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leyna55: SGA Art: Regency AU
Lady Elizabeth Weir's dinner parties were commonly acclaimed as a venue for clever conversation and wit. While the Hon. Rodney MacKay could, on rare occasion, admit to enjoying such delights, he was forced to retreat to the balcony when the conversation turned to Politics. Major Sheppard, but newly returned from the Peninsular war, proved surprisingly congenial company in this temporary exile.
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may 2009 by esther_a
A webcomic about pyromaniac twenties gangster cats.
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august 2007 by esther_a
Get Medieval
Once upon a time, long, long ago in a faraway land, a spaceship landed on Earth.

Its occupants were on the run from the interstellar mafia and looking for a place to lie low for a little while. What they got was this grubby, misogynistic little steel-age world where the beer's always warm, there are too many eels, and peoples' idea of fun is watching guys in metal exoskeletons hit each other with sticks.

You take what you can get.
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august 2007 by esther_a

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