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Cut-Rate Magical Insurance - Jedi Buttercup (jedibuttercup) - Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Everything that can go wrong, is going wrong at the local Council House. And usually as wrong as possible. Willow and Buffy investigate.
fic  f:BtVS  crossover  f:misc.Other  short  crack  humor  'ao3 
12 days ago by esther_a
The Unexpected Legacy - FayJay - 镇魂 | Guardian (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Bonibaru said:

"I woke up with the hazy image of a Regency AU where Zhao Yunlan comes of age and goes to take over his dead mother's crumbling estate home to escape his domineering father. There he meets a very attractive person - I couldn't choose between a butler or a librarian, but there are so many other choices - but it was very dark and gloomy on the moors and Shen Wei looked amazing, so. Also, there was a ghost, or is really a dark energy creature? Shen Wei has all his powers. Zhao Yunlan has many suspicions but also many inappropriate thoughts."

So - I'm not promising that this will be a full length story, but we're going to have a crack at a bit of Gothic nonsense, Guardian-style. Although I've already taken liberties with her concept, and will doubtless take more...

(Eta: 29 chapters, and we’re done! Boom!)
fic  id:fayjay  f:Guardian  slash  s:ZhaoYunlan/ShenWei  AU  AU:setting/career_change  historical  AU:supernatural  getting-together  extra-long  'ao3  crack 
12 days ago by esther_a
Doggone It - Chapter 1 - GremlinSR - Naruto [Archive of Our Own]
Shikamaru gets too close to Naruto while he's performing an experimental jutsu and ends up being turned into a corgi. He decides that the best strategy is to nap and enjoy the pampered dog life until he can get the transformation reversed. A dog’s eye view of the village reveals some disturbing truths, however, that he can’t ignore.
fic  f:Naruto  het  s:OCpairing  crack  transformation  getting-together  'ao3  id:GremlinSR 
7 weeks ago by esther_a
He Was Made For Untidy Rooms and Rumpled Beds - Bluethursday - 人渣反派自救系统 - 墨香铜臭 | The Scum Villain's Self-Saving System - Mòxiāng Tóngxiù [Archive of Our Own]
Shen Qingqiu kind of, sort of, does not have the same modesty standards as a xianxia novel set in some form of Ancient China? He also hates the heat, who knew right?
fic  f:ScumVillain  humor  oblivious  'ao3  s:ShenQingqiu/LuoBinghe  crack  WIP  explicit  f:MXTX 
8 weeks ago by esther_a
It's CactUS, not CactI - Sholio - Iron Fist (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
"I am so sorry about this," Danny says, shoving a pot into Ward's hands, which appears to contain some sort of monster hell-thistle. "You got my texts, right? -- Don't touch her! She's very prickly!"

Ward nearly drops the pot, manages not to, and reflects that there was a time in his life when he would have been baffled by a text from Danny reading Jessica is a cactus now, please watch her while we try to find a way to un-cactus her. At this point he's just kind of grimly resigned.
fic  id:Sholio  f:IronFist  f:Defenders  gen  short  crack  transformation  'ao3  humor 
11 weeks ago by esther_a
Shizun Is Not Enough - extremelyperturbed - 人渣反派自救系统 - 墨香铜臭 | The Scum Villain's Self-Saving System - Mòxiāng Tóngxiù [Archive of Our Own]
Shen Yuan loves reading the exploits of Gongyi Xiao, a super spy hero of an online novel series that resembles the James Bond movies. When he transmigrates into the world of that series, he finds himself working in the Q section (the gadget section). He's actually pleased by his situation but does not stay pleased for very long.
fic  f:ScumVillain  AU  AU:fusion  f:JamesBond  crack  slash  s:ShenQingqiu/LuoBinghe  humor  'ao3  f:MXTX 
june 2019 by esther_a
metaphorically speaking - lazulisong - 人渣反派自救系统 - 墨香铜臭 | The Scum Villain's Self-Saving System - Mòxiāng Tóngxiù [Archive of Our Own]
"I had a question for the Peak Lord," says Luo Binghe, voice sweet, eyes cold. "A dialect question."

If Shang Qinghua was sweating before, he's dripping fucking rivers now. He and Cucumber-bro communicate in a horrible mix of memes, internet slang, Chinglish and modern Chinese, mostly but not entirely incomprehensible for any outsider. Luo Binghe had decided it must be some hometown dialect that they shared, despite any evidence of Shen Qingqui and Shang Qinghua ever speaking to each other before they both had the shitty luck to be transmigrated, and devoted himself to learning his beloved Shizun's birth dialect. Fuck! Why was Shang Qinghua dumb enough to have made it a plot point that Luo Binghe had a god level ability to pick up languages!

.... right, so he could pick up some girl's dialect and seduce her more easily, but it wasn't fair that this monogamous version of his son could still do it, okay!!
fic  id:Lazulisong  f:ScumVillain  slash  s:ShenQingqiu/LuoBinghe  s:ShangQinghua/MobeiJun  crack  humor  'ao3  f:MXTX 
may 2019 by esther_a
A Ribbon Beats a Red String of Fate - Titans_R_Us - 魔道祖师 - 墨香铜臭 | Módào Zǔshī - Mòxiāng Tóngxiù [Archive of Our Own]
Wei Wuxian gets married to Lan Wangji a different way. Did you know if you pull a Lan Sect member's ribbon off you have to marry them? Everyone knows how strict the Lan Sect is about rules. Everyone.

“That is not all it stands for, it also represents self-restraint, honor–”
fic  f:MDZS  slash  s:WeiWuxian/LanWangJi  AU  AU:canon_divergence  marriage:accidental  crack  humor  'ao3  f:MXTX 
may 2019 by esther_a
The Great Northern Alliance - Antares8 - A Song of Ice and Fire & Related Fandoms [Archive of Our Own]
In which Bloodraven, rather than waiting for things to go wrong, warns Ned and Cat that winter really is coming. Cue some very interesting preparations for the oncoming Long Night. 50% crack, 50% other (but not Other).
fic  f:GameOfThrones  gen  AU  AU:canon_divergence  fixit  crack  WIP  'ao3 
april 2019 by esther_a
is it running in our blood is it running in our veins - Anonymous - 人渣反派自救系统 - 墨香铜臭 | The Scum Villain's Self-Saving System - Mòxiāng Tóngshiù [Archive of Our Own]
Was there such a thing as an A/B/O novel that didn't end on an omega being mated by their one true love, their fated partner? That fucking Airplane towards the sky! Couldn't even get the genre he was writing in correct! Yet that was the mystery that had kept Shen Yuan reading! When would Liu Mingyan and the protagonist bone down? Even after they'd had their first five children and the harem had hit the triple digits, Shen Yuan had kept reading lured on by Airplane's glimmers of plot, backstory and writing ability slightly above that of a concussed toddler.


“Of course I couldn’t make Mobei Jun an alpha,” said Shang Qinghua, having the fucking nerve to look pityingly on his best reviewer. “Bro, would three hundred million words have been enough to protect their chrysanthemums from each other in the fanfic forums? I just never mentioned it so it never came up so I never had to decide it. Problem solved.”
fic  f:ScumVillain  slash  AU  a/b/o  crack  'ao3  s:ShenQingqiu/LuoBinghe  s:ShangQinghua/MobeiJun  AU:Worldbuilding  f:MXTX 
april 2019 by esther_a
Seduced in Chancebury Gardens: Or, Lord Farthingham is a Cad! - Rivine - Original Work [Archive of Our Own]
When Lord Farthingham plans to seduce a gentleman, scales and a lack of limbs won't deter him. Lord Brassleworsey's hemipenes, however, may prove a little more challenging.

Regency Rake/3 Snakes In A Frockcoat Inexplicably Passing As A Rich Human Fop
fic  f:OriginalFiction  explicit  pwp  o_0  'ao3  xeno  crack 
april 2019 by esther_a
The Glorious Ascension of Emperor Solo - SassySnowperson (DramaticEntrance) - Star Wars Original Trilogy [Archive of Our Own]
Han Solo agrees to use the Falcon as prisoner transport, and everything goes horribly wrong...or right, depending on your point of view.

“YT-1300 492727ZED, please submit your cargo manifest for inspection.”

“Oh, um, yes, of course. Here’s the list. We have all the prisoners. All of them. Why wouldn’t we?”
fic  f:StarWars  f:SW:original  AU:canon_divergence  crack  gen  'ao3 
april 2019 by esther_a
A collective story about a Han emperor. No, not that one. Emperor Han Solo. [Podfic] - Morgyn Leri (morgynleri), OwlFlight, rhythmia, shieldmaiden19 - Star Wars - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
A podfic of the collective story of what happens when tumblr misreads a Today I Learned That post about the Han Dynasty to be about Han Solo, and then runs with it.

One day, Han would learn.
nf  podfic  f:StarWars  f:SW:original  AU  AU:canon_divergence  crack  humor  'ao3 
march 2019 by esther_a
Among Friends - emilyenrose - 琅琊榜 | Nirvana in Fire (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Jingyan rolled his eyes a little. “I mean that there is no need to be secretive,” he said. He nodded at Meng, who was looking both confused and alarmed. “It is unkind of you, Sir Su, to force Commander Meng to tell lies; it makes him very uncomfortable.”
fic  id:emilyenrose  f:NirvanaInFire  slash  fake_relationship  trope-subversion  humor  ficlet  'ao3  crack 
january 2019 by esther_a
can't have one without the other - blackkat - Naruto [Archive of Our Own]
“Oh Zabuza,” Mei says, sing-song sweet as she marches through the burned husk of the door. “Come out, come out wherever you are.”
fic  id:blackkat  f:Naruto  het  s:unspecified  AU  AU:canon_divergence  canon-what-canon  crack  marriage:arranged  crossdressing  'ao3 
december 2018 by esther_a
There's Always Money In The Banana Stand - Poemsingreenink - The Magnificent Seven (2016) [Archive of Our Own]
Goodnight is the long lost son of a very old, very rich family that he ran away from years ago. A family so full of drama they have their own reality TV show. Something he only just discovered....
fic  f:Magnificent7(2016)  slash  s:Goodnight/Billy  AU  AU:modern_day/real_world  crack  'LJ 
december 2018 by esther_a
your love is a crime - blackkat - Katekyou Hitman Reborn! [Archive of Our Own]
“Oh, fuck,” Squalo says, thankfully at about a quarter of his normal volume, as he tumbles to lean against the wall beside Xanxus. “This is like with that shitty Bronco all fucking over again, don’t you fucking dare.”
fic  id:blackkat  f:KHR  crossover  f:CaptainAmerica  slash  s:CrossoverPairing  crack  short  'ao3 
november 2018 by esther_a
Cute But Prickly - Sholio - Iron Fist (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
A magical accident turns Ward into a potted cactus (yes, really), and back in New York, Colleen gets a series of panicked texts from Danny and finds herself flying halfway around the world to maybe, just maybe, pick up where they left off while trying to figure out how to turn a cactus back into a person. For my h/c bingo square "accidents."
fic  id:Sholio  f:Marvel  f:IronFist  het  s:Canon_Pairings  post-canon  crack  transformation  'ao3  f:MCU 
october 2018 by esther_a
The Wakanda Job - BairnSidhe - Black Panther (2018) [Archive of Our Own]
It's Black Panther, but instead of meeting Ross, Klaue was heading to meet Hardison on a con. Of course, shooting one third of the world's best crime ring/family doesn't go so well for Erik Killmonger, and from there we wave goodbye to canon.
fic  f:Leverage  crossover  f:Marvel  f:BlackPanther  f:MCU  gen  short  'ao3  crack 
july 2018 by esther_a
Flopping in Public - LitGal - The Sentinel [Archive of Our Own]
The boys land in the courtroom of Judge Harry T Stone after a vacation goes particularly wrong
fic  crossover  slash  crack  short  id:Litgal  f:Sentinel  f:NightCourt  'ao3  s:Jim/Blair 
june 2018 by esther_a
M is for Murder - rohkeutta - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
I’m pretty low on funds and need to make ends meet this month, Barnes types slowly into a new post three days later. I’m taking commissions for hits in the New York City area.

Will Not Kill: Captain America or other Avengers.
Will partially refund payment if target turns out to be HYDRA.
Will not go to Jersey. No dismemberment or killing children.
Message for negotiations and payment details.
fic  f:Marvel  f:CaptainAmerica  slash  s:Steve/Bucky  crack  humor  'ao3 
june 2018 by esther_a
Accounting no Jutsu, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction
Lots of people have postulated that Naruto's good at financial planning. Let's follow that thought a little farther into the future.
fic  f:Naruto  gen  futurefic  humor  crack  'ffn  short 
may 2018 by esther_a
Hazardous Environment, a bleach fanfic | FanFiction
Gotei 13 hazardous environment regulations don't usually involve sunbathing. Unless it's Kyouraku and Ukitake interpreting them.
fic  f:Bleach  humor  crack  'ffn 
april 2018 by esther_a
The Anti-Horticulturist Traveling Roadshow - PandaFlower - Naruto [Archive of Our Own]
(A.K.A. Izuna has no idea what's going on)

A time-traveling Tobirama tries to recruit Izuna to go kill Zetsu. There are misunderstandings.
fic  f:Naruto  timetravel  fixit  crack  'ao3  humor  founder-era  id:PandaFlower 
march 2018 by esther_a
Metaphor - blackkat - Bleach [Archive of Our Own]
Urahara wondered how he could have gotten so lucky. How many lovers would be content to remain a dirty secret, just because their partner was a little nervous? But he wasn't willing to do that to Ichigo - possible gruesome death by vivisection aside.
fic  f:Bleach  slash  crack  short  established_relationship  explicit  'ao3  s:Ichigo/Urahara 
march 2018 by esther_a
let's play a lovegame - blackkat - Naruto [Archive of Our Own]
Aoba is going to die, but goddamn what a fucking way to go.

Hoshigaki Kisame/Yamashiro Aoba
fic  id:blackkat  f:Naruto  slash  s:unspecified  crack  pwp  sizekink  explicit  'ao3 
march 2018 by esther_a
looking for heaven (found the devil in me) - blackkat - Naruto [Archive of Our Own]
It probably says a lot about Obito's life that his first thought when the armed maniac grabs him is oh god damn it, not again.
fic  id:blackkat  f:Naruto  AU  AU:setting/career_change  superheros  slash  crack  short  'ao3  s:Obito/Other 
march 2018 by esther_a
if you can find that leap of faith - blackkat - Naruto [Archive of Our Own]
“I think,” Shisui declares, and kind of distantly hopes he isn’t about to die a messy death, “that this calls for a kidnapping.”

There's a moment of absolute silence.

“What,” Utakata demands.
fic  id:blackkat  f:Naruto  slash  au  AU:canon_divergence  crack  marriagefic  pre-canon  'ao3  s:Shisui/Other 
march 2018 by esther_a
baby, I'm mad - blackkat - Naruto [Archive of Our Own]
Caught in the act of digging through the hall closet, presumably in his quest to find Zabuza, Gai spins, already beaming. “Yosh! Are you prepared for our day of challenges and manly combat?”

For a long moment Zabuza stares at him. Then, carefully, he takes a deep breath and growls, “No. I have my own plans. I bought a massive dildo and I'm going to go stuff it up my ass until my arm gets tired. So unless you want to help me get off, you should fuck off.”
fic  id:blackkat  f:Naruto  slash  s:unspecified  AU  AU:canon_divergence  fixit  short  crack  explicit  'ao3  s:Gai/Other  s:Zabuza/Other 
march 2018 by esther_a
there's no such thing as vampires, bro - Tozette - Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator [Archive of Our Own]
Joseph isn't the only supernatural creature in the cul-de-sac! :0

...that was definitely blood.
“Aw, man,” muttered Craig. “It’s not what it looks like… exactly. Can we… bro, can we talk about this?”
“Yes,” I said, because, really, yes, I would like an explanation for this.
“Come on,” he said, taking my arm – and, whoa. Craig, cutting short a workout? It must have been serious.
fic  f:DDADDS  gen  AU  AU:supernatural  short  locked  'ao3  crack  demons 
october 2017 by esther_a
Konran by seito
"Konran: (noun) chaos; confusion; mayhem; also, a kitsune who adopted one Sawada Tsunayoshi as her best friend and gives absolutely no shit about Vongola and this tiny baby claiming to be a tutor."
fic  f:KHR  gen  crack  humor  short  'ao3  AU  AU:canon_divergence 
july 2017 by esther_a
Weaselswap - NevillesGran - Girl Genius [Archive of Our Own]
While cleaning out Lucrezia's lab, Tarvek gets his mind switched with a weasel.
POV: the weasel.
fic  f:GirlGenius  gen  short  outsiderpov  crack  'ao3 
july 2017 by esther_a
this is unexpected - MarbleGlove - Star Wars - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
a self-indulgent response to the many, wonderful time-travel Star Wars stories that send a more experienced and more knowledgeable Obi-Wan Kenobi back in time to change the many tragedies to come
fic  id:Marbleglove  f:StarWars  f:SW:prequels  gen  timetravel  fixit  crack  'ao3 
july 2017 by esther_a
That time Stiles and Scott "competed" for Allison's love on a reality TV show - otter - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
The thing is, Stiles has no interest whatsoever in going on a TV dating show. Deep down, in his heart of hearts -- and publicly, to anyone who is foolish enough to bring up the topic -- Stiles thinks it's kind of pathetic. Because it's all fake, for starters, like all "reality" TV is fake, but also he thinks the people who go on those shows are more interested in attention than love, so what's the point? It's like narcissistic masturbation with some television exhibitionism thrown in for good measure. And letting the entire nation -- nay, the world -- mock your lack of pick-up prowess? Noooo thank you.
fic  f:TeenWolf  AU  crack  humor  s:Stiles/Derek  'ao3 
january 2017 by esther_a
The War of the Worlds and All That - scioscribe - Jeeves & Wooster [Archive of Our Own]
I relayed the information I’d so masterfully committed to memory in my youth, re: the prophet Elijah being taken up to heaven while still alive and in full possession of his faculties. I’d won a prize for Scripture-knowledge and so had details of this sort at my fingertips.

“Although,” I said, as we neared what I took to be the stratosphere, or some kind of sphere at any rate, “just now my resemblance to the prophet Elijah escapes me.”
fic  f:Wodehouse  slash  s:Jeeves/Wooster  SF  crack  yuletide  'ao3  humor  id:scioscribe 
january 2017 by esther_a
Maturity is Relative - miss_aphelion - The Dresden Files - Jim Butcher [Archive of Our Own]
"I'm not—" I sputtered, indignant. "I'm not a child! It's a…it's a technicality! And I probably could get it, except they'd want to see my identification, and I—" Marcone held up a hand, forestalling me. Usually that wouldn't have worked, but I was actually relieved for the excuse to shut up.

"You can't get it for me…because you'll be carded?" he asked carefully, his brow furrowing in disbelief.

(Or the one where Marcone learns that by Wizard standards, Dresden isn't actually considered a legal adult).
fic  f:DresdenFiles  book-verse  gen  short  crack  'ao3 
january 2017 by esther_a
First They Must Catch You (Then They Must Keep You) - SleepsWithCoyotes - Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
They turn him into the perfect animal, the perfect soldier...or so they think. Enter Tony Stark, a rabbit with a faulty fear response who just happens to speak fluent feline.
fic  id:SleepsWithCoyotes  f:Marvel  f:Avengers  AU  crack  slash  s:Tony/Bucky  'ao3 
december 2016 by esther_a
The importance of aiming by blackkat
"With the Kyuubi’s help, Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke have successfully landed in the past, armed with a completely fleshed-out plan to get rid of the bad guys and save the world. (Again.)

The only problem? When it comes to the transmigration of souls and time-travel jutsus done under the influence, Kurama has absolutely, incredibly terrible aim."
fic  f:Naruto  crack  timetravel  fixit  humor  drunkfic  poly  'ao3  via:Laria_Gwyn  id:blackkat  s:Naruto/Sasuke/Sakura  bodyswap 
december 2016 by esther_a
Casual Encounters - zerodaysdone - Imperial Radch Series - Ann Leckie [Archive of Our Own]
In a vaguely futuristic AU of our world, where cyborgs are common, cars fly, and someone's trying to murder government officials, Seivarden Vendaai needs a date to piss off her mother for Thanksgiving. Enter Breq.
It all goes downhill from there.
fic  f:ImperialRadch  gen  AU  au:sci-fi  fake_relationship  crack  'ao3  holidays 
november 2016 by esther_a
Dishonorable Discharge - icynovas - Final Fantasy VII [Archive of Our Own]
Seeking a new career, infantryman Cloud Strife attempts to get fired from ShinRa.
fic  f:FinalFantasy  f:FF7  gen  AU  AU:canon_divergence  crack  humor  'ao3 
november 2016 by esther_a
Hothouse Orchid - RoseChintz - Dragon Age: Inquisition [Archive of Our Own]
That was his lot in life as a fire drake, though, he supposed. To be filled with fire and still freezing. The irony was not lost on him.

(Very much a nonsensical fairy tale that is vaguely rooted in canon. When in beta I was told this fic was " sort of like The Little Mermaid but with more dragons and less singing." Well. Marginally less singing.)
fic  f:DragonAge  f:DA:Inquisition  slash  s:IronBull/Dorian  AU  crack  transformation  dragons  'ao3  f:bioware 
may 2016 by esther_a
chosen, perfect - Toft - Person of Interest (TV), Valdemar Series - Mercedes Lackey [Archive of Our Own]
POI urban fantasy/magic steampunk AU with worldbuilding from the Valdemar series: Harold is a magic telepathic horse, he and John are soulbonded, I'm happy with my life choices
fic  id:Toft  f:PersonOfInterest  au:fusion  f:Valdemar  s:Reese/Finch  xeno  crack  'ao3 
february 2016 by esther_a
each according to their nature - Sixthlight - Rivers of London - Ben Aaronovitch [Archive of Our Own]
“What kind?” Nightingale asked, like that was any sort of reasonable question when wings.
fic  id:Sixthlight  f:RiversOfLondon  gen  wingfic  crack  'ao3 
january 2016 by esther_a
Seventh Horcrux, a harry potter fanfic by Emerald Ashes
The presence of a foreign soul may have unexpected side effects on a growing child. I am Lord Volde...Harry Potter. I'm Harry Potter. In which Harry is insane, Hermione is a Dark Lady-in-training, Ginny is a minion, and Ron is confused. (104,212 words)
via:theodosia21  fic  f:HarryPotter  gen  crack  humor  evil!characters  long  'ffn 
december 2015 by esther_a
Chauncey The Bear - katling - Dragon Age (Video Games), Dragon Age: Inquisition [Archive of Our Own]
Evelyn goes to the Black Emporium and returns to Skyhold with a burning desire for one thing Xenon has in there. Cassandra is not amused. Dorian is very amused. Varric is both amused and disturbed. Cullen is confused.
fic  f:DragonAge  f:DA:Inquisition  het  s:Inquisitor/Cullen  short  crack  humor  'ao3  InquisitorTrevelyan  f:bioware 
november 2015 by esther_a
Haunted - Demmora - Dishonored (Video Game), Dishonored [Archive of Our Own]
Corvo finds out that Daud has yet to leave the city, and rather than get angry decides to become his personal poltergeist for the night. Pure crackfic for anon on tumblr who wanted Corvo to troll Daud as a form of stress release. Also butts were mentioned.
fic  f:Dishonored  gen  crack  humor  short  'ao3  id:demmora 
november 2015 by esther_a
rhetoric of magic - weatheredlaw - Dragon Age: Inquisition [Archive of Our Own]
"You've been falling in love with him for months, and then he had to go get himself cursed and you're livid and on fire with it, but you will see this through to the end, even if it means he must never know--"

or: Varric finds himself cursed, and Cassandra finds herself in a very confusing position.
fic  f:DragonAge  f:DA:Inquisition  het  s:Varric/Cassandra  transformation  crack  'ao3  f:Bioware 
july 2015 by esther_a
Incident Report: Attack of the Zogs! - MueraRashaye, quoththeraven5 - Calvin & Hobbes, The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types, The Avengers (Marvel Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Phil Coulson received a call from his wife - their son had been kidnapped off their front lawn with his stuffed tiger.

Phil Coulson could have told them that it was a bad idea.
fic  id:MueraRashaye  f:Marvel  f:Avengers  crossover  f:Calvin&Hobbes  gen  crack  short  'ao3 
june 2015 by esther_a
By All Accounts, It Doesn't Make Sense - Chash - The 100 (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
"Please tell me our leading theory isn't Bellamy didn't fuck a witch," says Miller.

"Do you have another leading theory?" asks Octavia.

"Come on, Bellamy," says Clarke, patting his neck consolingly. "Always fuck the witch. That's, like, not getting turned into a llama 101."
fic  id:chash  f:The100  het  s:Clarke/Bellamy  crack  transformation  'ao3  AU  AU:modern_day/real_world 
april 2015 by esther_a
The Havoc side of the Force Chapter 1, a Star Wars + Harry Potter Crossover fanfic | FanFiction
I have a singularly impressive talent for messing up the plans of very powerful people - both good and evil. Somehow, I'm always just in the right place at exactly the wrong time. What can I say? It's a gift.
fic  f:HarryPotter  crossover  f:StarWars  f:SW:prequels  f:KotOR  het  s:OCpairing  crack  'ffn  WIP  crossover:portal 
march 2015 by esther_a
Holocene Park - sanguinity - Elementary (TV), Sherlock Holmes (Asylum 2010) [Archive of Our Own]
“It’s fifteen feet tall, got claws as long as my hand, and teeth.” Trina’s expression dared Joan to contradict her.

Joan eyed the length of tooth Trina was indicating. “All right,” she said. “Tell me everything you know."
fic  f:Elementary  gen  long  casefic  crack  'ao3  id:Sanguinity 
october 2014 by esther_a
oh-oh here she comes - TardisIsTheOnlyWayToTravel - Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
It wasn’t that Maria resented the Avengers, exactly.

It was more than putting that much power in the hands of a few individuals – some of whom were frightfully lacking in self-discipline – worried her.

“You just don’t like the fact that they could beat you in a fair fight,” said Nick, who knew Maria far too well.

“Sir,” said Maria stiffly, meaning you did not just go there, mostly because she didn’t want to admit that he was at least partly right.
fic  id:Tardis  f:Marvel  f:Avengers  gen  transformation  crack  'ao3  movie-verse  f:MCU 
october 2014 by esther_a
Bark Like A Fish, Damnit! - The Day My Grandmother Exploded
So we were chatting on a writing forum about "hooks"--the things you're supposed to have that make the reader keep reading--and about hooks that were clearly over the top and existed just as an attention grab, and somebody tossed out "It was the day my grandmother exploded" as an example and then I was off and running and I haven't got any idea what this is at all, so don't get attached (and don't tell me I said that about Digger!) because I think this is probably just weird flash fiction and not the start of a messed up urban fantasy.
fic  id:ursulav  f:OriginalFiction  femslash  short  crack  'LJ 
october 2014 by esther_a
Avoiding Obsolescence - TardisIsTheOnlyWayToTravel - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
Judgement Day never came, John Connor was off the grid and untraceable, and the T-2000 had to adapt. Darcy Lewis never expected to run into John Connor working for SHIELD eighteen years later, but the universe is full of unforeseen variables.
fic  id:Tardis  f:Marvel  f:Thor  crossover  f:Terminator  het  crack  'ao3  s:Darcy/Other  s:CrossoverPairing  movie-verse  f:MCU 
october 2014 by esther_a
Bedazzled - TardisIsTheOnlyWayToTravel - Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers (2012), Thor (2011) [Archive of Our Own]
In which Clint is a jerk, Natasha is secretly a sci-fi nerd, and Darcy knows that a Bedazzler is the best form of revenge.
fic  f:Marvel  f:Avengers  femslash  short  s:Darcy/Natasha  crack  humor  'ao3  movie-verse  f:MCU 
october 2014 by esther_a
[podfic] All The Good Love - grocketinmypocket, reena_jenkins - Guardians of the Galaxy (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
"In the universe of "Yeah, You Turn Me On," Peter Quill touches a soul-mate-uniting artifact, and his soul mate Rocket is transformed into a human. Much angst ensues. What happened in the flip-side of that universe, where Rocket touched the Unity of Souls stone instead, and Peter was transformed into a cyborg raccoon?

Crack and smut. That's what happened."
nf  podfic  id:grocketinmypocket  f:Marvel  f:GotG  slash  xeno  crack  humor  transformation  'ao3  s:Quill/Rocket  favorite  id:reena_jenkins  f:MCU 
september 2014 by esther_a
All The Good Love - grocketinmypocket - Guardians of the Galaxy (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
In the universe of "Yeah, You Turn Me On," Peter Quill touches a soul-mate-uniting artifact, and his soul mate Rocket is transformed into a human. Much angst ensues. What happened in the flip-side of that universe, where Rocket touched the Unity of Souls stone instead, and Peter was transformed into a cyborg raccoon?

Crack and smut. That's what happened.
fic  f:GotG  id:Grocketinmypocket  f:Marvel  slash  xeno  crack  humor  transformation  'ao3  s:Quill/Rocket  f:MCU 
september 2014 by esther_a
Disco stick (of DEATH) by tsukinofaerii
" One of the things no one warned Lydia about when she started tapping into her banshee powers was how often she'd have to save people from themselves. Most notably, people like Tony Stark, who is supposedly her boss in her new internship at Stark Industries. She doesn't know what he's doing, but whatever it is, it's pure death, and it keeps coming for him. If she weren't such a good person, she'd just let him die. She totally blames Scott for that.

Sam's sometimes had a rough road, but when he and Dean get signed on by Tony Stark to check out a little werewolf problem in New York, it's a stroke of luck. Not only is Tony willing to pay them for it, but he's also hot, rich and very obviously interested in Sam. What could possibly go wrong?

(Or, the one where Lydia's banshee powers constantly cockblock Sam's death dick.)"
fic  f:TeenWolf  crossover  f:Marvel  f:Ironman  f:Supernatural  gen  slash  s:TonyStark/Other  crack  'ao3  via:Laria_Gwyn 
september 2014 by esther_a
Beyond the Mists - Carmarthen - The Eagle | Eagle of the Ninth (2011), Eagle of the Ninth - Rosemary Sutcliff [Archive of Our Own]
There are stranger, more dangerous things in lurking in the mists of Caledonia than Marcus or Esca ever imagined. If they are to find the Eagle, they must first survive the terrible lizards, which will not be so easy if they cannot trust each other
fic  id:carmarthen  f:TheEagle  gen  AU  crack  long  'ao3 
july 2014 by esther_a
Sympathy for the Devil (and Dean Winchester) - TardisIsTheOnlyWayToTravel - Supernatural [Archive of Our Own]
"I'm Lucifer. I always have been. I just didn’t know it for like, the last five thousand fucking years, not until you broke the seal and I got my Grace back and realised exactly how much I was screwed over. Okay, so maybe there’s a few assholes I’d really like to explode, but really, I mostly just want to stay under the radar and get my head sorted.”
After the final Seal is broken, Dean discovers that he's actually Lucifer. He's not really sure how he feels about that. The forces of Heaven and Hell aren't exactly making things easier.
fic  id:Tardis  f:Supernatural  slash  s:Dean/Castiel  long  AU  AU:canon_divergence  crack  'ao3 
may 2014 by esther_a
In Which Natasha Is Temporarily a Cat - TardisIsTheOnlyWayToTravel - Marvel (Movies), The Avengers (2012), Marvel Cinematic Universe [Archive of Our Own]
It’s up to Clint to say what they’re all thinking.

“Natasha. You’re a cat.”

Natasha hisses, because yes, she's worked that out for herself.
fic  f:Marvel  f:Avengers  het  s:Natasha/Clint  short  crack  transformation  'ao3  movie-verse  f:BlackWidow  f:MCU 
may 2014 by esther_a
Selfies from the Underground - eleveninches - Captain America (Movies), The Avengers (Marvel Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Tony reminded himself that the second the incorrect password was entered, the phone would destroy itself and any data on it. And there was no way someone named Tepid the Magnificent would guess--

“I’m in,” said Tepid. “Soon I’ll know all of the Avengers’ secrets.”

Tony briefly closed his eyes. “Steve. What was your password?”

“It’s ‘password,’” Tepid replied.
fic  f:Marvel  f:Avengers  slash  crack  short  'ao3  movie-verse  s:Steve/Bucky  s:Tony/Pepper  f:MCU 
april 2014 by esther_a
Supernatural Will Always Steal Your Shampoo - afterandalasia - Anthropomorfic, AO3 Tags, Fandom - Fandom [Archive of Our Own]
It takes about two weeks for Abrahamic Religions to decide that Supernatural is the worst roommate she has ever had.
fic  f:anthropomorfic  metafic  crack  humor  short  'ao3 
march 2014 by esther_a
Rock Bottom - esama - Final Fantasy VII, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, Compilation of Final Fantasy VII [Archive of Our Own]
In which Cloud is so not doing this again. Except then he is.

[Um, Cloud and Aerith are sent to the past and de-aged by the Planet. They have fun.]
fic  id:esama  f:FinalFantasy  f:FF7  gen  slash  AU  AU:canon_divergence  timetravel  fixit  s:Cloud/Vincent  crossdressing  crack  humor  long  de-aging  'ao3 
february 2014 by esther_a
fanart: Why Reanimating Dinosaurs Is Never A Brilliant Idea - AstridV - The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types, Hawkeye (Comics) [Archive of Our Own]
Avengers/Hawkguy/SHIELD crack fanart for a prompt by Ratcreature, who wanted “something Jurassic Park like because dinosaurs are always fun, i.e. someone thought reanimating dinosaurs was a brilliant idea and SHIELD has to deal with it getting out of hand.”
nf  fanart  f:Marvel  f:Avengers  crack  'ao3  gen 
january 2014 by esther_a
Hot Pursuit - Gryphonrhi - due South, Highlander: The Series [Archive of Our Own]
Law enforcement officers can't resist hot pursuit. 800 year old FBI agents are no exception to this rule, especially when it's a Mountie in a speeding carriage chasing a wolf through Chicago.
fic  id:Gryphonrhi  f:Highlander  crossover  f:DueSouth  gen  short  crack  'ao3 
december 2013 by esther_a
Bears, Hockey, etc. - False Accusation of Hooking
Sid/Geno (?) - False Accusation of Hooking

There’s a reason why Sid never goes clubbing, and it actually has nothing to do with media-training or people taking photos of him in compromising positions
fic  f:RPF  f:Sports  slash  s:Crosby/Malkin  crack  humor  'tumblr  via:Teogli 
may 2013 by esther_a
Certain Values of Immortality - Asuka Kureru (Askerian) - Meitantei Conan | Detective Conan | Case Closed, Magic Kaitou [Archive of Our Own]
'I have to admit, Tantei,' says Kid, 'when I handed you Pandora back I wasn't trying to trap you into making a honest man out of me.'
fic  id:askerian  f:DC/MK  f:DetectiveConan  f:MagicKaito  gen  kidfic  futurefic  crack  'ao3 
may 2013 by esther_a
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