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Pretty Things - Suspicious_Popsicle - 魔道祖师 - 墨香铜臭 | Módào Zǔshī - Mòxiāng Tóngxiù [Archive of Our Own]
The thing was...Wei WuXian was right. It did suit him. Jiang Cheng took in everything—from the lively red of his nails, to the way he had braided and wrapped his hair in twin buns, leaving his bangs to curl becomingly over his cheeks, to the red silk of his calf-length silk cheongsam with black chrysanthemums blooming over his right shoulder and down the split on the left side of the skirt, to his shapely, shaved legs. And what tied it all together was the way he carried himself. Wei WuXian smiled impishly, pleased to know he was right, that he looked good, and that others would agree. Doubtless, he would be out drinking until the early hours as patrons vied to buy him drinks after the end of his shift.
fic  f:MDZS  slash  s:WeiWuxian/LanWangJi  AU:modern_day/real_world  crossdressing  getting-together  slow-burn  'ao3  f:MXTX 
yesterday by esther_a
The Crashing Of The Ocean To Shore - sealdog - 魔道祖师 - 墨香铜臭 | Módào Zǔshī - Mòxiāng Tóngxiù [Archive of Our Own]
Wei Wuxian and Jiang Cheng are detectives in Jin Zixuan's precinct. Lan Wangji is a lawyer working in the Prosecutor's Office together with his brother. Lan Wangji also happens to be able to talk to ghosts, and gets pulled into Wei Wuxian's orbit once again. Things happen, crimes get solved, and feelings are had.
fic  f:MDZS  slash  s:WeiWuxian/LanWangJi  AU  AU:modern_day/real_world  casefic  slow-burn  long  'ao3  f:MXTX 
yesterday by esther_a
A Guide on How To Make Do With an Unfavorable Circumstance - reallycooltrash - 人渣反派自救系统 - 墨香铜臭 | The Scum Villain's Self-Saving System - Mòxiāng Tóngxiù [Archive of Our Own]
Ning Yingying finds herself transmigrated into her brother's favorite online novel, Proud Immortal Demon Way, except the problem is... she's never read the novel herself and isn't quite sure what to expect...
fic  f:ScumVillain  femslash  s:unspecified  s:Canon_Pairings  AU:canon_divergence  slow-burn  WIP  'ao3  f:MXTX 
6 weeks ago by esther_a
You, Soft and Only - thehoyden - Good Omens (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
He hadn’t expected a sudden lapful of angel.

“Very sorry about this,” Aziraphale said, and kissed him.
fic  id:TheHoyden  f:GoodOmens  s:Aziraphale/Crowly  fake_relationship  slow-burn  explicit  'ao3  TV-verse 
8 weeks ago by esther_a
Born of Fire (We Shall Not Fall) - TheDefenestrator - 全职高手 | The King's Avatar (Cartoon) [Archive of Our Own]
Ye Xiu has hidden his dynamic from everyone for years. Excellent Era makes the mistake of thinking that means he’s alone.
This is why they are businessmen, not master tacticians. They suppose wrong.
fic  f:misc.anime/manga  slash  AU  a/b/o  WIP  s:unspecified  slow-burn  'ao3  AU:Worldbuilding 
9 weeks ago by esther_a
let me feel your heartbeat (grow faster, faster) - thehoyden - Good Omens (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Aziraphale saw him sometimes in all-staff meetings, sitting toward the front but off to the side, lounging against a wall. Even then, he’d had style—wings tipped in gold and face painted with gold flakes in the pattern of the first constellation he designed. He was amazing, and eye-catching, and it was no exaggeration to say that he did not know Aziraphale even existed.
fic  id:TheHoyden  f:GoodOmens  slash  s:Aziraphale/Crowly  fluff  slow-burn  'ao3  TV-verse 
10 weeks ago by esther_a
asymptotic - chinxe - 魔道祖师 - 墨香铜臭 | Módào Zǔshī - Mòxiāng Tóngxiù [Archive of Our Own]
The members of the Lan Clan have never been particularly well-known for their good judgement when it comes to matters of the heart.

Which is why it should come as a surprise to no one when Lan Wangji falls in love with an actual ghost.
fic  f:MDZS  slash  s:WeiWuxian/LanWangJi  AU  AU:canon_divergence  getting-together  slow-burn  'ao3  f:MXTX 
may 2019 by esther_a
Secret Route Unlocked - Kyogre - 人渣反派自救系统 - 墨香铜臭 | The Scum Villain's Self-Saving System - Mòxiāng Tóngshiù [Archive of Our Own]
Chapters: 35/35
Fandom: 人渣反派自救系统 - 墨香铜臭 | The Scum Villain's Self-Saving System - Mòxiāng Tóngshiù
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Liǔ Qīnggē/Shěn Yuán | Shěn Qīngqiū, Luo Binghe & Liu Mingyan, Luò Bīnghé & Shěn Yuán | Shěn Qīngqiū
Characters: Shěn Yuán | Shěn Qīngqiū, Liǔ Qīnggē, Liǔ Míngyān, Luò Bīnghé
Additional Tags: Fake/Pretend Relationship, Original Character(s), Humor, Romance, Sharing a Bed, Handcuffed Together, Everyone Thinks They're Together, Unrequited love for Luo Binghe, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Eventual Happy Ending

Getting out of an arranged marriage by pretending to date? Check. Thrown into a trial while tied together? Check. Forced to share a room and a bed? Check. Kiss under the influence? Check!

Every tired, cliche romance trope possible as applied to liushen.
feat. Luo Binghe's journey through unrequited feelings and making one (1) actual friend
slash  fic  f:ScumVillain  long  slow-burn  AU  AU:canon_divergence  fake_relationship  getting-together  'ao3  s:ShenQingqiu/LiuQingge  f:MXTX 
april 2019 by esther_a
Plastic Pearls - BabylonsFall - Leverage [Archive of Our Own]
When Parker and Hardison move to Portland to get a change of scenery, they pick a place almost at random. Lucky for them, they end up across from single-parent Eliot . Though the relationship between Eliot and Molly is clearly a little rough around the edges, he's trying his best, and Molly, in turn, has learned to copy his glare impressively well.Neither Hardison nor Parker are looking for anything life-changing, and, frankly, Eliot's had his fill of life-changing events for the next couple of years. (Too bad for them then.)
fic  f:Leverage  poly  s:Parker/Hardison/Eliot  AU  AU:modern_day/real_world  long  slow-burn  'ao3  domestic 
november 2018 by esther_a
Cat Dandy - murderlight - Bleach [Archive of Our Own]
Grimmjow's fight with Askin Nakk le Vaar leads to unexpected consequences--and an old life he never wanted to see again. Ichigo's victory over Yhwach sees him lose more than he gained.

Or: Grimmjow is a panther adjuchas again, and Ichigo has no goddamn idea.
fic  f:Bleach  long  slash  s:unspecified  identityporn  getting-together  slow-burn  'ao3  post-canon 
november 2018 by esther_a
A Game of Chance - strawberriesandtophats - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia [Archive of Our Own]
Aizawa never thought that getting closer to All Might would go like this.

In which Aizawa tries to grade essays with both his hands in casts, Yagi tries to be #husbandgoals and Midnight and Mic do something about Yagi's fashion choices.
fic  slash  slow-burn  f:BNHA  s:Aizawa/Toshinori  'ao3 
may 2018 by esther_a
Building Bridges (Over Old Roads) - thatrandomnpc - Naruto [Archive of Our Own]
Two years ago, Madara reached out to Hashirama when Izuna was mortally wounded. They met by the river where they once dreamed of peace with their little brothers in tow. Two years ago, Tobirama agreed to heal the wound he made at Hashirama's behest, and the beginnings of a treaty was born. One year ago, Konahagakure was founded on that treaty.

Madara's sight began to deteriorate long before that.

(Or Madara takes a calculated risk, and building a little bit of trust between former enemies goes a long way.)
fic  f:Naruto  slash  s:Tobirama/Madara  founder-era  WIP  slow-burn  'ao3 
april 2018 by esther_a
[podfic] A Snake In the Grass, a Wolf At the Door - annapods - Naruto [Archive of Our Own]
Orochimaru is on the edge of breaking when someone unexpected pulls him back to solid ground. When the time comes, he returns the favor.
nf  podfic  f:Naruto  id:blackkat  slash  s:Orochimaru/Sakumo  long  fixit  h/c  awesome  AU  AU:canon_divergence  slow-burn  'ao3 
march 2018 by esther_a
A Snake In the Grass, a Wolf At the Door - blackkat - Naruto [Archive of Our Own]
Orochimaru is on the edge of breaking when someone unexpected pulls him back to solid ground. When the time comes, he returns the favor.
fic  id:blackkat  f:Naruto  slash  long  fixit  h/c  awesome  AU  AU:canon_divergence  'ao3  s:Orochimaru/Sakumo  slow-burn 
march 2018 by esther_a
Machine Mother - MorganOfTheFey - Fallout 4 [Archive of Our Own]
Security protocols wiped out most of what Deacon knows about the Institute after he escaped, but he remembers there’s a vault up north with something important inside. When Vault 111 opens and a very pissed off Anna Howard emerges, he drops everything to go stake her out. The ex-mercenary turned housewife seems to have a sixth sense for seeing through his disguises, and Deacon has plenty of secrets of his own, yet the two team up to get back her son. But will their partnership survive finding out Shaun wasn’t the Institute’s only project?
fic  id:MorganOfTheFey  f:Fallout4  het  s:SS/Deacon  long  'ao3  robots  slow-burn  extra-long 
september 2016 by esther_a
The Roots of Heaven - paperiuni - Bleach [Archive of Our Own]
After the year of the war, Renji and Ichigo find themselves on a rescue mission (cum road trip) featuring: parallel worlds, lost friends, wine, women, dead souls, demons, male bonding, mind games, sex, angst, campfires, metaphysics, thrilling heroics, kindly lies, and Rukia.
fic  id:paperiuni  f:Bleach  long  het  slash  poly  'ao3  slow-burn  extra-long  s:Ichigo/Renji  s:Ichigo/Rukia 
july 2016 by esther_a
A Mountain I'm Willing to Die On - Vera (Vera_DragonMuse) - Zootopia (2016) [Archive of Our Own]
In which they solve a murder, join a movement, and finish falling in love. //

This is the fic I wanted to read after I watched the movie. Just perfect.
fic  f:Disney  f:Zootopia  het  s:unspecified  long  'ao3  slow-burn 
march 2016 by esther_a
Above the Deep - s0ymilk - Fallout 3 [Archive of Our Own]
Life in the Wasteland is all about purpose. Survive. Find your father. Kill, or be killed. If there's more to it then that, she's not going to find it by herself.

[Charon/F!LW, slow burn]
fic  f:Fallout3  het  s:LW/Charon  long  'ao3  slow-burn  id:s0ymilk  extra-long 
march 2016 by esther_a
the too-huge world vaulting us - mustinvestigate - Fallout 4, Fallout (Video Games) [Archive of Our Own]
He’d have a heck of an easier time dealing with Winlock and Barnes without her lurking around the door of the Third Rail’s back room, perched on the arm of a threadbare stuffed chair like she’s jumped out of a pre-war spank mag. She doesn’t look real – she can’t be real – but he can’t take his glare off the two men for even a second to get a good look.
fic  f:Fallout4  het  s:SS/MacCready  long  explicit  'ao3  slow-burn 
february 2016 by esther_a
And Wolves Beneath Their Seams - cyprith - Fallout 3 [Archive of Our Own]
Charon shares a certain kinship with his new employer. She's been designed, he thinks. Built. Not unlike himself.
fic  f:Fallout3  het  long  'ao3  s:LW/Charon  explicit  awesome  slow-burn 
january 2016 by esther_a
some bright equation - Liviapenn - Hellboy (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
After almost a year of dating Hellboy, Liz didn't think anything could surprise her any more. She was wrong.
fic  id:LiviaPenn  f:Hellboy  poly  long  slow-burn  yuletide  'ao3  casefic  s:unspecified 
january 2016 by esther_a
Dreaming Red - lizzledpink - Dragon Age: Inquisition, Dragon Age (Video Games) [Archive of Our Own]
An alternate future can be wiped away from time, but its footprints, Cassandra finds out, might still remain in the Fade.
fic  f:DragonAge  f:DA:Inquisition  het  long  InquisitorLavellan  'ao3  s:Varric/Cassandra  awesome  f:BioWare  slow-burn  extra-long 
december 2015 by esther_a
Ever Rise - loquaciousquark - Dragon Age (Video Games) [Archive of Our Own]
Vampire AU. In 1902 London, Fenris's flight from his former master leads him straight to the city streets—and the night's creatures who walk them. After a chance meeting with one who calls herself Hawke, Fenris's escape is curtailed as he finds his fortunes entangled with her own, forcing them both to face old fears and old scars as he attempts to win his freedom at last—with or without Hawke's help.

For the 2012 Dragon Age Big Bang.
fic  f:DragonAge  f:DA:2  het  AU  AU:setting/career_change  historical  vampires  long  s:Hawke/Fenris  explicit  'ao3  f:bioware  slow-burn  extra-long 
november 2015 by esther_a
Little Boy Blue - Kayasurin - Rise of the Guardians (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
He needed someone to love, to care for, to see him. The fates saw fit to give him a baby Pooka. Jack didn't intend to be a father, it just ended up working out that way.
fic  id:kayasurin  f:RotG  AU  AU:canon_divergence  long  kidfic  slash  s:Jack/Bunnymund  'ao3  favorite  getting-together  slow-burn  extra-long 
april 2013 by esther_a
The Finer Details of Gay Cluckbeast - clumsyoctopus - Homestuck [Archive of Our Own]
Your name is Dave Strider and you are 26 years old.

You have just gotten engaged.

The problem being that you have just gotten engaged to your best male friend in a furious fit of stupidity, champagne, one-upmanship and a weird warm-glowy feeling that occasionally (or more than occasionally) rolls around in the pit of your stomach and makes you act like a moron. You have, over the past 13 years and much careful experimentation, dubbed this “The Egbert Effect”.

You would like to state, for the record, that you are definitely, completely and 100% NOT A HOMOSEXUAL.

As Bro carefully describes to you what, as the DJ, he’s going to play at the reception (almost entirely a medley of Nicki Minaj and Ke$ha), you carefully nurse a Rock Star and vodka like a 16 year old girl who just popped her cherry at prom and try to figure out what the fuck happened over the past decade or so to land you in this mess.
f:Homestuck  slash  long  'ao3  s:unspecified  fic  getting-together  slow-burn  extra-long 
january 2012 by esther_a
The Paladin Protocol Chapter 1, a big bang theory fanfic - FanFiction.Net
it's long, it's plotty, it combines fix-it, Hero's journey (two of them!), LARP, orcs, contact weaponry, improvisational clothing changes, sexual tension, duels, personal growth, Birthday cake, and epic battles between the Army and the Horde and between what you are and the potential of what you could become if you want it badly enough.
fic  id:SpaceAnJL  f:BBT  het  s:Penny/Sheldon  long  'ffn  slow-burn  extra-long 
november 2011 by esther_a
Near Miss - beachkid (binz), binz, shiplizard - Dresden Files - Jim Butcher, The Dresden Files [Archive of Our Own]
Three years ago, Tony Vargassi died and left his flourishing criminal empire to his son Marco. Gang violence is rife in the streets, but Harry Dresden's concluded, reluctantly, that it isn't his kind of problem. He's about to find out that the real power behind Chicago's throne is a lot worse then a spoiled mobster's son -- and maybe more than he can handle.

John 'Johnny' Marcone is a mechanic with a bad limp and a bad history with Vargassi. He doesn't want to get back into the business of the Business; he barely escaped with his life before. But in Harry Dresden he sees enough raw power to save the city he loves. Will he risk it all to back his crazy friend against the powers that be?

And can Harry and his car survive what Chicago has in store for him, even with a full-time mechanic?
fic  AU  plotty  slash  long  bigbang  favorite  book-verse  awesome  AU:canon_divergence  id:shiplizard  f:DresdenFiles  s:Dresden/Marcone  het  explicit  pwp  hot  FemaleCharacters  'ao3  id:binz  getting-together  slow-burn 
may 2010 by esther_a

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