This is the alpha version of Terrapattern, a visual search tool for satellite imagery. The project provides journalists, citizen scientists, and other researchers with the ability to quickly scan large geographical regions for specific visual features.
satellite  maps  geo  search 
2 hours ago
Introducing AVS, an Open Standard for Autonomous Vehicle Visualization from Uber | Uber Engineering Blog
As we’ve written before, the Advanced Technologies Group (ATG) and Visualization teams at Uber leverage web-based visualization technologies to interpret these sensor and algorithmic-derived worlds in order to support an ever-growing pool of autonomous use cases.

Today, we’re excited to open source the redesigned and expanded Autonomous Visualization System (AVS), a new way for the industry to understand and share its data.   
selfDriving  vehicle  navigation  visualization  opensource  Uber 
3 hours ago
Home Page - Metamath
A: Metamath is a tiny language that can express theorems in abstract mathematics, accompanied by proofs that can be verified by a computer program. This site has a collection of web pages generated from those proofs and lets you see mathematics developed in complete detail from first principles, with absolute rigor. Hopefully it will amuse you, amaze you, and possibly enlighten you in its own special way.
logic  proof  math 
6 hours ago
How Does the iOS 8 Time-lapse Feature Work? | Studio Neat Blog
This is an efficient way to assemble a time-lapse. When you start recording a time-lapse, the app only captures 2 frames per second. If the recording period extends beyond 10 minutes, the app switches to capturing only 1 frame per second, and deletes every other frame it had captured in the first 10 minutes. When the recording duration doubles (20 minutes), the same thing happens. Now the app is only capturing 1 frame every 2 seconds, and previous frames are dropped to match this tempo. And so forth. The longest video I recorded was 8 hours, but presumably using this method you could record for much longer (Apple's website casually mentions 30 hours). Because the app is being so efficient with frame capture and storage, you don't need to worry about your phone capacity filling up.

The result of this method is that anything you shoot will generally end up being between 20 and 40 seconds long, an ideal shareable length. Also worth mentioning, the resulting video is always 30 fps, the standard framerate for video. No surprises there.
iOS  timelapse  video 
13 hours ago
Flickr will start deleting photos, and massive chunks of internet history - Vox
Richard Ovenden, head of the Bodleian Library at the University of Oxford, echoes Scott, telling Vox in a phone call that Flickr’s demise is “a sign of the constantly shifting fortunes of the big tech players.” He adds, “To me, what it really means is that although these services are free to any users, it doesn’t mean that they don’t cost anything to run. It’s a reminder that archival activity is costly.”
digitalpreservation  flickr  trend 
2 days ago
GitHub - trimstray/the-book-of-secret-knowledge: A collection of awesome lists, manuals, blogs, hacks, one-liners, cli/web tools and more.
Table of Contents

Only main chapters:

CLI Tools
GUI Tools
Web Tools
Awesome Lists
Hacking/Penetration Testing
Your daily knowledge and news
Other Cheat Sheets
linux  tools  sysadmin  networking  devops 
2 days ago
GitHub - icgood/pymap: Lightweight, asynchronous IMAP serving in Python.
This project attempts to simplify the complexity of the IMAP protocol into a set of clean Python APIs that can be implemented by pluggable backends. Everything runs in an asyncio event loop.
python  imap  email 
2 days ago
REDEF ORIGINAL: Fortnite Is the Future, but Probably Not for the Reasons You Think
Much has been said about Fortnite’s revenue, users, business model, origin and availability. But these narratives are overhyped. What matters is how these achievements, when added to the rest of Epic Games, stand to change the entertainment industry forever.
trend  Fortnite  metaverse 
2 days ago
André Staltz - Open source without maintainers
Open source without maintainers is probably an utopian goal that for now applies to only some types of libraries. I couldn’t apply it to Cycle.js, for instance, where a core team of 3 maintainers are responsible for keeping the framework up-to-date. But I hope I have showed how open source without maintainers can be a healthy target to aim for. Overall, we need to decrease burnouts, we need more open source authors, more support for diverse opinions, less agreement, less demands, more gifting, more gratitude.
github  maintenance  opensource 
2 days ago
Launch Services database problems: correcting and rebuilding – The Eclectic Light Company
The wrong information

There is no simple way to rebuild your Launch Services database, unless you have a utility such as OnyX which includes this as a feature. Restarting in Safe mode (with the Shift key held) flushes quite a few caches, but does not touch the Launch Services database. Even if someone were to tell you where to find the files, you cannot just trash them.

The tool which maintains the Launch Services database is lsregister, which is conveniently tucked away in /System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/LaunchServices.framework/Versions/A/Support. It has no man page, but typing
/System/Library/Frameworks/CoreServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/LaunchServices.framework/Versions/A/Support/lsregister -h
in Terminal will return its usage information.
2 days ago
Five of the Best Camera Apps on iOS - MacRumors

All of these camera apps are fantastic, but they're just a small sampling of the photography-oriented app options in the App Store. If we missed your favorite camera app, make sure to let us know which one you prefer in the comments.
iOS  iPhone  photo  apps 
4 days ago
Don’t Get Clever with Login Forms | Brad Frost
Simple, concise, predictable. Works with password managers. Good stuff. Here’s some considerations:

Have a dedicated page for login – Customer support people can direct people to a URL (domain.com/login) rather than having to spell out a bunch of instructions on where to find the login form on the page. Password managers can store that login page and with a click of a button open that page and pre-fill the form.
Expose all required fields – If you need to enter your last name in order to log in, expose that field!
Keep all fields on one page – login should be a swift process, not an unnecessary slog through multiple pages.
Don’t get fancy – There may be something to the whole magic link thing and other inventive login patterns, but I think it’s important to recognize how users are used to logging in across the internet. Lean into that boring, predictable settled science.
webdev  design  login 
4 days ago
Modern Robotics - Northwestern Mechatronics Wiki
This is the home page of the textbook "Modern Robotics: Mechanics, Planning, and Control," Kevin M. Lynch and Frank C. Park, Cambridge University Press, 2017, ISBN 9781107156302. Purchase the hardback through Amazonor through Cambridge University Press, or check out the free preprint version below.
robotics  book 
4 days ago
Algorithms behind Modern Storage Systems
Alex Petrov talks about modern storage system approaches, discussing storage internals, and evaluation techniques to choose a database with the optimal read, write or memory overhead, best suitable for a certain data.
cs  algorithms  Database  btree 
5 days ago
Platypus - Create Mac apps from command line scripts |
Platypus is a developer tool that creates native Mac applications from command line scripts such as shell scripts or Perl, Ruby and Python programs. This is done by wrapping the script in a macOS application bundle along with an executable binary that runs the script.

Platypus makes it easy for you to share your scripts with people unfamiliar with the command line interface, without programming for the macOS APIs — with a few clicks you can create your own native Mac application. Creating installers, maintenance applications, login items, launchers, automations and droplets is very easy using Platypus.
MacOS  app  scripts 
5 days ago
PostgreSQL 11 Reestablishes Window Functions Leadership
In 2017, MariaDB introduced window functions. MySQL and SQLite followed in 2018. At that time, the MySQL implementation of the over clause was even more complete than that of PostgreSQL, a gap that PostgreSQL 11 closed. Furthermore, PostgreSQL is again the first to support some aspects of the over clause, namely the frame unit groups and frame exclusion. These are not yet supported by any other major SQL database—neither open-source, nor commercial.
5 days ago
Replacing a hot path in your app's JavaScript with WebAssembly  |  Web  |  Google Developers
Comparing at the module size / performance tradeoff of the different languages we used, the best choice seems to be either C or AssemblyScript. We decided to ship Rust. There are multiple reasons for this decision: All the codecs shipped in Squoosh so far are compiled using Emscripten. We wanted to broaden our knowledge about the WebAssembly ecosystem and use a different language in production. AssemblyScript is a strong alternative, but the project is relatively young and the compiler isn't as mature as the Rust compiler.
webassembly  performance  rust 
5 days ago
Network Admin Tools - Software Reviews, Tutorials, Guides for IT Pro's
Network Administration Tools & Software

We've compiled the top tools for network administrators and engineers, including Network monitoring and management software, Netflow/sFlow/Ipfix collectors and analyzers, Bandwidth Monitoring Software, firewall tools, Snmp and Wmi and many more.
monitoring  networking  sysadmin  tools 
5 days ago
GitHub - sveinbjornt/Sloth: Mac app that shows all open files and sockets in use by all running processes. Nice GUI for lsof.
Sloth is a Mac application that displays all open files and sockets in use by all running processes on your system. This makes it easy to inspect which apps are using which files and sockets.

View all open files, directories, IP sockets, devices, sockets and pipes
View IP socket status, protocol and version
Filter by name, access mode, volume, type, location, or using regular expressions
Sort by name, process ID, user etc.
Inspection window with detailed macOS and Unix file/socket info
Powerful contextual menu for file operations
Authenticate to run with root privileges
Sloth is essentially a graphical user interface built on top of the powerful lsof command line tool. The output of lsof is parsed and shown in a searchable, filterable outline view with all sorts of additional user-friendly functionality. Check out the screenshots below.

Sloth is free, open source software and has been maintained for a long time. If you find this program useful, please make a donation.

lsof  MacOS  sysadmin  filesystem 
5 days ago
I can rayshade, and so can you
That’s all I’ve got. I hope you learned something that may save you a bit of pain and confusion if you try out rayshader for yourself. And maybe you’re coming away with just a bit more excitement and inspiration to do so. I’ve certainly enjoyed my time with this package, and I’ll be making more maps in the future (as well as 3D printing some of them!).

If you have suggestions or edits or thoughts on this material, please feel free to create an issue in the git repo or tweet at me at wcmbishop.

Thanks for reading.


After writing this post, I found a few more leads on elevation data sources. I thought I’d share these here (though I think the REST API option I described above is still a great starting place).

One is the elevatr R package (vignette here), which uses the National Map Elevation Point Query Service.

Tyler Morgan-Wall also posted some instructions for manually downloading elevation data from a National Map UI here – the instructions from this reddit post are quoted below:
gif  mapping  rayshading  elevations  rlang  Relief  shading 
6 days ago
Fast Perfect Hashing Of Integral Types · J. Andrew Rogers
Below I describe an algorithm that takes 8-, 16-, 32-, or 64-bit keys and computes a high-quality key-sized hash in single-digit clock cycles that is collision-free. Other key sizes, such as 24-bits, are a trivial extension. The algorithm exploits the internal structure of the AES encryption algorithm to compute collision-free hashes that are smaller than the 128-bit AES block size using the AES instructions available on most modern CPUs.
algorithms  cs 
6 days ago
Evolution of Positioning Techniques in Cellular Networks, from 2G to 4G
This review paper has presented the positioning capabilities in cellular networks, starting with the intrinsic localization support, inherent to any cellular system, and then passing through the specific features added by 3GPP—network elements (supported functions and interconnection with other elements of the architecture), supported positioning methods (position calculation details, related air interface parameters, autonomous and assisted operation modes, and assistance data provided by the network), and protocols (functions, elementary procedures and more relevant message exchanges)—from the second until the fourth generation. It has also brought a section explaining the organization of 3GPP Technical Specifications and provided a quick review on the cellular networks evolution path.
telephony  location  GIS  reference 
6 days ago
now publishers - The Bias Bias in Behavioral Economics
Behavioral economics began with the intention of eliminating the psychological blind spot in rational choice theory and ended up portraying psychology as the study of irrationality. In its portrayal, people have systematic cognitive biases that are not only as persistent as visual illusions but also costly in real life—meaning that governmental paternalism is called upon to steer people with the help of “nudges.” These biases have since attained the status of truisms. In contrast, I show that such a view of human nature is tainted by a “bias bias,” the tendency to spot biases even when there are none. This may occur by failing to notice when small sample statistics differ from large sample statistics, mistaking people’s random error for systematic error, or confusing intelligent inferences with logical errors. Unknown to most economists, much of psychological research reveals a different portrayal, where people appear to have largely fine-tuned intuitions about chance, frequency, and framing. A systematic review of the literature shows little evidence that the alleged biases are potentially costly in terms of less health, wealth, or happiness. Getting rid of the bias bias is a precondition for psychology to play a positive role in economics.
bias  economics 
8 days ago
Achieving Digital Permanence - ACM Queue
First, let's define digital permanence and the more basic concept of data integrity.

Data integrity is the maintenance of the accuracy and consistency of stored information. Accuracy means that the data is stored as the set of values that were intended. Consistency means that these stored values remain the same over time—they do not unintentionally waver or morph as time passes.

Digital permanence refers to the techniques used to anticipate and then meet the expected lifetime of data stored in digital media. Digital permanence not only considers data integrity, but also targets guarantees of relevance and accessibility: the ability to recall stored data and to recall it with predicted latency and at a rate acceptable to the applications that require that information.
curation  archiving  backup 
8 days ago
Fstoppers Reviews Obscura 2: A Superb iOS Photo App that Rethinks the 'Interface' | Fstoppers
Obscura 2 ($4.99 at the iOS App Store) can be best be thought of as a camera app, rather than an editing app. If you think the built in iOS camera app from Apple is sufficient, a minute or two of running Obscura 2 will relieve you of that misconception. 

Designed a bit like a physical camera, Obscura 2 has its interface designed around mode wheels, and they can all be operated with one hand. 
iOS  camera 
8 days ago
The Decline of Computers As a General Purpose Technology: Why Deep Learning and the End of Moore’s Law are Fragmenting Computing by Neil Thompson, Svenja Spanuth :: SSRN
It is a triumph of technology and of economics that our computer chips are so universal. Countless applications are only possible because of the staggering variety of calculations that modern chips can compute. But, this was not always the case. Computers used to be specialized, doing only narrow sets of calculations. Their rise as a 'general purpose technology (GPT)' only happened because of the technical breakthroughs by computer scientists like von Neumann and Turing, and the mutually-reinforcing economic cycle of general purpose technologies, where product improvement and market growth fuel each other.

This paper argues that technological and economic forces are now pushing computing in the opposite direction, making computer processors less general purpose and more specialized. This process has already begun, driven by the slow down in Moore's Law and the algorithmic success of Deep Learning. This trend towards specialization threatens to fragment computing into 'fast lane' applications that get powerful customized chips and 'slow lane' applications that get stuck using general purpose chips whose progress fades.

The rise of general purpose computer chips has been remarkable. So, too, could be their fall. This paper outlines the forces already starting to fragment this general purpose technology.
gpgpu  hardware 
8 days ago
40x faster hash joiner with vectorized execution | Cockroach Labs
The title of this blog post made a bold claim: vectorized execution improved the performance of CockroachDB’s hash join operator by 40x. How can this be true? What makes this vectorized model so much more efficient than the existing row-at-a-time model?

The core insight is essentially that computers are very, very fast at doing simple tasks. The less work the computer has to do to complete a task, the faster the task can be executed. The vectorized execution model aims at this simple truth by replacing the fully-general, interpreter-like SQL expression evaluator with a series of specific compiled loops, specialized on datatype and operation, so that the computer can do many more simple tasks in a row before having to step back and make a decision about what to do next.
algorithms  performance  Database  SQL  join 
8 days ago
Incrementally migrating over one million lines of code from Python 2 to Python 3 | Dropbox Tech Blog
Over the last few months, we’ve explored why and how we rolled out our Python 3 migration, and how we ensured that the resulting application was reliable. In this piece, we’ll take a brief walk through the history of Python 3 in our desktop client, and then dive into the details of how we pulled off a gradual migration while allowing ongoing development.
8 days ago
Why NVMe Will Flash Forward in 2019
The short answer to why NVMe will flash forward, in other words, is that for demanding workloads, companies at scale are rethinking their infrastructure from the ground up. This is definitely true in storage since I/O is the bottleneck in many cases. But it’s happening at the system level as well.
trend  NVMe  storage 
8 days ago
Last Week on My Mac: The changing aesthetics of macOS – The Eclectic Light Company
What is important about these three bugs is that none affects the core feature which resolves an Alias. Anyone claiming that this phenomenon is ‘core rot’ should reconsider that term, as the great majority of bugs in Mojave don’t affect its core functions. The end result is not deterioration in macOS itself: after more than three months working in Mojave’s release versions, overall it is the best version of macOS that I have used since before El Capitan.
8 days ago
Leveraging Snapshots on APFS Volumes | Carbon Copy Cloner | Bombich Software
Snapshots are a new feature of Apple's APFS filesystem, and they're available on macOS High Sierra and later. A snapshot is a point-in-time representation of a volume on your hard drive. Once the snapshot is taken, each file within that snapshot will be available on the snapshot in its exact state at the moment that the snapshot was taken, even if you delete the file. When you configure CCC to make regular snapshots of your APFS-formatted volumes, you can quickly restore older versions of your files. When you combine snapshots and CCC bootable backups, you can even restore an older version of your Mac's operating system!
APFS  CarbonCopyCloner  MacOS  sysadmin 
9 days ago
GitHub - munki/munki: Managed software installation for macOS —

Managed software installation for OS X


Munki is an open source project from Walt Disney Animation Studios.

Munki is a set of tools that, used together with a webserver-based repository of packages and package metadata, can be used by OS X administrators to manage software installs (and in many cases removals) on OS X client machines.

Munki can install software packaged in the Apple package format, and also supports Adobe CS3/CS4/CS5/CS6 Enterprise Deployment "packages", and drag-and-drop disk images as installer sources.

Additionally, Munki can be configured to install Apple Software Updates, either from Apple's server, or yours.

Munki is currently in use at organizations all over the world, managing software for tens of thousands of Macs.
MacOS  deployment  sysadmin 
9 days ago
What's New in Apple File System - WWDC 2017 - Videos - Apple Developer
So as of iOS 10.3 as well as our tvOS and watchOS analogs, all devices have been migrated to APFS. We'll tell you a little bit more about that.
We'll talk a little bit more about the conversion process, how did devices actually move from HFS+ to APFS, and then a little bit on normalization and case sensitivity, particularly as it relates to iOS devices. So let's talk about that conversion.
So at this point, millions, literally hundreds of millions of devices have now been converted successfully to APFS. So starting on iOS 10.3 as well as tvOS and watchOS, Apple file system became the default. We had millions of devices converted. And one of the things you might have realized that this update actually does free up some storage for end users. In particular, there was space previously occupied by the prior volume manager, lightweight volume manager, which is no longer needed, and we were able to free up that space and give it back to users.
10 days ago
Introducing Apple File System - WWDC 2016 - Videos - Apple Developer
The Apple File System (APFS) is the next-generation file system designed to scale from an Apple Watch to a Mac Pro. APFS is optimized for Flash/SSD storage, and engineered with encryption as a primary feature. Learn about APFS benefits versus HFS+ and how to make sure your file system code is compatible.
WWDC 2016 - Session 701 - iOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS
10 days ago
Decoding the APFS file system (PDF)
File systems have always played a vital role in digital forensics and during the past 30e40 years many of these have been developed to suit different needs. Some file systems are more tightly connected to a specific Operating System (OS). For instance HFS and HFSþ have been the file systems of choice in Apple devices for over 30 years.
Much has happened in the evolution of storage technologies, the capacity and speed of devices has increased and Solid State Drives (SSD) are replacing traditional drives. All of these present challenges for file systems. APFS is a file system developed from first principles and will, in 2017, become the new file system for Apple devices.
To date there is no available technical information about APFS and this is the motivation for this article.
10 days ago
MacOS and iOS Internals, Volume I: User Mode (v1.2): Jonathan Levin: 9780991055562: Amazon.com: Books
n this first volume of the "Mac OS and *OS Internals" trilogy, Jonathan Levin takes on the user mode components of Apple's operating systems. Starting with an introduction as to their layered architecture, touring private frameworks and libraries, and then delving into the internals of applications, process, thread and memory management, Mach messaging, launchd and XPC internals, and wrapping up with advanced debugging and tracing techniques using the most powerful APIs that were hitherto unknown and unused outside Apple's own applications. As with the other books in this series, the approach taken is that of deep reverse engineering, with plenty of hands-on examples, illustrations, pointers to Apple's open sources (when available) and decompilation of code (when not). The book's companion website (NewOSXBook.com) is full of tools, samples and other bonus material for this book. This volume (v1.2) has been revised and expanded with over 50 more pages for Darwin 18 (MacOS 14/iOS12), with new sections about the UI and threading policies, and a brand new chapter on networking internals (including NECP, PF_SYSTEM/NDRV sockets, and Skywalk - never before documented before this work).
book  MacOS  APFS 
10 days ago
FindChips: Electronic Components, Distributor Inventories, Datasheets
Get instant insight into any electronic component
Access price, inventory, unique market intelligence and advanced analytics for all your parts.
electronics  parts 
12 days ago
Eternal Market Patience Offers Eternal Rewards - Bloomberg
Correlations between factors and between asset classes are remarkably constant over time, even in periods that far predate cross-asset trading, algorithms or even the telephone. The results are in general stronger than the academics expected. They analyzed 24 different factors (the six different factors, applied to four different asset classes) and discovered that a stunning 19 of them proved to be effective, with a high degree of statistical robustness, over the full two-century span.
finance  investing 
12 days ago
Wells Fargo reports outage on mobile app and online banking
A "fire suppression" system was accidentally activated earlier Thursday at a Wells Fargo data center in Minnesota, though the fire department near the center told CNBC it responded and there was no fire. Fire Chief Tim Boehlke of Lake Johanna Fire Department told CNBC that the incident started 5 a.m. local time and Wells Fargo called the fire department at 9 a.m. it is not known whether this was related to the system interruption.
cloud  outage 
12 days ago
The perils of using Internet Explorer as your default browser - Microsoft Tech Community - 331732
In the past, Internet Explorer was optimized for simplicity at the expense of technical debt. Looking all the way back to Internet Explorer 6, the very concept of “standards mode” vs. “quirks mode” comes from this “easy button” approach. All existing content (which had no DOCTYPE) would get quirks mode; you got standards mode by adding a specific DOCTYPE.
webdev  InternetExplorer 
12 days ago
HEIC and JPG files - Apple Community
For each and every HEIC image or HEVC video, there I´will be an additional JPEG or MOV stored in the folder /Users/<username>/Library/Containers/com.apple.MediaLibraryService/Data/Library /Caches/com.apple.iLifeMediaBrowser.ILPhotosTranscodeCache/
Even if your Photos Library is on an external drive, this folder will eat up storage on your system drive.
But I import all new photos and videos to my library in HEIC and HEVC format nevertheless.
macOS  HEIC  sysadmin 
13 days ago
Why Semantic Versioning Isn't · GitHub
Ultimately, SemVer is a false promise that appeals to many developers — the promise of pain-free, don't-have-to-think-about-it, updates to dependencies. But it simply isn't true. Node doesn't follow SemVer, Rails doesn't do it, Python doesn't do it, Ruby doesn't do it, jQuery doesn't (really) do it, even npm doesn't follow SemVer. There's a distinction that can be drawn here between large packages and tiny ones — but that only goes to show how inappropriate it is for a single number to "define" the compatibility of any large body of code. If you've ever had trouble reconciling your npm dependencies, then you know that it's a false promise. If you've ever depended on a package that attempted to do SemVer, you've missed out on getting updates that probably would have been lovely to get, because of a minor change in behavior that almost certainly wouldn't have affected you.

If at this point you're hopping on one foot and saying — wait a minute, Node is 0.x.x — SemVer allows pre-1.0 packages to change anything at any time! You're right! And you're also missing the forest for the trees! Keeping a system that's in heavy production use at pre-1.0 levels for many years is effectively the same thing as not using SemVer in the first place.
versioning  SemVer 
15 days ago
Staking A Claim In The Cloud And At The Edge
Still, McGinnis says, the goal is to have full lifecycle management from day one – including provisioning, deployment, troubleshooting and remediation, and regulatory compliance – and ensuring that the networking infrastructure can adapt to the needs of the applications running on top of it. At the show, Cisco said it is integrating ACI into the infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) platforms in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure cloud environments. The moves involving the two largest cloud service providers build off a partnership Cisco announced with Google Cloud in late 2017 to build a hybrid cloud platform that combines technologies from both vendors. It also dovetails with the trend toward multicloud environments. Most enterprises that are in the public cloud use at least two providers, with many using three or more.
cloud  infrastructure  trend 
15 days ago
How to reinstall macOS if macOS Recovery is unavailable | Macworld
Command-R should reinstall the latest version of macOS that you had previously installed on this computer. However, you have other keystroke options depending on which version was previously installed.

Apple changed the start keys with macOS Sierra version 10.12.4. If you have ever installed that version on your Mac, no matter what version (or no version) is currently installed, you have these options.

Command-Option-R: Upgrade to the latest version of macOS that works on your Mac, which may not be the very latest release of macOS for older Macs.
Command-Shift-Option-R: Reinstall the version of macOS that your Mac shipped with.
With older versions of macOS:

Command-Option-R: Reinstalls the version of macOS that your Mac shipped with.
MacOS  sysadmin 
15 days ago
What Web Can Do Today
What Web Can Do Today
Can I rely on the Web Platform features to build my app?
An overview of the device integration HTML5 APIs
html5  browser  mobile  webdev  devices  sensors 
15 days ago
Why Ericsson Is Joining the ORAN Alliance | Light Reading
Ekudden says the ORAN Alliance's activities in this area will complement the efforts of the OSSii -- an older interoperability initiative focused on getting different operational support systems to work together -- but also consider new developments. "Now we have more horizontal architecture moving to cloud-native technology with orchestration, and we see ORAN has taken on next-generation responsibility to help drive architecture as well as interoperability," he says.
trend  5G  ORAN 
15 days ago
[1901.05350] TensorFlow.js: Machine Learning for the Web and Beyond
TensorFlow.js is a library for building and executing machine learning algorithms in JavaScript. TensorFlow.js models run in a web browser and in the Node.js environment. The library is part of the TensorFlow ecosystem, providing a set of APIs that are compatible with those in Python, allowing models to be ported between the Python and JavaScript ecosystems. TensorFlow.js has empowered a new set of developers from the extensive JavaScript community to build and deploy machine learning models and enabled new classes of on-device computation. This paper describes the design, API, and implementation of TensorFlow.js, and highlights some of the impactful use cases.
ai  deeplearning  Javascript  tensorflow 
15 days ago
Don't Let the Internet Dupe you, Event Sourcing is Hard - Blogomatano
If you can't answer the first question concretely, or the justification involves vague hand-wavy ideas like "auditablity", "flexibility," or something about "read separation": Don't. Those are not problems exclusively solved by event sourcing. A good ol' fashion history table gets you 80% of the value of a ledger with essentially none of the cost. It won't have first class change semantics baked in, but those low-level details are mostly worthless anyway and can ultimately be derived at a later date if so required. Similarly CQRS doesn't require event sourcing. You can have all the power of different projections without putting the ledger at the heart of your system.

The latter question is to weed out confused people like myself who thought the Ledgers would rule the world. Look at the interaction points of your systems. If you're going full event sourcing, what events are actually going to be produced? Do those downstream systems care about those intermediate states, or will it just be noise that needs to be filtered out? If the end goal is just decoupled processes which communicate via something, event sourcing is not required. Put a queue between those two bad boys and start enjoying the good life.
architecture  design  cqrs  eventSourcing 
15 days ago
What’s in your router?

FRRouting (FRR) is an IP routing protocol suite for Linux and Unix platforms which
includes protocol daemons for BGP, IS-IS, LDP, OSPF, PIM, and RIP.

FRR’s seamless integration with the native Linux/Unix IP networking stacks
makes it applicable to a wide variety of use cases including connecting
hosts/VMs/containers to the network, advertising network services, LAN
switching and routing, Internet access routers, and Internet peering.

FRR has its roots in the Quagga project. In fact, it was started by many
long-time Quagga developers who combined their efforts to improve on
Quagga's well-established foundation in order to create the best routing
protocol stack available. We invite you to participate in the FRRouting
community and help shape the future of networking.

Join the ranks of network architects using FRR for ISPs, SaaS infrastructure,
web 2.0 businesses, hyperscale services, and Fortune 500 private clouds.
bgp  FRR  routing 
16 days ago
Why open source is the backbone enabling 5G for telcos | Telecoms.com
To summarize the above, 5G and ONAP are together two critical pieces of the same puzzle:

ONAP is the defacto standard for end-to-end network management systems, a crucial enabler of 5G
ONAP enables support of existing and future networking use cases, and provides a comprehensive solution to enable network slicing as a key embedded capability of 5G
By leveraging a distributed and virtualized architecture, ONAP is active in the development of network management enhancements and distributed analytics capabilities, which are required for edge automation – a 5G technology enabler
16 days ago
Priming the RISC-V Pump – EEJournal
In addition to the board, they have a collection of middleware and communication stacks, along with development and debugging tools. Contributing members are:

Ashling Microsystems, with a C/C++ development platform;
ETH Zurich, whence the RISC-V cores (more in a second);
Express Logic, with an RTOS and middleware;
Foundries.IO, with a complete “microPlatform”;
IAR Systems, providing another development platform;
and Seggers Microcontroller Systems, with their collection of development tools, middleware, and debug tools.
And, at present, the board is free. If you’re a developer or an academic (their primary audience), you can simply sign up on the website.
16 days ago
Western Digital RISC-V SweRV Core is now on GitHub | Packt Hub
Last week, Western Digital made Verilog sources for its open source RISC-V core publically available on GitHub under Apache 2.0.
16 days ago
iOS 11 users unable to reach App Store, Apple Music, or iTunes
Apple on Friday confirmed that some people are encountering problems reaching the App Store, Apple Music, and iTunes if they're using an iPhone or iPad with iOS 11.
cloud  outage 
16 days ago
Review: Thunderbolt 3 Akitio Node Lite & Intel Optane 905P SSD delivers sustained blistering speed
In the Blackmagic test, we saw consistently fast scores on both read and write. Write speeds averaged around 1740MB/s and read speeds averaged just shy of 2100MB/s. Those are insanely fast speeds, above what nearly any other drive can put out —especially at long intervals.
SSD  trend 
16 days ago
What’s wrong with the Raspberry Pi – Own your bits
I will try to explain some of the personal problems that I have with the Pi, as well as some of the issues people have all the time, most often without realizing it, and finally why I do not recommend it for some applications, specifically NAS kind of services such as NextCloudPi and Open Media Vault. Hopefully this will save me time in order to avoid repeating myself all over the forums.
raspi  raspberry_pi 
17 days ago
Google Play Store now open for Progressive Web Apps 😱
Chrome 72 for Android shipped the long-awaited Trusted Web Activity feature, which means we can now distribute PWAs in the Google Play Store! I played with the feature for a while, digging into the APIs and here you have a summary of what’s going on, what to expect and how to use it today.
android  google  pwa  apps 
18 days ago
Forget snowmageddon, it's dropageddon in Azure SQL world: Microsoft accidentally deletes customer DBs • The Register
Exclusive The Azure outage of January 29 claimed some unexpected victims in the form of surprise database deletions for unlucky customers.

The issue afflicted a number of Azure SQL databases that utilize custom KeyVault keys for Transparent Data Encryption (TDE), according to a message sent to users seen by The Register. Some internal code accidentally dropped these databases during Azure's portal wobble yesterday, forcing Microsoft to restore customer data from a five-minute-ago snapshot.
cloud  outage  Azure 
18 days ago
Volumetric additive manufacturing via tomographic reconstruction | Science
Volumetric additive manufacturing via tomographic reconstruction
18 days ago
CCPA will hit your dev team harder than GDPR. Here’s why.
While GDPR gets the lion's share of the coverage, California recently passed an extremely powerful, far-reaching law, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), that will likely drive even more change than the GDPR. Technically, it’s only a California law, but it’s expected to have a much broader impact because it’s one of the first such laws in the US, and it has a very broad definition of sensitive data.
california  privacy  regulation  GDPR  CCPA 
19 days ago
Cloudflare goes InterPlanetary - Introducing Cloudflare’s IPFS Gateway
What can you do with Cloudflare’s Gateway?
At the most basic level, you can access any of the billions of files stored on IPFS from your browser. But that’s not the only cool thing you can do. Using Cloudflare’s gateway, you can also build a website that’s hosted entirely on IPFS, but still available to your users at a custom domain name. Plus, we’ll issue any website connected to our gateway a free SSL certificate, ensuring that each website connected to Cloudflare's gateway is secure from snooping and manipulation. For more on that, check out the Distributed Web Gateway developer docs.
A fun example we’ve put together using the Kiwix archives of all the different StackExchange websites and build a distributed search engine on top of that using only IPFS. Check it out here.
IPFS  distributed  gateway  cloudflare  decentralized 
19 days ago
Everything You Need To Know About SVG | CSS-Tricks
Using SVG can be very simple, but if you start digging in, there is a lot to know about SVG. In this series you're going to learn why SVG is such an important part of building websites. From why SVG is useful and how to get your hands on it all the way to implementing it as a system and fancy stuff like animating it.
SVG  css  reference 
19 days ago
No Great Technological Stagnation | Nintil
Let’s begin with some charts. Here (Nagy et al. 2011),  you have long run trends for several Information Technologies and different curve fittings for them. In the paper they explain which one is the best one. Hint: not the exponential!
trend  chart 
19 days ago
LSA - Libre Silicon Alliance
Free semiconductors for everyone
We develop a free and open source semiconductor manufacturing process standard and provide a quick, easy and inexpensive way for manufacturing. No NDAs will be required anywhere to get started, making it possible to build the designs in your basement if you wish so. We are aiming to revolutionize the market by breaking through the monopoly of proprietary closed source manufacturers!

FOSS  semiconductors  fabrication 
19 days ago
OpenChirp is a management framework for Low-Power Wide-Area Networks (LP-WAN) that provides data context, storage, visualization, and access control over the web. OpenChirp is currently powering a hosted LoRaWAN Network at Carnegie Mellon University that also spans large portions of the City of Pittsburgh. You can easily and freely add devices or LoRa gateways to our hosted network or spawn your own stand-alone instances. OpenChirp is tailored towards LoRaWAN, but supports any device capable of REST and/or MQTT networking.
network  community  LoRaWAN 
20 days ago
SageDB: a learned database system | the morning paper
SageDB: a learned database system Kraska et al., CIDR’19

About this time last year, a paper entitled ‘The case for learned index structures’ (part I, part II) generated a lot of excitement and debate. Today’s paper choice builds on that foundation, putting forward a vision where learned models pervade every aspect of a database system.
Database  indexing 
21 days ago
Singularity (software) - Wikipedia
Singularity began as an open-source project in 2015, when a team of researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, led by Gregory Kurtzer, developed the initial version and released it[8] under the BSD license[9].

By the end of 2016, many developers from different research facilities joined forces with the team at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to further the development of Singularity[10]

Singularity quickly attracted the attention of computing-heavy scientific institutions worldwide[11]:

Stanford University Research Computing Center deployed Singularity on their XStream[12][13] and Sherlock[14] clusters
National Institutes of Health installed Singularity on Biowulf[15], their 95,000+ core/30 PB Linux cluster[16]
various sites of the Open Science Grid Consortium including Fermilab started adopting Singularity[17]; by April 2017, Singularity was deployed on 60% of the Open Science Grid network[18].
For two years in a row, in 2016 and 2017, Singularity was recognized by HPCwire editors as "One of five new technologies to watch"[19][20]. In 2017 Singularity also won the first place for the category ″Best HPC Programming Tool or Technology″[21].

As of 2018, based on the data entered on a voluntary basis in a public registry, Singularity user base is estimated to be greater than 25,000 installations[22] and includes users at academic institutions such as Ohio State University, and Michigan State University, as well as top HPC centers like Texas Advanced Computing Center, San Diego Supercomputer Center, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
containers  singularity  HPC 
21 days ago
GPU Applications Get The Container Treatment
He noted that a half-day installation of GROMACS, a widely used molecular dynamics code, was reduced to minutes by using the containerized version. Srinath said that ratio of time savings is fairly typical when you compare bare metal installations with NGC containers. For trickier installations, though, even more time can be recovered. Srinath recalled it took two weeks to install Caffe on the cluster the first he tried versus the few minutes when it was brought in via a container.

Besides in-house clusters like Palmetto, the NGC containers can also be run on GPU-accelerated servers in most of the big public clouds, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, the Google Cloud Platform and the Oracle Cloud. Nvidia has also qualified a number of HPC systems that they deem “NGC-Ready.” At present, they include the Cray CS Storm NX, HPE Apollo 6500, Dell EMC PowerEdge C4140, Atos BullSequana X1125, Cisco UCS C480ML, and Supermicro SYS-4029GP-TVRT. The containers are qualified for Nvidia’s own DGX platform.
nvidia  NGC  GPU  containers 
21 days ago
Logback Home
Logback Project

Logback is intended as a successor to the popular log4j project, picking up where log4j leaves off.

Logback's architecture is sufficiently generic so as to apply under different circumstances. At present time, logback is divided into three modules, logback-core, logback-classic and logback-access.

The logback-core module lays the groundwork for the other two modules. The logback-classic module can be assimilated to a significantly improved version of log4j. Moreover, logback-classic natively implements the SLF4J API so that you can readily switch back and forth between logback and other logging frameworks such as log4j or java.util.logging (JUL).

The logback-access module integrates with Servlet containers, such as Tomcat and Jetty, to provide HTTP-access log functionality. Note that you could easily build your own module on top of logback-core.
logging  log4j 
21 days ago
How To Build A Real-Time App With GraphQL Subscriptions On Postgres — Smashing Magazine
Building real-time applications is hard. However, GraphQL is rapidly upending this status-quo. Let’s explore what GraphQL is, and then take it for a spin by building a poll app in which users can vote and on-screen aggregated results are updated in real time.
graphql  postgreSQL  reactjs  webdev 
21 days ago
Inaugural RISC-V Summit Proceedings - RISC-V Foundation
Inaugural RISC-V Summit Proceedings
Dec. 3-6, 2018
21 days ago
United States City, State, Zip Code, and County Demographics, Economy, Education, Healthcare & Housing data
What is TownCharts?

TownCharts.com is data about every city in the United States, easily searchable and beautifully portrayed in clear charts.  You'll find reliable and illustrated data on demographics, housing , local economy , education , and more. 
Data on Towncharts includes: cities, towns, zip codes, counties, states, and more
demographics  realestate 
21 days ago
Introducing AresDB: Uber’s GPU-Powered Open Source, Real-time Analytics Engine | Uber Engineering Blog
AresDB is widely used at Uber to power our real-time data analytics dashboards, enabling us to make data-driven decisions at scale about myriad aspects of our business. By open sourcing this tool, we hope others in the community can leverage AresDB for their own analytics.
analytics  uber 
21 days ago
A Self-Learning, Modern Computer Science Curriculum
This is a collection of modern resources on various undergrad level computer science topics, for someone with an interest in theory. Use LibGen if you can't buy these books. You don't have to do everything here, just the topics of interest to you. If for any reason you want a condensed version, watch the Great Theoretical Ideas in Computer Science lecture series to see what interests you in the field. Almost all the material in each resource is self contained so will cover necessary background which if you don't have see the preliminaries.
cs  learning  reference 
21 days ago
User Onboarding | A frequently-updated compendium of web app first-run experiences
User Onboarding

User Onboarding is the process of increasing the likelihood that new users become successful when adopting your product.
design  usability  ux  saas 
22 days ago
Dokku - The smallest PaaS implementation you've ever seen
The smallest PaaS implementation you've ever seen
Dokku helps you build and manage the lifecycle of applications
Dokku  docker  heroku  deployment 
22 days ago
Gluster | Storage for your Cloud
Storage for your cloud
Gluster is a free and open source software scalable network filesystem.
storage  filesystem 
23 days ago
Perkeep lets you permanently keep your stuff, for life.
Perkeep (née Camlistore) is a set of open source formats, protocols, and software for modeling, storing, searching, sharing and synchronizing data in the post-PC era. Data may be files or objects, tweets or 5TB videos, and you can access it via a phone, browser or FUSE filesystem.

Perkeep is under active development. If you're a programmer or fairly technical, you can probably get it up and running and get some utility out of it. Many bits and pieces are actively being developed, so be prepared for bugs and unfinished features.
archive  backup  storage  camlistore  perkeep 
23 days ago
Using Mapbox with Next.js (Instead of Google Maps) - Lee Robinson
I love Next.js. This blog is actually written with it. If you've never heard of Next, here are some of the big wins for me.

Automatic transpilation and bundling (with Webpack and Babel).
Automatic code splitting.
Hot code reloading.
Server-side rendering (SSR) out of the box.
Static file serving.
If that sounds awesome, follow their quick-start guide to get an application up and running. For now, let's assume you already have your Next application working.

Just want the code? You can view a working example here and the code here.

Mapbox + Next.js

We'll take advantage of the wonderful react-map-gl library created by Uber.

yarn add react-map-gl
Now, let's create a simple Map component at components/Map.js.
mapping  react  mapbox 
23 days ago
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