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Reading list _ Nick Kuder
Reading list _ Nick Kuder - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text file (.txt) or read online for free. Reading list for design courses
design  reference 
december 2014 by estimmel
GDS design principles
UK government digital design principles.
design  principles 
april 2012 by estimmel
The Art of the Title Sequence
great title sequences from film... nice website as well... trailers and stills included with some commentary.
film  design  typography  graphic  art  movies 
december 2008 by estimmel
Axel Peemoeller - Eureka Carpark Melbourne
In Melbourne I developed a way-finding-system for the Eureka Tower Carpark. The distored letters on the wall can be read perfectly when standing at the right position. This project won several international design awards.
design  graphics  typography  photography  wayfinding  signage  perspective 
august 2008 by estimmel
YouTube - Associative Design
parametric design of urban growth... awesome demonstration.
parametric  urbanism  urban  architecture  3d  planning  associative  design 
may 2008 by estimmel
Building the Modern Cathedral
SOM designed cathedral in Oakland, CA - page 3 talks about the software used... kind of interesting.
SOM  architecture  oakland  cathedral  digital  design 
february 2008 by estimmel
Proxy design : fabrication : visualization : software
Proxy is a multi-platform design firm that explores complexity in software driven architecture. Proxy specializes in the integration of fabrication methodologies with software processes in order to open a new territory of work for architects.
architecture  computation  design  emergence  fabrication  newyork 
january 2008 by estimmel
designtoproduction - HOME
We support architects, planners, engineers, and contractors
in the efficient design and production of non-standard architecture.

DESIGNTOPRODUCTION implements digital process chains from design to production based on parametric CAD-models and offers cons
architecture  computation  design  fabrication 
january 2008 by estimmel
evhead: Will it fly? How to Evaluate a New Product Idea
Will it fly? How to Evaluate a New Product Idea
I've been thinking about a number of new product ideas lately. In doing so, I've been trying to come up with a way more structured way of evaluating them. Here's a first attempt at defining that.
entrepreneurship  product  evaluation  strategy  business  design 
january 2008 by estimmel
Erwin Hauer
Erwin Hauer Continua is a series of designs for perforated and light-diffusing architectural surfaces. Originally developed in 1950, Continua screens were made of masonry materials painstakingly cast in complex molds. With the advent of current digital fa
architecture  materials  geometry  design  concrete  cnc  screen  solar 
january 2008 by estimmel
interactive viewer for flickr pictures
flickr  flash  visualization  design  photos 
november 2007 by estimmel
The Status Project.
We spend our days navigating both street and institutional status systems. The Status Project intends to make visible these systems and facilitate easy movement within them. We have escapist fantasies of mastering less complicated environments and platfor
irational  identity  status  ID  design  cartography  education  art  activism 
november 2007 by estimmel
cina//hazegh » Blog Archive » The Amazing Morse Code Keyboard
The Morse Code Keyboard, my thesis project, and the object of my attention for the past six months is finally complete. This device uses a touch-based slider interface to communicate with a computer as a standard USB keyboard. It works like a regular keyb
interface  design  hardware  morse  code  keyboard 
november 2007 by estimmel
This site converts bitmap images to vector art - it's an online auto-tracer.
Just upload your image and we will vectorize it for you.
vector  graphics  tools  online  converter  2d  design 
november 2007 by estimmel
The Prototype Lab is an affordable resource for designers looking to build prototypes or models for new products. Click here to view the Policy and Procedures for the NY Designs Prototype Development Lab.
design  lasercutter  laser  cutting  rent  shop  studio  space  resources  workshop  fjennludwig 
november 2007 by estimmel
Natebu is a documentary blog of the diploma project of André Huber and Roland Broennimann.
We are students at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland Academy of Art and Design. André in Industrial Design and Roland in M
blog  interactive  led  arduino  design  art  documentation 
october 2007 by estimmel
Subtle for Wordpress
some wordpress themes... looks good, need to find out how to preview?!
wordpress  theme  design  webdesign  templates  css  blog 
october 2007 by estimmel
Java Breadboard Simulator
The use of breadboards (sometimes known as Blue-Boards or Plug-Boards) in electronics labs is well established. However, it is also a problem, in that students may not be able to experiment outside of scheduled
lab time without supervision. If a breadboa
electronics  circuits  design  breadboard  simulator  java  software  reference 
october 2007 by estimmel
Windbelt - Third World Power - Wind Generator - Video - Breakthrough Awards - Popular Mechanics
Working in Haiti, Shawn Frayne, a 28-year-old inventor based in Mountain View, Calif., saw the need for small-scale wind power to juice LED lamps and radios in the homes of the poor. Conventional wind turbines don’t scale down well—there’s too much
design  electronics  energy  windgenerator  power  wind  generator  science  popularmechanics 
october 2007 by estimmel
It (Inconsolata) is a monospace font, designed for code listings and the like, in print. There are a great many "programmer fonts," designed primarily for use on the screen, but in most cases do not have the attention to detail for high resolution renderi
font  typography  monospace  free  code  design 
october 2007 by estimmel
Ask H&FJ | Hoefler & Frere-Jones
A few years ago, urban legends began to circulate about the accidentally funny URLs of Powergen Italia, Pen Island, and Therapist Finder (you do the math.) To this day, those hoping to connect with their favorite Hollywood starlets can do so at the alarmi
typography  humor  design  semanticweb  type  fjennludwig 
september 2007 by estimmel
Fritzing is an open-source initiative to support designers and artists to take the step from physical prototyping to actual product. We are aiming to create a software in the spirit of Processing and Arduino, that allows the designer/artist/researcher/hob
arduino  artist  design  prototyping  tolookat  electronics  opensource  breadboard  computing  development  processing 
september 2007 by estimmel
Bug Labs
Introducing BUG
BUG is a new kind of device, because rather than us designing it, you will. BUG is an open source, modular consumer electronics platform that makes building hardware just as easy as writing software or Web applications.
opensource  collaboration  design  interaction  hardware  electronics  buglabs 
september 2007 by estimmel
Fluidforms :: Individual Design
very cool idea for letting people 'design' their own widget... i think it's using processing to make this possible and exporting to a flash file for inclusion on a webpage.
design  processing  flash  product  diy  interactive 
september 2007 by estimmel
A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods
nice grouping of visualization diagrams arranged in a 'periodic table'
visualization  diagram  design  data  graphs  information  presentation 
september 2007 by estimmel
On The Cusp
interview with Work AC for Metropolis Mag
architecture  design  oma  workac  toRead 
september 2007 by estimmel
I Got 99 Problems, but Developing Ain't One - Software Developer
tons of links for all kinds of software development help. good resource
webdesign  design  links  help  support 
august 2007 by estimmel
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