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Atheist's Nightmare = A Simple Question - YouTube
Hilarious Youtube video of a guy challenging atheists to disprove God, but, whoops, he forgot to turn off the ability for people to annotate his video. Reddit to the rescue...
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january 2012 by evanharmon
Christopher Hitchens, Consummate Writer, Brilliant Friend - NYTimes.com
And this was a man in constant pain. Denied drinking or eating, he sucked on tiny ice chips. Where others might have beguiled themselves with thoughts of divine purpose (why me?) and dreams of an afterlife, Christopher had all of literature.

Consider the mix. Constant pain, weak as a kitten, morphine dragging him down, then the tangle of Reformation theology and politics, Chesterton’s romantic, imagined England suffused with the kind of Catholicism that mediated his brush with fascism and his taste for paradox, which Christopher wanted to debunk. At intervals, Christopher’s head would droop, his eyes close, then with superhuman effort he would drag himself awake to type another line.

He was the consummate writer, the brilliant friend. In Walter Pater’s famous phrase, he burned “with this hard gem-like flame.” Right to the end.
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december 2011 by evanharmon
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