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PHILISTINE - meclea - Fallen London | Echo Bazaar [Archive of Our Own]
The very moment you meet him, you know he's going to be A Problem. The Louche Devil shakes your hand with a glint in his eyes and a suggestive stroke of his thumb across your wrist.
fic  f:FallenLondon  pwp  explicit  'ao3 
october 2017 by esther_a
Mirror Marching - Gehayi - Fallen London | Echo Bazaar [Archive of Our Own]
Regulus is eager to escape to anywhere that isn't Voldemort's England--even if it means a trip through the looking glass to an unknown destination.
fic  id:gehayi  f:HarryPotter  crossover  f:FallenLondon  het  s:CrossoverPairing  fixit  'ao3  crossover:portal 
february 2017 by esther_a
Pass the Cat - r_lee - Fallen London | Echo Bazaar [Archive of Our Own]
A gently rustling box sits on your dining room table. Only one layer remains!
fic  f:FallenLondon  gen  short  yuletide  'ao3 
january 2015 by esther_a
I'm a candle
The tale of Mr Eaten is a long and sad one indeed. There is, ah, a lot more to it than just falling down a well. It’s possibly one of the more important events in Neathy history, with roots that possibly trail back to before the Bazaar’s presence in the Neath. Unfortunately, a lot of the information is contained within the hellish difficult (and hiatused) Seeking storyline, but with more accessible bits here and there (for instance, at Christmas).
nf  meta  f:FallenLondon  'tumblr 
april 2014 by esther_a
On the Subject of Foxes, and their Absence from the City of London - ArmandDAlterac - Fallen London | Echo Bazaar [Archive of Our Own]
"Therein being a short but comprehensive account of my research and travails in uncovering the secrets behind the absence of foxes in the City, and the unexplained presence of one specimen, brought to my attention by a cat."
fic  f:FallenLondon  gen  short  epistolary/document-fic  'ao3 
february 2014 by esther_a
Seducing a Certain Delicious Prospect - Rabbit - Fallen London | Echo Bazaar [Archive of Our Own]
If you were an Affectionate Devil or a Quiet Deviless, how would you go about making Delicious Friends... and parting them from their souls? Spoilers for the An Intimate of Devils storyline.
fic  f:FallenLondon  yuletide  'ao3 
december 2013 by esther_a
Bargains - MixolydianGrey- Fallen London | Echo Bazaar [Archive of Our Own]
In the deepest matters of the Bazaar, always look to love.

Characters: The King with a Hundred Hearts, the Manager of the Royal Bethlehem Hotel
fic  f:FallenLondon  slash  yuletide  'ao3  s:Canon_Pairings 
december 2013 by esther_a
Buy The Stars - conceptofzero - Fallen London|Echo Bazaar [Archive of Our Own]
Kindness is not a virtue, not in Fallen London. Hester knows this all too well. Sentimentality will cost you everything in this city and only a fool would risk anything for a Rubbery Man stupid enough to let themselves be cornered. But she's a woman who has always learned things the hard way, and this lesson is no exception to that rule.
fic  f:FallenLondon  xeno  tentacles  explicit  long  'ao3  favorite  s:OCpairing 
april 2013 by esther_a
Literary Ambitions: A How 2 Guide on fulfilling your author dreams - I'm a candle
As you may (or may not, somehow) have noticed, the Literary Ambitions storylet in Veilgarden has a new option: “Work on Spec”. Choosing this will let you move to the glamorous world of ~~writing~~. Currently the only writing option is a Short Story, but more will be available later. Probably.
nf  f:FallenLondon  meta 
march 2013 by esther_a
words of wood - [fic: white collar/fallen london] A Boat Trip
Peter is temporarily dead. Neal thinks he should have some company.
fic  f:FallenLondon  AU  au:fusion  f:WhiteCollar  gen  short  'LJ 
january 2013 by esther_a
Pursuing the Quiet Deviless - tsukinofaerii - Fallen London|Echo Bazaar [Archive of Our Own]
While being pursued by the Quiet Deviless, you decide it may be time to turn the tables. As with so many things in Fallen London, it begins with a dream...
'ao3  fic  f:EchoBazaar  pwp  short  f:FallenLondon 
december 2012 by esther_a
NORTH - Bag a Legend: Hunting the Vake
I’ve dreamed of the flooded desert again, a vast stretch of sand and water with palm trees and bodies bobbing like corks between the waves. And one word beats against my skull, like a moth trapped behind glass.

fic  f:EchoBazaar  gen  short  f:FallenLondon 
september 2012 by esther_a
Riverboat Rendezvous - The_Exile - Echo Bazaar [Archive of Our Own]
After waking up to find herself rather inconvenienced on the night of the Feast of the Exceptional Rose, Hildegard must make other arrangements if she is to enjoy herself on her favourite night of the year.
fic  f:EchoBazaar  het  short  'ao3  f:FallenLondon  s:unspecified 
february 2012 by esther_a
Recurring Dreams: Whispers of Immortality - Gileonnen - Echo Bazaar [Archive of Our Own]
You dream you're sitting on the edge of a long wooden table. Although a bright light shines from directly above you, the room is dimly lit. All around you, tiers rise up in a half-ellipse, their rails polished smooth by the press of many hands. They vanish into the darkness beyond your circle of light – you can't make out the ceiling or the walls.
fic  f:EchoBazaar  gen  eerie  yuletide  'ao3  f:FallenLondon 
december 2011 by esther_a
The Trysts of Farlight - Rabbit - Echo Bazaar [Archive of Our Own]
On December 21st, the moonish light of the “stars” seems dimmer and further away, long, chilly shadows stretch out over the Bazaar, and even the walls Brass Embassy seem cooler and more remote than usual... It is time for the New-Old-Fashioned First-Time-Tradition of the Farlight Festival in the Neath!
fic  f:EchoBazaar  pwp  yuletide  'ao3  f:FallenLondon 
december 2011 by esther_a
How to be silent in five fallen cities - redsnake05 - Echo Bazaar [Archive of Our Own]
The Quiet Deviless plans her final abstraction and pens her memoir of truth, lies, bodies and souls, and the tale of Five Fallen Cities.
fic  f:EchoBazaar  yuletide  'ao3  f:FallenLondon 
december 2011 by esther_a
FILL: Echo Bazaar, [female] Player/Struggling Artist, Threadneedle Street (hardly any porn, sorry)
Art requires experience, and zie is the artist's window into a more dangerous and daring life, both in and out of bed.
fic  f:EchoBazaar  het  explicit  commentfic  short  'dwth  f:FallenLondon  s:unspecified  from delicious
november 2011 by esther_a
Big bang fic: Heroes and Devils
Three years after Dr. Doom cast the entire island of Manhattan into the dark depths of the Echo Bazaar, life goes on. The people of Lowered Manhattan, including the Avengers, have adapted as best they could to their shadowy new existence. But then the Avengers find themselves in possession of a mysterious locked box that could save them all -- if it doesn't kill Tony first.
fic  crossover  bigbang  long  casefic  slash  id:marinarusalka  f:EchoBazaar  f:Avengers  s:Tony/Steve  f:FallenLondon  'dwth 
october 2011 by esther_a
Otherwhere, Neverwhen Chapter 1, a Misc. Games and Magic Kaito/まじっく快斗 crossover fanfic - FanFiction.Net
Dreams are a window into other worlds, left behind in the clear light of day. But what happens when one dream reaches back across, and catches hold? Crossover with Fallen London/Echo Bazaar.
fic  crossover  wip  id:ocianne  f:EchoBazaar  f:MagicKaito  'ffn  f:FallenLondon 
september 2011 by esther_a
decyphered: "The Seduction of Science" (Echo Bazaar)
[bingo kink is "writing on the body"; also contains amoral research, body horror]
Then, because you would not have come so far in your quest for knowledge without a healthy degree of ruthlessness, you ask whether he might care to indulge with you in exploring some of the more sensual mysteries hidden in the Correspondence's script.
fic  kink_bingo  creepy  short  id:Cypher  f:EchoBazaar  'dwth  f:FallenLondon 
june 2011 by esther_a
Hard To Find - Kastaka - Echo Bazaar [Archive of Our Own]
As if the Comtessa would let a little thing like social ostracism stand in her way.
fic  gen  yuletide  short  f:EchoBazaar  'ao3  f:FallenLondon 
december 2010 by esther_a
The Ballad of Reedybeanz - reedybeanz (grab_bag) - Echo Bazaar [Archive of Our Own]
The Feast of the Exceptional Rose saw the debut of one of the most Admired ladies in Fallen London, and her swift decline into obscurity.
fic  gen  short  f:EchoBazaar  'ao3  f:FallenLondon 
august 2010 by esther_a
Unlocked with "Dreaming Strange Dreams: A Game of Chess 17" - Mithrigil - Echo Bazaar [Archive of Our Own]
Say you turn over this card, and you expect your Nightmares to go up. Well, they probably will, but that doesn't mean you won't enjoy it.
fic  pwp  tentacles  explicit  o_0  dub-con  awesome  f:EchoBazaar  'ao3  f:FallenLondon 
august 2010 by esther_a

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