was open about his support for Northern Pass before the election, and he received the majority of the votes from the “people of New Hampshire.” Unlike you and others who are the most vocal against Northern Pass and what’s best for New Hampshire and New England, the majority of N.H. residents are either for Northern Pass and/or are okay with our elected officials making the informed decision. That’s why we have a representative government. Stop spewing nonsense and just get out of the way of progress and what’s best for New Hampshire.
concordmonitor  letter  northernpass  opponent 
december 2018 by eversourcenh
Dolly McPhaul: Sununu must choose between the people and Eversource
It is time for Gov. Chris Sununu to place his allegiance with the people of New Hampshire, where it belongs.
concordmonitor  op-ed  sununu  sec  northernpass  opponent 
december 2018 by eversourcenh
Letter: Vose doesn’t belong on Site Evaluation Committee
Gov. Chris Sununu has nominated Michael Vose to the New Hampshire Site Evaluation Committee, which has the power to review the siting of new energy projects.
concordmonitor  letter  sununu  sec  northernpass  opponent 
december 2018 by eversourcenh
Lawmakers grill natural gas execs after Massachusetts explosions
Natural gas companies in Massachusetts are compromising safety by increasingly turning to outside contractors for pipeline work while cutting back on staff that would oversee these projects, state lawmakers said Tuesday at a hearing following September’s natural gas explosions in the Merrimack Valley.
concordmonitor  op-ed  naturalgas  columbiagas 
december 2018 by eversourcenh
Laura Magzis: Granite Bridge project would be a nightmare
Heartfelt thanks to the Monitor for Sunday’s editorial about the danger to life and civilization posed by the use of fossil fuels. I agree with the writer about the disastrous Trump administration plan to drill for oil off the coast of New Hampshire and other Eastern states. And it is certainly appropriate to call on Gov. Chris Sununu to take a stronger stand against this plan.
concordmonitor  op-ed  naturalgas  granitebridge 
december 2018 by eversourcenh
Letter: Beyond poles and wires
Thank you for David Brooks’s excellent story about Maine’s experiment with saving electric ratepayers money by relying on alternatives to old-fashioned investments in poles and wires (“Reinventing the power grid in coastal Maine – well, sort of,” Monitor front page, Dec. 4). But I respectfully disagree with Maine energy entrepreneur Rich Silkman, who said: “The problem is that there’s no advocate for non-wires alternatives, no entity that has a level of expertise that a utility does in looking at these broader solutions.”
concordmonitor  letter  DMo  OCA  energyefficiency 
december 2018 by eversourcenh
More young people are moving to N.H. from other states, study shows
There’s some good news for those worried about the graying of New Hampshire – more young people are moving to the state than were leaving it during the 2008 recession.
concordmonitor  positive  stayworkplay  survey  workforcedevelopment 
december 2018 by eversourcenh
Reinventing the power grid in coastal Maine – well, sort of
If I was going to redesign the national power grid, perhaps the biggest and most complicated thing that the human species has ever created, I wouldn’t think of starting in a quiet part of coastal Maine.
concordmonitor  grid  modernization 
december 2018 by eversourcenh
Grid able to generate ample electricity this winter, but don’t expect bills to go down
There are enough power plants, power lines and systems in place to provide all the electricity that New England will need this winter, according to the organization that operates the six-state electric grid.
concordmonitor  iso-ne  winter  fuelsecurity 
november 2018 by eversourcenh
Wet snow takes down power lines all over the state, with Sunapee area hard hit
Wet sticky snow brought down branches that knocked down utility lines and caused power outages throughout New Hampshire and northern New England on Tuesday.
concordmonitor  Storm  outages 
november 2018 by eversourcenh
Editorial: Kelly is right choice for governor
Today, in this nation, the fires of division are being fanned daily by President Donald Trump, and many midterm elections will be as much a referendum on him as on the merits of the candidates on the ballot. That, inescapably, is the case in this year’s gubernatorial race as well.
concordmonitor  editorial  mollykelly  sununu  energy  policy  climatechange 
november 2018 by eversourcenh
Kelly calls Sununu’s education commissioner ‘unacceptable’ at debate
Gov. Chris Sununu and his Democratic challenger Molly Kelly tangled over renewable energy, a proposed natural gas pipeline, paid family leave, the opioid epidemic, and a host of other issues as they debated with a week to go until Election Day.
concordmonitor  Candidates  debate  sununu  mollykelly  rates  policy  northernpass 
october 2018 by eversourcenh
Veto of net metering bill puts solar projects on hold
Not surprisingly, the governor’s veto of a bill to make large solar projects more profitable has put a number of municipal solar projects on hold, or at least up in the air.
concordmonitor  netmetering  legislation  veto  sununu 
october 2018 by eversourcenh
Sununu, Kelly disagree on virtually everything in gubernatorial debate
Republican Gov. Chris Sununu and Democratic gubernatorial nominee Molly Kelly disagreed on virtually every issue and criticized each other’s records as they debated for the first time in the general election campaign for governor.
concordmonitor  Candidates  sununu  kelly  contributions  energy  costs 
october 2018 by eversourcenh
Letter: Mitchell for state rep
Rebecca Mitchell is one of three excellent candidates running on the Democratic ticket for one of the three state representative positions in Weare and Deering. She has the energy and passion to make a difference in our communities as well as our state.
concordmonitor  letter  candidate 
october 2018 by eversourcenh
State Supreme Court agrees to hear Northern Pass appeal
The New Hampshire Supreme Court has agreed to hear Eversource’s appeal related to the rejection of its Northern Pass transmission line proposal.
concordmonitor  northernpass  supremecourt  appeal 
october 2018 by eversourcenh
Letter: Ask about Northern Pass
The upcoming election faces voters with a host of important issues they must weigh carefully before deciding whom to vote for. With passions high on a variety of issues, it is important for us not to forget about an issue that is important to so many here in the Granite State. I’m talking about the Northern Pass project, the project with enormous towers that serve no other purpose than to act as giant extension cord supports through the natural beauty of our state to benefit Massachusetts. When making an informed decision on how to cast your vote, it is important to remember that this project is still very much alive. Reach out to your candidates for state office and ask where they stand on Northern Pass. Let them know that we don’t want our state to be an extension cord. As you weigh your important vote, don’t forget to ask where these candidates stand on Northern Pass.
concordmonitor  letter  northernpass  opponent 
october 2018 by eversourcenh
Sale of Penacook trash-to-energy plant reflects global industry changes
The possibility that the trash-burning power plant in Penacook may get its third owner in four years appears to reflect global patterns of the huge waste-to-energy industry rather than the recent New Hampshire debate over electricity prices from biomass plants.
concordmonitor  renewableenergy  powerplant 
october 2018 by eversourcenh
Gov. Chris Sununu, Molly Kelly outline energy plans for N.H.
Gov. Chris Sununu and Democratic challenger Molly Kelly remained steadfast in their differences over energy policy as each addressed the annual New Hampshire Energy Summit on Monday.
concordmonitor  Candidates  energysummit 
september 2018 by eversourcenh
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