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A Study in Serpents Being a brief memoir of Lady Trent [by Marie Robinette Kowal]]
You have, it seems, read the newspaper accounts of my most recent visit to Lutjarro and have interpreted them in the most flamboyant of fashions. Allow me, please, the opportunity to present a slightly more prosaic account of the proceedings. I say “slightly” because we are, of course, discussing a murder.
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A Heretic by Degrees by Marie Brennan - InterGalactic Medicine Show
The king was dying, and nothing in the world could save him.

The Councillor Paramount said, "Then we must look outside the world for help."
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Marie Brennan - Stories - Other - "Nine Sketches, in Charcoal and Blood"
The townhouse of Richard Lowell was not one known to respectable members of Society.... Thus, when word went out that Lowell had died, and moreover had died without a will, an unprecedented opportunity arose to investigate the matter -- through suitable intermediaries, of course. The public auction was set for May the fourteenth, and many a wealthy man instructed his gentleman-factor to attend, there to observe, and perhaps to purchase any oddities which might appeal.
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