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Bubble Therapy - GremlinSR - Naruto [Archive of Our Own]
Harriet Potter, displaced in a world where people have strange powers and nobody speaks her language, is pretty sure she's screwed. Then she finds herself a family in the leader of a small but prosperous country and his two children. When their peace is threatened, Harriet agrees to an arranged marriage with the head of the infamous Nara clan of Konoha.

Or: Harriet becomes an actual magical princess.
fic  f:Naruto  crossover  crossover:portal  f:HarryPotter  het  s:CrossoverPairing  marriage:arranged  getting-together  long  'ao3  fluff  kidfic  AU:gender_changes 
26 days ago by esther_a
The Changing Times - LullabyKnell - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
There wasn’t any sort of fanfare for Ron Weasley about to board the Hogwarts Express for the first time.

Ron Weasley's family is acting weirdly, some very unexpected people are making friends with him, and altogether a ride on the Hogwarts Express goes very differently to the way it happened the first time around.
fic  id:LullabyKnell  f:HarryPotter  AU  AU:canon_divergence  timetravel  short  'ao3 
6 weeks ago by esther_a
Before The Day Is Done - trace_of_scarlet - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
In the aftermath of the Battle of Hogwarts, McGonagall finally gets the chance to arrest Umbridge. But she hasn't entirely counted on taking young Mr. Longbottom along to do the job with her...
fic  f:HarryPotter  gen  short  post-canon  aftermath  'ao3 
10 weeks ago by esther_a
careful creature - blackkat - Bleach [Archive of Our Own]
While on a mission in England, Nel meets a little boy in need of rescue. As a dashing knight, that's exactly her area of expertise.
fic  id:blackkat  f:Bleach  crossover  f:HarryPotter  AU:canon_divergence  poly  s:unspecified  kidfic  short  'ao3 
may 2019 by esther_a
The Splendid Gallery - LullabyKnell - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Pre-POA AU: In the summer of 1993, the Grangers vacation in France and meet the Delacours. When the Granger-Delacour parents elect to explore Wizarding France as a group, Hermione Granger is thrown together with a girl named Fleur Delacour due to some bizarre idea that they will somehow magically become friends. Even though they have nothing whatsoever in common and Hermione doesn't like Fleur at all!

In which two of the brightest witches of their age become very good friends.
fic  id:LullabyKnell  f:HarryPotter  AU  femslash  s:unspecified  AU:canon_divergence  'ao3 
april 2019 by esther_a
Don't Blame Me (It Was All a Blur Last Night) - nerakrose - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
"Stop moving, Potter," Malfoy mumbled from where his head was buried under a pillow. "You're disturbing my hangover. Also, why are you still here?"

"This is my hotel room," Harry told him.
fic  f:HarryPotter  slash  s:Harry/Draco  EWE  marriage:accidental  'ao3  kidfic 
march 2019 by esther_a
Catching the Snitch - abluestocking - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
In which a Ministry dinner, a sibling rivalry, and a Quidditch tournament changed the course of Padma Patil's life in a way she never expected.
fic  femslash  futurefic  f:HarryPotter  s:unspecified  EWE  getting-together  fake_relationship  'ao3 
february 2019 by esther_a
I could be wrong, I could be ready - harryromper - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
At first Harry wonders if they’ve managed to destroy his vaults and are trying to tell him in the most oblique way possible. But when he turns the page he realises they’ve found a vault. A vault in the name of Lily and James Potter.

The parchment trembles a little in Harry’s hand. He takes another gulp of wine.

Harry Potter left Britain after the war and didn’t look back. Ten years later, when Gringotts discovers a vault containing his parents’ belongings—including their badly spell-damaged wedding rings—he’s forced to face up to friends and family who’ve grown in ways he could never imagine, a wizarding London rebuilt beyond his expectations, and the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts. And if that wasn’t enough, there’s the entirely unforeseen problem of Draco Malfoy.

Featuring pureblood wizarding traditions, ancestral magic, open mic nights, marriage equality, a diner in Brooklyn, and the return of Fleamont Potter.
kidfic  fic  f:HarryPotter  slash  s:Harry/Draco  EWE  post-canon  'ao3 
january 2019 by esther_a
Unassuming Hufflepuff - flamethrower - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
The Weasley twins and one Unassuming Hufflepuff meet out of a shared desire to prank the unwary...

Then they sort-of-on-purpose save Sirius Black.

Everything else is fallout, and Uh does not appreciate any of it except the part where they get friends out of it.
fic  id:Flamethrower  f:HarryPotter  crossover  f:TheMummy  gen  AU:canon_divergence  WIP  'ao3 
january 2019 by esther_a
In Which Sirius Black Fails to Argue with a Hat - flamethrower - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Sirius Black loses the argument with the Sorting Hat and is Sorted Slytherin. He has no idea what could possibly be worse than this.
fic  id:Flamethrower  f:HarryPotter  AU  AU:canon_divergence  maurader-era  WIP  'ao3  AU:alternate_sorting 
january 2019 by esther_a
you're as sharp as a knife and you fit like a glove - blackkat - Katekyou Hitman Reborn! [Archive of Our Own]
Sirius Black grabs his godson and flees to Italy after Godric's Hollow. Landing in the middle of organized crime, curses, and malevolent ghosts was most definitely not part of the plan, but there might be a few perks.
fic  id:blackkat  f:HarryPotter  crossover  f:KHR  slash  s:CrossoverPairing  AU:canon_divergence  short  'ao3 
december 2018 by esther_a
yer a wizard, dudley - dirgewithoutmusic - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Harry Potter spent his eleventh birthday in a cabin on a tiny rock in the middle of the sea, listening to his cousin snore on the couch.

When a knock sounded on the wind-swept, rain-drenched door, it was not a giant fist (or a half-giant's fist). It was a short sharp rap that sounded once, twice, three times before Minerva McGonagall simply charmed the lock open and stepped inside.

"Apologies," Minerva said crisply, as Vernon raced out brandishing his rifle and Petunia pulled Dudley up off the couch and behind her. "I wasn't sure you could hear me over the weather.” The rain fell down behind the professor in a roar. She was perfectly dry.

Minerva fished in her pocket without looking, because the only things allowed in her pockets were only ever exactly what she needed. “I've come to deliver this," she said, pulling out a letter and handing it to Harry, who was cross-legged on the floor, "because our owl post seems to have been unable to get through.”

“And I've come to deliver this," she added, pulling out a second letter, "because Hogwarts by-laws require a professor to hand-deliver acceptance letters to Muggleborn families for their explanation and comfort."
fic  f:HarryPotter  gen  AU:canon_divergence  'ao3 
october 2018 by esther_a
Fic:: Alive On Air [HP] - Philosophy supernatural nude
Jordan, Shacklebolt, Lupin, and Weasley, Underground Radio Journalists.
fic  f:HarryPotter  gen  short  'LJ 
september 2018 by esther_a
Remus Lupin, a Werewolf? Gasp! Who Knew? - LullabyKnell - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
The clues were there and they were not impossible to put together. A person didn’t have to be breathtakingly clever and named Hermione Granger to realize that Professor Remus Lupin was a werewolf. The regular absences were covered up well and then explained away with the dismissive ease of someone who had been making these excuses all their life, but there were still students who could take a break from their own busy lives just long enough to make the necessary leap of logic.

- Some snippets of realization with some random Hogwarts students.
fic  id:LullabyKnell  f:HarryPotter  gen  short  outsiderpov  'ao3  humor 
september 2018 by esther_a
like dragons but more disappointing by fascinationex
""It'll be an adventure," said Godric that night as dusk was falling over their camp.

"It'll be a mess," Salazar predicted.

Four people argue over a fire."
fic  f:HarryPotter  gen  founder-era  short  'ao3  via:Laria_Gwyn 
september 2018 by esther_a
In a Manner of Speaking - LullabyKnell - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
The year is 1999 and a litte girl has been found with no past and nowhere to go.

Someone is about to get the surprise of a lifetime. Again.

A Post-DH, Pre-Cursed Child Crack Fic.
fic  id:LullabyKnell  f:HarryPotter  f:CursedChild  gen  AU  AU:canon_divergence  fixit  kidfic  'ao3 
july 2018 by esther_a
Secret keeper by elicitillicit
"Dudley feels abruptly uneasy as MacArthur leans further into the girl and whispers into her ear, and then there is a jolt in his stomach when he sees the girl jerk her right hand – the hand not holding his drunken and stupid teammate away from her – ever so slightly.

Half an inch of a wooden stick slides out of her sleeve."
fic  f:HarryPotter  het  s:unspecified  futurefic  via:Laria_Gwyn 
may 2018 by esther_a
dirtynumbangelboy - magpie_fngrl - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
After Harry’s unfortunate encounter with his ex, Draco Malfoy makes him a proposition. Draco wants his parents to stop matchmaking him and Harry wants to make his ex jealous. All they need to do is simply pretend they’re in love. Problem is… Draco already is.
fic  f:HarryPotter  slash  s:Harry/Draco  futurefic  fake_relationship  EWE  'ao3 
may 2018 by esther_a
face death in the hope - LullabyKnell - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Harry looks vaguely nervous, scratching the back of his neck. “It's a really long story,” he says finally, almost apologetically, “and it's really hard to believe.”

“Try me,” Regulus says, more than a little daringly.
fic  f:HarryPotter  slash  s:unspecified  timetravel  pre-canon  fixit  long  WIP  'ao3  id:LullabyKnell 
may 2018 by esther_a
The Cat Came Back - LullabyKnell - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
On November 1st, 1981, Minerva McGonagall shows up on her brother's doorstep with a bundle in tow.
fic  f:HarryPotter  gen  au  AU:canon_divergence  fixit  short  'ao3  id:LullabyKnell 
may 2018 by esther_a
you'll go the same way by LullabyKnell
A man appears at the gates of Malfoy Manor.

Draco Malfoy isn't the average first choice for a hero sent back in time to save the world. Narcissa Malfoy, slightly surprised to see the grown man her eleven-year-old son could be, isn't the average first choice for his Horcrux-hunting partner either. Honestly, they're supposed to be on the other side in all this business.

But it cannot be denied that they're very efficient, especially given their quest is relegated to Narcissa's free time and Draco is relegated to a guest wing bedroom so his father and younger self don't interfere. Nor can it be denied that if the Dark Lord isn't going to show them loyalty and victory, then... well... Family First, after all.
fic  f:harrypotter  timetravel  gen  fixit  'ao3  id:LullabyKnell 
may 2018 by esther_a
Dangerous - Faith Wood (faithwood) - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Being trapped in a dungeon with Malfoy — who's a werewolf, a former Death Eater, and a giant git — is definitely dangerous. Harry has no reason to be excited. None at all.
fic  f:HarryPotter  slash  s:Harry/Draco  post-canon  EWE  explicit  knotting  'ao3  short 
april 2018 by esther_a
raise hell and turn it up - blackkat - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
“Make yourself at home, then,” Bazz says grumpily. “What do you want with me, and how the fuck do you know my name?”

McGonagall sniffs, but settles back onto the cushions with perfect poise. “I traced your family tree,” she says. “Or, rather, I traced the Black family tree to you.”
fic  f:HarryPotter  crossover  f:Bleach  id:blackkat  gen  short  'ao3  crossover:relatives 
april 2018 by esther_a
Two Men In A Bar - Nabielka - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
“I could make you a king,” Tom said, because like the many spoiled heirs who used to sneer at him in the corridors, muggles were foolish enough to believe that power could be handed over on a platter.
fic  f:HarryPotter  crossover  f:Narnia  slash  'ao3 
april 2018 by esther_a
kill the masquerade - consumptive_sphinx - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
It starts when a Gryffindor Muggleborn named Sally decides to order pizza.

(Let's face it: in an age where everybody and their dog carries a camera at all times, the Statute of Secrecy was always going to fall into little bits.)
fic  f:HarryPotter  gen  futurefic  secrets-revealed  social-media  short  'ao3 
april 2018 by esther_a
Of a Linear Circle - Part I - flamethrower - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
In September of 1971, Severus Snape finds a forgotten portrait of the Slytherin family in a dark corner of the Slytherin Common Room. At the time, he has no idea that talking portrait will affect the rest of his life.
fic  id:Flamethrower  f:HarryPotter  long  slash  s:OCpairing  plotty  'ao3  favorite 
march 2018 by esther_a
#the dogfather -
all right. so. this is a Harry Potter AU, in rambly and abbreviated form.

this is a version of events where, on the morning of November 1st, 1981, the police are called to a house in Surrey.
when they arrive, a large man with a red face and a moustache is waiting for them, brandishing a baby.
to be more accurate: he is brandishing a basket. the basket contains a baby.
he tells the police that his wife found the basket on their doorstep that morning. “Gave her the shock of her life,” he says, with a chuckle that does not seem the least bit sincere.
fic  f:HarryPotter  gen  AU  AU:canon_divergence  fixit  'tumblr  wip 
february 2018 by esther_a
Sleepover Secrets - Kitty September (KittyAug) - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
An all girl 8th year unity party takes a turn for the better for Pansy when certain secrets are revealed.
fic  f:HarryPotter  femslash  explicit  s:unspecified  short  'ao3 
february 2018 by esther_a
a witch in the family - LullabyKnell - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
"For the 5+ Headcanon game, what do you think of an AU in which Petunia is a witch?"

Petunia Evans learns important life lessons from the magical world that every proper witch ought to know.
fic  f:HarryPotter  gen  pre-canon  kidfic  AU  AU:canon_divergence  'ao3  id:LullabyKnell 
january 2018 by esther_a
bow my head to no one - TardisIsTheOnlyWayToTravel - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Neville and the D.A. are busy fighting the good fight from the Room of Requirement. It's a good thing they have Toby Williams.

fic  id:Tardis  f:HarryPotter  crossover  f:Labyrinth  gen  'ao3 
november 2017 by esther_a
Geometry of the Impossible - Aria - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
"I don't think Lily nor James would be very happy if I did his courting for him," Remus said. He saw that Sirius' face was fixed into blank patience, and had a flash of desire to snarl and go for Sirius' throat, because he might at least understand that. "Look. There are comical farces written around your idea, and I'm not terribly keen on having Lily fall for me instead --"
fic  f:HarryPotter  pre-canon  poly  Sedorotu  s:unspecified  maurader-era  explicit  long  'ao3  getting-together 
october 2017 by esther_a
The Marriage Benefit - miamadwyn
It's all about the money. [13,365 words]
How Granger And Snape Buggered The Ministry, The Board Of Governors,
Minerva And The Entire Hogwarts Staff
Whilst Finding True Love)
fic  f:HarryPotter  het  s:Hermione/Severus  humor  fake_relationship  getting-together  'ao3  EWE 
october 2017 by esther_a
Night Out at the Kitty Kat Club - TardisIsTheOnlyWayToTravel - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Ginny Weasley is straight - she's had boyfriends, after all. But when she sets her sights on a position with the Holyhead Harpies (the only all-women Quidditch team in the League), she decides that going to the Harpies' favourite hangout - which is also London's only wizarding lesbian bar- and pretending to be a lesbian will help her chances of getting on the team. She decides to bring Harriet along for support - unaware that Harriet is in the closet, and terrified of anyone finding out.

But Ginny's reasons for going to the Kitty Kat Club are more complex than Harriet knows - and maybe people finding out the truth about Harriet won't be such a disaster, after all.
fic  id:Tardis  f:HarryPotter  AU  AU:gender_changes  s:Harry/Ginny  'ao3  EWE  femslash 
september 2017 by esther_a
closer to the truth to say you can t get enough - irnan - Harry Potter - Fandom Archive of Our Own
Harry s days go like this: suspected vampire attack in Birmingham where did Slughorn say Sanguini had got to? , possible house-elf trafficking ring in Wiltshire not touching that one, if he puts a foot wrong Hermione will be in here like the wrath of God, bet Ron will volunteer , Dark Magic objects recovered from a cellar in Winchester, and baked potatoes and a pint with his best friends at lunch. And, always, Ginny.
fic  f:HarryPotter  het  s:Harry/Ginny  futurefic  casefic  'ao3 
july 2017 by esther_a
Harry Potter and the Problem of Potions - Wyste - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
"Once upon a time, Harry Potter hid for two hours from Dudley in a chemistry classroom, while a nice graduate student explained about the scientific method and interesting facts about acids. A pebble thrown into the water causes ripples."

Really excellent, long au where Harry is fascinated by Potions and that changes quite a lot of things (though not everything). I really love his complicated relationships with Snape, Draco and Voldemort in this. 185,000 words.

Contains, in no particular order: magic candymaking, Harry falling in love with a house, evil kitten Draco Malfoy, and Hermione attempting to apply logic to the wizarding world.
via:norwich36  fic  f:HarryPotter  gen  AU  AU:canon_divergence  long  'ao3  extra-long 
june 2017 by esther_a
you'll go the same way - LullabyKnell - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
A man appears at the gates of Malfoy Manor.

Draco Malfoy isn't the average first choice for a hero sent back in time to save the world. Narcissa Malfoy, slightly surprised to see the grown man her eleven-year-old son could be, isn't the average first choice for his Horcrux-hunting partner either. Honestly, they're supposed to be on the other side in all this business.

But it cannot be denied that they're very efficient, especially given their quest is relegated to Narcissa's free time and Draco is relegated to a guest wing bedroom so his father and younger self don't interfere. Nor can it be denied that if the Dark Lord isn't going to show them loyalty and victory, then... well... Family First, after all.
via:japanimecrazed  fic  f:HarryPotter  gen  timetravel  fixit  'ao3  id:LullabyKnell 
june 2017 by esther_a
chaila | Vid: I Am the One Who Will Remember Everything [Harry Potter]
"Come over here, kid, we've got all these books to read." Professor Minerva McGonagall, memory, war, resistance and hope.
nf  fanvid  f:HarryPotter  'dwth 
may 2017 by esther_a
Dial Tone - Demmora - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Short ficelt inspired by a gifset on tumblr, where Dudley stands up to Vernon and tells Harry he doesn't think he's a waste of space and I went off on a headcanon tangent of "whatifs". Not beta'd not proofed, just copied from the post so people could read it easier :)
fic  id:demmora  f:HarryPotter  futurefic  ficlet  'ao3 
april 2017 by esther_a
Swung by Serafim - flamethrower - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
In 1993, Gilderoy Lockhart points a stolen wand at Harry Potter and Ron Weasley with the intent to Obliviate them.

The wand doesn't backfire. Gilderoy's "discovery" of the Chamber of Secrets is a short-term success.

Other consequences are not short-term at all.
fic  id:Flamethrower  f:HarryPotter  AU  AU:canon_divergence  long  'ao3  extra-long  amnesia 
february 2017 by esther_a
Mirror Marching - Gehayi - Fallen London | Echo Bazaar [Archive of Our Own]
Regulus is eager to escape to anywhere that isn't Voldemort's England--even if it means a trip through the looking glass to an unknown destination.
fic  id:gehayi  f:HarryPotter  crossover  f:FallenLondon  het  s:CrossoverPairing  fixit  'ao3  crossover:portal 
february 2017 by esther_a
Ragtag Heroes (Raise the Dead Reprise) - blackkat - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Harry never gets a chance to cast his patronus that night when the dementors come to Little Whinging. A dead man does it for him. Regulus Black has spent almost sixteen years hunting Horcruxes, but now he’s ready to face the Light—as well as his brother, and the friend he left behind.
fic  f:HarryPotter  AU  AU:canon_divergence  AU:denial-fic  short  'ao3  id:blackkat 
december 2016 by esther_a
these little powerless bones - dirgewithoutmusic - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
well what do we have here?

she’s got a forged hogwarts letter with penmanship that’s perfect down to the ink splatter; she’s got a complicated string of owls, only half of them forged, from parents to administration to ministry that’s so complicated her name ended up on the first year roll call anyway. she’s got ten arguments, four pleas, and one smothered threat on the tip of her mental tongue for why the house that comes out of this hat’s brim better not be squib

she’s got a lighter up her sleeve and an eight and a half inch wand in her belt that will never, ever work for her. 

well, says the hat, better be slytherin then

|| Short, lapslock, but enough about belief, and organizing, and hope, and alternate routes to power that I'm teary-eyed.

(I might be particularly moved by people fighting the system at this point in my life. It's a thought.)
fic  f:HarryPotter  gen  short  'ao3  via:blottingtheink 
december 2016 by esther_a
Hogwarts, to welcome you home - gedsparrowhawk (FaceChanger)
“You understand, Professor,” Harry began, after a moment, “that I don’t have my N.E.W.T.s. I don’t even have my O.W.L.s. Between everything I never had a chance the first time around, and then afterwards there didn’t seem to be much point. Hermione argued for it, of course, but I was so tired of Britain. So technically, I am completely unqualified for the position.”

“Quite a way to begin an interview, Mr. Potter,” McGonagall said dryly.

Or, three years after the war, Harry Potter becomes Hogwarts' newest Defense Against the Dark Arts professor.
via:sophia_sol  gen  fic  f:HarryPotter  post-canon  EWE  'ao3 
october 2016 by esther_a
When The Wolf Comes Home - roachpatrol - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling
Through a dark ritual, Draco Malfoy is sent back in time, from his seventeenth year to his eleventh. Now he has the chance to use his superior knowledge and skill to change everything and save all his friends and family, but there's a terrible complication: it turns out that not even time travel can cure a case of lycanthropy. (29,775 words so far)
via:theodosia21  fic  f:HarryPotter  long  timetravel  fixit  WIP  AO3 
october 2016 by esther_a
All Our Secrets Laid Bare - firethesound - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Over the six years Draco Malfoy has been an Auror, four of his partners have turned up dead. Harry Potter is assigned as his newest partner to investigate just what is going on.
fic  f:HarryPotter  slash  s:Harry/Draco  long  explicit  EWE  'ao3 
october 2016 by esther_a
The Transfiguration Incident, Or Pettigrew's Problems - Kyra_Neko_Rei - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
The lesson is transfiguring rats into teacups . . . only Ron Weasley's rat is actually an Animagus, which has dire consequences for the spell, for Peter Pettigrew, and for the Dark Lord's prospects for resurrection (and rather better consequences for Minerva McGonagall's reputation). Cross-posted (finally!) from Tumblr.
fic  f:HarryPotter  gen  AU  AU:canon_divergence  short  'ao3 
august 2016 by esther_a
as green as a fresh pickled toad - Chapter 20: A Different Sort of Sorting - LullabyKnell - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
And then the Sorting Hat sends an Avery off to Gryffindor and an Abbott off to Ravenclaw, despite the families’ respective long and prestigious histories in Slytherin and Hufflepuff. What the actual fuck is happening, no one says aloud, as a Bulstrode goes off to Hufflepuff and a Longbottom cousin goes into Slytherin.
fic  f:HarryPotter  gen  AU  AU:canon_divergence  AU:alternate_sorting  5things  slash  s:Harry/Draco  short  'ao3  id:LullabyKnell 
august 2016 by esther_a
Explosions - joisbishmyoga - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Hermione just wanted a map of the Wizarding planet. She found a lot more.
fic  id:joisbishmyoga  f:HarryPotter  gen  'ao3 
july 2016 by esther_a
Slithering - astolat - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Draco found the nest down in the Manor’s cellars, while he was clearing them out.
fic  id:astolat  f:HarryPotter  slash  s:Harry/Draco  postwar  long  plotty  'ao3 
july 2016 by esther_a
The Radio (Tonks, PG): femgenficathon
Mrs. Ogden is ninety-three. Her social worker is confused.
fic  f:HarryPotter  gen  short  'LJ 
july 2016 by esther_a
THERMOS!, or, How a Muggle-Born Brought a New Age of Spell-Making to Hogwarts (Entirely by Accident) - susieboo - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Muggle-born witch Phoebe McDevitt just wanted her tea to stay warm during class. She didn't expect to accidentally start a spell-making craze among her classmates.

[Oneshot. Next generation. Based off a Tumblr post, which I will link to in the notes.]
fic  f:HarryPotter  gen  NextGen  short  'ao3 
may 2016 by esther_a
Stately Homes of Wiltshire - waspabi - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Malfoy Manor has mould, dry rot and an infestation of unusually historical poltergeists. Harry Potter is on the case.
fic  f:HarryPotter  slash  s:Harry/Draco  long  EWE  'ao3  explicit 
may 2016 by esther_a
The Things People Carry - nagi_schwarz - Stargate Atlantis [Archive of Our Own]
Evan Lorne is home on his first annual leave from Atlantis and goes to the Paint Nite at the bar down the street from his old college dorms. The night's theme is a portrait exchange. His portrait partner is an unusual woman named Luna Lovegood Scamander. Set in Season 3 of Stargate Atlantis, post-series for Harry Potter, epilogue-compliant.
fic  f:SGA  crossover  f:HarryPotter  gen  'ao3 
may 2016 by esther_a
Dudders, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
There's a strange boy at the doorstep. And he's claiming to be Harry Potter's godson. One-shot, feel good story.
fic  f:HarryPotter  gen  post-canon  short  family  'ffn 
may 2016 by esther_a
Eternally Consistent - kitsunealyc - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter assumed they would never be anything but civil enemies, until Potter lands on Malfoy's doorstep, bleeding, covered in curses, and acting very strangely indeed.
fic  f:HarryPotter  slash  s:Harry/Draco  futurefic  EWE  explicit  timetravel  'ao3 
may 2016 by esther_a
If I Knew You Were Coming, I'd've Baked a Cake - Pitry
It was funny to call it normal, but life can be funny sometimes: that was what Lavender had said, and Dudley, who knew he wasn’t very clever, was bound to agree with her.

Dudley after the war, helping Lavender run the ice cream parlour in Diagon Alley
fic  f:HarryPotter  gen  post-canon  'ao3 
may 2016 by esther_a
Unseen - astolat - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
When he wasn’t wearing it, he got jumpy, always waiting for someone to come at him wanting something—and now they did it even more urgently, if they ever saw him, because most of the time, nobody did.
fic  id:astolat  f:HarryPotter  slash  s:Harry/Draco  futurefic  EWE  'ao3 
april 2016 by esther_a
Reparatio - astolat - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Draco snorted. “I’m not reduced to penury. I want something considerably beyond money, and I rather think you’re the only one can give it to me.”

“You want the Invisibility Cloak,” Harry said, flatly. He’d half expected as much; it was the only thing he had that Draco could want—

“Don’t be stupid, Potter,” Draco said. “I want my reputation back.”
fic  id:astolat  f:HarryPotter  slash  s:Harry/Draco  EWE  post-canon  'ao3 
february 2016 by esther_a
Seventh Horcrux, a harry potter fanfic by Emerald Ashes
The presence of a foreign soul may have unexpected side effects on a growing child. I am Lord Volde...Harry Potter. I'm Harry Potter. In which Harry is insane, Hermione is a Dark Lady-in-training, Ginny is a minion, and Ron is confused. (104,212 words)
via:theodosia21  fic  f:HarryPotter  gen  crack  humor  evil!characters  long  'ffn 
december 2015 by esther_a
Battle for Atlantis - esama - Temeraire - Naomi Novik, Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
The first hand accounting of William Laurence on the matter of the first Sinking of Atlantis

Part 4 of the Island of Fire series
fic  id:esama  f:HarryPotter  crossover  f:Temeraire  gen  epistolary/document-fic  'ao3  via:shadowkeeper  crossover:portal 
december 2015 by esther_a
There May Be Some Collateral Damage - metisket - Bleach, Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Ichigo’s been ordered to go undercover at a magic school to bodyguard a kid named Harry Potter, and this would be fine, except that he’s about as good at bodyguarding as he is at magic. And he considers it a good day, magic-wise, if he hasn’t set anything on fire.
fic  id:metisket  f:Bleach  crossover  f:HarryPotter  gen  long  'ao3  outsiderpov  AU  AU:canon_divergence  fixit 
november 2015 by esther_a
Daily Deviant - Fic: "Slip Into My Lover's Hands", (Harry/Draco; NC-17)
Draco licks his lips. He shuts his eyes, because he doesn't think he can look at Potter when he says it. When he asks for it. "One finger?"
fic  f:HarryPotter  slash  s:Harry/Draco  pwp  explicit  'IJ  short 
july 2015 by esther_a
the heir of something or other by dirgewithoutmusic (PG)
"Slytherins–- this is a group who laughs when Neville falls off a broom and breaks his wrist. And what if we had Harry there, who had always been the one laughed at, who had a nice thirst to prove himself, who had green trim on his robes instead of red? This Harry still stepped out in front of Malfoy’s best sneer and demanded Neville’s Rememberall back–- though he got a detention from it, not a Seekership.

When kids in the Slytherin Common Room tossed jeers at the pudgy feet of Millicent Bulstrode, Harry rose up to do something about it.

When Quirrell shouted “troll in the dungeons, thought you ought to know,” and Harry overheard that there was a girl in the bathroom crying, he still ran off to make sure she got out okay.

Harry did not ask Millicent to come with him; this was not a boy who asked for things. When he had asked for things, Dudley had laughed, Petunia had scowled, and Vernon had said, “no,” or just kept reading the newspaper like he hadn’t heard anything at all.

But when Harry went, Millicent bunched up her robes in her hands and followed." (14,305 words)
fic  f:HarryPotter  gen  AU  AU:canon_divergence  AU:alternate_sorting  long  'ao3 
july 2015 by esther_a
Draco Malfoy and the Trials of Single Parenthood - estora - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Draco Malfoy: ex-Death Eater, former bigot, divorcee, and single father. His wife left him for Viktor Krum, his children worship the Weasleys who clash with the décor, something is rotten at Hogwarts, and he doesn't really know what he's doing. But maybe he's getting the hang of it.
fic  f:HarryPotter  gen  post-canon  kidfic  'ao3  casefic  epistolary/document-fic  dead-link-alerts 
april 2015 by esther_a
Translations - emilyenrose - Harry Potter - Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
Salazar Slytherin has made his decision. There's only one thing left to worry about.
fic  f:HarryPotter  gen  pre-canon  short  'ao3  founder-era 
april 2015 by esther_a
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