An Eye For an Idiot
Husky really didn't want to end up with Cooro. Set very early in the series.
len-short  pov-husky-plusanima  char-husky-plusanima  char-cooro-plusanima  stat-complete  on-dots  fan-plusanima  remixable-yes 
august 2012
estirise | Fifteen minute ficlet entry (#133). Oh my.
Apparently "Losing Touch" started as a fifteen minute ficlet....

Note: This is listed as "complete" because it's the original ficlet instead of a fragment of the story.
len-short  pov-connermcknight  char-connermcknight  char-kiraford  stat-complete  on-dw-estirise  fan-pr  fan-prdt  hgs-het  pair-kiraford-connermcknight  remixable-yes 
august 2012
estirise | Inside Out, part 3
Round 3 of the DVD commentary for "Inside Out".
meta-dvd  fan-pr  fan-prtf  fan-prwf 
july 2012
estirise | Inside Out part 2
A second bit of DVD commentary for "Inside Out".
meta-dvd  fan-pr  fan-prtf  fan-prwf 
july 2012
estirise | Inside Out part 1
DVD Commentary for Inside Out, part 1.
meta-dvd  fan-pr  fan-prtf  fan-prwf 
july 2012
estirise | Home in a Breeze, part 1
DVD commentary for part of "Home in a Breeze".
meta-dvd  fan-pr  fan-prns  fan-prtf 
july 2012
estirise | Something More In Common part 1
DVD commentary for part of "Something More in Common".
meta-dvd  fan-pr  fan-prz  fan-tpeople  fan-tpeople-ns 
july 2012
estirise | The fic affectionately known as "Wombat".
The first sixth of "With Human Blood and Human Tears" with DVD commentary.
meta-dvd  fan-tpeople  fan-tpeople-ns  fan-hl  fan-hlts 
july 2012
estirise | Remix entry 2
This is part 2 of an AU where Omino didn't precisely take well to his adoptive sons hanging about the Winds. It has Hurricanger in it, too.
len-medium  pov-multi  char-hunterbradley  char-blakebradley  char-nononanami  char-shiinayousuke  char-bitoukouta  stat-fragment  on-dw-estirise  hgs-gen  fan-pr  fan-prns  fan-ssentai  fan-nshurricanger  note-au  note-cowrite-tptigger  remixable-no 
july 2012
estirise | Ninja Storm/Hurricanger fragment
Here's a story fragment that is actually a outline/summary for two much longer stories that I can't write because I haven't seen all that much of Hurricanger. Read at your own risk.
len-short  pov-multi  char-camwatanabe  char-torihanson  char-shaneclarke  char-dustinbrooks  char-hunterbradley  char-blakebradley  stat-fragment  on-dw-estirise  fan-pr  fan-prns  fan-ssentai  fan-nshurricanger  hgs-het  pair-blakebradley-torihanson  remixable-no 
july 2012
Sunrises, Sunsets and Precut Muffins
Scott, Summer, and Flynn try to be there for the newest member of their team, while Ziggy tries to deal with them and the result of his actions. Part of the "Harder" storyline, set shortly after "Go for the Green".
len-long  pov-ziggygrover  char-ziggygrover  char-dillon-pr  char-scotttruman  char-flynnmcallistair  char-summerlandsdown  char-drk-pr  stat-complete  on-ao3  fan-pr  fan-prrpm  hgs-gen  series-hardertobebrave  note-suicidalideation  remixable-yes 
july 2012
Policies and Procedures
Scott and Dr. K attempt to deal with what has to be done about Ziggy. Part of the "Harder" storyline. Mentions of Suicidal ideation.
len-short  pov-scotttruman  char-scotttruman  char-drk-pr  stat-complete  on-ao3  fan-pr  fan-prrpm  hgs-gen  series-hardertobebrave  note-suicidalideation  remixable-yes 
july 2012
Holding Boxes and Cutting Food
Flynn has to admit that if it hadn't been for Dillon, Ziggy might be dead. Part of the "Harder to be Brave" storyline, after "Easier to Hide". Mention of suicidal ideation.
len-short  pov-flynnmcallistair  char-flynnmcallistair  stat-complete  on-ao3  fan-pr  fan-prrpm  hgs-gen  series-hardertobebrave  note-suicidalideation  remixable-yes 
july 2012
Easier to Hide
"You didn't intend to be found." Dillon figures out what Ziggy was trying to do the night before. Companion piece/followup to "Harder to be Brave". Warning for discussions of suicidal ideation/suicide.
len-medium  pov-dillon-pr  char-dillon-pr  char-ziggygrover  char-summerlandsdown  char-flynnmcallistair  char-scotttruman  char-drk-pr  stat-complete  on-ao3  fan-pr  fan-prrpm  hgs-gen  series-hardertobebrave  note-suicidalideation  remixable-yes 
july 2012
Harder to be Brave
Sometimes the people who laugh the most are the ones hiding the most hurt. Ziggy really doesn't feel like he can be Ranger Green. Set shortly after "Go for the Green", before "Handshake". Warning for some suicidal ideation.
len-medium  pov-ziggygrover  char-ziggygrover  char-dillon-pr  char-drk-pr  char-maria-oc  stat-complete  on-ao3  fan-pr  fan-prrpm  hgs-gen  series-hardertobebrave  note-suicidalideation  remixable-yes 
july 2012
Gotta Make Lemonade
Ziggy may not be anybody's choice for the job, but he's stuck with it. Set between "Go for the Green" and "Handshake".
len-short  pov-ziggygrover  char-ziggygrover  stat-complete  on-ao3  fan-pr  fan-prrpm  hgs-gen  remixable-yes 
july 2012
Versal and Marginalia
Fa Ping, the soldier, is gone. Fa Mulan, the daughter, has come home. But is it as easy as that?
len-medium  pov-famulan  char-famulan  char-lishang  stat-complete  on-ao3  fan-mulan1998  hgs-het  pair-famulan-lishang  note-yuletidefic  remixable-yes 
july 2012
Hikari Saseba
As 5*STAR prepares for its concert with Pantheon, Tsukioka reflects on the groups and how lucky he is to be a member.
len-medium  pov-tsukiokaryu  char-tsukiokaryu  stat-complete  on-ao3  fan-chaoticbutterfly  hgs-gen  note-remixed  note-yuletidefic  remixable-yes 
july 2012
Unofficial Police
Two police officers from two different centuries get involved a case regarding drugs in the twenty-first century.
len-medium  pov-multi  char-darienlambert  char-tripregis  char-selma-tt  stat-complete  on-ao3  fan-pr  fan-prtf  fan-timetrax  hgs-gen  note-crossover  remixable-yes 
july 2012
Better to Ask Forgiveness
Rui muses over the fact that Tsukasa isn't talking to him, now that he's got Tsukushi. AU, Futurefic.
len-medium  pov-hanazawarui  char-hanazawarui  char-makinotsukushi  stat-complete  on-ao3  hgs-het  pair-hanazawarui-makinotsukushi  note-yuletidefic  note-au  note-futurefic  remixable-yes 
july 2012
Not a Hope
It's yet another school, yet another cafeteria, and Scott's losing hope that he'll be able to make friends again.
len-medium  pov-scotthayden  char-scotthayden  char-hopepowell-oc  stat-complete  on-ao3  fan-starman-tv  hgs-gen  remixable-yes 
july 2012
The Unstuck Country
Taiga tries to introduce the idea of a new food source to the Fangire. Not everybody takes it well. (Warning added for some discussed noncon in chapter 4.)
len-epic  pov-noboritaiga  char-noboritaiga  char-kurenaiwataru  char-ramon-kr  char-shinodaaya-oc  char-isakawadawn-oc  char-shinodakiyoe-oc  stat-wip  on-ao3  fan-kr  fan-krkiva  hgs-gen  note-futurefic  note-noncon-discussed  remixable-no 
july 2012
La pensoj de Kiba Yuuji, antaŭa rekontanta Smart Ladyon. Averto por Sinmortigo/sinmortigaj ideoj. Traduko de mia anglalingvo "Falling".
len-short  pov-kibayuuji  char-kibayuuji  stat-complete  on-ao3  fan-kr  fan-krfaiz  hgs-gen  note-suicidalideation  note-sinmortigajideoj  remixable-yes 
july 2012
On Being A Girl
Taiga discovers that Wataru's not always the gender he seems to be... which means that Taiga can have what he always wanted.
len-long  pov-noboritaiga  char-kurenaiwataru  char-noboritaiga  stat-abandoned  on-ao3  fan-kr  fan-krkiva  hgs-other  pair-kurenaiwataru-noboritaiga  note-incest  note-semigenderbend  note-explicit  remixable-no 
july 2012
Worthier Than Thou
Short bits of Kiriya's POV from episode 30 on. Ficlets remixable, story marked as wip.
len-medium  pov-kiriyakyousuke  char-kiriyakyousuke  char-adachiasumu  char-hibiki-kr  stat-wip  on-ao3  fan-kr  fan-krhibiki  hgs-gen  remixable-yes  remixable-no 
july 2012
Called Blood
The Tomorrow People find out exactly why they ended up in Angel Grove, and an ex-Ranger is about to have the surprise of his life. Set after "Shift into Turbo".
len-medium  pov-rockydesantos  pov-jadeweston  char-rockydesantos  char-jadeweston  char-adamnewman  stat-complete  on-ao3  fan-pr  fan-prt  fan-tpeople  fan-tpeople-ns  hgs-gen  note-crossover  remixable-yes 
july 2012
Something More in Common
The Power Rangers deal with Billy's departure and with a new friend that's missing. Meanwhile, the Tomorrow People discover that other Humans aren't the only ones who want to exploit them.
len-long  pov-multi  char-adamnewman  char-amijackson  char-adampark  char-kathilliard  char-tanyasloan  char-tommyoliver  char-megabytedamon  char-rockydesantos  stat-complete  on-ao3  fan-pr  fan-prz  fan-tpeople  fan-tpeople-ns  hgs-gen  note-crossover  remixable-yes 
july 2012
In the end, the wild card comes
Shroud, in the face of Raito's fate, thinks about his partner. Spoilers for late 40s.
len-short  pov-shroud-kr  char-shroud-kr  stat-complete  on-ao3  hgs-gen  remixable-yes  fan-kr  fan-krdouble 
july 2012
Wish for More
Jade thinks about the new things and people in her life. Occurs after "Living Stones", references "Culex Experiment".
len-short  pov-jadeweston  char-jadeweston  char-amijackson  stat-complete  on-ao3  fan-tpeople  fan-tpeople-ns  hgs-gen  remixable-yes 
july 2012
Speaking the Knowledge
Philip speaks the knowledge because he wants to. Shotarou may not have a choice. AU.
len-medium  pov-philip-kr  pov-hidarishotarou  char-philip-kr  char-hidarishotarou  stat-wip  on-ao3  fan-kr  fan-krdouble  hgs-gen  note-au  remixable-no 
july 2012
Come Back To Us
Maria must convince her brother that he's not what he thinks himself to be. Spoilers through the end of FFII.
len-short  pov-maria-ffan  pov-leon-ffan  char-maria-ffan  char-leon-ffan  stat-complete  on-ao3  fan-ffan  fan-ffanii  hgs-gen  remixable-yes 
july 2012
Kiba Yuuji's thoughts prior to meeting Smart Lady. Warnings for suicidal ideation.
len-short  pov-kibayuuji  char-kibayuuji  stat-complete  on-ao3  fan-kr  fan-krfaiz  hgs-gen  note-suicidalideation  remixable-yes 
july 2012
He Isn't
He isn't what people expect. Translation of "Li Ne Estas".
len-short  pov-tripregis  char-tripregis  stat-complete  on-ao3  fan-pr  fan-prtf  hgs-gen  remixable-yes 
june 2012
Illegible Fic
Trent has many secrets. Writing fanfic is one of them. This was part of an informal challenge to write a character writing fanfic. I figured Trent would write Kamen Rider Blade.
len-short  pov-trentfernandez  char-trentfernandez  char-kiraford  stat-complete  on-ao3  fan-pr  fan-prdt  hgs-gen  remixable-yes 
june 2012
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