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"Almost Perfect" (Star Ocean 4, tentacles/Edge)
if you were following the poll, this one falls at the "this was totally an accident that will ideally happen again next week" point on the consent scale.
It's soft and sort of fuzzy-feeling, squeezing his arm gently in a slow, rhythmic grip as it moves. Even back when Earth was okay, Edge doesn't think it had anything like this.
fic  id:Cypher  f:StarOcean  tentacles  pwp  explicit  dub-con  'dwth 
november 2011 by esther_a
hardmode: "Sword Dance" (Star Ocean: The Second Story, Dias/Ashton)
Dias makes a promise, and in his effort to keep it, sabotages the closest friendship he's had since he left Arlia. However, when he brings back something of particular value, will it be enough to salvage their friendship?
fic  slash  bigbang  post-canon  f:StarOcean  'dwth  s:unspecified 
september 2010 by esther_a
hardmode: "The Tempering Year" (Star Ocean 4, Arumat/Faize)
For the genetically engineered core of Eldarian society, the last year of a young man or woman's education is spent in partnership with a mentor, who teaches the cadet the skills necessary for success in a profession -- and takes responsibility for educating the cadet in other aspects of adult behavior, as well. This year, the Hive in its proverbial wisdom has assigned one of the rising cadets, Faize, to be mentored by Arumat, the captain of the Thirteenth Independent Armored Division. The Thirteenth has a reputation for being dangerous, even savage, but Faize is determined to prove himself.
fic  slash  explicit  AU  long  bigbang  favorite  awesome  AU:setting/career_change  id:Cypher  f:StarOcean  'dwth  fanart  s:unspecified 
september 2010 by esther_a
gamera: tri-Ace Kink Meme!
Star Ocean: Star Ocean/First Departure, Second Story/Second Evolution, Blue Sphere, Till the End of Time, and The Last Hope.
Valkyrie Profile: Valkyrie Profile/Lenneth, Silmeria, Covenant of the Plume
Standalone Games: Radiata Stories, Infinite Undiscovery, Resonance of Fate
tri-Crescendo Games: Baten Kaitos, Baten Kaitos Origins, Eternal Sonata
Wolf Team Games: Tales of Phantasia
nf  challenge  f:StarOcean  'dwth  kinkmeme  fandom 
may 2010 by esther_a
Watch the Fires
Axel/Riku (but there's a host of other pairings in here as well)
Prompt: Axel and Riku: it's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine
Summary: In which everyone finds out what happens when you poke a Bomb with a stick.
fic  slash  futurefic  apocafic  crossover  f:VagrantStory  f:KingdomHearts  f:StarOcean  s:Riku/Axel  'dwth  id:SleepsWithCoyotes  locked 
february 2010 by esther_a
Dias/Ashton UST, Ashton/Dragons
Warnings: Xeno, but not in a scary way. For once. *snicker*
Summary: Actually, "pervy dragonfic" is really working for me, here.
fic  slash  explicit  xeno  f:StarOcean  'dwth  s:unspecified  id:SleepsWithCoyotes  dragons  locked 
february 2010 by esther_a

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