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To Honor and Obey by Anon
You know what, of course the one Fantastic Beasts story I would bookmark is genderfuck marriage-of-convenience Credence/Graves. Of course. Stunningly well written with an absolutely beautiful depiction of Credence, and with a writer who walks a careful line to show all the control, hurt and tenderness of Graves, too, through Credence's almost crippling fear. Wonderful.
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Rootsong by inlovewithnight
Gamora figures out that Groot needs room to grow. This story is lovely and sweet and I love everybody in this weird alien bar. Yes, Drax, I mean that literally.
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Ereader support for / | via ancientsavvy
GOOD NEWS! For those of you with EReaders. The FanFictionDownloader Plug-In for Calibre now supports the National Library and MTAC websites! This will allow you to download the stories into .epub format for use on iBooks, Books, and other applications. Calibre will let you convert it to Mobi for use on the Kindle as well as other formats.

This will work on all stories hosted locally on the websites that have a .php extension. (not external links or stories that are .htm or .html) Enjoy!!



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