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pogrebin: SGA/SG-1 Fic: Starting Over (In the Same Place), gen, after the finale
Their successes span galaxies and their failures destroy solar systems. They rewrite time and history and their own DNA. So yes, Shen fears them. And yet, she knows: humanity have always been explorers. The first ones too, must have been feared by those left behind.
fic  gen  earthside  post-canon  teamfic  FemaleCharacters  outsiderpov  futurefic  awesome  id:pogrebin  f:SGA  'LJ  missing-scene/coda 
march 2009 by esther_a
pogrebin: stargate atlantis: 5x19 Vegas
The desert is always unreal. Something about the heat reflecting off the sand, the sharp divide of the horizon against the eye. Drive far enough out from Vegas and the desert starts to feel like Afghanistan, the lights from the casinos blinking dully like mortar shells exploding. It’s quiet too, like the first few moments when you get dropped into combat: so much noise and light and sweat that your senses switch off. Everything coated in a heat-haze, all the sound muffled so that all you can hear is the blood rushing around your own brain.
fic  id:pogrebin  f:SGA  'LJ  missing-scene/coda 
january 2009 by esther_a

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