Will Dems, GOP Buck Sununu on Renewable Energy? - InDepthNH.orgInDepthNH.org
Major issues have often divided Democrats and Republicans during this session of the Legislature, but there has been bipartisan agreement on the need to promote renewable energy.
InDepthNH  column  renewableenergy  policy  sununu 
9 hours ago
Don’t listen to ads critical of CMP line - CentralMaine.com
A couple months ago, I was watching TV when a commercial came on highly critical of Central Maine Power’s New England Clean Energy Connect project. Then I saw it again a couple hours later. A couple days later I tried to watch a video on YouTube and the ad popped up again. I thought to myself, “Dang, somebody is spending a lot of money to fight this project.”
centralmaine  letter  cmp  NECEC  support 
9 hours ago
Can trash-to-energy plant in Penacook burn construction debris? 
A long debate over whether the waste-to-energy plant in Penacook should be allowed to burn debris from construction sites along with trash is back before the Legislature, although the issue is moot for the moment.
concordmonitor  renewableenergy  generation 
9 hours ago
Finally, Smooth Sailing For Offshore Wind In Massachusetts
The great state of Massachusetts was once the scene of a years-long legal battle over the very first offshore wind farm in the USA. No, not the Block Island wind farm. That’s in Rhode Island. It was the proposed Cape Wind project. A group of local opponents won the battle, with some help from a member of the Koch family. Now the tide has turned and a massive new flotilla of wind turbines is rising up over the horizon.
CleanTechnica  offshorewind  CleanEnergyRFP 
CommonWealth Magazine
THE MASSACHUSETTS DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC UTILITIES approved multibillion dollar offshore wind contracts with Vineyard Wind on Friday and, over the objections of Attorney General Maura Healey, authorized the state’s three utilities to collect an additional $168 million from ratepayers just for carrying the contracts on their books.
Commonwealthmagazine  offshorewind  incentive 
3 days ago
U.S. energy usage surges to record high in 2018 - MarketWatch
Americans burned a record amount of energy in 2018, with a 10% jump in consumption from booming natural gas helping to lead the way, the U.S. Energy Information Administration says.
marketwatch  naturalgas  climatechange  fuelsecurity 
3 days ago
Red Cross Everyday Heroes Awards honor ordinary people for extraordinary acts
Ordinary people were honored for extraordinary acts Wednesday night at the Red Cross’ Everyday Heroes Awards.
wmur  positive  CIG 
4 days ago
Durham approves $1M settlement with Eversource - News - seacoastonline.com - Portsmouth, NH
After much public input and extended deliberation, the Town Council voted 7-2 Monday night to approve a more than $1 million draft settlement agreement negotiated with Eversource regarding its Seacoast Reliability Project.
fosters  positive  CIG 
4 days ago
Eversource Grant Helps Support Workforce Housing in New Hampshire | Portsmouth, NH Patch
Joining efforts to provide affordable housing to New Hampshire's skilled workers, Eversource recently presented a grant to the Workforce Housing Coalition of Greater Seacoast. The grant will go toward the coalition's spring projects, including those planned for Rockingham and Hillsborough counties. According to Eversource, affordable housing for skilled workers helps benefit future economic development.
Patch  positive  CIG 
4 days ago
Eversource Grant Empowers Workforce Housing Coalition – Londonderry News
As part of its strong commitment to leading workforce development in New Hampshire, Eversource recently presented a grant to the Workforce Housing Coalition of the Greater Seacoast to support efforts to provide a range of affordable housing options, which is critical to ensuring the diverse and highly skilled workforce needed for future economic development. The Coalition works to advance housing affordability in the Seacoast region, as well as neighboring communities, by serving as an educator, advocate and catalyst for sound policy and best practices, as well as providing programs that encourage the development of a range of affordable housing options for the workforce at every stage of their lives.
lononderrynews  positive  CIG 
4 days ago
Letter: There’s no consensus on clean energy
As New Hampshire’s consumer advocate, I agree with solar developer Dan Weeks (Monitor Opinion, April 16) that Granite Staters, including the residential utility customers whose interests I represent, believe that humans cause global warming and should do something about it.
concordmonitor  letter  OCA  netmetering 
4 days ago
OPINION: Opponents Ask Yale, Wagner To 'Publicly Disavow' Northern Pass - InDepthNH.org
Communities in Northern New Hampshire view the Northern Pass project as a threat to their landscape, culture, and way of life. This perception motivated an extraordinary grassroots movement, in which working dairy farmers refused multi-million dollar offers for their land.[1] This left Northern Pass dependent upon Yale University and Wagner Forest Management, which leased land to Northern Pass for a viable route.[2] Despite Wagner’s willingness to undermine a firewall that residents created, citizens mastered thousands of pages of planning and zoning documents to defeat one of the largest utility companies in the United States.[3] 
InDepthNH  op-ed  northernpass  opponents  yale 
4 days ago
Climate impact study sought by foes of $1B CMP hydro project clears committee hurdle — Politics — BDN Maine
A bill that could delay state permitting of the controversial $1 billion Central Maine Power corridor through western Maine won approval from a legislative committee on Wednesday.
bangordailynews  cmp  NECEC  legislation  carbonemissions 
4 days ago
Guest column: Utilities warn of threat to U.S. power grid | Opinion | pottsmerc.com
What’s more valuable — a brand new sports car or an old sedan? Obviously, the sports car. But what if that sports car has an empty gas tank? Suddenly, the perspective changes. Yes, the car may be “valuable,” but it’s not “useful.”
themercury  security  grid 
4 days ago
Offshore Wind Farms Are Spinning Up in the US—At Last | WIRED
ON JUNE 1, the Pilgrim nuclear plant in Massachusetts will shut down, a victim of rising costs and a technology that is struggling to remain economically viable in the United States. But the electricity generated by the aging nuclear station soon will be replaced by another carbon-free source: a fleet of 84 offshore wind turbines rising nearly 650 feet above the ocean's surface.
wired  offshorewind  fuelsecurity 
4 days ago
Stakeholders confront Yale over role in Northern Pass
The movement against Northern Pass is still at the forefront of many minds throughout the state. In 2017, residents from Coös County discovered that Yale University owned parts of land in New Hampshire that fall into the path of the proposed transmission line. Also discovered was the fact that Yale had plans to lease the property to Northern Pass for said project.
Cooscountydemocrat  northernpass  opponents  yale 
4 days ago
In Northeast, more research needed on offshore wind’s impact on fishing | Energy News Network
As plans for wind farms across New England’s waters progress, fishermen continue to express concerns about the impact of the burgeoning offshore wind industry on their livelihoods.
energynews  offshorewind  fishing 
4 days ago
Letter: The right way to use RGGI money
Here is an excellent example of why N.H. citizens should support Democratic legislators.
concordmonitor  letter  rggi  energyefficiency 
5 days ago
How Canada’s other major energy export could light up New England states | Financial Post
Hydroelectricity, Canada’s lesser-known energy export, is helping New England states wean themselves off fossil fuels.
financialpost  Hydro-Quebec  NECEC 
5 days ago
My Turn: New Hampshire’s new clean energy consensus
If there’s one thing Republicans and Democrats can agree on, it’s that they agree on nothing at all. At least that is the impression you get watching cable news these days or reading the latest dispatch from Washington or Concord.
concordmonitor  op-ed  cleanenergy  solar 
5 days ago
CMP project would drastically change area - CentralMaine.com
The Central Maine Power transmission corridor project has terrible impacts of forest fragmentation and on survival of wildlife populations in the area. This region is of national significance because of the many rare and endangered species surviving there. The project does not help to prevent climate change, as the company likes to claim.
centralmaine  op-ed  cmp  NECEC  opponent 
5 days ago
Durham considering settlement over Eversource Seacoast Reliability Project - News - fosters.com - Dover, NH
The Town Council is scheduled to meet with its legal counsel tonight at 6 regarding the Eversource Seacoast Reliability Project.
fosters  SRP  settlement  approval 
5 days ago
With Millstone operational, Connecticut’s clean energy future is intact - Hartford Courant
When nuclear power facilities are forced to close despite growing climate concerns, residents pay the price, and New England is no exception to this rule. We applaud the state of Connecticut and all parties involved for prioritizing the state’s clean energy future and preserving the two nuclear reactors at Millstone.
Hartfordcourant  millstone  carbonemissions 
5 days ago
Bernie Sanders Denies Closure Of Vermont Nuclear Plant Increased Emissions -- The Data Says Otherwise
Over the last four years, Democratic presidential front-runner Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has repeatedly called President Donald Trump a “ pathological liar ,” including for his statements about climate change.
Forbes  nuclear  carbonemissions 
5 days ago
Building codes outdated - News - fosters.com - Dover, NH
New Hampshire’s building codes are outdated. And the energy efficiency portions may well be the most egregious. Making buildings tighter and better insulated adds a few hundred dollars to the initial cost but pays back in a very few (3-4) years. HB562, which has passed the N.H. House and moves to the Senate would fix that, (although it sadly contains a 30 month delay). Since this perspective has opponents, it’s worth mentioning that the pay back comes in the form of lowering heating and cooling bills, not just for the life of the mortgage, but the life of the building. Critics who express concern about affordable housing—and high energy costs—should note that it’s folks who need affordable housing who also struggle with the costs of heating and cooling.
fosters  letter  energyefficiency 
5 days ago
Three Areas Where These Young N.H. Leaders Agree On Climate Change Policy | New Hampshire Public Radio
The conversation on climate change has a new vigor in recent months, thanks in part to the Green New Deal. Though it was voted down in a procedural vote in the U.S. Senate, the non-binding resolution has intensified conversation on climate and yielded climate policy packages from both sides of the aisle: Republican Rep. Max Gaetz’s Green Real Deal and Senator Lamar Alexander’s A New Manhattan Project.
nhpr  energy  policy  climatechange 
6 days ago
We need both renewables and natural gas | CommonWealth Magazine
RENEWABLE ENERGY and natural gas aren’t an “either/or” choice for New England: Now and for years to come, they’re a “both/and” necessity to ensure we have a reliable, affordable energy system our six states can count on.
Commonwealthmagazine  op-ed  naturalgas  fuelsecurity 
7 days ago
Hydro Quebec says CMP transmission line will help fight climate change | newscentermaine.com
Despite Thursday’s approval of CMP’s proposed transmission line for western Maine, the intense debate over that project goes on.
newscentermaine  cmp  NECEC  Hydro-Quebec  carbonemissions 
7 days ago
Commentary: Reasons for supporting CMP plan overlooked amid baseless criticism - Portland Press Herald
The author of an April 1 letter to the Press Herald asserts, “Money isn’t everything. Like Gov. Baxter said about Baxter State Park, ‘May it forever be left in the natural wild state.’ ” To the untrained eye, then, Baxter State Park appears a “wilderness,” even as it is managed every day for its diverse values, and for the enjoyment of the tens of thousands of persons who visit it each year.
portlandpressherald  op-ed  cmp  NECEC  support 
7 days ago
Senator Hassan Joins in Introducing Bipartisan Legislation To Establish Investment Tax Credit For Energy Storage | NH LABOR NEWS
Senator Maggie Hassan yesterday joined her colleagues in introducing the bipartisan Energy Storage Tax Incentive and Deployment Act of 2019 to establish an investment tax credit (ITC) for business and home use of energy storage.
nhlabornews  batterystorage  incentive 
7 days ago
End the energy supply scam now - The Boston Globe
You know those energy company reps who knock on your door at the worst possible moment, offering to save you money on gas and electric bills?
bostonglobe  scams  AG  study 
7 days ago
Letter: Stand up to Eversource to defeat Northern Pass project | Letters To The Editor | eagletribune.com
With April Fools Day not that far in the past, I hope no one was fooled into thinking the battle is over surrounding the Northern Pass project.
eagletribune  northernpass  opponent 
7 days ago
Site Evaluators Reject Appeal Of Seacoast Power Line Approval | New Hampshire Public Radio
The state’s Site Evaluation Committee says it won’t reconsider its recent approval of a new transmission line on the Seacoast.
nhpr  SRP  sec  appeal  decision 
7 days ago
Eversource Offers Spring Tips as Part of Year-Round Commitment to Safety – Londonderry News
Spring has finally bloomed, and the warmer weather may have people thinking about outdoor projects. But before planting a tree or building a deck, Eversource reminds customers to think about electrical safety and what’s below before the shovel hits the ground.
londonderrynews  positive  811  safety 
7 days ago
Eversource fights to keep Northern Pass alive - The Boston Globe
To many critics, the fate of Eversource’s Northern Pass power line through New Hampshire was sealed when it lost a pivotal deal to deliver electricity to Massachusetts.
bostonglobe  northernpass  supremecourt  appeal 
10 days ago
SEC won't reconsider Seacoast Reliability Project - News - seacoastonline.com - Portsmouth, NH
On Thursday, state regulators denied motions to rehear and reconsider their approval of the Seacoast Reliability Project that the town of Durham, the Durham residents group and the Conservation Law Foundation filed in March.
seacoastonline  InDepthNH  SRP  sec  rehearing  decision 
10 days ago
Net metering bills will increase ratepayer costs - NH Business Review
Net metering is a very confusing issue that is difficult to explain in a few hundred words, but let’s be clear on one thing. There is a cost-shift from non-participants to participants, and it isn’t good for all ratepayers.
NHBR  op-ed  NERA  netmetering 
10 days ago
Dem lawmakers have given session a noticeable green tint - NH Business Review
After taking power in a blue wave, New Hampshire Democratic lawmakers are passing what amounts to be a green wave of legislation.
NHBR  cleanenergy  legislation 
10 days ago
In A Win For CMP, Maine Utility Regulators Approve 145-Mile Transmission Line | Maine Public
Maine's top energy regulators handed a win to Central Maine Power Thursday in its bid to build a controversial power line through western Maine.
mainepublic  cmp  NECEC  siting  approval 
10 days ago
Feds Reject Bid For Public Access To Regional Meetings On Energy Grid Reforms | New Hampshire Public Radio
An effort to force the region's powerful energy stakeholder group to hold public meetings has been shot down by federal regulators.
nhpr  NEPOOL  ferc  pressban 
10 days ago
Transmission line for Canadian hydropower to Northeast okayed
A proposed 145-mile transmission line that would serve as a conduit for Canadian hydropower to reach the New England power grid cleared a major hurdle Thursday with approval of the Maine Public Utilities Commission.
concordmonitor  ap  maine  cmp  NECEC  siting  approval 
10 days ago
CMP transmission line project still faces hurdles before it can be built | WGME
A controversial, $1 billion power line project through western Maine is moving forward.
wgme  maine  cmp  NECEC  siting  approval 
10 days ago
US court presses pipeline regulator on climate analysis
A panel of federal judges had tough questions today for the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) in two lawsuits that accuse the agency of abdicating its duty to estimate greenhouse gas emissions from natural gas pipelines.
argus  ferc  climatechange  naturalgas  emissions 
10 days ago
Thousands of Maine customers still left behind by CMP — Maine Focus — Bangor Daily News — BDN Maine
Sally Trussell and her husband, David, packed their bags at their 3,000-square-foot Scarborough condo in early November 2018, shut off the lights, turned off their appliances and headed to South Carolina, the first time the retired couple left Maine for the winter after 40 years of living year-round in the state.
bangordailynews  cmp  billing 
10 days ago
Eversource has followed the law, by William Hinkle | Letters To The Editor | sentinelsource.com
In his recent letter on Senate Bill 365 (“Make Eversource adhere to the law”), Hunter Carbee claims that Eversource has refused to follow the law, which is simply untrue. It is just the opposite, as we’ve been working in good faith at Eversource to comply with its requirements.
SentinelSource  positive  op-ed  biomass  subsidy  legislation 
11 days ago
U.S. EPA Honors Two 2019 ENERGY STAR Partners of the Year in New Hampshire | U.S. EPA News Releases | US EPA
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) New England regional office and the U.S. Department of Energy are honoring two New Hampshire organizations as ENERGY STAR partners for their outstanding contributions to public health and the environment. These enterprises have earned ENERGY STAR Awards for demonstrating national leadership in cost-saving energy efficient solutions. They are among the 183 ENERGY STAR Award Winners nationwide that will be honored in Washington, D.C., on April 11.
epa  pressrelease  energyefficiency  award 
11 days ago
Eversource Announces Plan to Invest $32 Million in Tree Trimming
Eversource announced a plan to spend $32 million on tree trimming and danger tree removal in the wake of recent severe storms in New Hampshire. The program will focus on those trees damaged by storms, Gypsy Moths and Emerald Ash Borers. More than 2,800 miles of trees will be trimmed across the state of New Hampshire. For more information, view the video below or visit Eversource's Web site. 
T&Dworld  positive  treetrimming 
11 days ago
New Switchgear Equipment arrives as Eversource Substation. | WKBK Radio
As part of a multi-million dollar project, new switchgear equipment was delivered Wednesday morning to the Emerald Street substation.
WKBK  positive  keene  upgrades  substation 
11 days ago
Fisheries Monitoring Studies for Vineyard Wind to Begin - CapeCod.com
Vineyard Wind announced last week that it will implement recommendations from University of Massachusetts Dartmouth’s School for Marine Science and Technology to guide the wind energy project’s fisheries monitoring studies during construction.
capecod.com  offshorewind  vineyardwind  fishing 
11 days ago
Biomass plants ask state Supreme Court to intervene over law
A group of biomass plants wants the New Hampshire Supreme Court to intervene in a dispute over a new law that would require Eversource to buy power from them at a discounted rate.
wmur  biomass  subsidy  legislation 
12 days ago
Peterborough Town Library receives contributions to capital campaign | Community News | sentinelsource.com
The Peterborough Town Library’s 1833 Society recently received two contributions to its capital campaign to build a new library.
SentinelSource  positive  CIG  Peterborough 
12 days ago
Another View: Mayor Joyce Craig -- Proud to make difference, yet challenges remain | Columnists | unionleader.com
A LITTLE OVER 15 months ago, I took the oath of office as mayor of Manchester. During that time, I’ve worked hard to empower residents across our city to think big, confront our challenges and engage with our community.
UnionLeader  positive  op-ed  workforcedevelopment 
12 days ago
PG&E Among Utilities Cited for Failing to Protect Against Cyber and Physical Attacks - WSJ
DTE Energy Co. DTE -0.25% , PG&E Corp. PCG +0.77% and a municipal utility in Missouri broke rules designed to protect the nation’s electric system from cyber and physical attacks and were sanctioned by federal regulators, according to newly released documents and people knowledgeable about the cases.
wallstreetjournal  security  grid 
12 days ago
Biomass Plants Appeal To N.H. Supreme Court Amid Stalemate With Eversource, PUC | New Hampshire Public Radio
A group of wood-burning power plants wants the New Hampshire Supreme Court to intervene in a dispute over a controversial new state law.
nhpr  positive  biomass  subsidy  legislation 
13 days ago
Regulators Could Decide Key Permit for CMP Project This Week | Maine Public
Maine’s top energy regulators are scheduling “special deliberations” to consider a key permit for Central Maine Power’s proposed transmission line through western Maine.
mainepublic  cmp  NECEC  siting 
13 days ago
Granite United Way honors local companies and individuals | Announcements | laconiadailysun.com
Granite United Way hosted its annual Campaign Celebration on March 20 at Church Landing. Supporters from throughout the Lakes Region were recognized for their commitment to the community.
laconiadailysun  positive  contributions 
13 days ago
Maine Voices: CMP corridor’s climate claims don’t hold up to scrutiny - Portland Press Herald
Mainers are increasingly anxious about climate change and the adverse effects it’s already bringing: more violent weather, warmer and more acidic seas threatening our fisheries, increased flooding and erosion along our coast, the spread of Lyme and other insect-borne diseases, invasive bugs destroying our forests, ticks eating our moose, etc. And if they’ve read journalist David Wallace-Wells’ “The Uninhabitable Earth: Life After Warming” (currently No. 3 on the New York Times non-fiction best-seller list), they’re probably scared silly by what the future holds, as they should be.
portlandpressherald  op-ed  cmp  NECEC  climatechange 
13 days ago
Lots of good reasons to support CMP plan - CentralMaine.com
I’m a native Mainer now living in Brunswick. I’ve been listening to the arguments both for and against Central Maine Power’s New England Clean Energy project, which will bring hydropower from Quebec to Maine and New England. I have one question for opponents of NECEC: How can you say this project doesn’t have any benefits for Maine?
centralmaine  letter  cmp  NECEC  support 
13 days ago
CMP plan would end ‘way life should be’ - CentralMaine.com
Maine people should carefully consider the proposed Central Maine Power western Maine power line project heading to Massachusetts. This power line extension once constructed will fragment a large area of Maine wilderness. It will create a vast scar on the landscape through our most remote and wild places.
centralmaine  letter  cmp  NECEC  opponent 
13 days ago
ISO-NE considers new seasonal forward market to improve energy security | Utility Dive
Long stretches of cold weather have spiked prices and challenged reliability in recent years, and now ISO-NE is working to develop market-based solutions to address the issue. The grid operator says it envisions three "core components" to its solution, including new markets to help coordinate the use of limited stored energy, such as oil and liquefied natural gas.
utilitydive  iso-ne  fuelsecurity 
13 days ago
Viewpoint: Corridor would compromise forests - Mount Desert Islander
What a total disappointment that the Mills administration has opted to follow the same old model of compromising the health of Maine’s environment away. This is called eco-balancing and it employs the notion that CMP’s offer to provide $248 million over 40 years will provide a benefit that is equal to or greater than the negative impacts of the 150-mile transmission line that will deliver “dirty power” from Hydro-Quebec.
13 days ago
US grid developer seeks offshore insights - reNews - Renewable Energy News
US offshore transmission developer Anbaric has sent a request to ISO New England for an economic study into the impacts of 8GW, 10GW and 12GW of offshore wind on energy prices, emissions and fuel security.
reNEWS  offshorewind  fuelsecurity 
13 days ago
Here's Something: CMP corridor a regrettable poison pill – The Forecaster
Central Maine Power Co.’s proposal for a high-voltage electrical transmission line is tearing Maine in two, both literally and figuratively.
theforecaster  op-ed  cmp  NECEC  opponent 
13 days ago
Opportunities for OSV owners as US offshore wind picks up
The results of the lease sale held last December by the US Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) demonstrate the rising level of interest in offshore wind in the US. The lease sale for sites off the coast of Massachusetts drew winning bids of US$405M – almost 10 times the total winning bids generated by the previous lease sale two years earlier.
offshorewindjournal  offshorewind  Projects 
13 days ago
Valley News - Hanover moves closer to renewable energy goal
The town of Hanover is making progress toward its goal of using 100 percent renewable energy for electricity by 2030 through new solar panels, a planned green energy co-op and other measures. It’s also upgrading some police vehicles to hybrid models as part of its goal to reach 100 percent renewable for transportation and heating by 2050.
valleynews  energyefficiency  hanover 
15 days ago
NH biomass plants to close as challenge to law continues | Energy | unionleader.com
Citing the failure of Eversource to come to terms on a new power-purchase agreement with six of New Hampshire’s biomass energy producers, four producers are suspending fuel purchases and operation.
UnionLeader  biomass  subsidy  legislation 
17 days ago
Eversource and Liberty to Regulators: Send Money - InDepthNH.orgInDepthNH.org
Two love letters arrived at the Office of the Consumer Advocate recently.
InDepthNH  op-ed  OCA  DMo  ratereview 
17 days ago
2 Eversource workers hurt when bucket truck rolls over in Amherst
Two workers suffered serious injuries when an Eversource bucket truck crashed Thursday morning on Route 101 in Amherst.
wmur  accident  employees 
17 days ago
Heavy wind brings down trees, wires, causing power outages in region | Local News | sentinelsource.com
First responders in area towns handled numerous wind-related calls Wednesday afternoon and evening, including a small fire in Bennington and a carport that blew down in Jaffrey.
SentinelSource  Storm  outages 
17 days ago
Driver fatigue likely cause of Eversource truck crash in Amherst | Public Safety | unionleader.com
Two people were injured when an Eversource bucket-truck rolled down an embankment early Thursday morning near Salzburg Square.
17 days ago
Wind causes power outages, damage across Valley and Southern NH; officials say wind threat continues | News | eagletribune.com
First responders across the Merrimack Valley and Southern New Hampshire faced tricky jobs Wednesday as strong winds whipped into the night, causing problems that continued Thursday.
eagletribune  accident  employees 
17 days ago
Utility Workers Hurt in Bucket Truck Crash | New Hampshire News | US News
Authorities say a utility bucket truck rolled down an embankment, injuring two workers in New Hampshire.
usnews  accident  employees 
17 days ago
High Winds Spur Red Flag Fire Warning in New Hampshire | Amherst, NH Patch
An Eversource bucket truck crash in Amherst Thursday morning is believed to be among many wind-related incidents that closed roads and cut off power to New Hampshire residents Wednesday night into Thursday. Eversource and Unitil both reported more than a thousand outages at their peak Wednesday night.
Patch  Storm  outages  accident  employees 
17 days ago
How and when Maine will decide whether to approve permits for CMP’s $1B transmission line — Business — Bangor Daily News — BDN Maine
The Maine Department of Environmental Protection is holding hearings this week in Farmington as it considers whether or not to grant two necessary permits for a controversial $1 billion Central Maine Power transmission project that would be located in some pristine wooded areas of the state.
bangordailynews  cmp  NECEC  siting 
17 days ago
Make Eversource adhere to the law, by Hunter Carbee | Letters To The Editor | sentinelsource.com
Hundreds of logging companies, spanning New Hampshire, are at risk if five independent power plants shut down permanently due to Eversource’s refusal to adhere to Senate Bill 365. Thousands of jobs will be lost, from plant workers to the men and women who work in the woods to the folks who sell heavy equipment, fuel, tires and more. Across New Hampshire, communities and businesses will lose millions in revenue. Social costs will soar.
SentinelSource  letter  biomass  subsidy  legislation 
17 days ago
North Country Smokehouse: Leading the Meat Industry in Sustainable Operations | newkerala.com
North Country Smokehouse celebrated the grand opening of their new facility in October of last year. Significantly larger than the original smokehouse, the new building offers roughly five times the production capacity of the previous plant, presenting new opportunities to grow the business.
newkera  positive  energyefficiency 
17 days ago
Killing trees for solar plan a bad idea, by Priscilla Borden | Letters To The Editor | sentinelsource.com
The Chinook Solar Project plan is to take hundreds of acres of woodland, clear cut it and erect a solar farm between Route 12 and Fullam Hill Road in Fitzwilliam.
SentinelSource  op-ed  solar  opponent 
19 days ago
How CMP’s $1 billion hydro project could affect habitat in a wild corner of Maine — Business — Bangor Daily News — BDN Maine
Regulators focused on wildlife habitat and scenic views Monday during the first day of weeklong hearings on Central Maine Power Co.’s proposed $1 billion hydropower corridor through western Maine to the Canadian border.
bangordailynews  cmp  NECEC  wildlife  environment 
19 days ago
Local legislators strongly oppose CMP project - By Stephen Betts - Rockland - Camden - Knox - Courier-Gazette - Camden Herald
Midcoast legislators have come out strongly against a proposal by Central Maine Power to build a transmission line in western Maine that would send electricity from Canada to Massachusetts.
villagesoup  maine  cmp  NECEC  legislators  opposition 
19 days ago
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