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Installing a new Windows Server 2003 Domain - Schooltechnician.co.uk
Best how to on setting up an Active Directory Domain for Windows Server 2003 with good info on DNS as well.
server  windows  pc  work  how_to  networking  domain  dhcp  dns  tech  ***** 
december 2011 by evanharmon
JCCC::Writing Center Journal.pdf
I published an article in this journal dealing with issues of tutor authority and student assertion in the Writing Center.
JCCC  journal  writing_center  writing  academia  tutoring  teaching  work  school  written  published  authority  assertion 
september 2010 by evanharmon
Black Box Network Services Home Page
Professional level network equipment & cables, etc. They have a healthcare discount program.
cables  computer  electronics  hardware  network  shopping  tech  technology  work  hvc 
march 2010 by evanharmon
The 4-Hour Workweek and Timothy Ferriss
I think this has ideas on how to work and travel/live anywhere indefinitely. I.e. mobile living.
productivity  lifehacks  lifestyle  books  work  blog  timothyferriss  travel 
december 2008 by evanharmon

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