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Brittle Towns Asleep - coricomile - Big Wolf on Campus [Archive of Our Own]
Merton grins, wide and happy, and Tommy shakes his head. He still doesn't get Merton most days, but he kind of likes it. With Merton around, his life is never boring. He doesn't think even the wolf compares in weirdness levels, which says something, Tommy guesses.
fic  f:BWoC  slash  s:Tommy/Merton  futurefic  short  yuletide  'ao3 
january 2017 by esther_a
Dork - anenko - Big Wolf on Campus [Archive of Our Own]
In which Tommy is awkward and Merton doesn't catch on to the subtext.
fic  slash  first-time  id:anenko  f:BWoC  s:Tommy/Merton  'ao3 
june 2011 by esther_a
libraryofsol: Fic: First
Summary: In which witches turn Merton into a girl and Tommy is confused.
fic  het  short  pwp  f:BWoC  s:Tommy/Merton  id:entanglednow  'LJ  Rule63  transformation 
october 2010 by esther_a
Universe, you disguise your blessings well. - Fic: For the purposes of this discussion (BWOC, Tommy/Merton, R)
Tommy's not new to this whole wolf thing, but Merton makes him feel like he is. Missing scene for "The Boy Who Tried Wolf". ~1800 words.
fic  slash  explicit  id:CarolineCrane  f:BWoC  s:Tommy/Merton  'LJ  missing-scene/coda 
march 2010 by esther_a
Reason, Reaction - anenko - Big Wolf on Campus [Archive of Our Own]
"Scientific inquiry" left Tommy shirtless, and relatively docile beneath Merton's wandering fingertips.
fic  slash  ficlet  id:anenko  f:BWoC  s:Tommy/Merton  'ao3 
december 2009 by esther_a
onebedficathon: Big Wolf On Campus: Tommy/Merton, NC17
This series ended with Tommy and Merton in a single, dorm room bed. Yes, it really is that slashy. The fic picks up right where the series left off.
fic  slash  short  post-canon  futurefic  awesome  f:BWoC  s:Tommy/Merton  'LJ 
september 2009 by esther_a
Fate and Other Four-Letter Words by Caroline Crane
He wasn’t sure how it had happened. One minute Merton was still carefully put together, his costume a near-perfect replica of the classic Dracula outfit from the Bela Lugosi movie Merton had made him watch so many times that Tommy actually remembered who Bela Lugosi was. And he wasn’t really sure why Merton would choose such an overdone costume – especially considering how many real live vampires they’d run into over the past year – but when he’d asked Merton had just muttered something about classics and defamation and turned back to applying his…lipstick.
fic  slash  id:CarolineCrane  f:BWoC  s:Tommy/Merton  'waybackmachine 
august 2009 by esther_a
A Big Wolf Christmas
Tommy and Merton left school years ago, but things haven't really changed that much.
Tommy/Merton slash. <3
fic  slash  yuletide  domestic  f:BWoC  s:Tommy/Merton  'yuletide-archive  holidays 
december 2008 by esther_a
iwrotethat: Big Wolf on Campus: Dork
Tommy sounded serious. Wary. As if he was actually, really *worried* about what was going on in Merton's head. Tommy cared, Merton had known that since the earliest days of their friendship--Tommy wouldn't have done a fraction of what Merton had asked of him if he didn't have more than a passing interest in Merton's well-being. But Merton had never, ever heard Tommy sound like *he* was hurting just as much as Merton was over yet another relationship gone bizarrely, life-threateningly off-kilter. In fact, Merton had always felt that Tommy was rather amused by Merton's dating disasters
fic  slash  awesome  id:anenko  f:BWoC  s:Tommy/Merton  'LJ 
november 2008 by esther_a
iwrotethat: Big Wolf on Campus: Explosive
"He wouldn't have imagined it happening like this."
fic  slash  id:anenko  f:BWoC  s:Tommy/Merton  'LJ 
november 2008 by esther_a
Tommy closed the door to their apartment and rested heavily against it as he toed off his shoes. This week sucked. Traffic sucked. Work sucked. Coaching sucked. Life sucked. And Merton wasn't due back until tomorrow.

He knew Merton being asked to present his paper at the conference was a great honor - Merton and his thesis advisor had certainly been excited about it - but all he really cared about was that Merton was going to be in Chicago without him. For a week.
fic  slash  kidfic  id:carleton97  f:BWoC  s:Tommy/Merton  'personal-site 
november 2008 by esther_a Big Wolf on Campus - Scents
Merton hated being sick. First of all, it meant he had to miss school and, despite the presence of people who went out of their way to point out his place in the social hierarchy, Merton actually liked school. Which probably accounted for at least some of the reason he did exist in the basement of the social pyramid.
fic  short  slash  h/c  awesome  id:crimsonquills  f:BWoC  s:Tommy/Merton  'personal-site 
september 2008 by esther_a
iwrotethat: Big Wolf on Campus: Option Number Two
"I wish," Tommy said, "that you'd stop with the kicking, Merton."
Merton's eyes rounded, shining with bewildered innocence. "But Tommy, it was an emergency and the old foot-to-the-groin manoeuvre is a surefire way to get you wolfy in a speedy manner befitting the utmost seriousness of--"
"Merton," Tommy said firmly, "it was a cat."
fic  slash  awesome  id:anenko  f:BWoC  s:Tommy/Merton  'LJ 
december 2007 by esther_a
Shimmer - a BWOC slash fic by Jen
People expect Merton to look forward to Halloween. A night of spooks and scares and all the things he seems to love. An excuse to dress up and take the Goth thing to extremes, to watch campy horror flicks and to be open about all kinds of weirdness.
fic  slash  geocities-site  dead-link-alert  f:BWoC  s:Tommy/Merton  dead-link-alerts  holidays 
december 2007 by esther_a
What Merton never seemed to realize, the thing that amazed Tommy the most about the whole wolf thing was that he could smell Merton.
fic  slash  id:carleton97  f:BWoC  s:Tommy/Merton  'personal-site 
december 2007 by esther_a

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