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Hello, friends! I have so much I want to write about, so many year end round-ups of books and comics and TV and anime to do, and that will all have to wait, because I REALLY NEED TO TALK TO YOU ABOUT NIRVANA IN FIRE.

Nirvana in Fire (琅琊榜; Lángyá Bǎng) is a 54-episode Chinese historical drama. I had never watched a cdrama before. I watched it in a week. Then I watched it again the next week. Then I did a selective rewatch just of the scenes with my favorite characters, except for when I got sucked in and just ended up watching everything, which did not take a full week but still took more of one than I was expecting. I am still not really sold on this "watching other things" concept. I have abandoned all my other TV and reading except for The Good Place. I am thinking about a third full rewatch, hopefully with detailed notes and loving extrapolations of exactly what that faint modulation in tone, subtle glance to the side, or tiny aborted hand gesture means in relation to something that will be revealed 23 episodes from now.
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