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Beyond the Goblin City - Skull_Bearer - Pacific Rim (2013) [Archive of Our Own]
After a horrible night of abuse, Hermann wishes baby Bastian away to the Goblins, little expecting it would come true. Now he has to venture through the Labyrinth to the castle beyond the Goblin City to get it back- and finds a place very different to the one in his storybooks, friends unexpected places, and a Goblin King who is anything but what he appears.
fic  f:PacificRim  AU  au:fusion  f:Labyrinth  s:Newt/Hermann  'ao3 
july 2016 by esther_a
A Spell for Dragons - Skull_Bearer - Pacific Rim (2013) [Archive of Our Own]
Newton, the King of the Dragon Kingdom of the North, is ready to marry. Lars Gottlieb, King of the South, sends him his son as a bride; Hermann Gottlieb, young mage and dragonslayer.
fic  id:Skull_Bearer  f:PacificRim  AU  AU:setting/career_change  slash  s:Newt/Hermann  long  WIP  'ao3  dragons  AU:fantasy  marriage:arranged 
may 2016 by esther_a
Frankenstein and the Newt - orphan - Pacific Rim (2013) [Archive of Our Own]
It's 2030 and the apocalypse hasn't so much been cancelled as changed horsemen.

The Challenger Deep Breach is closed but all that means is that the Anteverse is pissed, and daikaiju are simple compared with a constantly mutating virus that turns everything it infects into puddles of howling Kaiju Blue.

Everything it's infected bar one thing, and if the Precursors think a few extra arms and eyes are going to stop Newton Geiszler from kicking some asshole alien ass, they've got another thing coming.
fic  id:orphan  f:PacificRim  poly  s:unspecified  xeno  transformation  long  plotty  'ao3  extra-long 
february 2016 by esther_a
Frankenstein, the Newt, and Vi - orphan - Pacific Rim (2013) [Archive of Our Own]
“Um. Hi? My name’s Vivian Lee. I’m supposed to, um...” Vi looks down at the phone in her hands, at the email showing on the screen. “I’m newly assigned to the K-Science Lab? I was supposed to ask for Doctor Gottlieb?”

The guy behind the reception desk looks up with an expression hovering somewhere between fear, pity, and disgust. “Oh, man,” he says. “Who’d you get killed to wind up posted to K-Lab?”
fic  id:orphan  f:PacificRim  slash  s:Newt/Hermann  transformation  xeno  plotty  'ao3 
february 2016 by esther_a
Embrace the World in Gray (The La Cosetta Nostra remix) - melannen - Pacific Rim (2013) [Archive of Our Own]
Alison may run a thingy mafia, but she's not sure where the Marshall got the idea that it qualified her to negotiate with a mafia mafia.
fic  id:melannen  f:PacificRim  gen  short  'ao3  pre-canon 
july 2015 by esther_a
Magic and Progress Do Not Speak as Loud as My Heart - patster223 - Pacific Rim
Newt's time with the PPDC mostly involved trying not to jinx his Muggle lab partner, resisting the urge to let his tattoos move on their own, slipping potions in Hermann's tea, pining for his dragons, failing to keep a secret (multiple times), saving the world, and maybe falling a little bit in love. Amongst other things.

The AU in which Newt is a wizard and sucks at hiding it.
fic  f:PacificRim  crossover  f:HarryPotter  slash  s:Newt/Hermann  long  'ao3 
october 2014 by esther_a
Mako Mori and the Eleventy-One Thousand Bridezillas - tielan - Pacific Rim (2013) [Archive of Our Own]
Mako doesn't see why she should 'put a ring on it'. Or: How To Get Married, The Guerilla Version.
fic  f:PacificRim  het  s:Mako/Raleigh  short  domestic  post-canon  'ao3 
march 2014 by esther_a
Love Is Simple - dedkake - Pacific Rim (2013) [Archive of Our Own]
Mako loves him. Raleigh doesn't notice it at first, but when he does, it feels like he's known it all along.
fic  f:PacificRim  het  s:Mako/Raleigh  asexuality  short  'ao3 
january 2014 by esther_a
autoclave - cynicalRaconteur - Pacific Rim (2013) [Archive of Our Own]
Or: How the fuck is she so attractive, she dresses like my grandfather, I want to punch myself in the face: the Newt Geiszler story.
fic  f:PacificRim  AU  AU:gender_changes  femslash  s:Newt/Hermann  'ao3  Rule63 
october 2013 by esther_a
Newt the Small Mother - feriowind - Pacific Rim (2013) [Archive of Our Own]
Newt is chosen to lead a gov't sponsored research project dedicated to the research and creation of kaiju after the closing of the Breach. There, Newt and Hermann create a family for themselves and new guardians to ensure the safety of Earth.
fic  fanart  f:PacificRim  gen  'ao3 
october 2013 by esther_a
Exile - Skull_Bearer - Pacific Rim (2013) [Archive of Our Own]
Sometimes, during the day when the sun is warm and the sky so blue it aches to see, Hermann can forget. He looks at his face and sees only that, his face, and does not think of the edges hidden beneath. Hermann is a kaiju. Surprisingly quality.
fic  f:PacificRim  slash  s:Newt/Hermann  xeno  via:Aidara 
october 2013 by esther_a
Reconstruction Site - disco_vendetta (brinn) - Pacific Rim (2013) [Archive of Our Own]
One day he looks up from the scaffolding and realizes that he’s almost exactly at Jaeger height and has to wrap his hand tight against the metal to keep from stepping out into the air. Not because he wants to kill himself or anything, just because for a split second his mind felt that old equilibrium and he just knew he should be able to, should be able to walk straight across the valley in front of him and out into the sea and on forever until he finds whatever’s next.
fic  f:PacificRim  het  s:Mako/Raleigh  'ao3 
september 2013 by esther_a
Cover Me Up [by Impertinence, Mako/Raleigh]
Raleigh likes being handcuffed, Mako likes Raleigh. Porn.
fic  f:PacificRim  het  s:Mako/Raleigh  pwp  bondage  'ao3 
september 2013 by esther_a
the miracle girl and danger's sensation - timetravelings - Pacific Rim (2013) [Archive of Our Own]
When Mako was still in Academy, she subscribed to Jaeger-groupie teen magazines and nursed an embarrassing crush for Raleigh Becket. She forgot about it, eventually, but things come to light.
fic  f:PacificRim  s:Mako/Raleigh  short  'ao3 
september 2013 by esther_a
Relaxing in Style - StripySock - Pacific Rim (2013) [Archive of Our Own]
Hermann's leg has been playing up all day, but when Newt suggests an alternative way to treat his pain (by smoking some weed) he's reluctant. Turns out it was a really good idea (and Newt looks more and more attractive.)
fic  f:PacificRim  slash  pwp  explicit  h/c  'ao3  s:Newt/Hermann 
september 2013 by esther_a
big teeth small kiss, by magneticwave
It takes Raleigh three accidental meetings, two scoops of vanilla ice cream, and an economics textbook to fall for Mako Mori harder than he’s fallen for anything else in his entire life. Yancy, predictably, laughs his ass off about it.
fic  f:PacificRim  het  slash  AU  AU:modern_day/real_world  s:Mako/Raleigh  s:Newt/Hermann  'ao3  AU:School 
september 2013 by esther_a
In the Hour After Zero - Amuly - Pacific Rim (2013) [Archive of Our Own]
In the case of Drs Newton Geiszler and Hermann Gottleib, "bickering like an old married couple" was actually a fairly literal description of them. After all, they had started dating one year after Newt came aboard the PPDC, then married two years after that. So maybe the "old" part of "old married couple" wasn't perfectly accurate, but it was really just technicalities at that point.
fic  f:PacificRim  slash  s:Herman/Newt  explicit  'ao3  marriage:weddings/proposals  established_relationship 
august 2013 by esther_a
Heeding The Call - marchingjaybird - Pacific Rim (2013) [Archive of Our Own]
There was a time when they were simply a courting couple, before the kaiju and the Jaegers.

A story of how the Kaidanovskys came to Cherno Alpha.
fic  f:PacificRim  het  s:Sasha/Alexis  pre-canon  'ao3 
august 2013 by esther_a
light - songandsilence - Pacific Rim (2013) [Archive of Our Own]
“Kiddo, you mind getting down? Your old man isn’t a Jaeger.” Not anymore, at least.

Written for the Mako/Raleigh ficathon going on over on LJ.
fic  f:PacificRim  het  s:Mako/Raleigh  kidfic  post-canon  'ao3 
august 2013 by esther_a
Lazarus Syndrome - Miss_Six - Pacific Rim (2013) [Archive of Our Own]
Raleigh’s never told anyone, but he’s pretty sure he died in his escape pod after nuking the Breach.
fic  f:PacificRim  gen  short  post-canon  'ao3 
august 2013 by esther_a
tongues and quiet sighs - grim_lupine - Pacific Rim (2013) [Archive of Our Own]
All in all, they get along fairly well, most of the time. If Aleksis finds himself watching Sasha with an eye that’s more appreciative than assessing at times, well, that’s his own business; Aleksis certainly isn’t going to bring it up, and if Sasha hasn’t done anything about it by now (he doesn’t fool himself that she hasn’t noticed), she probably never will.

At least, that’s what Aleksis thinks, right up until she does.
fic  f:PacificRim  het  pwp  s:Sasha/Alexis  explicit  short  'ao3 
august 2013 by esther_a

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