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Be Ye Therefore Merciful - AmberDiceless - Good Omens - Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett [Archive of Our Own]
Crowley does something utterly unexpected, and Aziraphale must face an opponent who cannot be thwarted. Hints of pre-A/C.
fic  f:GoodOmens  gen  h/c  angst  book-verse  'ao3  fanart 
11 weeks ago by esther_a
I think, I wait, I hope - Littorella, rinsled05 - 魔道祖师 - 墨香铜臭 | Módào Zǔshī - Mòxiāng Tóngxiù [Archive of Our Own]
For years, Lan Wangji has waited. Held back his words, his heart, restrained by a lifetime of discipline. And now—now they are married, bound together for eternity, and the dam is breaking, especially with Wei Wuxian gazing at him as if he’s the lucky one, when it has always been the other way around.

Perhaps now is the time.

Or, the many conversations Lan Wangji has with Wei Wuxian in his head - and one he tries to have in the moment.
fic  fanart  f:MDZS  slash  s:WeiWuxian/LanWangJi  5things  pining  'ao3  f:MXTX 
may 2019 by esther_a
The Department of Special Collections - Speranza, alby_mangroves - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
It was a messy thing of leather and papers and rope. It looked like Phillips had carelessly thrown a bunch of documents onto an old piece of black leather and then rolled the whole thing up and tied it . . . The papers inside were all different sizes, everything out of order and haphazardly stacked, like someone had been in a hurry and just grabbed it all.
fic  fanart  id:cesperanza  f:Marvel  f:CaptainAmerica  slash  s:Steve/Bucky  epistolary/document-fic  'ao3 
december 2018 by esther_a
(Force) Trick or Treat by Hiruma_Musouka, squidspawn
Uchiha Tajima has developed a "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy regarding his sons' social lives since Madara and Izuna met the Senju family. This is because whenever Izuna tells him things, he generally regrets asking.

(Or: The only thing more ridiculous than Uchiha and Senju in proximity to one another are Uchiha and Senju in proximity to Halloween parties.) "
fic  f:Naruto  slash  founder-era  AU:modern_day/real_world  via:caelulum  humor  getting-together  'ao3  s:Tobirama/Madara  fanart  holidays 
july 2018 by esther_a
Judicious Corner Use - Primarybufferpanel (ArwenLune) - Mad Max Series (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Max and Furiosa in a corner of the garages

Fabulously smutty Maxiosa art by Youkaiyume, smutty fill by me
fic  id:ArwenLune  f:MadMax  fanart  NSFW  pwp  explicit  'ao3 
june 2016 by esther_a
My Famine and My Feast - Chapter 1 - Salazar101 - Dragon Age: Inquisition [Archive of Our Own]
The Iron Bull has been horny before, but never horny enough to summon anything. Until a beautiful man with horns and a pair of cloven hooves drops into his bedroom. Dorian asks for nothing more than sex... but soon they're spending more time together, and Bull begins to learn what it takes to warp a man into a demon. Then what it takes to get him back again.
fic  f:DragonAge  f:DA:Inquisition  slash  s:IronBull/Dorian  AU  AU:modern_day/real_world  explicit  fanart  NSFW  f:bioware  'ao3  AU:modern_with_magic  demons 
december 2015 by esther_a
Nothing Left to Lose.. - Fulcrumisthebomb - Fallout 4 [Archive of Our Own]
Hancock has a personal question for his friend- why isn't she wearing her wedding ring anymore?
fic  fanart  f:Fallout4  het  s:SS/Hancock  'ao3 
december 2015 by esther_a
Wild Hunts - Iambic - Dragon Age: Inquisition [Archive of Our Own]
Wild Hunts: Tracking the Genealogy of “The Last Scion of Pavus” by Iacomus Actus
An exploration of ancient age narrative shift over subsequent ages, exemplified through tracing retellings as far backwards as they exist, accompanied by Amelior Aclassi's adaptation of the tale she recorded as a point of comparison.

Or: in which Dorian Pavus meets a supposedly fictional Qunari in the midst of his house arrest, and what starts out a temporary companionship forces them both to choose between what they are and who they have become.
fic  f:DragonAge  f:DA:Inquisition  slash  s:IronBull/Dorian  explicit  AU  'ao3  epistolary/document-fic  fanart  f:BioWare  f:TamLin  f:Fairytales 
october 2015 by esther_a
The Four Flowers - tofsla - Dragon Age: Inquisition [Archive of Our Own]
The Iron Bull, Tal-Vashoth and directionless, meets a mage in the woods and tries to provoke him into a fight.

A loose interpretation of Tam Lin, Tevinter style.
fic  f:DragonAge  f:DA:Inquisition  slash  s:IronBull/Dorian  AU  f:TamLin  'ao3  explicit  fanart  id:tofsla  f:BioWare  f:Fairytales 
september 2015 by esther_a
A Beginner's Guide to the Mastery of Thaumaturgy - taispeantas_laethuil - Dragon Age (Video Games), Dragon Age: Inquisition [Archive of Our Own]
The so-called Herald of Andraste was a monster, the Elder One was unstoppable, and Dorian no longer had any reason to keep fighting.

Right up until he was presented with a way of undoing it all.
fic  f:DragonAge  f:DA:Inquisition  slash  s:IronBull/Dorian  timetravel  fixit  'ao3  fanart  NSFW  f:BioWare  InquisitorAdaar 
september 2015 by esther_a
That Mage From Tevinter - Cyberfairie
Even so, the tales Varric tells in the tavern can’t be right. No mage in his right mind would go charging into the middle of a battlefield in armor that amounted to a bed sheet. It had to be Varric telling tall tales didn’t it? After all, if Dorian had done half the things Varric said he had the man should spent half his time in the healer’s tent rather than that drafty library he prefers
fic  f:DragonAge  f:DA:Inquisition  slash  s:IronBull/Dorian  explicit  long  fanart  NSFW  'ao3  f:BioWare 
september 2015 by esther_a
Katoh - JustJasper - Dragon Age: Inquisition [Archive of Our Own]
“Do you use 'katoh' for everybody?”

“I ask people if they have a word they use, if they're awkward like you, I use katoh.” The Bull looked up from his work to catch Dorian's gaze. “You can choose another word if you want. Whatever works for you.”
fic  f:DragonAge  f:DA:Inquisition  slash  s:IronBull/Dorian  explicit  kink  'ao3  fanart  NSFW  f:Bioware 
september 2015 by esther_a
The Start of Something Epic - UrbanAmazon - Chronicles of Riddick RPF [Archive of Our Own]
We all know the story of how Vin Diesel taught Judi Dench how to play Dungeons & Dragons while they were filming The Chronicles of Riddick. We also know the story of how Judi Dench stitches the most delightfully foul-mouthed cross-stitch patterns between takes (thank you, Charles Dance).

This is how it happened, I'm sure of it.
nf  fanart  f:RPF  f:Riddick  gen  comic  'ao3 
december 2014 by esther_a
Walking Away Whistling - MarbleGlove, pentapus - Vorkosigan Saga - Lois McMaster Bujold, Highlander: The Series, Highlander - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
Taura doesn’t like House Bharaputra. She doesn’t like Cetaganda. And she is extremely curious as to why they are both trying to acquire Dr. Pierce Argall.
fic  id:Marbleglove  fanart  id:pentapus  f:Vorkosigan  crossover  f:Highlander  gen  short  'ao3 
june 2014 by esther_a
The Consort Bower of Indigo Cloud - MarbleGlove, pentapus - Books of the Raksura - Martha Wells [Archive of Our Own]
Before Moon arrived at Indigo Cloud Court, the consort bower had been empty for some years and the court as a whole slowly dying. Something had to change. The three consorts of Indigo Cloud (Stone, Moon, and Ember) had had very different expectations, but the reality surprised each of them.
fic  fanart  id:Marbleglove  id:pentapus  f:Martha_Wells  f:Raksura  gen  s:Canon_Pairings  'ao3 
june 2014 by esther_a
A Conspiracy of Consorts - Measured_Words, pentapus - Books of the Raksura - Martha Wells [Archive of Our Own]
Amber is very interested in Eclipse, the visiting consort from Star Aster, but Pearl has made it very clear her clutchmate is going to have to wait until she's got her own consort first.

"I did warn them," came a dry voice – Stone, no doubt coming to check on her in after seeing the Star Aster contingent stalk off. "He's not her type."

Amber hissed. "No, but he's my type, and I'm never going to get what I want until she does."
fanart  id:pentapus  fic  f:Martha_Wells  f:Raksura  het  pre-canon  'ao3  s:Canon_Pairings  id:Measured_Words 
may 2014 by esther_a
The Tilted World - Flamebyrd, pentapus - Books of the Raksura - Martha Wells [Archive of Our Own]
Moon was probably the only Raksura in Indigo Cloud who would would come up here willingly.

The fact that this was why Moon was in the canopy did nothing to soothe Chime's irritation.
fanart  id:pentapus  fic  id:flamebyrd  f:Martha_Wells  f:Raksura  gen  short  'ao3 
february 2014 by esther_a
Emerging - Kiratael - Books of the Raksura - Martha Wells [Archive of Our Own]
Raised by Moon and Jade, Frost doesn't hesitate to leap to the rescue when the colony's in trouble. She only wishes that she and Chime didn't have Moon's talent for finding unexpected trouble in the bargain.
'ao3  fanart  fic  f:Martha_Wells  f:Raksura  gen  futurefic 
february 2014 by esther_a
Animal Crackers - pentapus, torch - Naruto
Iruka's quiet summer is suddenly full of children, animals, undead animals, summoned animals, traps, missions, dango, and really annoying jounin. (29,471 words)
fic  fanart  id:torch  id:pentapus  f:Naruto  casefic  long  'ao3  via:theodosia21 
february 2014 by esther_a
fanart: Why Reanimating Dinosaurs Is Never A Brilliant Idea - AstridV - The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types, Hawkeye (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
Avengers/Hawkguy/SHIELD crack fanart for a prompt by Ratcreature, who wanted “something Jurassic Park like because dinosaurs are always fun, i.e. someone thought reanimating dinosaurs was a brilliant idea and SHIELD has to deal with it getting out of hand.”
nf  fanart  f:Marvel  f:Avengers  crack  'ao3  gen 
january 2014 by esther_a
Newt the Small Mother - feriowind - Pacific Rim (2013) [Archive of Our Own]
Newt is chosen to lead a gov't sponsored research project dedicated to the research and creation of kaiju after the closing of the Breach. There, Newt and Hermann create a family for themselves and new guardians to ensure the safety of Earth.
fic  fanart  f:PacificRim  gen  'ao3 
october 2013 by esther_a
Dira's Tumblr
but if carlos is the kind of person that like his hair played with can you just imagine
nf  fanart  f:WelcomeToNightvale  slash  s:Cecil/Carlos  'tumblr 
august 2013 by esther_a
Whispered On The Winds - Gryphonrhi - Highlander: The Series, Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
Five times Methos met Black Widow and, eventually, Natasha Romanov. Or, as Methos likes to put it, four times he ended up dead or 'dead' around Black Widow.
fanart  id:pentapus  fic  id:Gryphonrhi  f:Highlander  AU  crossover  f:Marvel  f:Avengers  gen  5things  'ao3 
may 2013 by esther_a
Ask Jack & The Pooka
"This is the day that you will always remember as the day you almost caught Jack Frost!"

Fanart for Little Boy Blue by Kayasurin
nf  fanart  f:RotG  gen  'tumblr 
april 2013 by esther_a
Alien: Odyssey--Prologue--Chapter 1
omfg it's novella-length Alien 4 femslash! WITH ILLUSTRATIONS.
femslash  f:Alien  fic  long  'archive  fanart  s:unspecified 
march 2012 by esther_a
The 2010 Good Omens Holiday Fic/Art Exchange - Happy Holidays, possibly_thrice!
Rating: G
Notes: cowboy hats! horses! guns! a dog! I can't draw any of these things. I think this came out okay anyway; I hope it is to your liking <3
nf  fanart  gen  comic  f:GoodOmens  book-verse 
december 2010 by esther_a
fma_ladyfest: Title: Oh, I Get By
Characters/Pairings: Riza and Rebecca, bff
Summary: Ten years of sharpshooting, snark, and nakama.
nf  fanart  FemaleCharacters  f:FMA 
october 2010 by esther_a
hardmode: "The Tempering Year" (Star Ocean 4, Arumat/Faize)
For the genetically engineered core of Eldarian society, the last year of a young man or woman's education is spent in partnership with a mentor, who teaches the cadet the skills necessary for success in a profession -- and takes responsibility for educating the cadet in other aspects of adult behavior, as well. This year, the Hive in its proverbial wisdom has assigned one of the rising cadets, Faize, to be mentored by Arumat, the captain of the Thirteenth Independent Armored Division. The Thirteenth has a reputation for being dangerous, even savage, but Faize is determined to prove himself.
fic  slash  explicit  AU  long  bigbang  favorite  awesome  AU:setting/career_change  id:Cypher  f:StarOcean  'dwth  fanart  s:unspecified 
september 2010 by esther_a
hardmode: "Second Star On The Right", Kingdom Hearts/Last Remnant
Word Count: 11,450
Pairings: Riku/Sora/Kairi and David/Rush very strongly implied
Summary: A Keyblade Master's work is never done! Sora and his friends have arrived on a new world with the intent of saving it from an insidious darkness threatening its heart. But first, they must win the trust of the local lord and his people, and find the clues to send them down the right path.
fic  crossover  post-canon  plotty  bigbang  id:cephy  f:KingdomHearts  f:LastRemnant  'dwth  fanart  s:Rush/David  crossover:portal 
september 2010 by esther_a
kradamadness: Amnesty! Round 2: Art: The Flight | Invasion (1/?)
The planet shone outside the viewing deck, red-orange-jeweled under the swirls of violet cloud. Kris stood staring out at it, deceptively calm; they hadn't started the landing yet.
AU:sci-fi  fic  slash  au  soulbonds  commentfic  wip  s:Adam/Kris  id:astolat  f:RPF  f:AI_8  'dwth  fanart 
september 2010 by esther_a
Sweet Moves by *rufftoon
It started very seriously, as a practice for poses...then Toph came in, and then slowly everything turned into a Calvin and Hobbes moment.
fanart  gen  humor  nf  f:AtLA 
august 2010 by esther_a
Avatar - Transcend pg1 by *schellibie on deviantART
"I wanted to do a comic about Katara and Avatar Korra. Since Korra was born in the Southern Water Tribe, I thought she might have known Katara."
comic  cute  nf  FemaleCharacters  f:Korra  f:AtLA  fanart  dead-link-alerts 
july 2010 by esther_a
The 2009 Good Omens Holiday Fic/Art Exchange - Happy Holidays, tears_of_nienna!
Inappropriate Goings-On in the Library of Alexandria, 48 BC, Precariously Near a Burning Torch
fanart  slash  nf  f:GoodOmens  s:Aziraphale/Crowly  book-verse 
june 2010 by esther_a
sga_flashfic: Final Images by astridv (Amnesty 2007/Ways To Die Challenge)
Title: Final Images or Five MALPs That Didn't Make It Back Artist: [info]astridv Spoilers: none Warnings: Graphic heavy. Implied destruction of government-owned property.
gen  epistolary/document-fic  favorite  nf  id:astridv  f:SGA  f:anthropomorfic  'LJ  fanart 
april 2010 by esther_a
treknovelfest | Illustration for "Three T'kay Stories"
I was quite intrigued by the stories, but was disappointed that the text-only archive version of From The Terran Coyote to The Klingon K'Ortar that she'd recovered had only descriptions of the illustrations, rather than the original color plates.

So, since I live in the area and have access to the library at Starfleet Academy's Annapolis campus, I offered to search the collection of the art library there to see if I could find other images of the objects in question and reconstruct, as far as possible, the original pages.
multimedia  fic  epistolary/document-fic  favorite  mythology  awesome  f:StarTrek  f:Misc.Books  'dwth  fanart  fictional-history 
march 2010 by esther_a
yuletart: Art for Hyel!
Warnings: Strategically covered nudity
Artist's Notes: Some textures used in this piece were acquired from Drawn in pencil, inked and colored in Photoshop. The sculpture in the room is based on a sculpture from Spock's quarters in Star Trek II, because I'm a nerd. I hope you like it!
Summary: Spock and Uhura enjoy some alone time in Spock's quarters.
fanart  nf  f:StarTrek  s:Spock/Uhura 
january 2010 by esther_a
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